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Dames Transcript    Underwater 'City' and 12th Planet

6/13/01 Linda M. Howe Topic: Sunken City off Cuba 2

Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle Crystal

Yonaguni ruins are manmade

    History of the Golden Ages: Atlantis discovered 30 years ago?

UNDERWATER CITY CUBA 2 3 4 5 Interview Comments

`It is stunning. What we see in our high-resolution sonar images are limitless, rolling, white sand plains and, in the middle of this beautiful white sand, there are clear manmade large-size architectural designs. It looks like when you fly over an urban development in a plane and you see highways, tunnels and buildings,'' Zelitsky said.

Spectacular finds of lost city revealed


Possibly related? The City of Ancients  also Harappan like ruins discovered in Gulf of Cambay  YONAGUNI RUINS 2 3  Aboukir  Malta


Subj: Re: Fw: underwater ruins off Cuba
Date: 8/11/01 9:35:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001 11:06 AM
Subject: underwater ruins off Cuba

I think this is all about to break, would like to investigate before
mainstream puts the spin on it all.

SLEUTHS: keep an eye open for breaking news concerning the underwater ruins
off Cuba. I'm getting the word that the sunken city DOES INDEED EXIST.
Atlantis found?

What I have scrounged so far:


My people have been on this for 5 months. The higher path website is on the level in all respects:

The outer Islands of Atlantis ran from Mexico, through and around Cuba to the Azores.The main Island where Poseidia was located is between Hispaniola and Cuba. The bulk of The Bermuda Triangle is an inter-dimentional Vortex. The Gov't has known since the 70''s and are attempting to exploit it. All ofthis is real and about to re-surface in every way. As always, I must remain

Anony Mous

Subj: Re: underwater ruins off Cuba
Date: 8/11/01 11:06:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Re - Cuban Academy of Sciences - is a member of the
International Council for science - Cuba's member
Number is 1931

Contact details are as follows...
Cuban Academy of Sciences, Capitolio Nacional, La
Havana, Cuba.
Tel. (53 7) 68914, Telex 511290 CUBACAD, Fax (53 7)
E.Mail Alternex: (C. Ismael CLARK

However, I see now that is is actually  -QUOTE
"Academy incorporated the tasks of the State Committee
for Science and Technology and started to combine the
role of scientific body with that of a national
responsible office of government in relation to
scientific and technological affairs"  Unquote

Then this - "together with the National Commission for
Environment and Natural Resources and the Executive
Secretariat for Nuclear Affairs, became the Ministry
for Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba. In
1996, the Academy's present status was legally
formalized. "
So we see that it is heavily involved with government
types...and also National Geographic...we all know who
the man/group behind the driving seat there..?? I feel
skulls and crossbones coming on and other funny
sounding "war time gas chemical company" names...
I shall wait with high anticipation on this one..!!
Will keep delving

Subj: Rituals performed by NASA discovery ATLANTIS
Date: 8/11/01 1:18:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Regarding the discovery of ATLANTIS, please check out the update of July 6, '01   Discovery (of) Atlantis on the following website
The ritual performed  with the shuttle ATLANTIS, the shuttle DISCOVERY and the spacestation ISS by NASA seem to announce the big event.
Another interesting item regarding the relation between the number '72' which is of great mythological and astronomical significance and the  looming economic recession can be found at the bottom of :

In general, revolutionary changes seem to be coming in 2001 onward.  That 2001 is 1929 + 72 is a ominous sign especially for economy as the year 1929 saw the stock market crash marking the beginning of the Great Depression and 72 is a mythologically and astronomically important number connected to the concept of time and cycles.

Subj: RE: SLEUTH: underwater ruins off Cuba
Date: 8/12/01 8:26:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Well I tried not to get lost with Atlantis/Underwater city searching.  Got lost anyway though.  The Atlantis idea is like a thick, Peruvian jungle that's hard for almost everyone...except the Peruvians.  In this case we're all probably better off thinking like Atlanteans in order to search for the right words.  There has to be experts out there who can help.  These tidbits below seem to be related to things buried underwater.
Caribbean: color relief of the region, etc.
Underwater city/Atlantis pages:
Spanish words:
Atlántida = Atlantis
subacuático, submarina = underwater
costa = coast
pirámide = pyramid
Atlantis links (in Spanish):
piramide sommersa = underwater pyramid
Pyramids are underwater in JAPAN:
Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisc. - It ain't Atlantis but a pyramid's underwater!
Need a great sidescan sonar machine?  Try these:
=== Yikes!   Am I lost in the web?
Getting lost quickly, I tried the Bermuda Triangle slant.
Bright Idea: He who knows Bermuda Triangle truths knows about underwater cities.
Mr.-Smarty-Pants has to know something about this. Join his newsletter:
Or try here:
It's the RockLake research link and these Bermuda Triangle people that can help us.  This time, it's not just a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of idea.  It's a open-up-your-mind-and-soul idea.  Maybe that's why Disney carefully timed the Atlantis movie to come out now: so that when that island raised up, it'd be insanely hard to find anything on the 'net about the real thing.

Subj: Atlantis/Underwater city: big picture
Date: 8/13/01 1:14:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time

These photo links seem to help with the big picture of Atlantis rising. Is there an expert in plate tectonics perhaps? Someone who looks at these kinds of photos all day? Perhaps someone can fit this Atlantis rising idea into the great scheme of things regarding the Atlantic Ocean, like Bimini, and any place else that sunk. There's a big picture here with lots of blanks to fill in.

Atlantic Ocean:

Eastern US:

Indian Ocean:

Bunches of old sea floor spreading photos:

Shot in the dark: Plate Tectonics link

Composite Map and Location off Cuba of Recent Interest [my-my, look at the crack in the ocean floor!]

Date: 8/13/01 11:35:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time

According to geologist William Hutton, after the Bimini discoveries, Cayce predicted new discoveries in the adjacent land to the southwest. Cayce's actual words:

"For this(remains of Atlantis at Bimini) is of the first highest civilization that will be uncovered in some of the adjacent lands to the west and south of the isles, see?"

Many have assumed Cayce meant Yucatan, but he could have been speaking of CUBA.

Enlightened One

Subj: Caribbean sea floor HIGH-RES photo
Date: 8/13/01 6:33:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Underwater topography around the globe:
Cuba area: large 1350x1350 blowup:
In the Cuba blowup link above, this may be the most detalied topography you'll ever lay eyes on.  It's 2-minute resolution.  Since you're no doubt an expert in examining moon shots by now, this big blowup oughta be fun for you!  Notice the extremely straight lines running from the east coast out to what must be Bermuda.  Now what are the odds of a NATURAL formation making an i-n-s-a-n-e-l-y long thin line that connects to Bermuda like that?  And not just one thin line, at least two... plus more in other areas!
See: this is all new to me.  Straight lines occur in nature like that?  Really?  I find that hard to believe.
I'm only trying to understand the picayune details, like anyone would with the moon shots.  There's a lot of fine detail in that blowup.  Like: the Yucatan Peninsula has a light-blue stretch of land that practically reaches out to Puerto Rico!  I'm not exactly sure which land mass is supposed to rise, but this blowup will definitely show us.
The whole rest of the world can be chosen in the first link.  Hope this helps for people needing DETAILED topography.

Subj: Cuba
Date: 8/13/01 5:39:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, this is from a friend who is often awake watching TV in the early hours of the morning.  I sent your Cuba stuff to my list.  I hope that it helps.  Keep my name out of it Kent.

If you remember, I mentioned this to you some weeks ago. I watched it on TV, in the early hours. These guys were looking for a treasure ship off Cuba, instead they found a Civil War warship, if I'm not mistaken, which still pleased them as I recall. It appeared that the Confederate ship which they thought that they had found was not thought to be near Cuba when it was lost, so its discovery was a feather in their caps, all be it accidentally. 
It was during a lull in the proceedings that they decided to send the ROV over the edge of the underwater shelf for a look around in case any debris had slid down the underwater slope, the guy on screen said that they were passing idle time more than anything else.
From what I remember it was at around 1000+ feet that they spotted what looked like artificial structures on the ocean floor.
I think that this is the general gist of what was on the news item, some of the details may be a bit sketchy but I am sure that the general outline is correct.
After that one time on the news, as I say it was in the early hours, I never saw it mentioned again in the media, as is par for the course!!
I hope that this helps in some way. I know that I wasn't dreaming and did see this item on the news. It made me sit up at the time because I thought, "Here we go again, Bimini, Yonaguni, now Cuba, when are they going to finally admit that there was a world wide civilisation many eons ago"?
As I say, I hope it is of help.  

Subj: considerations
Date: 8/14/01 5:39:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time

If you think the dark ages were limited to the distant past, you are
wrong. They still exist, but in a more subtle contemporary way of
thinking. Our church dominated society is still manipulating our belief
systems but mixing in just enough "science" and "philosophy" to make us
unaware of just how much influence religious belief systems have on our
thought patterns.

For 2,000 years the church and the people who serve it have gone to
great lengths to create a story of world history that fits a Biblical
mold. In more recent times, other belief systems like the evolutionists
influenced by the writings of Charles Darwin have emerged.

Except for theories based upon archaeological finds, and the few
surviving writings that remain in print, the fact remains that we have
little knowledge of the real history of the human race dating back to
the time before Christ. The loss of an estimated 400,000 books when the
great Library of Alexandria burned in about 270 A.D., and the
destruction of other important books and records like those of the
Mayans after the Spaniards invaded Mexico and South America in the 16th
Century, erased key historical records.

Sadly, the "official" historical, archaeological and geological
discoveries have been required to fit certain approved templates or the
"scientific" community does not give them serious consideration. Those
who question the many anomalies that keep appearing in the dust are
rarely taken seriously.
Thus school and college textbooks are filled with stories that mostly
support the theories that a God created the world no earlier than about
8000 years ago, the world was subjected to a great flood about 4,000
years ago, and the God-man Jesus visited here 2000 years ago. The battle
to teach the two theories concerning our origins, creationism vs.
evolutionism, continues to rage. Because the evolutionists have gained
much ground, however, there is a general belief that modern humans are
an improved and more developed species than his ancestors, who once
emerged from cave dwellings in what is referred to as "the Stone Age."

The non-conformists, however, continue to grow in number, especially in
recent years. That is because the world is filled with those peculiar
anomalies that do not fit the established belief systems. As our tools
for discovery get more and more sophisticated, keeping those archaic
stories intact is getting harder to do. For example, the recent
discoveries of at least two great cities at the bottom of the Pacific
and Atlantic Oceans are a powerful indication that this planet and human
history on it is much older than the church-inspired history books would
have us believe.

Radio talk show personality Whitley Streiber revealed both of these
discoveries on his Internet website:
Japanese divers recently uncovered the ruins of several large structures
in 70 feet of water near the island of Yonaguni. The lower levels of the
buildings, estimated to have been submerged for 10,000 years, still bear
carvings made by stonemason's tools, also unearthed on the sea floor
near the site. The number of ruins suggests that a relatively large and
developed culture existed that built them.

Then to top this discovery, undersea archaeologists revealed this spring
that they found what may be the largest ruin in the western hemisphere.
What is so amazing about this discovery is that it appears to be a city
lying at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in 2,200 feet of water, off
the coast of Cuba.
"It is stunning," said Canadian oceanographer Paulia Zelitsky of the
Advanced Digital Communications Group in British Columbia, who has been
reading video images of the area taken by underwater robots. "What we
see in our high-resolution sonar images are limitless, rolling, white
sand plains, and in the middle of this beautiful white sand, there are
clear man made large-size architectural designs. It looks like when you
fly over an urban development in a plane and you see highways, tunnels
and buildings. We do not believe that nature is capable of producing
planned symmetrical architecture unless it is a miracle."

So just what lies at such a depth, and if it is a city, how ancient can
it be? Edgar Casey{Cayce} once predicted that the lost continent of
Atlantis would be discovered in this area of the ocean. Could this be
In an article published in Nexus Magazine, writer David Hatcher
Childress makes a serious charge that the Smithsonian Institute has been
hiding, destroying and covering up archaeological anomalies for more
than 100 years, probably because their revelation would require a
complete rewriting of school textbooks. What Childress fails to say is
that the information also would require the psychological implanting of
a revised "tunnel reality" for the brain-dead masses.
The cover-up has been so severe, Childress writes that there is some
evidence that many important archaeological discoveries may have even
been destroyed.

Not only has the Smithsonian, the most important archaeological
institute in the United States been involved in this coverup, Childress
charges that the Vatican also has been long accused of keeping artifacts
and ancient books in its vast cellars, without allowing the outside
world access to them.

"These secret treasures, often of a controversial historical or
religious nature, are allegedly suppressed by the Catholic Church
because they might damage the church's credibility, or perhaps cast
their official texts in doubt," Childress writes. "Sadly, there is
overwhelming evidence that something very similar is happening with the
Smithsonian Institution."

He said that since about 1880, the Smithsonian has suppressed "any
archaeological evidence that lent credence to the school of thought
known as Diffusionism, a school which believes that throughout history
there has been widespread dispersion of culture and civilization via
contact by ship and major trade routes. The Smithsonian opted for the
opposite school, known as Isolationism. Isolationism holds that most
civilizations are isolated from each other and that there has been very
little contact between them, especially those that are separated by
bodies of water."
Consequently, Childress charges that all archaeological evidence, such
as traded goods, that indicated that the mound builders of the Ohio
Valley, for example, had contact with such advanced cultures as the
Mayas, Ioltecs or Aztecs in Mexico and Central America, have been

Among the lost artifacts are the bones of giant men, some of them eight
feet tall, uncovered in full armor with swords and even large treasures.

Childress said Ivan T. Sanderson, a well-known zoologist, once told
about a letter received about an engineer stationed on the Aleutian
Island of Shemya during World War II. While building an airstrip, the
workers found human remains in an ancient Alaskan mound. The bones were
of giants that had cranias measuring 22 to 24 inches from base to crown.
Adult skulls normally measure about eight inches from back to front. The
remains were turned over to the Smithsonian, where all trace of them

Other lost artifacts include thousands of carved stone figures, some in
jade and obsidian, discovered at Acambaro, Mexico in 1944. These figures
ranging from an inch to six feet in height, depicted dinosaurs in active
association with humans. Some showed the animals eating humans.
Radiocarbon dating at the University of Pennsylvania indicated that the
objects were made about 6,500 years ago.

Then there is the strange story that appeared in the Phoenix Gazette on
April 5, 1909. It was a lengthy front-page article about an
archaeological dig conducted by the Smithsonian at the Grand Canyon. The
story gives a detailed report of the discovery and excavation of a
rock-cut vault by a Professor S. A. Jordan of an Egyptian tomb. The
Smithsonian today claims to have no record of such a dig.

"While it cannot be discounted that the entire story is an elaborate
newspaper hoax, the fact that it was on the front page, named the
prestigious Smithsonian Institution, and gave a highly detailed story
that went on for several pages, lends a great deal to its credibility,"
Childress wrote. "It is hard to believe such a story could have come out
of thin air."
That things are constantly being found where they don't seem to belong
is a strong indication that the true history of this ancient planet is
more complex and involved than scholars would like us to believe. I
suspect we humans have been down some of these same roads numerous times
in the past. If we aren't careful, we may be condemned to walk them a
few more times until we get it right.

Date: 8/14/01 8:53:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I do not think that this is Atlantis proper, but one of the numerous Islands spoken of by Plato! Remember that Atlantis had some huge mountains to the North that MUST be part of the Mid Ocean Ridge. Also Posidia has to have the large canals with a temple in the center of the consentric ringed canals. Joel in Phoenix!


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