Subj: Fwd: [CRYSTALGROUP] Fwd: [Solar Threat] Breaking News Regarding Underwater 'City' and 12th Planet...
Date: 6/9/01 8:56:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Heads Up!

Remote Viewer Major Ed Dames has made a major announcement on Coast to Coast AM
(Fri/Sat) regarding the 'Underwater City' discovered off the coast of Cuba (as
referenced in a recent BBC article). According to Dames, after 'remote viewing' this
'underwater city', he and his team has found that there are indeed at least two very
large pyramids resting on square platforms approximately 2200 feet underwater.

Yahoo! News article: Explorers Comb Cuban Seas for Treasure, Mysteries


LMH Earthfiles article: Underwater City Reported Off Western Cuba

Additionally, this 'city', according to Dames, met it's demise 'in a matter of
minutes' and it's destruction was the result of a very large celestial/planetary body
passing close by the Earth causing major geologic upheaval.

This 'celestial body', according to Dames, was/is none other than the 12th Planet
'Nibiru' (originally referenced in ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets) referred to
and researched by acclaimed scholar Zecharia Sitchin in his 'Earth Chronicles'
series. Additionally, Dames goes on to state that Sitchin has indeed 'done his
homework' regarding the 12th Planet.

No time frame has been referenced for the supposed event, nor was there any mention
of the inhabitants, if any, of the celestial body. Further information is
anticipated, and I am personally sending a copy of this message to Zecharia Sitchin
for his comments.

Unfortunately, I failed to record the program as I usually do. However, as soon as
the program is added to the C2C Archives (probably sometime Saturday), I will record
a complete copy and transcribe the sections related to this announcement.

The transcription will be posted at DreamScape and/or DreamScape News as soon as
possible for your consideration.

Is this further proof of the existence of the 12th Planet 'Nibiru' and it's
cataclysmic effects on the Earth? Only time will tell.

Of course, I cannot endorse the validity of the above statements. It is ultimately
left up to the reader to apply appropriate discretion regarding this 'breaking news'.


Tim Edwards
*So much to learn and so little time, will we ever find the truth?*