J. in Australia, please reply to emails, thanks.

SLEUTHS: We might poke around the Learmonth Solar Observatory for images and data although sites seems awkward to navigate: Notice the image [left] shown under title, "Current Solar Images and Text Messages."

FORUM: 6/1/2003 6:55 am EDT Re: Email: PX photos from Australia

ANOTHER PIC Found this at a Euro forum. Can see a black dot in the reversed pic. Any ideas guys? PS: keep up the good work people.


6/1/2003 3:50 am PST

The Oz-emailer has not written back yet.

Not sure why there has been no reply, maybe work or travel, or lousy viewing conditions. Also Australia seems to have upped security concerning matters-astronomy.

Of interest: although the photographs were made in Victoria, Australia, the IP trace goes to Wellington, New Zealand. Maybe a travel-element is delaying reply.

The emailer did state working with a friend in preparing the images from color slide to scanner, to .pct format.

The hi-res images as sent to me in zip file are at:

Original zip file, images .pct format


To the emailer if reading this: PLEASE REPLY, send more when you can, and thanks for efforts thus far.

Original message:

Date: 5/29/03 9:06:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time

"Hi - was searching for places to send these pics too - I can´t post em anywhere. Have a look - taken this morning in Victoria Australia. On a 35mm transparency film, and scanned by a friend. Zoom in and look at the blue colour channel - unreal. It looked more red with the naked eye - will get filter 2morrow. More pics 2morrow (or 2night, but sunrise is best for this brown dwarf)."

--J. in Australia

A few thoughts:

Re: Email: PX photos from Australia

You know, maybe we don´t leap far enough.

I just saw a presentation on the Discovery Channel which set me off on a sleuth, here it is:

LANDSCAPES OF THE GODS: Massive Terraforming in Bolivia


"The discovery of over 500 square kilometers of artificial earthworks... Where? Baures, located in the eastern tropical lowlands of Bolivia, South America."

Take a look at some of these pics:


Doing this ten year weird ORBIT quest I´ve seen some crazy stuff. Wonder how much I dare speculate--how far to leap?

[Putting on my gym shoe, uh-oh]:

Are there or WERE there ancient engineers of megalithic cities?


What about worlds?


What about suns, stars?


Whatabout engineers of space?


Who are/were these Cosmic Engineers? Could we possibly see them?


You know I made a choice 40 years ago to walk away from formal science. I didn´t want to make spaceships and nukes-- although I did slap together a rocket or two, doesn´t everyone? Burned down a field once making a scale model of a WWII V2.

I discovered the scientists hate, REALLY hate to be WRONG.

Whereas I instinctively really hated to be CAUTIOUS! So I became an artist instead.

Well, okay, guess I might be getting out of hand here so let´s just do a few practical Missourian observations:

1. On the 16th we saw a wee lil´ triangle skirting NE of the sun blocking plasma in the plasma, like a rock in a creek.


2. Then we heard about a itsy-bitsy Red Dwarf near our solar system:


3. Then we saw a tiny torpedo glance the sun.


4. Then we saw some X-class flares and some magnetic storms



5. Now maybe we are seeing a big Recreational Vehicle, an SUV near the sun.



Been a bit boring though, hope something REALLY COOL happens soon...

Looks like I lost my Avatar typing and thinking so long-- but then it is a calm spell, time for a nap.