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EDITOR'S NOTE:  Mr. Quinn has requested that readers no longer try to contact the Wisher family.  They are very nice people, but are weary of calls.

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I have conducted a telephone interview with Columbine High School student and witness Chris Wisher on 5/7/99, and also spoke briefly with his father.

I asked the father about Chris’s statement from the day of the tragedy that a person being arrested was one of the gunmen. Mr. Wisher said they had spent 2 1/2 hours with the FBI and apparently Mr. Wisher was reluctant to say too much as the investigation is ongoing. However, he DID say that Chris and the family are doing “everything they can to see that those responsible are brought to justice!” Obviously he is not referring to dead people here!

I then spoke with Chris himself for about 40 minutes.  Among his remarks and comments, Chris Wisher stated to me that he and certain companions are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that AT LEAST THREE perpetrators were involved in the mayhem at the school, and have given their testimony to that effect. This was directly witnessed by them outside the school building. One of those witnessed was the person in a white T-shirt throwing bombs onto the school roof. Another was someone OTHER THAN Harris or Klebold, OUTSIDE, in a black trenchcoat with a shotgun. SIMULTANEOUSLY they heard shots coming from INSIDE THE SCHOOL! Chris Wisher also stated that he is personally acquainted with another witness who witnessed a GROUP OF 7-8 ASSAILANTS in black trenchcoats with weapons UPSTAIRS at Columbine, when Harris and Klebold were DOWNSTAIRS! He told me that there were MANY OTHER WITNESSES TO THIS.

One thing which Chris did point out was that in fact he was slightly misquoted by AP as saying, "he's one of the one's who shot at us," in reference to a student being arrested at the scene. What Wisher actually said was, "I think he's one of the one's who shot at us."

The lack of certainty was due to the distance involved and to the fact that Wisher had personal knowledge of at least two or more assailants OTHER than Harris and Klebold. What's more the person Wisher WAS referring to was wearing as black trenchcoat while being arrested. Which means it was NOT the person in the black T-shirt ALSO seen and photographed by the press being arrested later in the afternoon of 4/20/99.

The list of apparent "accomplices"--some of which are surely "senior control agents" --seems to just grow and grow.

Mr. Wisher Jr. further stated that he is personally acquainted with a witness who was blatantly coerced by Sheriff's Dep't. investigators to CHANGE HER TESTIMONY REGARDING ADDITIONAL GUNMEN! Every time she stated that she saw more than three people they attempted to get her to CHANGE HER TESTIMONY. What’s more I was told that a number of other witnesses Wisher knows have ALSO been coerced by investigators into changing their testimony.

Chris Wisher stated that many Columbine students, including himself, WILL NOT RETURN TO SCHOOL, because some of the murderers are RIGHT THERE, ATTENDING SCHOOL! This is yet another control element of this diabolically clever operation. What an EXTRAORDINARY intimidation upon ANYONE who would say what they know; to have some of the perpetrators right there in front of you and know that investigating “authorities,” incomprehensibly, have “CLEARED” these murderers from any involvement; knowing that these participants in the slaughter are walking around with impunity and could obviously take measures to silence anyone.

Chris stated to me that he and other students/witnesses KNOW that a coverup is going on in Littleton.

He pointed out that the fact SWAT teams waited fours hours before entering Columbine High School literally proves that they and other authorities were well aware there were far more than two gun men inside.

Furthermore Chris noted that he and other witnesses found it incomprehensible how 67 explosive devices could have been positioned in the building by just Harris and Klebold: and hard to figure how not one of these devices was seen by ANYONE, no matter how many people had positioned them.

Other than what would be called circumstantial evidence the only solid evidence yet which I know of PROVING that investigators are intentionally COVERING UP facts, and are ACTIVELY PRESSURING WITNESSES TO CHANGE THEIR STORIES comes from my talk with Columbine student Chris  Wisher.

Wisher's statements to me are the single strongest proof so far that more than playing with the news being dribbled to the public, the "authorities" are actively, AGGRESSIVELY instituting a GENUINE coverup at this point in time.

That being the case, though I deeply empathize with the unimaginable horror these families have been through, I believe it is far more horrifying for them and our country as a whole that a coverup about this gruesome madness is allowed to stand.

How deep will their grief be then, knowing that the real truth has been buried; that some of the murderers of the kids have either disappeared or are, UNBELIEVABLY, back at school; their kids have been brutalized yet again by a system bent on twisting the truth; utterly spitting on the graves of those lost and protecting itself and it's apparent complicity to whatever degree at all costs?

I strongly urge witnesses and their families to maintain their position an refuse to give in under pressure to ANYONE in ANY POSITION who attempts to manipulate and/or coerce them.

I would also strongly urge anyone who knows witnesses and/or their families to bring up the subject of coercion of witnesses as soon as  possible.

Chris Wisher conveyed to me the pain and distress this OUTRAGEOUS and psychologically devastating coercion is causing MANY of the students he knows. What is this saying to our kids?--if on top of the savage horror they had to experience, they NOW have to see the truth about the murders of their friends and classmates covered up RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES, with the collusion of the press and the silent acquiescence of a befuddled, distracted, and manipulated nation?

Indeed the bold-faced flagrancy of the coverup at this point in time would indicate that it is not ONLY intentional but is in fact itself PART OF THE OVERALL MESSAGE! To whit: “yes, your children will be murdered in their schools by a veritable TEAM of executioners and the eyewitness testimony of their schoolmates will be erased and made to disappear from the “official” story and from history--right before OUR eyes and at the direct instigation of our authorities."

This is totally unthinkable and unbearable.







So now we have it. On Saturday 5/1/99, in outright contradiction of dozens of eyewitness accounts, other evidence, news reports and in contradiction of all common sense AND of their own statements regarding the focus of their investigations for the preceding week and a half, Jefferson County law enforcement officials announced that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold "acted alone" in carrying out the murderous rampage at Littleton’s Columbine High School. Two "lone gunmen." No other involvement, no conspiracy at all. Well isn’t that just peachy. And blatant, bold, baldfaced lying of the first magnitude.

Strange indeed how a pronouncement of such significance on an issue of such undeniable gravity was made at a date and time whereby it received very little attention from the press: late in the day on Saturday. In fact the actual news item did not show up on our radar screen until Sunday morning. Hmmm...

In the aftermath of the murderous rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, an avalanche of mindboggling grief and heartwrenching tragedy will haunt the lives of many families for a long time to come, as it will haunt the memory of a nation. Colorado’s Attorney General referred to the madness at Littleton as one of the most tragic days in our entire national history, a sentiment many would pretty much share. What’s more, an avalanche of questions, fears and doubts on nearly everyone’s part about the madness at Littleton remain fundamentally unaddressed.

However one thing stands out very clearly in the days following this horror. The news and information disseminated to the public by the investigatory agencies involved in the case through the mass media is now being manipulated extensively, and some of the most significant information mentioned in the original news reports from the scene has literally disappeared from all discussion of the events, along with those individuals OTHER THAN Harris and Klebold who were described by EYEWITNESSES as being directly involved in the murder and mayhem at Columbine.

I’ve been tracking the events at Littleton and subsequent numerous indications of official coverup and disinformation regarding the massacre at Columbine High School on April 20.

Such a coverup can be easily demonstrated by analysis of certain facts and information—in particular information in EARLY news reports from the scene at Columbine that day.

Proof now exists that significant information on the case is being withheld from the public. As well, extremely pertinent information has been pieced together regarding Eric Harris’s past and that of his father, along with numerous other unexplained facts and circumstances regarding this tragic, horrifying and ultimately deeply sinister incident.

Very strong indications have been uncovered showing this was a covert operation utilizing a severely mind controlled subject, Eric Harris, and other more senior operatives in carrying out an incident of murder, mayhem, devastation and madness; engineered to have massive sociological impact on the psyche of the American population and also the world in general.

On behalf of those whose lives were lost and indeed on behalf of us all we must examine what really is and has been going on with the Littleton massacre and subsequent coverup.


As a coverup in the massacre at Littleton is undeniable, a good place to look for hints to the truth is in the earlier news reports from the scene of the event. All early news reports mentioned AT LEAST 3 gunmen entering the school, due to MANY, MANY eyewitness accounts of such by students and faculty.

A MAN, seemingly too old to be a student and NOT the person in a white T-shirt identified by witnesses as throwing bombs or grenades onto the roof of the school, was photographed being arrested and taken away. All mention of this person has now vanished from the news and from statements by any officials. This individual has NEVER been specifically identified or referred to again by anyone or any agency investigating this case.

In addition, the person in the white T-shirt seen throwing explosives is another individual whose actions and identity have never been satisfactorily explained either and who has also now vanished from all reports on the incident.

The coverup now in place concerning the person in the white T-shirt is that several days after the event it was put out that one of the two "lone gunmen" (funny how they never said WHICH one!!!) took off their black coats later in the day to reveal—amazingly enough—a white T-shirt. Yet Mr. white T-shirt was seen OUTSIDE throwing bombs on the school roof AT THE SAME TIME as Harris and Klebold were in their BLACK TRENCHCOATS murdering people INSIDE the school!!! Thus another apparent assailant/accomplice is explained away into nothingness.

Furthermore, there are yet other eyewitness descriptions of a gunman murdering people inside who was NOT Harris, Klebold, Mr. white T-shirt OR Mr. black-T-shirt, described as "not a student," very "ugly," with bushy eyebrows. So the UNDOCTORED news from Columbine High School showed that there were at least THREE assailants OTHER than Harris and Klebold involved in this "operation."

And what about the 60+ bombs, the numerous guns, ammunition, etc.?

All logic and reason would indicate that it would be virtually impossible for these two alone to have brought all these materials into the school undetected, so of course law enforcement officials said they were "looking" for accomplices. My guess is that law enforcement, either intentionally, or as a result of pressure, or as a result of being completely clueless due to manipulation of events by other agencies, may NEVER find any other accomplices—which evidence shows DO exist and are not ONLY "Trenchcoat Mafia" members or even students at all, but secret government MK agents.

Noteworthy also is that regardless of how many were involved other than Harris and Klebold, the 67 explosive devices found in and around Columbine High School went completely unnoticed as did the logistically complicated task of positioning these devices. Unusually unobservant personnel at the school it would seem, unless this represents further indications of "inside" complicity and involvement on the part of strategically placed operatives—one or more quite possibly staff members.

Further, why did it take law enforcement personnel nearly THREE days to enter the school building? There is a distinct possibility that in this period of time evidence could be tampered with, rearranged and tailored to contradict and invalidate critical eyewitness testimony regarding the particulars of the massacre.

On Thursday, April 30, ABC News released the results of a poll conducted the previous day. The poll had but one question: Do you think Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold acted alone at Columbine High? The results were that over 83 percent of the respondents believe Harris and Klebold did NOT act alone.

One wonders why such a poll would even be conducted!

What does it really matter what the public thinks? THE ONLY THING THAT SHOULD MATTER IS THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS! If they did not act alone and there is evidence which shows that, AS THERE IS, then get on the case! If they DID act alone, then what difference does any poll make? The fact that such a poll was even conducted clearly shows a intent on the part of the covert government and their pawns in mass media to gauge just how effective the manipulation, coverup and disinformation is working in this case.

On Saturday, May 1, the final lid was put on the coverup with the following news item: "[LITTLETON, Colorado (CNN)] -- The two students blamed for the Columbine High School massacre apparently acted alone and it is not likely others will be charged in the attack, Jefferson County District Attorney Dave Thomas said Saturday.

‘There is no positive, affirmative information at this point that anyone other than Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were involved in this event,’ he said, referring to the April 20 shooting and bombing spree at Columbine High School that left 15 dead."

Interesting how this statement was made the DAY AFTER the ABC News poll was released showing over 83 percent believed there were others involved. I would refer Mr. Thomas to all the eyewitness accounts and early news reports from Columbine High School to refresh his feeble memory.

There is blatant manipulation of information in the news currently being doled out to the public about the Littleton horror.

There are massive and glaring inconsistencies and oddities, loose ends and unexplained discrepancies between the EARLY reports from the scene and subsequent, "doctored" reports of the "official" story NOW being promulgated here—and they demand an immediate response from any and all official investigatory agencies involved in this case.

Principal investigators at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department received a request for just such a response on Wednesday, April 28. The Sheriff’s Department has declined to respond.

Perhaps one of the most blatant indications of official coverup is the fact that neither the verbatim transcripts of documents retrieved from Eric Harris’s website, NOR the footage from Columbine High School’s security cameras have been released to the public. This fact is literally screaming official coverup and disinformation: is anyone listening? Why hasn’t this material been made fully public? Very likely because it would utterly disprove certain key elements of the "official" story.


Further information indicates that Eric’s father Wayne could well have been more than a little involved in certain activities leading up to the massacre AND involved in the material posted on what was supposedly Eric’s website. It also appears likely Wayne Harris was involved in the numerous tests of explosives described on the website.

Wayne Harris was stationed for many years at Plattsburgh Air Force Base in NY, a location with a verified 18-level underground known to be involved in mind control operations tied to MKULTRA, and other covert operations. Eric Harris was born and raised at Plattsburgh, and the family just moved to Littleton in 1996.

I reprint here a portion of an email received from an employee of an NBC affiliate TV station.

"I was lucky to download the scanned drawings and "the book" document from the AOL directory that allegedly belonged to Eric Harris. MSNBC showed the drawings and also mentioned the document which was "unreadable" due to the format in which it was saved. I saw that and immediately went to the MSNBC chat room and asked the address and one of the persons there gave it to me, so I downloaded it.

"After a while, MSNBC said that the AOL account was going to be deleted and that ‘the FBI is analyzing the document which may implicate the father of Eric Harris’...

"I tried to view the document which had a .doc extension but it was unreadable in Word 97. didn’t have time to check it out until Thursday, and I finally got to it. Do you have that document? It is the one that shows how to make the pipe bombs etc. The interesting fact about it is that when you read the document it appears that it was no kid who wrote it.

"I gave this information to the News department where I work. They were ‘amazed’ about the true nature of the letter but when they finished reading they ‘threw’ out the papers and didn’t care a thing about it. That was the reporter who was following the story! I don’t know but that is very suspicious. I sent the letter to the News Directory and I got the same result. What is happening? Are they following a pre-defined news agenda?"

This investigator has in fact come into possession of the text of the documents retrieved from Harris’s website, cited above. The text itself reveals some astonishing and heretofore unpublicized information.

The drawings from the website which have been made public would indeed seem to be the work of an adolescent: in fact they contrast rather sharply with the generally proficient command of language evident in the text on the website.

The text, among it’s rabid ravings and omnipresent, oppressive litany of hate and devastation, also details ongoing, extensive, thorough and methodical testing of various and sundry methods of mass murder and mayhem, and additionally makes references to a group cryptically referred to only as "DELTA" as being involved with such testing and research! There seems a distinct possibility this refers to

Delta Force-related operations. There are also references to problems in carrying out certain tests due to some "war," and other references to difficulties in procuring gasoline due to an IMPENDING war (apparently a reference to something which hadn’t yet happened and something thus obviously unknown to most people—except someone with ties to the [covert] government? In fact, perhaps a reference to impending military action in Kosovo and the simultaneous manipulation of gas prices in the U.S.?)

Overall I find a great number of indications in this material that this is not Eric Harris’s (or not only) writing, but that of someone older. How could this guy have been carrying out the kinds of activities here without someone, certainly a PARENT, knowing what the hell was going on? And WHERE could all this testing have been done, no matter if Eric or his father were conducting it? At a government-operated training facility of some kind? There are references which could indeed indicate a link to Delta Force training programs.

Wayne Harris is also indicated in coded data at the end of the document as the author of the documents, though that could be some kind of default setting related to product registration or other files. Much more significant is the extent of the research, preparation and testing of various explosives cited in the website document.

It is a fact that Eric Harris owned and utilized his own computer for his website; Wayne Harris’s computer and software wouldn’t likely have been utilized in the creation of what was supposedly Eric Harris’s website without the father’s knowledge; and if so, that Eric would have been so extra-ordinarily careful as to leave absolutely no files, data or any other clues to such apparently continual activity for his father to find.

Of course it seems unbelievable as well that Mr. Harris could be unaware of things like bomb-making materials and sawed-off shotgun barrels lying around his son’s room.

As noted, Wayne Harris was a member of the Air Force for many years stationed at New York’s Plattsburgh Air Force Base. Plattsburgh has been known for some time as a site for covert operations, including "psy-ops" and other mind control-related research. Son Eric was born and raised at Plattsburgh—certainly a very likely and easy target for covert mind control operations aimed at young people. Wayne Harris could very likely have connections to other military and intelligence agencies such as Delta Force.

Wayne Harris now will not talk to investigators of the Columbine High slaughter without a grant of immunity from prosecution.


In addition to the massacre in Littleton there have been indications of official coverup and disinformation in most of the other bizarre, unprecedented and predominantly inexplicable cases of school-based terrorism carried out by rather young students the past few years. There have been the same such indications regarding such incidents as the crash of TWA Flight 800, the death of Princess Diana, the O.J. Simpson business, the Long Island Railroad Massacre, Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing as well as the Manson murders, the two Kennedy assassinations, the Martin Luther King assassination and a staggeringly long list of other profoundly significant and SHOCKING events of our recent past. Many of these events have had tremendous impact on prevailing social, political and philosophical conditions and viewpoints.

It is becoming ever-more-obvious there is a coverup regarding the massacre at Littleton, and it is essential that the reason for this coverup is understood. The only conceivable reason for a coverup of such magnitude regarding an event of such stunning and massive social impact would be the direct involvement to some degree in the events on the part of a governmental or official agency of some kind, at some level—very likely a covert level.

I am highly suspicious that, as in so many other of the above-mentioned incidents, this operation was carried out through the use of mind-controlled operatives fulfilling the directives of their controllers—the super-secret intelligence and (para)military agencies running our covert government (AND our "overt" government too!)--in implementing such carefully engineered and manipulated scenarios as the terror at Columbine High School.

For the time being I leave it mainly to others to decipher the many "messages" undeniably lurking beneath the surface in this manipulated event of mass horror. Results such as causing increasing polarization and mistrust between various social and age groups and raising the bar in terms of what violent, sociopathic actions troubled teens (and others) might contemplate enacting are among the likely agendas.

Galvanizing public support for gun control legislation and for restrictions on the Internet seem to be likely agendas at work in the Littleton massacre also, though as a parent I find it unconscionable that teenagers have almost unrestricted access to weapons of mass murder. Yet this is true for Americans in general. On this issue and regarding restrictions on the Internet, the role which active, attentive, loving and concerned parenting plays in having our youngsters mature into healthy and reasonably decent adults in a confusing and fast-changing world cannot be overemphasized or underestimated.

As a society we cannot duck responsibility for the tidal wave of violence-oriented "entertainment" so prevalent today in the lives of our children. Parents, educators and other guardians have too often been either unaware, inattentive, unconcerned, tacitly or actively acquiescent and even directly supportive of our children being constantly bombarded by a proliferation of movies, TV shows, toys, video games and websites depicting graphic, gratuitous violence on an ever-increasing level. Regarding this issue we cannot be too surprised that our children are acting out violent behavior to an ever-increasing degree. We are undeniably reaping what we have sown or have allowed to be sown.



As a target area, Denver would seem (unfortunately) rather well suited for such terrible event. Denver has come under serious scrutiny for the massive oddities at Denver Int’l Airport, rampant rumors (and more) that a well-verified and tremendous underground complex beneath the airport is some sort of nerve center or "headquarters" for the western United States under some upcoming "New World Order" regime. Reports are that in addition to housing a massive number of subterranean "offices" and similar facilities there are also holding areas for tens of thousands of people: like, an underground concentration camp. I consider such reports interesting though not exactly verified.

What IS a fact is that the walls of the airport’s "GREAT HALL" (a Masonic term) are covered with tremendous murals depicting death, destruction, horror and what could only be termed apocalyptic chaos descending on the Earth. In particular non-white races and Jews are depicted as being decimated or exterminated in a veritable Nazi’s wet dream. Absolutely EXTRAORDINARY that such depictions are allowed to stand in a public facility such as the DIA.

What IS also a fact is that construction of the facility was stupendously and completely inexplicably over budget and behind schedule; also that the Denver city government was paid millions of dollars by the CIA to "just say yes" and look the other way about everything having to do with construction of the airport.

I have received firsthand testimony emailed to me in which the sender describes an incident when their 12-year old niece, along with two other girls, was abducted from Salt Lake City by a couple who had previously met and befriended the girls. The couple subsequently engaged in sexual activity with them, and set about inculcating a belief in the girls that their present life was pointless and futile, and that a greater happiness awaited them if they would literally sacrifice themselves and their lives in a ritualistic, ceremonial setting, involving some vaguely Christian, apocalyptic "cult" This was divulged in a letter left for the girl’s parents before the couple left Utah with the girls bound for the group’s headquarters in—surprise!--Denver. Further investigation showed this cult was linked to the CIA.

As good fortune would have it the vehicle got a flat tire, and due to police bulletins about the kidnapping, Colorado State Police who stopped to check out the problem became suspicious when the man involved was evasive and uncooperative in answering questions about the girls. The couple was arrested and the youngsters returned to their homes.


There are many reports of covert projects being conducted in the Denver vicinity, some of a "psychological" nature known as "psy-ops"—as in offshoots of MKULTRA-type operations; some irrefutably involved with "electromagnetic warfare" and EM/RF effects on mind, body and consciousness—what could be termed EM/RF mind control. For example Lockheed, a CONSTANT partner with the covert government in MANY highly classified top secret "black projects," is a major employer in the Denver/Littleton area: in fact, a good percentage of the population of Littleton is employed by Lockheed! One could say it’s a "company town."

Investigators have named Golden Colorado, very close to Littleton, as a covert ops hangout, and the Coors Corporation in Golden has a whole other operation going besides beer-making. Coors has a top-secret manufacturing plant doing highly classified defense contracting for the (covert) government making super-heavy-duty ceramics. The plant has (of course!) a HUGE underground. Some of the ceramic materials manufactured here are used on nose cones for missiles, rockets etc. and others are used in certain implosion devices which are the basis of certain new EM-weapons. The release is an electromagnetic pulse or EMP field: the bigger weapons can knock out whole cities with a massive EMP.

There are also reports of electromagnetic/radio frequency mind control activity at the Golden facility. On Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado there are sizable antenna arrays that have some locals concerned as to what their exact purpose is. Anomalistic physical, psychological and mood-related effects have been experienced by local residents due to transmissions from these towers. (Oh REALLY?...)

Researcher Robert Sterling has pointed out that Paducah, Kentucky, the site of another episode of virulent, vicious mass murder carried out by young people at school, is in close proximity to Oak Ridge National Laboratories, the home of a serious amount of "EM Warfare" and related EM/RF mood/mind control research and activities for quite some time; in fact the laboratory’s waste treatment facility is IN Paducah, and this may possibly be a factor in what could well be a previous incident of mind controlled assassins of a very young age, programmed at Oak Ridge by operatives of covert intelligence projects, carrying out their deadly actions in some altered state of mind—fulfilling their programmer’s instructions in obedient, robotic, mind-controlled fashion.


Regarding the official story of how Harris and Klebold met their end, I strongly suspect the two students did NOT commit suicide but were themselves terminated by senior operative/control agents on the scene (probably at least two or more such were present). I consider this almost certainly to have been a covert government mind control operation designed to have MASSIVE social impact. It seems clear that Harris and Klebold were involved in but NOT the true instigators of the mayhem and murder at Columbine High that wretched day.

What’s more, the likelihood is overwhelmingly strong that at Columbine and perhaps within every school district in the U.S. there is an agent of the covert government in position to identify and recruit such useful subjects as the young murderers in Paducah, Pearl, Jonesboro, Edinboro, Springfield—and now Littleton/Columbine. Regarding the Jonesboro, Arkansas school murders, a number of researchers including mind control researcher Alex Constantine reported on many indications one or both of the perpetrators in that incident were victims of mind control programming serving as agents in covert government projects.

Of particular note to me as a researcher of top-secret mind control projects run by the covert government was the massive degree of Nazi influence in the attitudes and beliefs of Harris and Klebold, and the extensive interest in Naziism shown by the two. Anyone with any knowledge of the supersecret world of intelligence/military agencies knows that there is a exceptionally strong link between them and many of their covert operations, and Naziism. An irrefutable and definite link, which is proven by the existence of such operations as Project Paperclip, in which untold THOUSANDS of Nazi operatives were brought to the U.S. after WW2 and merged into the CIA and other agencies. Many of the covert, "black" projects operated by this secret government very specifically have what could only be termed Nazi objectives, to be achieved through the implementation of Nazi methods. This would apply most definitely to any and all "MK" or mind control operations whatsoever.


Many have commented on the fact that there was undeniable and extreme tension and bad feeling between Harris, Klebold, other members of the "Trenchcoat Mafia" and the "jocks" and "preppies" at Columbine High, and that such a dynamic exists at many schools throughout the country. I most certainly know that such tensions and animosities are real and were by all accounts prevalent in this situation. However, such a condition would be a perfect "backdrop" or setting in which a mind control operation such as I’ve outlined here can be pulled off. To some degree this social tension it is part of the "cover", but it is also a factor in the intended impact upon society of the terror at Columbine. Just as the "Masonic" secret government instigates and aggravates wars and conflicts all over the world in a continual effort to keep human beings fighting among themselves at every turn and thus "divide and conquer" humanity, so does THIS incident greatly aggravate many of the tensions and schisms in modern American society, not only between antagonistic factions of young people, but between young people as a whole and older segments of the population. One of the agendas for the Littleton horror was the further polarization of society on general and the further demonization and alienation of young people in this country.


An "event" such as this sends certain messages to society as a whole, and also sends certain specific messages to specific segments of society. One message being sent to every parent in the country is not only that their children can no longer be considered safe at an institution of learning, but that in fact their children specifically may well be prominent targets of incomprehensible, inconceivable and inexplicable murderous violence at such institutions. Only time will tell what the longterm psychological impact of this will be upon the American public. As a parent myself I shudder to even think what messages this event is sending to the children themselves, but the major spate of "copycat" incidents at schools all over the country in days following the terrible tragedy at Littleton is indeed a phenomena nearly as troubling as the Littleton incident itself.

It has been pointed out that there may well be some clues in certain facts about the massacre at Columbine High School which indicate that secret, occult Masonic elements were deeply involved in the horror—that this event, like the assassination of John Kennedy and the Manson murders, was some sort of Masonic "blood ritual" with many symbolic overtones and hidden meanings, as well as being a reality-shattering event of the first order with tremendous potential to manipulate society as a whole.

Regarding hidden meanings, subliminal messages, symbolism and cult or occult connections to the Littleton horror, an extremely peculiar fact is that Vice-President Al Gore and other numerous officials in attendance at the memorial service for the Columbine victims held on Saturday, April 24 wore BLACK TRENCHCOATS!

And what would the hidden message be here? Most simply perhaps: "If anyone wants to know who the trenchcoat mafia in fact is, here’s the answer. They are us—the government."


Some other oddities about the horror at Columbine High: why did the SWAT team spend four hours waiting outside the building? Such a course of IN-action is just unconscionable and incomprehensible given the situation at Columbine High School where helpless human beings were being slaughtered at will!

Why did the SWAT teams not take action as they are fully trained and equipped to do? Who told the SWAT teams to hold back? What possible explanation can be put forward as to why these hardened professionals waited and let the killing continue for FOUR HOURS? Or DID the killing continue?

As noted earlier, why didn’t a single school staff member or security-person notice any of the 67 explosive devices or the actions of those placing these devices?

Why, considering the fact that the SWAT teams did not enter the school and also considering ALL the explosives, weaponry and ammunition and free reign to carry out their reported goal of killing hundreds and demolishing the school, WHY were ONLY 13 people shot? Because this sends yet ANOTHER veiled message to certain elements of the various levels of government AND of society as a whole who may be somewhat cognizant of certain malevolent activities of the covert government: the message here being that NEXT time, HUNDREDS of kids WILL die.

In point of fact and in light of information which has come out regarding Eric Harris’s significant outbursts of severe hostility, threats of extreme physical harm and other sociopathic behavior, which had brought him directly to the attention of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department a number of times in the past, the proven lack of concern or interest displayed by the Sheriff’s Department seems incomprehensible. Equally incomprehensible was the lack of intervention or action by the school administration after Harris and Klebold made a documentary for school last year depicting just such a spasm of murderous violence as they subsequently enacted—for real.

A further peculiar note is that in the early 1990s Columbine High School was the site an admittedly bizarre addition to the usual high school curriculum. Students there were encouraged to attend a class in "Death Education"—a class which had such a negative and disturbing effect on one participant that she subsequently committed suicide.

One wonders if in fact Columbine High School had been selected some time ago as a suitable location to unleash a programmed, mind controlled monster like Eric Harris.

Noteworthy also is the way legions of federal "grief counselors" were dispatched for Littleton within minutes of the news hitting the airwaves. How "convenient" that so many of them were so ready for this. And how suspicious, to my mind.


There is a significant red flag, in my opinion, in the following facts regarding Eric Harris, widely acknowledged to be the mastermind of the devastation at Columbine High, the "dominant" personality in his relationship with Dylan Klebold and it would seem at least a would-be ringleader among the Trenchcoat Mafia crew.

In my research of the covert government’s various and sundry mind control operations and certain related activities, a number of military bases and facilities such as national laboratories like Oak Ridge, Sandia, Los Alamos and Brookhaven have stood out as being in many cases closely or even inextricably linked to a number of these mind control activities. The Presidio Army base in San Francisco was the scene for CIA operative Col. Aquino’s psychosexual abuse mind control operation aimed at children in the base’s daycare center. Vandenberg AFB in Santa Barbara County has also been named as a site for "MK" activity—much of it in the verified, documented subterranean facility there. Long Island’s Montauk Air Force Station and nearby Brookhaven National Labs is of course another location for lots of mind-tweaking weirdness.

In a section of my report on the current state of the Montauk Project and related activities entitled "Phoenix Undead" which lists some known subterranean facilities where evidence shows covert "psy-ops" activity being conducted, I referred specifically to an installation beneath Plattsburgh AFB in northeastern New York State. Plattsburgh AFB has a VAST, 18-level subterranean facility.

Columbine perpetrator Eric Harris was born in Plattsburgh and spent his whole life there until his family moved to Littleton in 1996. Eric Harris’s father was an Air Force pilot stationed at Plattsburgh AFB.

What’s also curious here is that Plattsburgh AFB closed in 1994, was SUPPOSEDLY completely inoperative and the property due to be "recycled" for various other uses by September 1995. And yet Harris was still in Plattsburgh well after 94-95! The only thing still going on at Plattsburgh AFB after 1994 would obviously be covert activities. The peculiarities regarding the text of documents from Eric Harris’s website and the likelihood that father Wayne Harris was connected to not only the documents themselves but ALSO to the activities described therein CANNOT be forgotten.

Local residents and other eyewitnesses report that the base, though somewhat deserted, was still in some level of operation in 1997 even on the "surface," AND that top-secret operations were definitely going on in the documented 18-level underground complex beneath the base. This was verified by EM/RF signal detection equipment. Aside from mind control related operations, the base at Plattsburgh has currently been verified as a site of particle accelerator/beam research and experimentation.

There are indications that in the 1960s Plattsburgh AFB was linked to the horrendous Ewen Cameron, president of the American Psychiatric Association, The Canadian Psychiatric Association AND the World Psychiatric Association, and his massive abuses in the MKULTRA (drug and neuroelectrically-based mind control) Project just over the border in Montreal. Reports indicate that this legacy continued at Plattsburgh through the 70s and beyond with electromagnetic/radio-frequency MK activities tied to some of the experimentation at Montauk.

(Mentioned also in "Phoenix Undead" as a location for covert operations linked to Montauk’s mind control experimentation is Stewart Air Force Base in New York, in between Plattsburgh and Montauk. Military facilities at Malta, N.Y. are also strongly tied to MK operations at both Montauk and Plattsburgh.)


A girl at Columbine High School said gunman Eric Harris’s "eyes were dead."

This phrase stuck out in my recollections of (early) news reports from the scene at Columbine.

Eric Harris was being treated by a psychiatrist and was on Luvox, one of a class of drugs similar to Prozac, which like Prozac has been proven a potentially deadly combination when taken my mentally or emotionally unstable people, at least in certain instances.

Interesting that Eric’s psychiatrist was supposedly not only unaware of Eric’s violent and blatantly antisocial tendencies but also of the many reports and studies showing the potential for disaster with Luvox and similar drugs when administered to younger people in general.

I consider psychiatry in general to be a highly suspect field, which has had extensive and irrefutable links to the CIA and other intelligence agencies throughout most of it’s history; certainly in this country at least, and certainly in Nazi Germany as well.

The odious Ewen Cameron, with his inexhaustible supply of connections to the CIA, NSA and other ultra-malevolent intelligence agencies and their equally malevolent agendas, was in fact the president of all the world’s major psychiatric associations.

Cameron’s successor, the current president of the American Psychiatric Association, felt called upon to issue a public statement on April 30 about the fact that Eric Harris was not only being treated by a psychiatrist who was incomprehensibly ignorant of his propensity for violence but that Eric’s psychiatrist had also prescribed the mind-altering drug Luvox for Eric.

The official statement said that there is "little" valid evidence (notice it did NOT say "NO" valid evidence) which proves Luvox can precipitate seriously violent outbursts. Regardless of such "official" blather, a plethora of tests and real world experiences have PROVEN that these drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, can be DEADLY when administered to unstable personalities—ESPECIALLY UNSTABLE YOUNG PEOPLE!

In fact I’m fairly certain that administration of this drug (and VERY LIKELY others) was one of many programming techniques used to turn Eric Harris into a sociopathic, conscience-less, vicious killer. Additionally the administration of Luvox may very well have been implemented to serve as a "cover" in a way: that is, a convenient explanation for what most human beings would consider inconceivably brutal and inexplicable behavior.


Harris in particular appears to have been severely and extensively programmed—likely through a variety of techniques including the subliminal programming embedded in a good percentage of many video and computer games, popular music and TV/movie "entertainment". The fact that he was also under the influence of Luvox fits into the overall methodology used in crafting an mind-controlled agent who is a programmed, obedient, remorseless homicidal alternate personality.

In the report on the current state of the Montauk Project and related operations entitled "Phoenix Undead" it was pointed out that information from a number of sources indicates that the Denver area is a massive NWO headquarters: in particular that the streets of Denver are teaming with Montauk Boy programmees—and that vast numbers of such programmed youths, perhaps up to 10,000,00 in the United States alone, comprise some sort of mind-controlled, a NWO "sleeper" strike force if you will.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both said to have been avid fans of the many ultra-violent video games available to young people today.

"Phoenix Undead" shows how there is a strong likelihood that much popular entertainment aimed at youth, especially the many computer and video games so extremely prevalent and popular with young people and teens, may in some cases be conditioning and programming the participants not only overtly through "virtually" carrying out continual acts of mindless, mindnumbing violence and mayhem, but also through subliminal commands and directives embedded in the game or entertainment itself.

Researcher and author Alex Constantine has reported that a high-ranking executive of one of the major computer/video games manufacturers is a member of a religious cult inextricably linked to CIA mind control operations utilizing psychosexual abuse and other programming methods upon young children. The name of the cult is "Subud." (

Journalist Robert Sterling of The Konformist has noted substantial indications of the intelligence-military-industrial complex’s clandestine involvement in and general hanky-panky concerning various elements of the entertainment and toy industries, and numerous points of correlation between a few sure objectives of this group and such abundantly violent video games like "Mortal Kombat". Sterling also notes how the initials of "Mortal Kombat" are "MK"—as in MKULTRA.


Is Gore A Member?

As for the "Trenchcoat Mafia": the group does apparently exist though to some degree they are definitely serving as a scapegoat and lightning rod in the official version of the Columbine horror, to help divert any possible attention to the potential involvement of government-run mind control operations.

Information has come my way pegging the geographical origins of the group to the Northeastern U.S., and a number of sources indicate a link between the Trenchcoat Mafia and Neo-Nazi elements, "Satanic" cults as well as of course the heavy metal, "goth" pop culture. There is also no doubt Harris and Klebold were wearing black trenchcoats when they carried out their murderous mission.

Other less credible rumors portray the Trenchcoat Mafia as not only a Nazi-obsessed hate club but also a homosexual group, but there seems to be nothing solid which supports this contention.

A very creepy and peculiar fact has been brought to my attention. During the "official" ceremony for the murdered students on Saturday, April 24, Vice-President Al Gore, along with many other of the attending officials wore—guess what?--a BLACK TRENCHCOAT!!! This is absolutely true; and it’s literally impossible to believe these individuals were unaware of what they were wearing and it’s highly sinister inappropriateness given the situation! My own admittedly subjective impression from watching Gore live on TV that day was that I felt literally nauseated by something I was picking up from him.


Researcher Kent Steadman has found evidence which indicates that HAARP transmissions occurred right around the time of the shootings in Littleton, and also that a telltale ring pattern showing some sort of electromagnetic phenomena targeted the Denver area two days before the shooting, a phenomena which was ALSO extremely prevalent and noticeable at the time of the Jonesboro, Ark. school massacre in March, 1998.

My report "Phoenix Undead" cites the countless pages of documentation which PROVE that HAARP has had major mind control and "EM Warfare" agendas ever since it’s earliest stages of existence. The potential to use HAARP as well as other EM/RF systems and networks to trigger mind controlled agents through specific, mood and thought-manipulating transmissions cannot POSSIBLY be denied or overlooked, and some evidence does show EM/RF transmissions and effects which correlate to the time and place of the massacre at Columbine.

The previously-noted large unidentified antenna arrays nearby Littleton and Denver at Golden, Colorado should also be considered a likely source of mind and mood altering transmissions.


As a final note of caution, notice how after literally HORDES of federally funded (and federally trained no doubt) psychiatrists and other "grief counselors" have descended on Littleton and helped to "reprogram" the witnesses and victims to "process" the incident in "appropriate" and "approved" ways, Harris and Klebold have been officially pronounced the only perpetrators involved and the story has virtually vanished from the media.

The various subliminal/psychological cultural and social manipulations and other (covert government) agendas have been accomplished.

Anybody who knows they saw more than two assailants at Columbine High is likely going to be shunted off to the side, and will be scheduled to receive an awful lot of additional, intensive "grief counseling" (i.e.: psychological manipulation from government-trained psychiatrists), along with hefty doses of a number of mind-altering pharmaceuticals, mood elevators, hypnotics, sedatives, anti-depressants and the like. And if all that stuff doesn’t work and certain people just won’t say they never saw anyone but Harris and Klebold, I fear they may be getting a ticket to ride—of one kind or other.


We should never forget that the children are without any doubt our future—as a culture, and as a human race. If we cannot protect them from such monumental disasters as the Columbine High massacre, and even more importantly protect them from the utterly corrupt, vicious, brutal and inhuman covert government lurking underneath the surface of the carefully contrived, staged and executed horror at Littleton, then what future do any of us have?

© 1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

All Rights Reserved


(Following is a verbatim transcription of the text from Eric Harris’s webpage. I have emphasized some of the most significant portions).

[John Quinn]


Pipe bombs are some of the easiest and deadliest ways to kill a group of people or destroy a few things. First off, we will talk about the pipes. Second will be the explosive filler and last will be the shrapnel.

PIPES: Pipes are about as easy to purchase as a CD. You do not want to have the length any longer than 8 inches. Diameter should usually be between 1’’ and 2’’. If it’s any longer than around 8’’ it might not blow up how it’s supposed to. If it’s thicker than around 2’’, it will cost you a fuck-load of money. Normal metal galvanized pipes are the best to use, since plastic melts to easy and I don’t think copper would be that great. Never did try it though.

PIPES: Pipes are about as easy to purchase as a CD. You do not want to have the length any longer than 8 inches. Diameter should usually be between ?’’ and 2’’. If it’s any longer than around 8’’ it might not blow up how it’s supposed to. The way I bought most of my pipes is by going out and getting all of the caps one day, then getting the pipes a few days later, or at a different store. You don’t want to look too suspicious.

(There follows detailed technical instructions for assembling various configurations of pipe bombs, and the descriptions of results of numerous tests run on different explosive materials show a longterm hands-on familiarity with the handling and use of such materials and also shows such an unusually proficient writing style and error-free command of language as to be certainly NOT the work of a 16-year-old boy. Also, how Eric Harris could have done all this testing and experimenting with no one else knowing anything seems inconceivable. This section ends with the following EXTREMELY INTERESTING comments.

[John Quinn]

I did try it on the DELTA batch, and since they won’t be used until NBK it’ll be kind of hard to report the results. You might try asking the survivors if they got a good look at the bomb before it went off and then the remains!


Napalm is used to burn people, houses, cars, or anything else that can be burnt. It can be produced in a wide variety of ways and by using pages of different ingredients. In this text I will review the methods and ingredients that I have found to be most promising.

INGREDIENTS: In just about every "anarchist" cookbook you can find you will see tons of napalm recipes. Through trial and error I have found that only a few are worth the trouble. Although, some of my tests can not be considered completely accurate since I was short on time and resources because of the WAR. First of all, one of the best recipes is actually the simplest. Motor oil and gasoline in a glass bottle is about all you need. You could spend hours and hours and lots of money to make a batch of napalm that if at all is only a little better.

(Again very detailed descriptions of various "recipes" for napalm are given and descriptions of test results for every method mentioned. Again the possibility Eric Harris could conduct such extensive testing of explosives without anyone else being aware of it seems nil. This section ends with the following comments. [John Quinn])

STORAGE: Storing gasoline is one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass tasks I have gone through in the pre-war era. First of all, you have to take into account that any extra gas containers lying around the shed or garage can easily cause suspicion. Second of all, it smells. So putting a couple jars in your closet is a bad idea. Third, gas expands when it is hot, so you don’t want to put it in your trunk under a blazing sun all day long, because it might just blow up. So some good storage areas are deep in garage closets that are rarely visited, in your trunk if the weather is not hot at all, or under a tarp in your yard some place, if you have a rather fucking large and wooded property around your house. Other than those suggestions, you are on your own. Just be smart and remember the basic principles of gasoline. It’s flammable.

(The following is part of the hidden code from any Microsoft Word document. It states the directories where the file is saved and the author. Note that the author is Wayne N. Harris. ‘DOOM2’ directory is the default directory of this document.)

W a y n e N . H a r r i s 2 C : \ w i n d o w s \ T E M P \ A u t o R e

c o v e r y s a v e o f D o c u m e n t 1 . a s d W a y n e N . H a r

r i s 0 C : \ w i n d o w s \ T E M P \ A u t o R e c o v e r y s a v e

o f t h e b o o k . a s d Wa y n e N . H a r r i s C : \ D O O M 2 \

t h e b o o k . d o c P i p e b o m b s W a y n e N . H a r r i s W a y n e N . H a r r is Pipe bombs ipe Wayne N. Harris ayn r Wayne N. Harris 2 yn Microsoft Word 8.0

Pipe bombs Title


Confirmed—Other Gunmen

The following excerpts from news articles from the scene at Columbine High School on 4/20/99 with accompanying URLs for these articles, show CLEARLY—based on EYEWITNESS STATEMENTS—that THREE OR MORE people OTHER than Harris and Klebold were PERPETRATORS in the murderous rampage that day.

One person in a white T-shirt was identified as throwing explosives onto the school roof OUTSIDE at the SAME TIME as gunmen in BLACK COATS were murdering people INSIDE. Therefore the fact that Klebold or Harris had a white shirt under his coat is totally irrelevant.

ANOTHER gunman INSIDE the school was identified by student Kim Sanders as "not a student", "very ugly", with "bushy eyebrows." Neither Harris, Klebold nor the man in a white T-shirt.

Yet ANOTHER individual in a BLACK T-shirt was photographed being arrested 4 HOURS AFTER the attack began.

There are also eyewitness accounts of YET MORE GUNMEN in black coats inside the school, UPSTAIRS, while Harris and Klebold were DOWNSTAIRS.

(Thanks to Ian Goddard for compiling the following list).



Associated Press: 25 May Be Dead in School Shooting

By Robert Weller. Tuesday, 4/20/99; 7:39 p.m. EDT:

"LITTLETON, Colo. (AP) -- Three young men in fatigues and black trench coats opened fire at a suburban Denver high school Tuesday..."





(EDITOR'S NOTE: ink archived or moved by source:

[ or see: ]

Arrest: I saw another arrest of a guy in a black trench coat on MSNBC, which I didn’t tape, and that guy was not the three above, NOR was it the one wearing a black T-shirt: So there were 5 other "associates" at or near the school that were arrested on that bloody day.


From police radio dispatch during the siege on 911 tapes played on MSNBC (4/23/99 around 3:40 CT):

POLICE DISPATCH: "Attention all units, 71 is under fire. He said the suspect just ran inside the building.... 71 is still under fire in the south lawn."


Student on scene talking to 911 emergency operator:

STUDENT: "There’s like smoke going off in the parking lot right now.

There are loud noises. I’m not sure exactly. A cop is pulling up."

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Link archived or moved by source:}


Photograph from The Washington Post (4/21/99) showsfriend of gunmen arrested on the scene (perhaps the same young man mentioned and figured by a student as a gunmen in an Associated Press report):


Cathy Parks is a student who escaped before the siege ended. She was interviewed on MSNBC during the siege at 1:26 pm central time, April 20.

Transcript from tape of MSNBC broadcast:

REPORTER TO NEWS ANCHOR: "I’m going to put you on the phone now with Cathy Parks.

She’s a freshman at Columbine. She was in the library at the time the gunmen came in and started shooting."

CATHY PARKS: "I was in the library and there were noises downstairs.... And then these two guys came up [ into the library ] and they were shooting randomly and there was bombing, I guess, downstairs and people screaming."

Two gunmen were upstairs in the library while bombs were going off downstairs. When she says "I guess" it’s clear in hearing that she refers to "bombing," meaning she assumes it was bombing.


District Attorney for Littleton, Mark Pautler, appeared on CNN’s "Burden of Proof" (12:45 pm ET, 4/23/99) and was asked if any witnesses had said they’d seen more than two gunman, he answered:

"I’m not at liberty to answer that question."

Which suggests there are such accounts.

A URL to CNN article citing 3 suspects AND 1 other arrest (4/20/99).


Sheriff: Gunmen at Colorado school were on ‘suicide mission’

Sheriff reports many fatalities, including TWO OF THREE SUSPECTS

Explosives found at school


LITTLETON, Colorado (CNN) — As many as 25 people, including TWO OF THREE SUSPECTS, are believed dead in a Denver-area high school shooting, police said.

Sheriff Stone later said the number of deaths could be staggering. “There are possibly,as many as 25 fatalities,” he said.

Police also said that bodies of two suspects were found in the library.

“We had THREE NAMES, we’ve got two bodies that belong to two of those names up there, and the THIRD NAME — THAT PERSON WAS NOT IN THE SCHOOL,” said Jefferson County Sheriff John Stone.

The following note from Robert Morningstar (, author of "Justice For JFK," indicates yet further inconsistencies—let’s just say LIES—from ‘officials" regarding key aspects of the Columbine High massacre.

Dear John:

...You might also follow up on the Matthew De Peu interview which I saw on Fox News last Saturday with Shepard interviewing the 17 year old De Peu, son of a Deputy Sheriff De Peu, who was called by his son Matthew by cell phone from within the school. Matthew’s account seemed insinuate to this listener that the father, Deputy De Pue, finished off the two gunmen after Matthew had identified them. This is the only conclusion which I could logically come to in view of the young man’s statement saying that, after he had guided his father into the school with directions on the cell phone, Matthew identified the two culprits and his father "went over to them and made sure they weren’t going to hurt any more people". To this Shepard added "...and he did what he had to do", to which Matthew De peu added "Yeah, he did what he had to do."

I found this revelation a bit disturbing in its implication, believing as you do that too much is being glossed over in the media’s oxymoronic answer of "two lone gunmen".

...Keep up the good work. If you are interested in the JFK Assassination, which you mention in your piece, please log on to "The Ultimate Secret of the JFK Assassination" at:


Robert Morningstar (M*)

author, Justice For JFK



Sifting Through the Rubble

©1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

The interview with Columbine High School student and massacre witness Chris Wisher, along with other facts uncovered regarding the horrifying tragedy at Columbine, provides proof positive that a far deeper and vastly more sinister, terrifying, and threatening reality skulks beneath the surface of that horror; profoundly more disturbing than the incomprehensibly vicious murder and mayhem itself, and how it may have first appeared.

You, me and our entire nation MUST pursue the desecration of justice, truth, innocence and what remains of our Constitution as proved by facts about the monstrosity at Littleton and the outrageous coverup being conducted in it's wake.

We must DEMAND the truth be known for the sake of our very future -- which is in fact the well-being of our children; and on behalf of the lives lost and the families shattered. The reality which operated behind the scenes of the nightmare in Littleton threatens the foundations of our existence so fundamentally that the “authorities” are attempting a coverup in the face of dozens -- perhaps HUNDREDS -- of eyewitnesses to the fact that there were a NUMBER of other participants involved in the deadly rampage at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.

Attempting a coverup in the face of numerous photos, TV footage, and news items showing other assailants being ARRESTED at the scene of the mayhem that day, NEVER TO BE HEARD OF AGAIN.

“Authorities” have attempted to pull off this coverup in full view of literally tens of millions of people; in particular those who get their information from the mass media -- like MOST of us! Providing assistance in this primetime coverup special (on ALL the networks!) was an extraordinary performance from Mr. Al Gore; having the grace and presence of mind to make SURE to don his SUBLIMINALLY LOADED ankle-length black trenchcoat before delivering his positively reptilian laxative of a eulogy to the severely manipulated crowd and viewing audience at the “memorial” service for the slain innocents on 4/25/99.

That would be the memorial service at which the truth about Littleton-- already so gravely wounded, was supposed to be buried.

My interview with Columbine witness & student Chris Wisher proves CONCLUSIVELY and for all time that a coverup at Littleton is without any doubt whatsoever in effect.

This is what was told to me repeatedly by Columbine witness Chris Wisher and what was clearly implied by his father. Other gunmen were DEFINITELY involved; and law enforcement investigators are coercing witnesses into making their stories conform to the two "lone" gunmen theory.

I had an intensive initial conversation with Chris for about 40 minutes. He was absolutely clear and direct in his comments nor did he falter or say things differently at different times. Chris is quite intelligent and expresses himself and recounts his experiences very well.

Due to the extreme intimidation being applied to the young people from Columbine High not only by having investigators coerce them into NOT saying there were more than 2 gunmen but ALSO through the even greater intimidation of having some of the gunmen back at class, back in circulation, right "on the scene" to enforce silence, it seems an act of sure courage for Chris or anyone else to speak out about what's going on.

I have contacted him a second to clarify some points and ask him to give a contact email and phone number to friends and other students who were witnesses to the terrible events and are NOT being listened to by investigators.

The most important point to consider now, which I discussed with Chris Wisher, is this. Why in the name of heaven would law enforcement and mass media attempt a coverup here? Chris said that the only thing he could think of is authorities don't want people to "panic", but we both agreed that could not POSSIBLY explain the coercion of witnesses "behind the scenes."

SO, why a coverup? Exactly the question.

I've thought of an angle such as a shooter being related or connected to someone in law enforcement, etc. The thing is, we are talking about dozens, perhaps a couple of hundred of witnesses to more than two gunmen. It seems inconceivable that even an ATTEMPT at a coverup would be made under such circumstances unless the stakes were incredibly high.

Let’s keep in mind the FBI has been very involved with the investigation. Consider also that though the FBI is investigating the case they DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION!

However for the FBI to back a cover-up or allow one to go down, obviously the orders must come from the VERY TOP OF THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.

I can't imagine the Jefferson County Sheriff's Dep't. trying to pull a coverup under the FBI's nose(s) and I'm pretty sure the FBI would NOT support any coverup based on a reason like that. Of course I could be mistaken.

If it was a foreign based terrorist attack, it definitely involved SOME (and that is WAY more than two) students as active participants-- which seems pretty unlikely to me.

Blackmail (to enforce silence/coverup) could also be a possibility but again I find it unlikely the FBI would be blackmailed in a case like this.

Basically I can't conceive the FBI would support (or be FORCED to support) a coverup UNLESS orders were coming down from the top, due to a really serious, heavy duty connection to some VERY upper-level and covert stuff.

However, considering the extraordinary degree of deception and gameplaying in the Orwellian hell inhabited by covert intelligence/military operatives, the FBI, at least the PARTICULAR agents assigned to this PARTICULAR case, may well be playing things completely straight and may be completely unaware of either any secret government involvement in the Columbine Massacre OR of any coverup.

However they are not the primary investigating agency in this case and do NOT have jurisdiction.

The Jefferson County sheriffs are likely the ones enlisted to enact the hard core aspects of this coverup -- and if or when enough truth slips through the cracks, the plan is undoubtedly to let the local cops take the fall: chalk it up to gross incompetence and unpardonable, though "innocent" mishandling of the case in general by the woefully unprepared and generally ineffectual local cops (shades of JonBenet Ramsey!). Andy of Mayberry. I'm SO sure.

My considered view after studying covert projects for a number of years is that The Columbine massacres and ensuing coverup stinks to high heaven of involvement and conspiracy at the HIGHEST, and more importantly the MOST POWERFUL levels of government -- far higher than any local or county/state- level involvement, corruption or connection.

That being the case, what kind of involvement and what kind of "project" could we possibly be talking about here? Massive social manipulation through utterly shocking, incomprehensible mayhem carried out by our young people. These mass murders by youngsters as a social phenomenon are absolutely unprecedented in human history. Those who carry enact scenarios such as Columbine, as well as such "operations" as the Oklahoma City bombing, numerous political assassinations and the like have been shown in nearly every case to be mind controlled "sleeper" operatives. The only type of agency which fits the bill in implementing such operations is a covert military/intelligence agency.

When you know, as I do, that our government has been involved in covert mind control research and projects for OVER 40 YEARS, then the type of involvement becomes more clear.

There is a tremendous amount of hard evidence to support these statements. The methods used to create a "Manchurian Candidate" have been in existence for a VERY LONG TIME. DRUGS (inc. Luvox, Prozac and the like) and EM/RF technologies are only some recent additions to the methods used.

There is a literal mountain of evidence proving the existence of such projects; showing how "mind controlled" agents are utilized in carrying out these "operations"; and showing these unfortunate souls are USUALLY "recruited" (ha-ha; more like kidnapped) at a VERY young age and subjected to various forms of severe, carefully designed and devastatingly effective mind manipulation techniques -- often involving elements of "ritualistic" psycho-sexual abuse, drugs, EM/RF technologies, virtual reality programming, and the like. The result is the creation of a completely, separate, disassociated alternate personality within the targeted subject; a personality wholly and completely artificial, totally a product of what it's "masters" have made it -- a perfect, completely obedient agent, of whose existence the "host" personality is usually completely unaware.

This "alternate" personality can be the most ruthless, unfeeling, uncaring, and inhuman being one could ever conceive of. Literally a monster, a living robot, an automaton of death.

Reports indicate as many as TEN MILLION such "sleeper" agents are present in THIS COUNTRY ALONE.

Lest some think this is to be wild nonsense, be assured that there is proof positive of this; for example as a result of US Senate hearings in 1978 into some of the more infamous of these "research" projects like "MK-ULTRA". This particular massive Nazi-type violation of all human rights was conducted under the direction of the OUR CIA by Ewen Cameron in Montreal, Canada and other locations throughout the 1960s and early 70s.

There was MAJOR mind control experimenting going on; including dissolution of memory and TERMINAL sensory deprivation! This kind of evil is really pure Nazism and in fact this DR. Cameron OPENLY expressed his admiration for the methods and ruthless tactics of the Nazi butchers MANY TIMES!! What's even more incredible is that this demon was the  PRESIDENT of the American Psychiatric Ass'n., the Canadian Psychiatric  Ass'n., and the World Psychiatric Ass'n. AND he was TOTALLY connected to the CIA and the NSA.

Based upon my knowledge of government mind control projects, the tactic utilized and the agendas these projects hope to implement, I can say with near certainty that: at least SOME of the other gunmen at Columbine were not students belonging to the "Trenchcoat Mafia." At least SOME of these murderers were senior mind control operatives on the scene of this carefully conceived and executed scenario designed to have a tremendous impact on the national psyche; there to ensure that everything went according to plan. Including the execution of Harris and Klebold.

UPDATE: 5/14/99 I have conversed further with both Chris Wisher on 5/14/99 and his father on 5/13/99.

It seems as though Chris is being a bit "his own man" as far as the interview goes. His parents are coming across as very reluctant to either talk to anyone about anything or to openly criticize or question the tactics of the Sheriff's Department.

Dad said that as far as he knows investigators haven't closed the book on the case and may thus be reluctant to say publicly where they are actually focusing, which may be true: however, such would hardly explain the coercion of witnesses in private, a point he readily agreed to when I pointed it out to him.

Chris indicated to me that he has not made his parents aware of his conversations with me and may not do so, as they are not in favor of speaking with the press, etc. Such is not the case with Chris. I did clarify a couple of points with him. The girl he knows who saw the large group (7-8 people) upstairs in trenchcoats with weapons was sure that at least some of the group WERE other students. There remains the possibility that some were not. Chris is sure that the individual he witnessed outside in black trenchcoat with a shotgun was NOT either Harris or Klebold. He also DID see both of them inside and they were not wearing masks.

I asked Chris to pass my phone# and email around to people he knows who were witnesses, whose testimony is not in line with the "official" version, which he readily agreed to do.

We ask WHY? Why would there be a coverup? Of course that is THE question. The only reason which truly makes ANY sense at all is that to  some extent, in some way, there was involvement (in planning and  execution) of this murder, madness and mayhem on the part of some kind of official, governmental agency at some level of government or other.

Considering the incredibly shocking nature of the incident and the number of witnesses, etc. it seems inconceivable that it could be any other than an involvement by an covert, intelligence/military agency of the FEDERAL government. These groups so often used mind controlled agents to carry out their covert operations; incidents which are conceived, "designed" and "engineered" to have tremendous SUBLIMINAL and conscious psychological impact on the public; designed to shift and twist some of our most fundamental concepts of reality -- in a horrifyingly brutal way. There is MUCH evidence to show that this is fact IS a common tactic used by these subverters and despoilers of DEMOCRACY, who have hijacked our national government down the road to one world totalitarian government run by a New World Order.

As a parent I am so disturbed by not ONLY the utter monstrosity which occurred at Columbine but the blatant, flagrant manipulation and coverup going on in the aftermath.

It's absolutely UNTHINKABLE what an evil, wretched business is going on there now as indicated by the statements Chris made to me! That these students, who have had their lives shattered in an inconceivable way, are NOW being coerced by law enforcement to discard the truth, what they saw with their own eyes! I mean, is this really real? Yes -- the unbearable truth is that there IS a coverup going on, in broad daylight, in plain view upon the very blood and graves of our lost children.

Part of what makes a coverup work in such situations is the tremendous resistance and revulsion any normal human being must overcome to even focus ones attention on the terrifying facts of the Columbine mayhem, let alone the raging evil while lies behind it. It’s human nature to want to avoid unpleasantness, and to accept an easy explanation when offered -- by the mindtweaking covert government and their pawns and lackeys in mass media, rather than put any effort into seeking the truth for ourselves!

Consider well and fully the implications of what Chris Wisher has said.

I urge all in the strongest possible way to do all you can from where YOU are to change this around. FORCE the local media to open it up again. It's your children and mine whose lives and future are at stake.

We must not let a coverup be implemented. With so many witnesses to the truth the efforts of all of us can prevent this.

Please spread the truth about what Chris Wisher has said to every single person you can and urge them, as I've urged you, to think about their children and all that we as a country, as a HUMAN RACE, have to lose if this kind of coverup and conspiracy is allowed to stand.

It's our children; it's our FUTURE.

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More information at --

and at --


Please post, reproduce and forward as far and widely as possible!



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Seattle radio talk-show host Mike Webb and myself devoted over an hour to the many troubling inconsistencies, peculiarities, indications of coverup regarding the Columbine tragedy and possible reasons for such on his show of 5/20/99.

Webb had talked with Wisher himself prior to my conversation--described  below--with Chris's mother on 5/19/99.

Of particular concern in what Mike Webb relayed on the air was the  following statement: that Chris had told Webb during their talk that subsequent to the publication of my original interview with Chris on 5/7/99, he was questioned again by investigators, who found it  desirable to "help" Chris "understand that it may have been ONLY HARRIS AND KLEBOLD" he witnessed, and that he could have been confused and disoriented by the situation!

How INTERESTING investigators made such a pointed effort to rearrange, distort and otherwise tamper with Chris's recollections AFTER  publication of the interview with him! It should be noted as well that Chris's own mother stated that a GREAT NUMBER of Columbine students are aware that a MANY other perpetrators were involved in the mayhem at the school.

I can prove through phone records and my recordings that I have talked with occupants of the Wisher household on 6 different occasions.  Two of these times I talked with Chris, the first time for abut 40 minutes. What Chris said is what he said. He's the witness, not me.

On 5/19/99 I talked to Chris Wisher's mother. Although a but upset  that my Internet article has generated a lot of phone inquiries to their  house, she did spend about 15 minutes talking. She told me MANY of the kids from Columbine saw other people with weapons. She also told me that some of these kids just can't and won't go back to school because some of the people who were shooting are indeed there, back in school.

She confirmed every major point Chris told me. She told me that many, probably a HUNDRED or more, Columbine students witnessed other gunmen in the assault and that MANY of these will not go back to class because some of these assailants are back in school.

Unlike myself, she feels that with so many eyewitnesses to other assailants there is no way the police would be able to pull off a coverup, regardless of the reasons for doing so (we didn't really get into that). I hope she's right. I myself am not so sure, based on the most recent statements from investigators.

Mrs. Wisher also said she had personal knowledge that a female student was pressured into changing her testimony by Sheriff's Dep't.investigators.

Unfortunately I was NOT aware at the time of our conversation that HER SON had been re-contacted by investigators and subjected to THE SAME TACTICS! I doubt if she was aware of this either.

Why are the cops trying to get students to change what they're saying about what happened? She didn't have an answer to that, but I do.

Because if you put together the fact that there undeniably WERE so many other people involved, plus things like how other perpetrators GET AWAY; and get AWAY WITH IT?!, you can only come up with one logical conclusion.

That the at least SOME of the other people involved were NOT even students, but people connected to the covert (of COURSE!) government.

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1. HAARP-spike coincided shootings.

UPDATE: recalibrating UTC to Mountain time, it basically looks like the main spikes spanned from the evening of 4/19 until 2:00 PM Mountain Standard Time, with preliminary activity of several hours. The HAARP magnetometer vertical peak came prior to the Columbine incidents at around 6:00 AM 4/20: first the fuel then the fire, that is, theorizing a correspondence.

See overlay at: quakes/littmap.gif

General info:  AOL/orbitback29.html

2. We caught two radar anomalies, after the fact, in the Mountain West, with perhaps some we missed, still sleuthing.


General info: See

3. On the 4/16 was the most awesome and unprecedented magnetic event that seriously compressed the earth's magnetosphere. See: AOL/storm18.html

Also see current CMEs the most powerful upsurge yet in Cycle 23: See

4. Plasma fireball reported over Missoula, Montana area. See

5. EMAIL: Over the last week many people here on Hatteras Island, NC, have been aware of a low frequency rumble that we feel as pressure on our ears as much as hear. See

6. We are looking at the Plattsburg AFB area where the Harris family was stationed.  More later. CLUE


John Quinn in seek of information tied to the Colorado Massacres has pinpointed Plattsburg, NY, as a probable target to sleuth. He asked if we have seen anything on doppler radar over NE New York State. In fact we have, month after month, a peculiar stationary red spot.

99-04-06 15:55:03 EDT, Updated Elfrad Site concerning the .9 hertz signal in case you wish to take a look. Other stations coming on line...hope to get a general direction of the source soon. Charlie Plyler

RING: 4/18/99 2100 UTC



I had not been watching the doppler radar during the time of the Columbine shootings. The reports came and went unchecked until now. I had to wait until the recent data was added to the archives at NOAA--it usually takes a few days. Now I see a possible ring on 4/18/99 2100 UTC. I have noticed that such rings precede weather disturbances, floods, tornados, even seismic by 24-48 hours. Perhaps this is also the case for EM effects to mind or emotion. Could we speculate that the electromagnetic impulse creates a kinetic blueprint within which phenomena blooms in time?



Did Tesla punch a...wormhole?

Age of EM out of Spiritus Mundi?

Tesla, the Eerie Legend

The surges were growing more powerful. Eighty feet -- now thunder was following each lightning bolt. A hundred feet, a hundred twenty feet; the lightning shot upwards off the antenna. Thunder was heard booming around Tesla now (it was heard 22 miles away, in the town of Cripple Creek). The meadow Tesla was standing in was lit up with an electrical discharge very much like St. Elmo's Fire, casting a blue glow. His theory had worked! There didn't seem to be an upper limit to the surges; he was creating the most powerful electrical surges ever created by man.

The Konformist

Kim Sander is a mother of a student who had escaped early in the attack. During the massacre, at 1:10 central time

(4/20/99), Kim was interviewed on KUSA-TV, carried by MSNBC. During that  interview Kim described what her daughter had just told her she had seen:

Kim Sander: "She looked up and saw a gunman in a black trench coat with a  very huge gun in front of him.... He had dark brown hair, thick bushy eyebrows and was very ugly. She said he was a white male. ..."

News Anchor: "Kim, did your daughter say if the gunman that she saw was a  student at the school?"

Kim Sander: "She didn't recognize him as a student. No. Not as a student." [Cancelled link: discretion)


Mind altering drugs may be the cause of violence among school children, according to some doctors and other experts. Millions of children are legally taking drugs similar to cocaine in schools every day.

EMAIL: Our family is going to be fine. Little [son], like 16 or 17 others of our seminary students, "just decided" at the last minute to be somewhere at school other than the Commons (beautiful cafeteria) or the library. Heavenly Father has been carrying the these sweet students throughout this ordeal. ([Son]decided to come home for lunch rather than meet his buddies in the Commons, which, on Tuesdays, he often does.) [Daughter] was caught in the concert choir room--she and 120 other choir members. Indeed, she was one of the last to get out. The gunmen were running down the hallway by that room but at the time she was leaving, the gunmen had turned around and were firing down the hall "backwards", so they didn't see her.

EMAIL: I can't but feel that something was amiss last weekend prior to the Colorado killings. Both my wife and I were tense, had trouble sleeping, got angry over trivial things and had weird dreams prior to the shooting at the school. Weird how the weather changed there too, from sunny to snow over night. I don't know what's going on in the deepest levels of government, but it's frightening.

EMAIL:Talk about synchronicity. I spoke too soon about Lookout Mnt.

Today's Sunday Denver Post had four Letters to the Editor published about it. I went to to see if I could send them to you. Unfortunately they have only editorials from columnists archived. OI logged into to a reader's forum service there to see if I can access editorials sent in via email and am awaiting reply from their server.)

Well there is a little extra info gleaned in the letters. It seems the current/new controversy surrounds erection of digital/HDTV towers. Apparently Jefferson County is in bed with an unnamed Delaware firm in this regard. Mention made that Jeffco not enforcing its own zoning laws with respect to radiation from these towers. Commercial property tax rate not enforced by Jeffco on this particular company.

The population of Lookout Mnt. is not large enough to qualify for statistically-valid samplings of the population regarding disease. (I've studied statistics, can vouch for that.) 'Not proven' is not equal to 'disproven'. Scientific research/hypothesis = effects of longterm exposure to non-ionizing radiation. 'The new HDTV tower will increase the ambient intensity in the area by about 150 percent.'

'In Europe, where more thorough research has been performed, the regulations are 100 times lower [for maximum radiation levels]...receive several times more radiation than is legal even in Moscow.'

Human Diseases in addition to nervous system carcinomas: Demyelinating disease (ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis).

We'll see if I can access anything else at the Denver Post.


EDITOR: Try searching Project Paperclip, MKULTRA and any other. Try the town you were hatched in, probably diabolical stuff there too, is for me, Dugway Proving Grounds where they tested RW=Radiation Weapons--waft the rads across Utah Cowpokes-ville, see what happens. Beware o' the mil/indust complex said Ike.

We were warned!