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11/28/00 4:25 ET


Nov 30, 2000 - 11:20 PM Fire Destroys Missile Control Building

PLAZA, N.D. (AP) - A fire thought to have started near a diesel generator destroyed two buildings Thursday at a multimillion-dollar missile command center, officials said...

"The two down there are probably the most comfortable of anybody right now," said Lt. Col. Les Miller, of the 91st Space Wing at the Minot Air Force Base. more

Date: 12/2/00 10:33:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here's what I think about the very weird new Flash [2] you linked today (Minot area). If you watch the loop a few times you'll notice an inner and an outer shape of spokes that seem to be moving independently, then they converge and overlap. The larger outer one is rotating counter clockwise and the smaller inner one is rotating clockwise. The spokes remind me of standing waves or beat interference between closely tuned frequencies. My first guess is that somebody is playing with the targeting of a pair of scalar beams. They are sweeping them over the target area and converging two transmitters on the same site. According to Bearden's writings about the Soviet scalar transmissions following Brezhnev's claim of total military superiority with a super-weapon, this is characteristic of what has been seen prior to some kind of attack. For example prior to the attack on the Space Shuttle Columbia, he says rays of light were seen scanning across the area for days and weeks before the launch. Same thing with scalar attack on an airliner -- it was preceded with a beam of visible light.  I think the scalar EM, or standard EM it gives off, overloads the radar detector. The radar antenna rotates. As it rotates it detects something on, off, on, off. This is consistent for many cycles of antenna rotation. Hence, the incoming radiation must be polarized or time-varying or longitudinal. There are two distinct sources behaving in the same manner, being independently steered. What happens when they overlap? Also do you notice the shadowed rectangular black area off to the right, that maintains its shape/size/location even while the colors shift from left to right? What is that?

Date: 12/5/00 3:37:42 AM Pacific Standard Time

For two days I was unable to access your site as usual (nov. 30 & dec.1) Anyway, when I first saw what you call Destroying Angel all I could think was "there is the Thunderbird." I've seen this sign in a vision or dream before and I relate it to not being a good thing.

Date: 12/11/00 6:50:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I noticed this peculiar resonance on a paperback cover seen at a supermarket book rack today. The cover of the thriller  Birdman_ by Mo Hayder bears a striking resemblence to the November 30 radar over the missile base in North Dakota.