EMAIL, 08/23/1999 2:54:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Put your hat on young man because this one is gonna blow your mind. Attached is a JPEG of a crop circle laid down in a field in England on July 15th, 1999 [corrected to April, 15th, 1999]. That anomaly during the solar eclipse, its not a prominence detached from the sun's surface! I think this crop circle pretty much tells it like it is.


Important, go to this URL, follow links to live broadcast, track to 2 minutes prior to eclipse and on through.

EDITOR'S NOTE: when I was watching eclipse broadcast out of Turkey and the Exploratorium in San Francisco, the astronomers exclaimed that they've never seen a solar prominence detached and moving away--so I captured, enhanced, animated and posted for feedback.

Here is a screenshot taken from a cameraman pan-out during the Turkey FULL-eclipse.  What are we seeing?  The diamond ring effect had yet to occur. Also notice that the onlookers were literally howling--frightened it seems.

TURKEY ECLIPSE ANIMATION: sequence shows actual camera-man pan, except for second frame which is an intentional enlargement here.

EMAIL, 08/24/1999 5:46:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time: There seems to be an object orbiting the sun at the seven to eight o'clock position. It shows up in all the cameras in the same spot.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Take a break and looky here. We keep a-thinking that us humans on this world tis significant, rather than being what it all is here in local-yokel-land: a zit on a flea-butt.  Good, now we will continue.

99/08/17 00:01:38 40.64N 29.83E 10.0 7.8Ms A TURKEY

Survivor of Turkish quake describes a fireball: see several paragraphs below:



"Inside Source" provides Details of "Impact Events"


EDITOR'S NOTE:  To my knowledge the ELFRAD signal has not been connected to Comet Lee or any other body.  Also check latest ELFRAD statement concerning harmonics which in my interpretation makes the actual distance as yet undetermined; however, I've been getting a boatload of reports concerning a lunar anomaly, something passing in front of or eclipsing the moon.  HEADS UP!

EMAIL, 08/22/1999 6:00:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time: At just before midnight (EDT) on Friday night I was looking at the moon while stopped at a traffic light. While observing, I noticed a bright blue flash dead center in the visible part of the moon. I am curious if anyone else noticed this or if it was perhaps one of those sparkles seen after rubbing your eyes.

EMAIL, (separate source) 08/23/1999 5:12:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Did any one else see anything weird about the moon on the 19th and 20th of Aug 1999.  We witnessed something that hid 25% of the moon so at the time was at nearly 1/2 or at 1/2 moon, and the top half of the moon was also black.  It lasted for less than 5 mins but was witnessed by 3 people.  The moon appeared like a slice of cheese.  It happened sometime around 10:30/ 10:45 on the evenings of 19/20.  It looked like something came between the moon and the sun but on the opposite side to the earth?  Anything special?

EMAIL: 08/23/1999 7:26:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time: My husband saw the same event on the night of August 19/20/ 1999. He was working all night repairing storm damage when at around 12:30 a.m. central time he looked up and noticed (behind the clouds) a bright light. An intense bright orange. He knew it wasn't a planet or star. After studying it for a while he realized that it was indeed the moon.

He described it in almost the same way as you did. He said it lasted about 5 minutes at "around" 12:30 in the morning (10:30 PM Pacific). It appeared to be in the shape of a "hunk of cheese." He also said he'd never seen the moon "covered" in this way before. Only about 25% of the moon was showing.

As I read your post to him he immediately got excited knowing someone else had seen this event too. He's usually very quick to thumb his nose at stories like this. I wonder what it was.

EMAIL, 08/24/1999 12:48:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time: If there was something casting a shadow and we know roughly the time of day it happened ( I can get a more accurate time later ); could someone work out the possibility of where this [shadow-casting body] could be?

I would also [declare] the moon was an intense bright orange at both times or even red....(an un scheduled eclipse but from what ?) at 10:30 - 10:45 pm whereever they came from.

Sighting 1 10:30 BST , Bracknell, England

Sighting 2 10:30 PT .???? , USA

So was there any sightings at 10:30 pm anywhere else?

EMAIL: 08/24/1999 2:20:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I also saw the moon appear strange in NYC on Aug. 19th around midnight. It appeared that the top half of the moon had disappeared . It was unusually large and bright red that evening. We thought at the time that it could be cloud cover.

EMAIL, Tue, 24 Aug 1999 11:15:06 +0100 (CET)11:00am GMT Camberley, Surrey, UK.: both myself and my girlfriend who works about 10miles away both were just almost knocked over by 'something' that hit us and completely disorientated us. I didn't know where I was for about 10 seconds. Very wierd. Will look at the Solar and Magnetic data.

EMAIL, 08/24/1999 6:35:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Hi Folks: Just came down from the Pyramid [his own hand built and equipped structure]. Nobody asked but here's what I got on this object. First off it is a huge ship half the size of the Moon.

I was told Lord Metatron has arrived!

Soon the Horn will blow the last battle will be waged. The moon is under attack. Now is the time, praise God on high!! Things will now go off scale!

ARCHIVES:  ELFRAD  A Chip Off the Moon  Lunar Signal 

 Lunar Signal 2 Lunar Monolith 


Calling the Poker Hand

Latest JPL Statement: Comet Lee

Message to administrator: Comet Observation Home Page, 8/24/99/5:40 AM PT

username = Kent

usermail =

comments = Please send links concerning images taken of Comet Lee since 7/27/99

Thank you,


EDITOR'S NOTE:  Where is Comet Lee?  The only recent image I can locate is an August 1st out of Japan

The following site contains an image of Comet Lee which they claim was shot on 8-22-99. This is un-verified.

Statement as of 11:00 pm EDT on August 21, 1999

Two important events have occurred tonight. First...Bret has rapidly intensified to a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale and this is based on winds from gps dropsondes released in the eyewall by the NOAA reconnaissance plane. Winds to 135 knots were measured by the sondes at 60 meters elevation. This corresponds to a surface wind of 115 knots. Winds of 149 knots were measured at 888 mb.

Second...Bret has continue to move northward and faster...about 9 to 12 knots. This increases the risk for residents along the Texas coast. Watches and warnings have been adjusted accordingly.

Latest Bret images


"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings,

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,

The lone and level sands stretch far away.''

Percy Bysshe Shelley



Mars as it may have appeared when surface water was in abundance.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Although this sleuth has dangling strings, has drawn much criticism, and in fact may have taken a bizarre twist, there is more pertinent info out there.  I'm waiting for some articles to be released to ORBIT from the the Observer out of Springerville, Az. Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999. Headlines: Local Resident Has Fascinating Ranch Problems-By Kevin Birnbaum.  Meanwhile I would suggest that you download the interview by Art Bell with Peter Davenport, Thursday Night / Friday Morning 08/19/1999, concerning a recent awesome burst of light, or fireball, that turned night into day seen by locals over NW New Mexico.  As to what in blazes is going on in the Southwest, playing a hunch here, you might want to examine the archived material concerning EMP weapons and the alleged Tesla Shield.  Also see BRIGHT SKIES, and PAPUA, THE DAY THE SEA CAUGHT FIRE.

Survivor of Turkish quake describes a fireball

"It was awful," he said. "It was like a science fiction movie when a fireball rushes toward you and blows open your doors. I saw it coming clearly through the window in my son's room. It looked like a red fireball."




99/08/17 00:01:38 40.64N 29.83E 10.0 7.8Ms A TURKEY

08/17/1999 5:40:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Something very unusual has happened. At 00:01:38 08/17/99 UTC, a major earthquake measuring M7.8 occurred near Turkey. This event coincided with a very large electrical detection of ULF waves through the earth. This in itself is not unusual. However during or just  before this period very intense magnetic disturbances were detected along with intense x-rays and photon bursts. I am enclosing an unfiltered graph of the period beginning 1 hour before and ending 3 hours after the event. The peak frequency was very low around .002 hertz. Frank, what do you have for this time span? Still looking at the date of August 23rd, plus or minus 24 hours. Charlie

08/17/1999 6:18:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Hey guys, Take a look at the frequencies from 2.9 to 3.1 hertz. Very definite precursor for almost one hour prior to the event. Charlie

08/17/1999 7:13:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Hi Charlie: Yes, there is most definitely a frequency component at 0.002 Hz in the output of the Pre-Filter at the time of the earthquake. Frank

8/19/99: C3 ANOMALY

Century 4, Quatrain 28

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,

Under the splendor will be a hidden form:

Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,

Through warlike noise it will be insulted.

Animation (anomaly above) recent opinion, probably Venus, but with a CCD aberration I've not seen before, that vertical tuft.  Has Venus captured a comet (although the tail is going the wrong way).  Venus outgassing?  Weirdness rules!

EMAIL, 08/21/1999 12:52:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time . . .you are looking for comets during the eclipse, and they seem to have found at least 3 separate bodies during totality. doesn't this kind of confirm your theory??? mike

Those could be Sun grazing comets. If we are about to enter into a period of planet orbit chaos, there will be comets all over the place. I'm interested in possible Earth impactors. I'm interested in the comet out of Venus and the comet out of the Moon. Peace, Glen

EMAIL & REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK: 08/22/1999 7:17:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Good morning (7:50am MDT). My husband and I were reviewing the Soho/Lasco MPEG C3 linked to your web page. We have been watching these film images for the past 9 months and we have never seen anything like this. Please move through the film as slowly as you can. At 8/21/99 9:18 the film does something weird. Something else weird occurs after that, but our skill with computer control can not slow down the images to frame by frame. There is a long white streak which appears at 16:18. Can you assist us in understanding what is happening in this film?

EMAIL REPLY, 08/22/1999 6:36:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Venus should be going behind the sun, not in front of it... On C3 Lasco we see a  "spinning" object going behind the Sun... appearing on 8/15/99 in the 2:18 frame at the 9 oclock level... she is perfectly level (well almost perfectly level)... and goes behind the sun completely on 8/22/99 at 09:18 disappearing behind the solar disk shield at that point... looking for a reentry into range soon... (next day or two?). This is (I think) where we should be seeing Venus now...going behind the sun... as it clearly does... plus... you can see it spinning quite clearly in the complete movie(not the 1/2 movie file) ... whereas the other object is far too low and far too close to SOHO to beVenus. continued



M-CLASS FLARES (original report of X-CLASS adjusted downward by NOAA)


8/24/99: M-CLASS FLARE


Xray Flux  Proton Flux  Electron Flux..Magnetometer .Kp Index

EMAIL, 08/21/1999 9:41:53 PM Pacific: Great Page. The solar event yesterday [8/20/99] with conflicting intensities was in  fact a M9.8 flare (2/10th away from an X Classs event). Seems good ol NOAA  is giving false data - must be the time to really watch El Sol. The 2 M Class events today were also misreported. They were about 4.0 times higher than reported M7 rather than M3 for example. Go to the following NOAA gopher site for verification of yesterday's M9.8 -


Here is another photo of Modesto, California's S.W.A.T. in training. Again, notice the name NATO on the shield. This, mind you, is supposed to be a local police department. Sure sign of NATO-ization or move towards Global Governance! -from Norio

LAPD's Special Weapons Tactical Training Facility Another photo


Thank immensely for recent donations!  I think I have enough to go put a down-payment on a new computer, beings mine is going to a higher purpose, Leah's college.  I am still trying to solve the server crises.  The down-time seems to be going back and forth between AOL and ../../CBJD/.net, very odd like a cat n' mouse game to stay up here. Guess I ought to go domain somehow, but need more help on this, loot-wise, as well as the problem: how do I transfer all these cottonpickin files scattered over many donated server-spaces?  By the way, this request for patronage should not in any way intimidate folks from providing feedback.  Please do respond to ORBIT investigations. Your email-commentary and help with sleuths, provides the soul of ORBIT. It takes many eyes!

Global positioning receivers may become disoriented this weekend

Secret Government Study Reveals Massive Y2K Problems in American Cities alternate URL

Y2K notes, followup