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Thank you for your reply. I shall try to answer some paragraphs from Mr. James of Hall of Records News-group, and also what I believe is within the context of your "quest". You are modest, so please be consoled that we are all doing it "raggedly", but we are doing it. No-one can do it in any other way, for we are forging real bodies, and that is always an individual feeling out, and must be, or we are only carbon copies - not allowed. (British spelling, but if it detracts from concentration, click for American.)

We have become aware of something, and we have denominated it the Morphogenetic Grid and known as the science of Morphic Energy that, however, seems to make it more distant for our grasping what it is in our own reality. We know that it somehow is connected to our DNA or genes.

The name is awesome in the true meaning of that word = "inspiring fear and wonder", yet if we believe the planet itself can dictate the course of our destiny, we must first know something, and really grasp it - WE are the psychic growth of our planet, and not the other way round.

We accept that we come from the earth, and to it we shall return. We insist we are more than just earthly bodies … but then … so is Mother Earth. Mother Earth is what she is because of what we are, of what we have become. Those who walk on the planet are the only parts of the planet that can cause evolution … that can evolve the mass of planet itself. We are the evolution of our planet, and that is our definition.

When we first came from the magma of the planet, we lived in only a lowest brain, formed in a state then that is beyond our imagination now, but we had absolute control of matter, inasmuch as whatever sounds we uttered as we emerged, with no need for speech for communication, formed the contours of the planet itself … caused the eruptions and the first tempest … caused all that we see around us as we moved to perfect that brain and develop higher ones.

The two-edged sword still comes from the mouth, when emotions impel the words. We are the creators of our planet, the matter and Cosmic Fire that was sloughed off and down from Our Creators when They were invaded with the Cosmic Fire in this sector of creation. We are the "servants" that emerged from the sloughed-off mass: from a Lake of Fire.

When we developed the second brain, the corresponding subtle etheric body of memories and rationality was formed around our physicals. We moved through all stages of development, transmuting the Feelings of All That Is in our sector of creation, for creation is only that - the transmutation of the Feelings in all their possible ramifications that condense around us. As we built the corresponding organs so that transmutation could come about, we, as the feeling and rational part of the planet, caused the etheric sphere of the planet to exist. It exists because we have made etheric bodies. The totality of our individual etheric/rational/memory-bodies IS the etheric sphere of the planet, but I repeat - we gave it to the planet and still modify it.

All the spheres of our planet were built up in this way, and now there are seven = seven spheres around the earth that we, its extensions, have caused to come into existence. We are the planet, and if we stop existing there will be a Silence in Heaven, for the spheres will be gone and only a mass will remain, and we within it.

In order to bring in more awareness, certain former abilities were taken from us at each superior stage. Normally our eyes now see only the mineral emanations of any object. It takes a machine like the Kirlian to see even the etheric realm. If we do capture the grids, which are the spheres built by us, then we are developing another way of seeing, but the truth is that we all sense them, feel them, even affect them, and must do so.

Yes, the spheres (grids) change (morph), but so does the mass of planet itself, just as our physical bodies change. With each new development that brings more pain or joy for more scope of awareness, so into the physical is stamped the new resistance (electrical, yes) brought to it through a superior subtle body that is doing the task for which it was built - transmuting the ramifications of the five major emotions for which we have the five major systems of organs in our physicals, and indeed in all the subtle bodies around us that we have managed to build individually. Our DNA thus changes, as do our cells.

There is a corresponding electricity for each sphere, and we have been transmuting it in a process akin to electrocutions at each level, until the correct resistancies were formed, then the totality of desired ramifications developed, then resistance was no longer there = what used to bring us pain or joy no longer did, and a proverbial cup of tea was about all we needed to get ourselves aligned again. So, we were given the tools for the next sphere of upper bodies - new Cosmic Fire and Matter to transmute.

Once, when we were climbing out of etheric brain, the astral sphere we were to perfect was described as "an angel with a fiery sword" = matter containing the alternating current of electricity for 3rd dimension. We would not be allowed to go back to etheric realm and its brain of direct current … yet I know we shall if we are careless with this process, and we shall find our awareness in that middle brain again = a Garden of Eden where emotions and understanding do not exist, but rationality and total recall is ours in a seeming clarity through lessened awareness.

Mr James seems to express that to expect that affecting the grids of the planet itself can be done without the proper tools is to be unrealistic, but all becomes clear if we realise that we built the grids with our own bodies, and we are the tools. The DNA of the planet is our DNA - hence the eternal sacrifices of living blood to be spilled on the earth. He is right in that no-one ever told us these things nor channelled them from clear Contacts … deceptions brings more awareness, but then, what kind of awareness had we when it was expressed as commands through prophets = channellers? Each nation was at a different stage, so received different commands from seemingly differing "gods".

Other realities are not essential to our evolution and can even detract from it, getting us lost on a branch of life that denies our task in this reality, yet reality itself changes as we change, and individually. If a truly different reality is needed, it will fuse to us in the harvest of awareness, from an alternative self, living it. Creators are not unwise.

Thus, I find Mr. James correct in that "we are entirely capable of feeding the grid and determining the course of our own destiny. Therefore, evolution is in our own hands…" but the next part is not the focus we need at this moment, for he continues "our task becomes to take back that which we have lost". No-one robbed us of anything unless we stayed around at the last harvest because we could not do the task of transmutation correctly. Yes, in that case what we had done had to be redone, to get it right = another chance = re-coding up through another Garden of Eden and on through the spheres. Nor can any group of religious beings affect more than those who have to stay as the mass in this sector. Each grasps his destiny in his own cellular "works" in the reality of this world, and the individual correct "works" will ascend as a fusion.

The proof of this re-coding through a return to lower brains can be found on the earth, in statues in the east - if we know a bit more about anatomy than is included in our present western "medical" system of mutilation and drugs.

When channellers talk of the planet ascending, we must realise that only a part of the planet can ascend, for the rest corresponds to the humanity that has not been able to do the task yet. The part that stays or ascends is human, yet there will be a fusion of those humans, and that means at least two separate masses of planet - one to leave and one to stay. (Details can be supplied.) Those who rigidly adhere to religions begun thousands of years ago cannot have the desired flexibility of awareness to do the task of building up to a Buddhic body for the times, for doubt is the prime mover in evolution, updating our idea of God and thus allowing the god within to be more, to move to new extremes, new scope. Our Creators have a vested and very personal interest in us. They sloughed us off but soon intend to live out quickly what we have found - the feelings, within us, as part of our fusion.

Dear Mr. Kent and Mr. James, I do not offer book-knowledge. I offer what I have discovered through hard living and under a tyranny that slowly revealed this information in my own cells, and therefore in those of all of us. That was part of my path for transmutation, but it has not yet finished, and I know it.

If anything is unclear, please let me know. If there is any interest in this material, I can start at a beginning demonstrating in practical terms, verifiable by all, how we naturally evolve in childhood, accessing succeeding brains with their concomitant physical signs. I can also explain the enigmas of the Montauk personal experiences and how memories were erased, the Masonic Airport's 555 and 666, the Reptiles, the efforts of a Secret Government to avoid evolution by fleeing the planet and process … for all these understandings are in our own cellular "works" and awaken with the realisation of the mechanisms in the creation of a humanity.

I have no knowledge of the mechanisms of comets, and am fascinated by the contributions to your site. I do have my own opinion of Comet Lee, based on the timing and certain processes of devolution for fusion of the Entities from which we came, but only an opinion. The "" McCanney theory also moves my opinion, but would need that basis of explanations - mechanics, but not those of a comet - as to how I arrived at it.



Dear Circe:

I have taken the liberty to post your treatise to open forum for all to see.

Any other insights that you wish to direct our way I will likewise post—we need your wisdom.

I will study your treatise more. Perhaps the answer to my next question is already answered therein, but...

Why do I feel an aspect within myself that took the contrary course, rather from ascending from the elemental, the belly of the earth or the seed of consciousness that generated the earth, instead fell from the ethereal, down-down into protoplasm?

Did out creators leave a trace of themselves deep within DNA?

Subj: Descent from Creators.

Date: 08/31/1999 5:15:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Circe)


Dear Mr. Kent,

This has to be read slowly.

It's true I was stressing the aspect of our building the spheres of the earth, for my purposes in replying to Mr. James' essay. Yet, you will notice there is also the descent from Creators that made us creators of the same planet, and that must come first.

Of course, we were guided in that state, and are forever guided until we start to pull the puppet-strings from our end. Not understanding the Feelings in our sector, since They refuse to transmute them, Upper Creators cause us to come from them - like a birth to get rid of the Cosmic Fire in the sector, and combined with Their matter.

This is detailed in chapter 12 of the Apocalypse which I was forced to translate from its etymology - the only way a transcriber could be sure of not running the risk of the threat, should anything be added. An example of such transcribing would be that "petrified" has to be translated finding a word in the second language whose root is "stone", and so on. It is a shock to discover that we use Apocalyptic words for what we think is being said, giving them a glorious meaning, when in fact they are stating the mechanisms, such as "blessing", from "bletsian: to redden with blood".

Without a substance equivalent to our blood in any sector, the Feelings do not manifest. They are as a Lamb, but once in touch with blood they become as a Beast that fornicates with matter, scraping it out to form our bodies. The translation is fascinating and horrific … rebellion is fostered when the truth of creation is known, then slowly turns to compassion for All That Is, that tyrannises Itself in human form.

This pulling of strings from our end can only come about when we have reached a height to question our state, knowing something of how we came about, and our destiny. The idea of wrestling with god is implicit before we can assume the responsibility for what we shall be when fused and off in another sector - Upper Creators. It can come about at any perfected height of humanity, but is usually followed by the assuming of new Cosmic Fire or being pushed back to a previous stage to find more awareness within that same height of brain and body. Our free will guides the Creator-blueprint as to new possibilities, and the blueprints are changed, for They want all possibilities of awareness.

They just do not understand us, the Feelings, which is why They create in the first place.

The descent of Creator-substance is also detailed in the Great Pyramid of Cheops - surging from the Tomb that never had a lid = the Alpha and Omega, dead, but that comes to life in humans once the blood is formed. Alpha and Omega means two extremes of emotions, like Cruelty and Love. We were given five main emotions.

In Psychic Warrior, David Morehouse writes of being in the presence of an Ark of the Tabernacle, described as tremendous Love that was so great it was also tremendous Hate - Alpha and Omega - extremes touch. This is what we were made from. A tabernacle is where the sacrifice is kept - our astral bodies with a terrific strength in those five emotions.

Cheops shows we are meant to concentrate on nine steps or stages, and indeed there are nine bands of awareness in the combined three brains in our skulls that cause the upper spheres around us to come about - seven spheres, with the pivotal Logic body as the builder of the three upper spheres. There are two bands of middle brain in which we cannot have human form unless we have control of matter, and that is gone by then as we rise in evolution, so the only time Logic can use those bands for building is in a devolution, when we have assumed control of matter of the first brain, then climbed - with limited human awareness at that time = clad in sackcloth of hair. Clothing is awareness, mechanically defined as such.

Yes, we do seem to have all substance for all realms inside the mass of planet and therefore within us as we grow to new heights. In fact, the Earth Centres that are talked about contain inorganic beings that can be thought of as shells for our bodies or spheres. Given the chance, and if we have not formed a height of body, those beings will cling to us, longing for our Feelings - think of them as the Seven Spirits of God sent throughout the whole earth, or the allies fished from the Depths mentioned by Carlos Castaneda. They sting …transmitting their electricity to us, and taking our matter to substantiate the body.

All this is fascinating, but does not even have to be known. When we want to grow and make the effort to understand our emotions, then our basic nature, we do. Creators prefer us ignorant of those mechanisms, so we have more awareness through struggling with it. Knowledge of the mechanisms can be dangerous in the wrong hands, for they could be used to turn a human into a zombie. Voodoo and Circe … both chanced on the results and could repeat them, but not the true mechanisms … the last paragraph of the e-mail explains how we can know they did not find the mechanisms.

Perhaps the mechanisms can be divulged, but I cannot find your "Open Forum" to check up. I am used to this, for the tyrants around me with control of matter, and of all minerals down to electrons, ensure my findings stay only for them … in their state of sackcloth of hair. You may understand why I do not have a web-page, though I can publish in "dead" pages … also the writing is often changed to nonsense. (Note that they cannot control the pre-electron state = Units of Consciousness or C.U.s.)

Back to the Earth-Grids … I do not have to divulge this information for it to be captured by the grids and available to all humanity. It is enough that one human discover and express, just as it is enough that one new star be seen by a human for its influence to affect our planet. Our attention forms the path for influence.


Subj: DNA - The Hard Truth

Date: 08/31/1999 9:32:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Circe)

Dear Kent,

This was written to jolt those who are reading the sweet-talk channelled from Contacts in Spyderweb, touching on the mentioned NIBIRU; COMET LEE; SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT; DNA; DEMONIC MASONS - 555; NOSTRADAMUS.

Please note that I do NOT know if Comet Lee will act as I state. I put some facts, rubbish visions and good red herrings together, and came up with half of the first paragraph. THE REST *is fact, and our bodies will be devoured, as will eventually all the subtle spheres of the planet. If Comet Lee does "chow down" in 3rd dimension in September, I have reason to believe this action will not culminate till October 16th - which can be explained later. It means we shall not feel it till then. In this described re-coding we can see the re-surging of the Logos Omni = The Word of Creation split in many parts = us, as pieces of the map of awareness of the Entity that will fuse.)

DNA - The Hard Truth.

Read the McAnney theory. Comet Lee is in 4th dimension, and will approach devouring all our subtle upper bodies in 3rd dimension from now on. If we believe Nostradamus' "Sept", the maximum number of days left can be counted. *Forget the sugar-coating in messages to contacts from Nibiru: re-coding DNA means new germs to build bodies based on what we should already have transmuted - if you think of 666, call this the 555.

This means we shall be given the five basic raw emotions to rebuild the Pearl of Wisdom = we must build bodies up to the Buddhi around our carcasses = 5 bodies. Our physicals should by now hold all the correct patterns for the cellular "works" of each of those bodies, which are:

the etheric - rationality/memory the astral - understanding/emotions the Logic - superior Ego defining the laws we live by. the Manas - Cosmic Love the Buddhi - Wisdom for our times.

The crude DNA therefore comes as garlands for each of those bodies, and those for the astral will contain:

The Fear of God - Kidney function.

The Anger of God - Liver function.

The Anxiety of God - Spleen function.

The Sadness of God - Lung functions.

The Cruelty of God - Heart function.

This is not the 666, which will even scrape out new physicals for a new height of humanity and no-one will "stand upright" on two legs.

This devouring leads to a moment when there is no aura around the physical, and death should follow, but the Pit** will open to release pre-mineral awareness which is as Scorpions. These fulfil two purposes:

1. They pull the garlands into glands, so they can unfold as subtle bodies of the aura.

2. They preserve the physical for a certain time.

WARNING: all animals have the astral of emotions. They will attack.

I have been totally inhibited in each attempt to divulge this information which I have been living since 16th July 1994. I try again.

If the Secret World Government wishes to leave this world and even this universe, its members must transmute the emotions correctly and be able to join as part of The Entity that will be a fusion, built of the various divisions of its Total Awareness = humans of correct cellular "works" in all bodies up to the Buddhi.

No member of that Government has used more than rationality and understanding. They could explore the mechanisms of 4th dimension since we naturally develop 4 bodies by 21 years. Logic is the Superior Ego that uses the transmutation of the five main emotions to build the Manas. The next step is natural thereafter, and is control of basic nature in the etheric, the Logic building the Buddhi.

The pre-requisite is that awareness reach the new Buddhi, or we stay for the 666.

**The Pit is depicted in the Great Pyramid one step down from the Chamber of Chaos - we descended from Creators to a pre-mineral state, then arose to chaos. There is no way out of that passage except returning. On the walls is depicted a devolution - figures inverted - and attacking.

Kent, this is rather unwholesome, so do we really want the truth of creation …??? There is more.


Subj: DNA - TheHardTruth2 - Secret Government.

Date: 08/31/1999 7:58:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Circe)

DNA - TheHardTruth2 - Secret Government.

The Reptilians are our ancestors that went off as a Secret Government and are now hoist with their own petard. They went as long ago as the Ice Age that is revealed in their fossils. They did not go off as part of The Entity for those times. They are not even from the 444 harvest. They realise they are stagnant and want our DNA matter, but "if you haven't lived it, you don't know it". Those who did go as The Entity have the right to fuse to our upper bodies and be a part of the rapid recount we are about to undergo as the 555, for They became Our Creators.

In fact, if the Reptilians stay around much longer, the bodies they have must be devoured, but there is no connection to a Creator above that will allow their redemption. Their Creators left our system of universes long ago. Only androids, sophisticated robots, can stay within our dimensions to oversee the process (Nibiru, if you will.)

Reptilians have not understood that they do not have the upper body to fuse to ours, as our alternative selves are now doing to give us the correct basis for the total DNA. They do not even live in the true Logic developed before the Manas of Cosmic Love that should have been transmuted for our previous height of humanity. They did not even go through the recount of 444 to get it right, that has its update for us in the approaching recount of the 555 we shall undergo. What we will be making is a Surrogate Awareness, for our original bodies up to the Manas must stay in this mass of planet for the new height of humanity that will be of 666. (Letter to the sixth Church - Buddhi = "I will save you from the trials …")

If the Secret Government wants to know how it will fare in the future by going off to another planet in this system of alternative universes, and they cannot do more than that with any technology, then just look at the Reptilians. That "Elite" will never make the correct bodies, and will forever wander in the same dimensions trying to "steal power" from those that are now of a different calibre within those dimensions. Technology is no more evolution that Intelligence is Love. Without Love, Intelligence (rationality + understanding) is Satanic.

Creation is the transmutation of the Feelings of the Father found in that sector. The perfect feeling-machine is the physical body for the times. "Power" is the having done it correctly for the times. We are the "servants" of The Entity that did it correctly - its pieces on lower dimensions - the map that will be put together.

Even if the Reptilians accept this that I have written, there is still nothing they can do. You can't get sweets from a button-box. But the humans in the Secret Government can still work at it … if they have the guts to stay.

There is a group of once-human beings on our earth whose tyranny and deceptions of controlled folly have combined with that of Upstairs to make me see the common sense in all of this, despite visions, voices, and the like. Their state of Tribulation (the pushing down of the bodies till the shells open and rise) shows that no-one can fuse to lower bodies and dart past the 666. Those lower bodies stay as Living Beings for the 666. Each of our developed subtle bodies has its own cellular "works" for its dimension, and is a Being in its own right. Open its shell, and it is a germ that can be placed in a gland for rebirth, if you believe in reincarnation - a moot point in simultaneous time.

Channelling can make us slow down and take it easy. There are no hand-outs! Listen and look, write it down and especially notice the inconsistencies, for those are deliberate tests. Suspend all you are given as you figure it out for yourselves - Doubt is the prime mover in evolution, and though it seems at the time to be a betrayal of "God", it is the updating of our OWN aspirations that want the "God Within" to refocus - and that is evolution.

Puppets have to start pulling the strings from their end and shake up those Contacts. We want to hear the deceptions, for within them is the truth for our times. We want you to write them out for us. Yet, know that you are being used and must rise beyond that state - that means "use Them". Show Them your mettle and They will give you more. If They "bite", bite back! You will be transmuting your Anger, and They love it.

All Contacts are less than we are no matter the dimensions they hail from. They may have more historic and lateral insight into rationality, understanding and Logic, but EVEN OUR OWN CREATORS ARE LESS THAN WE ARE - WHICH IS WHY THEY CREATED US! They do not have the updated Manas that creates the correct Buddhi for our times. Even the wisdom of 2,000 years ago is out of date, which is why "He" will come with his garland (see part 1 for garlands.)

Think it through. Creators create so They can fuse to us for a recount of the new height of humanity that They stimulated so as to "reap" our awareness. They do not truly understand us or They would not be creating in the first place. They do not waste time playing harps, yet we are the harps They strum. If They believed that reading our Books of Life were enough, They would stay in a static state - like Reptilians. They KNOW They do not grasp the necessary implications in what They are reading, and the necessary is the Feelings.

The Feelings that surge from All That Is are the whole cause of creation. It follows that if we want to avoid whatever we have been led to believe will happen as cataclysms for mankind, we must return to the "bottom line". We only ever had one task, though it led to all the branches that the Source of Life could dream of in the unmanifested Feelings -that dream was us. Our task was and is the Feelings, the emotions. DNA is built by the resistancies as the emotions try to flow through us. The energy that comes from us in every emotion is creative. When that energy is turned inward, to understand our own state, it creates our subtle bodies.

Is there any way to oppose whatever will happen? No. You can't beat Them, and you will join Them! Is this demoralising? No! If you want to help out Your Creator, do a service, then know that your transmutation of the recount of 555 that is about to come is also His/Her recount. YOU will hold part of The Entity, and you better do this right, for YOU are the New Truth for the times.

OUR CREATORS are descending to enter US.


Subj: DNA - The Hard Truth3

Date: 09/01/1999 3:53:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Circe)


Our Creators are descending to enter us, to be lost in our awareness and AS our awareness. If we accept that, then it follows that there is a Hierarchical God-figure for our times, and it is a human in human form now. (Nibiru Holy Council/EQ Pegasi Sat Mar 20 14:04:11 1999 - 'The "entity" has now been transformed into a human') Notice the word "a". So, in March a descent of a Creator had reached 3rd dimension where outer bodies from astral to Atma of that human have developed around each other. The move through 2nd dimension will place the Entity in that etheric body, then in the physical of 1st dimension.

The association with Comet Lee may well be nil, and merely a signal in the sky to jolt us as to "something" happening in those dimensions. Is the Entity a big chunk of rock, though appearing as that because our eyes capture only mineral emanations? Vengeance on tyranny pushes me to add "Ill buy that!"

In all this, remember that the first descent of The Entity, as Creator-substance from Their Own Bodies, was US, as a mass of planet, to become whatever the Feelings in this sector of creation would scrape out as our bodies for the realising and transmutation of those Feelings, especially those of 3rd dimension, in the astral body.

I have been forced to witness a Tribulation (pushing-down) of separated bodies in a certain group since the split Comet of 1994 explosively attacked and then disappeared into Jupiter, the retinas of my eyes used like a projection-screen for film-reels in broad daylight. Timing for descents to lower dimensions was always precisely every 14 months after 16th July 1994. The topmost body of those in the group (the blue of the Atma) entered the white of 4th dimension on November 16th 1996. We can presume the Entity was following beyond that 7th body. (Those interested in the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse will figure 3 X 14 months for the "prophesying", and really get dizzy.)

By the way, and for those who love enigmas …the Apocalypse explains that the Schumacher-Halley Comet was a piece broken from Saturn. That piece was split = its "candlestick" moved out of its place of etheric+mineral awareness, down to purely mineral awareness. Thus the explosive occurrences heralded the etheric separating from the mineral in all on paths of devolution that had developed an artificial Buddhi. Astrology will show us happenings on earth, but we must turn at some point and move the stars themselves - this is our task. (Those enigmas shall have their explanation.)

Note that my findings in 1994 included that our normally enveloping bodies can be forced up into the dimension with which they have correspondence - out of reach of our awareness. However, if our awareness descends to lower bands of brains in our skulls, through special training or interference such as seemed to take place in victims of the Montauk experiments, the bodies will separate, at least partially. Loss of memory occurs when the etheric is no longer allowed to interpenetrate the blood. Memories and other functions can be restored in those victims, but it seems those bodies will soon be gone as the Entity descends, and those victims will be as all of us for a recount of the 555.

Creators are not unwise, even if They have gone out of Their way to show me Their real state as Living Beings with outdated cellular "works". They are most definitely insensitive to our pain that brings the juicy awareness for harvesting, and anyone that disagrees is a "goody" and blind to the pain of All That Is as It lives out Its Own tyranny towards Itself in the pain of humans, nor has that person understood why the God of Saul insisted he slaughter a population, sparing neither babies nor animals.

We are all made of the Consciousness Units (pre-EEs) of that One Primordial Energy, and the most outstanding truth that I have found is that there is a search on the part of All That Is. In Its desperate search, It allows Living Beings to manipulate It to all extremes in each sector, but only for a time … we may get back to that … later.

They have acknowledged that They are insensitive, but have shown Their absolute brilliance in cellular "works" of Intelligence and outdated Cosmic Love (at least towards Themselves), by ensuring that the correct patterns for this recount of 555 would be available to all.

Now, here is where the Morphogenetic Grids come in, making emanations available to all humanity, depending on the individual focus and desire: our attention that forms the path for influence.

I have discovered that the method for ensuring correct pattern-availability was that of allowing a human on this earth at the present time to have the best of all the patterns They want, so that we could focus on those patterns. They allowed that human to grow into a recount, in this same life, of all that His or Her Total Entity had ever achieved as the subtle bodies unfolded in the growth to adulthood - perfect for the times. At each of those stages, we had the opportunity to adjust in us the same subtle bodies being unfolded around that human, even though we were not of the same age and development - like a rewind, then fast-forward for what should have taken about four normal spans of life to develop the most important body of the Buddhi.

It seems that Upstairs is cautious enough to ensure that there is always a human on earth recounting the patterns of perfection achieved up to any given time. The emanations from such a being affect the spheres (grids) of the earth itself, pulling all of us towards that perfection for the times, for we are the evolution of those spheres or dimensions for Mother Earth = her growth.

My investigations have shown that there are 25 Entities on the earth, split by now into countless humans, since there is no other source of humanity. Representatives for the best of patterns desired by those Entities are found in 50 humans = 25 hierarchical males and 25 hierarchical females. Nevertheless, "best" is not perfect, inasmuch as the consciousness of the Task to be undertaken would not be realised without total awareness in all the subtle bodies as they unfolded - the perfection achieved by having lived out all the heaven and hell that each body represents as our once-upon-a-time topmost height of creation, plus any repercussion from future heights. Only one human was allowed to be the recount for perfection so that we could follow in living experiences and adjust our subtle bodies and awareness to those patterns of perfection for the times - not as carbon copies, but in our own individual way of focusing those patterns.

Notice that channelling had to be rejected as a source of truth by that human once Logic is fully unfolded, whether it existed before or not, for the realisation of what is now wanted includes the knowledge that Creators must descend to be lost in our awareness. Not only that, but also the idea of Ascended Masters … masters for their times but not for ours. Responsibility towards Those Creators for that same gift of life has to take first place. Responsibility to the rest of humanity, as the lower individualisations of Those Creators and of All That Is, has to share that first place.

Think it through … Photography would simply not exist if that same camera were not stamping its own emanations on the wall it is photographing …the walls of your home are stone tapes, had you the equipment to play the tapes back … but first let us clear up this business of unfolding-bodies by pointing out an acclaimed source whose findings are verifiable by just looking around at our own children or childhood.

The wisest of our generations of great-grandparents knew about the development of the subtle bodies from birth, but we lost that knowledge in our rush towards materialism, and we were meant to lose it. Remnants of that knowledge are still found in the Waldorf Schools whose founder, Rudolph Steiner, was a pupil of Goethe. Both had cosmic conscience and could literally see the subtle bodies developing as an aura. Steiner's tiny book with the dry title of "The Education of the Child" is an eye-opener. A great deal of what I write will fall into place by reading that (very thin) book, because you are living it. However, the nutshell contains this:

The etheric of memory/rationality is not totally developed till all the milk-teeth have fallen out - memory must not be forced till then ; the astral of understanding and emotions is only totally developed at puberty - don't insist on more than rote-memory till then; if we do not make the child memorise as much as possible in the seven years before puberty, understanding has little basis to work with. Understanding must not be pushed until puberty. Similarly, if understanding is not stimulated between puberty and 21 years, Logic has nothing for its task. (See previous postings for true use of Logic.)

We were meant to lose the ability to see auras, for we had to base our experiences on Feelings. Normally we see no more than the mineral emanations of any object, because there are experiences we just would not enter if we could see the colours of those involved. We would cop-out, and lose out in evolution that absolutely must stamp the Feelings, not just into the subtle bodies, but into the physical as an emotion courses through our blood, modifying our DNA. In a previous posting I explained that it is the cellular "works" of the physical that will determine our degree of perfection of the transmutation of the raw Feelings of the Father in the 555 = how many bodies we can develop, and how well.

As to whether those perfect patterns can be found in male or female form, it depends on the times. During our times there was no need to forge new patterns, new scope for awareness by reaching absolutely new extremes … there was only the need of a recount of that same perfection, and that could be done in a male body. In fact such an enfolding of a recount in established bodies has always been done in a Male Human. I cannot see clearly why That Same Being should not continue to be the perfect focus for us through the recount of 555. Yet, such is the Wisdom in That Human that He has acknowledged the need for another human to take up the role in the near future - "male or female" - a shock to the traditionally-minded.

I see two possible reasons for that acknowledgement:

One is that the First Gestalt of 25 Entities may be built, fused, and leaving this entire system of alternative universes to open a new sector for creation before another Gestalt of good patterns is built up to make the Rulers Upstairs for this same universe, One of those Two Gestalts "giving birth" to a new height of "servants" - remember that original bodies will be replaced in physicals as germs for subtle bodies or go straight into the mass of planet; the second is that new extremes of awareness have to be forged, and that can only be done in a female form. (This male-female issue will be expanded.)

Only if the re-forging of the subtle bodies in this coming 555 can be described as new extremes, and admittedly they will start off as raw emotions for each of those subtle bodies to be enlarged from germs and circle us as an ever-increasing aura, then a female must take this role and be the focus for perfection of patterns in the recount of 555. Feelings built up everything we are and that is all around us, though this may sound difficult to digest if we have not understood why the experiences described in the experiments of Montauk are absolutely plausible, even to the instantaneous creating of the monster that was to wreck the electronic chair and installations.

I discount a third reason as out of the question - the forging of the new height of humanity at 666 that will definitely start off in female hands. I translated the Apocalypse through the etymology of each word in my bid to free a certain group of tyrants from devolution, for I saw the definitions of each separated body in the Letters to the Churches, and found the mechanisms of creation clearly depicted as I moved on. I can assure you that the trumpets that begin "half-an-hour" after the Seventh Seal is opened are for the forcing out of our subtle bodies, then down into the blood so we will transmute correctly, but, according to the wording, that only takes place after half of the first stage of a new creation. "Hour" means a season = of sowing and reaping, while the Silence in heaven means nothing is in any dimension above the mineral planet.

So any need for a Female is still not clear. Another Male can even take over if the first Gestalt leaves. Since the patterns in the Male are perfect, a need for a Female can only arise if, during the same life of unfolding those perfect bodies in the Male, some Female has been forging more even than He could contain at the moment of His incarnation, while capturing and living out all He was emanating. We are talking of a deficiency that arises in That Male during one life through a forging of either new extremes, or new points between extremes, in a Female.

(Update 10/9/’99 - a female should only be the focus once the brown star is nickel-plated and shining, after seeing first the two suns.)

The Apocalypse shows deception on many levels, and even the word "trumpet" means deceit. There are three main harvests outlined and many minor ones (no minor one between Seals and Trumpets, though), so it could more aptly be called a "blueprint for Creators that will open a new sector and continue till an Atmic humanity is established and reaped". At the moment we are at a Manasic height in all bodies (God is Love). The trumpets, 666 and Plagues are not for this present time, though the original bodies of each human must stay to enhance the mass of planet and also to rule for those heights of humanity in this sector. At each height there are many recounts to return us to lesser states, till the bodies are perfected.

What we are definitely trying to avoid is having our awareness in bodies so low that we cannot aspire even to being aware that we are part of the Buddhic Beings that will then be the Rulers in our sector, for Buddhis will be forced out from all humans and they will be harvested for Those Rulers, with nothing but cellular "works", if necessary. We must try not to miss the boat. Let's make it stronger…

"What care I how fair she be, if she be not fair to me?" Awareness is all, and we must take this personally. I do not appreciate that my Outdated Buddhi is part of a Tyrant that is now my Creator! I made that part in a previous stage of creation!

The Apocalypse is not something to be explained at the moment unless to show up certain points. The point I want to stress is our focus for this recount that will make Surrogate Awareness so our collective Surrogate Awareness can escape … by being collected not only into the Surrogate Entity, but then into the Surrogate Gestalt. If there is a darkness and freezing of the globe as predicted by the Nibiruan contacts, it will at least jolt our present focus, for show me that on which you concentrate and I will show you your God. But that may not happen … remember they are mixing in words about NEW DNA and that means 666. Deception abounds.

We have to use the Wisdom we currently have to see what this is all about, and Divine Wisdom expressed in humans is called common sense for the times. Common sense looks at the new 20 codes stated by Nibiruans, glances at humanity, and mutters - "Is that all? Sounds like a most peaceful group." Such codes will never be adopted by society as we see it …the God of Expansion will reign till it pops …and take another look …it seems we may kill off anyone we please, as long as we don't kill fish without allowing time for their numbers to grow again.

Those codes "sound" ridiculous as all that will be asked of us - but hold on! My own admission is that the word "re-coding", coupled with rubbish "tools of compassion" channelled from Contacts, awakened in me a surety of what is really going to be asked of us. I have to admit that without that channelling I would still be wondering if only one being has to make a Surrogate awareness, his skills being necessary to the whole process and having lived out a devolution to tyrannise me and bring out this information on the mechanisms of creation. That great stress on re-coding for all humans, but given in such a watery, sugary coating, fired my ANGER at those Contacts that continually deceive humanity … until I wrote that first article on DNA - The Hard Truth, to defy Them!

I honestly did not expect that article to pop up on a web-page, and even now I must admit that I do not entirely believe that any human has access to it unless I personally direct them to it … the tyrants "downstairs" may allow that … probably changing the words to nonsense. Does it matter? Well, it can't matter if Upstairs is not feeding "downstairs" to allow it to be divulged. They are not unwise, even if outdated.

Back to my own controlled folly of believing this is being divulged: I am putting information at the disposition of those interested in seeing a pattern in all the threads they want to fit into their tapestry, their world. But no mystic findings that cannot be mechanically explained should be taken as fact. Faith and Doubt move us in evolution, but our attempt to turn magic into science must accompany our efforts.

"Spirituality" is the drawer into which we throw all we do not understand - we are neither using nor discarding the contents. Using means condensing into a practicality that is written into our DNA. Spirituality is overwritten as Intelligent Activity.

We have to assume responsibility for being the creators of our world - and I mean that literally. Each word that comes from us condenses to the material plane, and the two-edged sword comes from the mouth. Practitioners of witchcraft know they can condense their intent, but do not realise the sword also wounds the wielder. Yet, we are all witches that eternally condense our emotions.

The monster created in Montauk was condensed by the contact of the man that created it with what is now called the Unconscious, but is really the lowest brain and most conscious of all our cellular "works", bringing us details of what is occurring not only in all parts of our planet, but also in our system of alternative universes. (The "doors" of the Holy City are never shut = the Morphogenetic Grids of alternative universes are open for contact.)

The most important in this consideration of our Creator-state is that we be aware that we are pieces of Our Creators, Creators in our own right, and then we see clearly that life is as a mirror that brings into our particular focus that which we need for this transmutation, and it is in accordance with what we have NOT managed to transmute = what still has to be done. Perhaps the best summary here is  "Life will not wound, but touches lightly on a pain, To show us what needs casting out, to make us free again!"

The emanations from our very bodies will call life to do its magic and condense the circumstances we need for the 555 task.

As I have stated, the form to be contemplated at present is that of a Male Human, or at least a longing must be there to put us into contact with those emanations in the Morphogenetic Grid. For adults, this technique of focus put our awareness into the Logic body to build what we must achieve in the blueprint for this sector of creation, and the Feelings that came from that contemplation caused emanations that our Creator-state condensed so life would move our awareness to live out whatever we had to, to be able to accept what was emanating from Him, stamping our focus of His patterns into each of our various bodies.

Each of us brings a different focus of awareness for the times, for no-one has the same DNA, nor could any single being live out all that is wanted by a complete Entity in the time given between the surgings and descents of raw Feelings from All That Is …

We have added Longing to Faith and Doubt as prime movers in evolution, connecting us to the various Morphogenetic Grids, feel patterns from them, or stamp patterns into them. In both cases, we had to live them.

We must take a look at the split into male and female. I shall give my explanation of why That Human admitted as an adolescent that a female is the Power, but a male is the Powerful.


Subj: DNA-TheHardTruth4 - Male/Female split - Montauk memory-restoration - Circumcision - Garlands.

Date: 09/02/1999 2:36:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Circe)

DNA-TheHardTruth4 - Male/Female split - Montauk memory-restoration - Circumcision.

Man is powerful, but woman is power. I have changed the sentence around, for it is not generally accepted that only from a woman is power for the material plane gained by the male. The inventor of the chess-game had understood the power behind the throne, but missed out on a move that allows the King to take possession of the Queen's ability. The Kings he had monitored must have been poor specimens of evolution compared to their Queens, for even a pawn can do it.

Nor is it generally known that the Cosmic Fire to be transmuted is passed from the male to the female. Again, that inventor had obviously monitored Queens that decided they needed more stimulation on the side, and looked to some fiery courtier. This cannot be considered adultery in its true sense, for adult = mature, and to adulterate is to mix with baser substance. An upgrading is not an adulteration, and the King benefitted from the increased vision in counselling from the Queen and from the upgraded material attributes passed to him from her … if he could handle them.

The practice of Droit du Seigneur, still prevalent amongst some American Indians, started at a time when humanity was being upgraded from the near-animal state, and that took place by ensuring an evolved Cosmic Fire would enter each female and be the first to stamp her DNA, thus changing her blood. Though adulteration would occur from the subsequent normal husband, still the effects would be a leaning towards a higher evolutionary state in the resulting progeny.

Sex is a dangerous sport from the perspective of this adulteration, for those who raise pure-bred animals know that the female cannot be allowed to mate with a mongrel even when not in "heat", or subsequent progeny from mating with a thoroughbred can carry the material signs of the mongrel. This is called Telegony: "the supposed influence a female's first mate has on her offspring by subsequent mates". Animal-breeders no longer suppose: they ensure the results.

The effects on the male are even more noticeable. A prosperous husband who enters a liaison with a less evolved female can end up in bankruptcy through totally adulterating the material attributes given him by his wife. His emanations are altered and the mirror of life complies by condensing circumstances consonant with his emanations.

Both the male and female preference in choice of mates is determined by the calibre of the first one - rape can be a heinous crime against evolution, while a male that "started" with a prostitute of low conscience may thereafter despise prostitutes, due to the effects of that same low conscience in his DNA, but will always look for such traits in his partner, or have another of that type "on the side" if he marries for social reasons.

For a male, success on the material plane depends on the female attributes drawn in by the rim of the penis during intercourse. Yet man is Cosmic Fire. For the female, success in opening new extremes of awareness, spiritualising her family and all who touch her sphere, depends on the Cosmic Fire from the sperm that filters through the walls of the vagina and enters her blood. Yet the female is the fecundity of Earth. Each gives to the other before their roles can be played out in dominance of the material plane by the male and of the spiritual plane by the female.

Many will protest that males take their rightful place as spiritual leaders. Yes, they do, but only because they are totally clear and Upstairs wants at least a sector of mankind to shift to that clarity, updating the idea of a God Upstairs so we can update our ideas of the God Within us. Notice that an updating can be a move towards deeper Cruelty, such as was in the Vikings or the Crusaders, so that more scope is there for deeper Love.

It is not enough to be balanced; it is only enough when the total required scope has been stretched out by ever more-distant extremes.

The male will never doubt that he is right, but at some point the limitations of any religion will be clear to downtrodden females, and the female will always move evolution on the spiritual plane using doubt, or we can never evolve from that same TRAP OF CLARITY. Again, notice that the first move in an evolutionary stage is towards the dark, and that dark must come to her from the male. Doubt in a male can lead to the finding of established previous capacity in the cellular "works", while the female can forge both new extremes for wider scope, and the intermittent points.

Woman is power on the material plane, but does not wield it. Man is power on the spiritual plane, but does not wield it. In earthly matters, he weaves what she spins. In spiritual matters, she forges what he inspires.

Common sense tells us Adam represents an androgynous mankind before being split into male and female. Unless we believe Cosmic Fire just descends, making the male redundant in the whole process, Adam must have been the first to eat the "apple" from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but only Eve could have digested it and returned to Adam what the contents contained for the material plane of evolution. Meantime, it was the Cosmic Fire from Adam that made Eve seek out that first small scope of new awareness. The story tells of the doubting, a seeming disobedience, acceptance of what was placed before her to be consumed, then the offering to Adam. It tells of no concepts of right and wrong in etheric* brain. It foretells the horror females would be subjected to through Contacts insisting the female is an evil-doer, and that is still occurring in many parts of the planet through no Contact or "God" decreeing otherwise.

When my study of the structure and development of humans in evolution was abruptly diverted to that of devolution and the mechanisms of creation in 1994, I realised that we have three brains in our skulls, each corresponding to one of the three dimensions and also to one of three states of electricity. Cosmic Fire in the male can be compared to levels of electrical current that surges.

The Garden of Eden symbolises humanity at etheric* height, using only the middle brain of rationality and memory, as a devolution to that brain has proved. The symbology of the Angel with the Fiery Sword was the acceptance of the alternating current that would forge the astral sphere and cause our rise to top brain. We could never return, supposedly, but there are ways to do it, resulting in the loss of all emotions. By returning to that brain we can regain a state of absolute clarity and all memories can be found, because there is so much less to be clear about and we are living with awareness in the memory-body. Yet understanding is gone and merely rationality remains. I say "can" because the making of a zombie is there when there has been no training for entry into that brain. Yet, a being that has had previous evolution up to the Buddhi cannot become a zombie no matter the brain that awareness enters … an important point which will be explained later.

The rim of the penis indicates the physical state of the brains, and any contraction or non-development of part of the rim indicates that some part of a brain is shut down. Such a descent to middle brain and etheric body causes the two sides of the rim of the penis to contract totally. Descent to lowest brain causes the contraction of the front and back of the rim. Sensitivity in the rim of the penis is also diminished in devolution, showing the lessened ability to bring in material attributes from the female and to receive the material emanations of the earth. The "seam" nearest the rim is then the most sensitive part. Being a central organ, any congenital deformations in the physical body show the signs of deformation in the total phallus.

Death in the electric chair cannot take place while alternating current is switched on. The astral is pulled into the physical through that current and the body merely roasts. If we insist on such a method, we must give the condemned time for the astral to leave. Direct current will also ensure the etheric cannot leave.

Montauk victims note: memories can be restored by applications of direct current which will pull the etheric correctly into the blood. Static can become direct when touched, for only the direct "sting" tells us of the existence of static. (This is a clue to the action of the biblical Scorpions.) CIA note: I am a recluse, have no paranormal abilities, no degrees in any science, and am not worth investigating.

Once this is digested, common sense tells us that the top brain must already have been there in Adam and Eve, but not used at that time. That brain had been forged through the electrocutions of Cosmic Fire for 3rd dimension. Mankind had returned to the magma of the planet as often as was necessary to emerge as beings with only one brain, then two, but they had the three. We have to throw out the story but take the clues from it first. They moved into a recount of the 333 stage of humanity. Note that a recount does not have to allow the total height of previous bodies and brains to be used in quick succession. Mankind had devolved, then returned to rise and linger in etheric brain and body until all the Creators wanted from the emotions that formed middle brain was there in scope, stamped into the physical cells and DNA.

Medical branches of our times will be dismayed at the next piece of information:

There are statues as phallic symbols in eastern countries where the rim of the penis is not as prominent as it is in our times. Only devolution in the same life will deform it, but the rise in brains even in our own sons shows this general thickening of the rim as the brains are activated. In other words, children start off using only the lowest brain in the womb, activating the middle brain at the first breath, and the top brain at puberty. We become "as little children" when we are devolved to the lower brains, but that does not mean child-like, for all patterns are in the physical for the limited awareness to find.

The Jews were told to remove the foreskin, and we note that they were never told why. The Jews were to be persecuted, for Upstairs uses the system of tyranny to evolve humanity, and Jews with no foreskins would receive the material emanations of the world directly to the brain from the rim of the penis from an early age, just as surely as all males receive the material attributes from women when that rim is in contact with the vagina. Foreskins ensure the uncircumcised will persecute the Jews that will forever rise to hold the material power in any country they flee to through the jealousy of their same material ability.

Upstairs also wanted to ensure our rise in technology would not be too quick now that rationality and understanding were nearly perfected, so foreskins were placed to impede material advances = all "matter" of any dimension for which we can develop the body - They had already demolished a Tower (height) of Babel (Babel - Babylon - matter), a height of technology that was having some success in dimensions too elevated for Their liking. Foreskins ensured delays in technology, but only as long as the Jews were persecuted.

Upstairs made sure all prophets and channellers of writings, such as the bible, would insist the female was to be downtrodden and rarely listened to under the same rule of tyranny, while the emanations for spiritual evolution in the spheres (grids) of the earth would enter through the vagina and even through the gap in the hymen from birth. Only pain will evolve us in this sector, and only a female form can offer new scope of extremes for evolution in that pain. For male energy forever expands outward to fecundate, while female energy is receptive and brings forth the fruit.

Once the female starts to come into her own right, after a period of having virtually no rights, and is then recognised at least as equal to the male, if not as a nourisher of humanity in all senses, we can be sure that our awareness is about to be harvested.

Electricity will not harm us if we do not touch it. We hear of the magnetic poles shifting for female dominance. Be aware that this heralds the descent of spheres of electricity for new scope of awareness as a Lamb that emits Anger and becomes a ravishing Beast only once the blood is reached - Cosmic Fire that "fornicates" with matter to forge bodies. If this wording is termed irreverence, then I suggest that the publishing department of Upstairs be the target of our indignation, as it was mine. Sixth Seal:" …hide us from… the anger of the Lamb"? I have never even seen an angry sheep!

My effort is directed towards mankind's focus for the coming transmutation or Nibiruan "re-coding", and to demolishing the idea that this is going to be easy. We are going to be electrocuted through emotions, though we should have the correct codes of resistance in the cells of our physicals to build the bodies. The Compassion talked of by Nibiruan channellers is only an attribute of the physical body itself - Gratitude and Compassion of the mineral realm - think of mineral Mother Earth and this becomes more obvious. It will not get us up through the work to be done for forging upper bodies.

Notice the word "resistance", the correct term for that which stops the current and glows red hot. Without having built true resistancies to that current, through millenniums of struggle in crude matter that could not let the current of emotions flow through us, and felt like emotional electrocution, we would have no qualification at all to be attempting this task of a recount. Those resistancies slowly diminished, until the current was hardly noticed, until we were ruling our emotions.

Nevertheless, if we do not feel the resistance of each point that must be rebuilt for new subtle bodies, we will be building nothing. We will be pulled from one extreme to the other to build upper bodies, and to intermittent points, and we will feel the emotions, but the current will flow and our patterns of understanding of this task will allow us to keep the correct focus.

It seems to follow that we will not have the Logic body in which to place our awareness and analyse emotions until the fiery sword of the alternating current of the astral body is correctly transmuted. Yet, we must consider that children do have understanding long before the shrinking of the thymus gland that heralds the emerging of the astral body at puberty - I have seen toddlers (that could not yet speak) understand and comply when I gently expressed something - in a different language from that of their parents - to avoid a possible mishap to them. One turned 180 degrees and held out a pen at arm's length till she had toddled precariously and given it to me, with a smile! Another minutes-old baby, still wet from the womb, followed and imitated all slow movements of my mouth and tongue, trying to repeat my sounds. I took her to a window to show her her world, and she watched it. (I have also held a child, trying to focus it, for it was like a puppet through the parents attending to it as though it were a project. The child’s movements showed its reality was disjointed without the quiet, personal focusing of an adult. The parents were amazed that it stopped uttering its constant sounds, just watching me.)

The germs for all bodies will start to move and expand as we activate the patterns in the physicals that know the correspondence to once-developed bodies. Our awareness will be helped by the cellular "works" in that perfect feeling-machine, bringing all germs to some expansion even before the electricity for that dimension and body is experienced as the awareness enters it.

To reinforce that help has been arranged for what sounds like an extremely raw state and practically impossible task, I mention that the garlands are descending in the form of all our previously harvested Atmas - they do contain something, a little, for each once-upon-a-time height of creation. That "little something" is described in the last Letter to the Churches, but I will write out how those Atmas were formed by us so that we can see more of the process and know that we can do it.

Anyone reading this, digesting it, and using common sense, will note that present memories will be totally gone if the descent is remorseless and all our present bodies reduced to a purely mineral state. Scorpions pulling a set of ancient Atmas with ancient memories into the etheric realm to give ancient memories …Creators want Their harvest, and will ensure Their Own survival within us. This takes more explanation, not just of the bodies we forged, but of a possible abrupt interruption to stop this descent and allow memories of this present time = a body forged in this life that is not reduced lower than the etheric/rational/memory realm.

We need the Scorpions for a time, for all bodies to reach the blood as they unfold. If they are not allowed at this pre-666 stage, and I find nothing that justifies them except the uncovered height of the obelisk at the Denver airport (Demonic Masons), Nibiruan RE-coding and my own common sense that says no Creator will allow His/Her being totally pushed to a mass of planet by the same 666 that will surge and MUST push Them down in their present state of reduced matter, then techniques for bringing the totality of one's being into our possibilities will have to be learned.

We ask ourselves who would want such techniques to cause the struggle, when we can stay with even the 15% etheric that preserves and regenerates the physical body, in a Garden of Eden, blissfully uncaring about any 666, just beings, living, and with only the cataclysms pushing us around. We answer ourselves - Scorpions must be supplied or no pieces of the Entity are going anywhere.

Any of our bodies that has been totally transmuted is correctly called a Garden of Eden, though the word "garden" particularly refers to the etheric-plant realm.

Please understand this: YOUR PRESENT STATE IS NOT A TRUE INDICATION OF YOUR EVOLUTION. You are a Personality-fragment living out what Your Entity deems as still needed in His/Her total awareness. The fact that you are reading this means you will therefore apport your knowledge of the task to be accomplished to your first fusion with those that are the rest of your Personality. You are going to receive all you need for the task from the rest of your Personality-fragments.

Having in some lives (of Personality-fragments) expanded the Buddhis into a Garden of Eden where the electricity no longer finds resistance, we must now show our ability to give a mighty encore of that same Cosmic Dance.

DNA - TheHardTruth5 -Evolution-Devolution-Personal Gods.

There is no way to give explicit details on how the recount of our 555 will be from the very start. I have been shown certain other processes and have seen the results in beings around me, but in spite of daily visions of garlands descending, symbols of heretics in the sea of emotions, then climbing down and running around blocked tunnels that signify physical brains, I cannot declare that I have those details. I can declare that Upstairs has used whatever it took to foster rebellion in me, and I took a lot of punishment before realising why They wanted me to know Their state and Their system of tyranny that will ever drive us first to dark extremes for new scope of awareness.

What is entering is not up to us, but what we do with it certainly is. We can glimpse something of those details within the mechanics of the process that we have all been undergoing in normal life that is within our recall, though we already had at least four established bodies. The process of unfolding those four has been described in previous postings. We continue from there.


In a life oriented towards evolution, seven bodies can be expanded within the luminous shell of humans in THREE dimensions.

Body Dimension of Correspondence

Atma...................… . 7th Atmic Power for the Times

Buddhi................. . . 6th Buddhic Wisdom for the Times

Manas............... . . . 5th Cosmic Love

Superior Ego . . . 4th Logic - The Laws We Live By - Superior Ego

Astral............… . . . Ego 3rd conscious soul

Etheric........…….. . . " 2nd rational soul

Mineral........…..…. . " 1st sentient soul

The three lowest bodies combine to give the inferior ego, which is really made up of three separate "souls" called sentient, rational and conscious, and all adults of our times expand the Logic body by the age of twenty-one.

In normal evolution, the blueprint is that awareness uses the Superior Ego of Logic to discover the laws we live by, first concentrating on the astral traits, then the etheric ones, then the mineral ones. This in turn expands and substantiates the three higher bodies, giving control of the former in the following order:

The Manas gives control of the Astral = emotions.

The Buddhi gives control of the Etheric = basic nature.

The Atma gives control of the Mineral = physical matter.

Except in circumstances of devolution, or for those who came into this life with very high evolution and the germs of the upper bodies ready to expand every seven years, this is best understood as control of emotions building the Manas; control of basic nature building the Buddhi; and control of physical matter building the Atma. Yet, hold even that suspended, for "control of" should really read as "monitoring" in all three cases.

Without an inferior ego willing to allow all emotions to flow through it so that Logic can notice and analyse them, there is nothing we can build. Yet, without the pivotal body of Logic, there is no superior awareness with which to notice anything, and we are simply caught up in emotions. When we cherish our inferior ego, standing back and analysing why we felt such and such, with neither criticism nor praise, we are standing in true Logic and building the superior bodies. Once Logic surrounds us at 21 years, this standing back should be our constant position, which could more truly be called contacting the Father Within.

We don’t even have to personalise that primordial energy as a Father or Mother-figure, but love for a human must be there before we can find love for that Source of All. No-one can love God if love for a human has not been experienced, and the deeper and more encompassing that love, so much more can we love God. Without that human love, God-love is a concept which will become a branch on our Tree of Life, and if we mystify anything enough we shall have mystic experiences and believe we are on the right path. Keep walking, and that branch will keep growing through our own creator-state.

We are not being asked to create and explore new branches - this is a recount and it has to follow a blueprint established in a Hierarchical Human (which Nibiruans call the Entity.) Contacting what is wanted for the Father Within at our stage is contacting the Hierarchical Human. We will not be allotted the time to blunder and do it "our way". Upstairs ensures the perfect set-up. We ensure the perfect attention.

If we have not lived love for the manifestation of God on our own level that is called a human being, there is no way to love God as a supposed higher manifestation. Previous postings explained that the highest manifestation of God in this sector of creation at this moment is human beings, which is why Our Creators are descending into us.

Let’s make it clearer, for there are those that will insist that love towards mankind, or devotion towards that hierarchical human …etc. We are split into male and female so the male will fecundate the female with Cosmic Fire and she in turn will afford her attributes for the material plane to the male while opening new scope for spiritual awareness. Cosmic Fire must yearn to invade God’s manifestation as matter, and matter must yearn for Cosmic Fire, otherwise we are in a Garden of Eden counting the daisies. I will not meddle with awareness I do not understand, such as homosexuality and lesbianism. I do know Upstairs is ravenous for all awareness that can ever be expressed in any human in all our system of alternative universes, but remind us all that there is stagnation when Cosmic Fire does not mix with matter and, even if They are ravenous, there is a condition that has to be met = one Buddhic body. The reason for that condition will be ever more clear as we move on.

When we are not consciously seeking to know the rules we live by, even if we do not define it in those words, we do not have our awareness in the Logic body. We must not seek to control emotions, for that thwarts the process. We seek to know why we felt a particular emotion. We seek to notice the block that has been touched, the resistance, and we also seek to express that resistance on the material plane in words, defining it.

Then ………we laugh! We must enjoy our inferior ego or it will shrivel up either in shame, fear, worry or sadness, or expand in pride and arrogance … notice that, and realise that the criticism or praise pulled our awareness down from Logic back into that same inferior ego. Logic can neither criticise nor praise, but it can notice, and can laugh with the Father Within, enjoying the process.

For the purposes of this explanation, we shall put aside the dark extremes of the five main emotions given to us in the astral, to concentrate on the fact that from puberty there is love running through us: the desire to love and be loved.

We see that Logic notices the feelings in the physical and uses rationality and understanding for whatever they can reveal, and that discovery allows the love in the astral body to be sublimated into Love for the Father Within that is revealing the whole process. This is the building of the Manas of Cosmic Love. Through it, we slowly spread that love out to encompass all that came from the Father, and truly begin to understand the plight and magnificence of our fellow-man, for we begin to understand ourselves.

A child from the age of puberty can substantiate the Logic body more as it is expanding by using feelings, rationality and understanding to arrive at any conclusion, and then call it Logic. An adult must realise that that is only the use of those first three, but is not the use of Logic. No permutation of feelings, rationality and understanding can use Logic. It is Logic that uses all three to build upper bodies, and its only function is building as it absorbs the laws we live by.

Our sun is in 4th dimension - walk with me in this one: I do not believe our sun emits the temperatures ascribed to it by any instrument of measurement. I believe our sun emanates that which causes heat to come from matter on lower dimensions, but not within itself. Why do I believe this?

I have noticed the working of Logic in my own being, and it corresponds to 4th dimension. Logic emanates that which promotes the sublimation of any matter found in lower bodies through the stimulation of the Cosmic Fire in those bodies to reveal their resistance, and a resistance is an element that blocks an electric current till it glows. That sublimation of matter expands first the Manas by decreasing the density of the astral body, at the same time sublimating something of the rational/etheric to the Buddhic germ and, even less, but something, from the physical leaves to reach the Atmic germ, for we become more sensitive to the feelings in the physical - not to the emotions, but to the physical feelings picked up from all around us.

To reach the sun, see it and know what lives on it cannot afford any difficulty to awareness in the Logic body, but it has to leave the lower bodies behind, two of them asleep. The difficulty is for the etheric of memories to awake and recall that journey, for the etheric cuddles into the physical at night, nourishing it with what the astral receives in its projection to the astral plane in sleep and transmits to the etheric when it returns.

No body can reach a dimension higher than that with which it has correspondence, but will journey in its corresponding dimension when not having to reach the blood, and later nourish the preceding body when the physical awakes.

Outer bodies flow into each other and all must reach the blood of the physical. A verifiable proof is that jumping out of bed at the sound of the alarm can impede the correct settling of the returning astral into the physical, and we feel the hell of disjointed emotions, such as fear with no apparent cause, until we return for a few moments to rest and allow it to settle correctly. In evolution Logic can still build using lower bodies out of alignment, but only if the awareness can reach Logic. But, as with any structure, misalignment of the parts will shake even the foundations (our physicals) causing illness and death as the foundation collapses.

When we refuse a realisation that life has condensed for what we must transmute, shutting it out of our consideration, the physical will respond by shutting down a part of its functions and even paralysis can occur, depending on the entire span of that realisation inasmuch as its ability to alter our rationality and understanding. What we have done is used our intent to eject parts of the rational and understanding bodies so they no longer reach the blood. The organs that those parts should flow into can no longer be correctly stimulated. Intent, in this case, was the first rejection of the feelings in the physical itself.

Before entering the varieties of red herrings received from Upstairs in established writings, contacts, forced visions and the like, we must take a look at devolution. We must try to get a general idea of the mechanisms in this whole process, for without devolution there is no way to put the Entities together as a fusion of all possible awareness that follows the blueprint.


Upstairs starts off knowing in general what it wants in patterns in each body down to 1st dimension, then modifies as the free will in humans shows new incentive. They know what They want through having first being invaded by the Alpha and Omega of that sector, the germ of extremes that contain the Dream to be manifested. They slough off the Alpha and Omega with part of their matter, and a descent such as described in Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse begins.

We shall consider the process used to ensure our absolute forays towards the dark, then towards the light, and while we are within the same stage or height of creation. We take the Manasic stage we are familiar with.

We are given limitations as to what can be achieved at any time, and those limitations are called Personal Gods. Personal Gods are harvested from our own bodies through a process of devolution that will not only disjoint our alignment of lower bodies, but even eject all bodies in our total structure so they enter the dimension of correspondence - out of reach of the blood, but connected by "silver cords" which are extended down like a tube from the shell of one body, and not up.

The extension is not from the end of body above, but from a part that is 15% within it. The direction of this extension is important when considering the aura around a separated body which can give a perception of the next dimension above but certainly nourished the lower body, and the proof of direction is that we do not have physical matter extending from the top our heads like unicorns, for our shell of mineral dimension is the outer layer of the physical itself. The proof of the position of the extension 15% within the shell can be spied in the next paragraph.

We shall call this process devolution, but note that if personal awareness always devolves to the lowest separated body, then it is in a state of "sackcloth of hair" and there is no way we can ever recuperate decent awareness, not to speak of Buddhic, unless those bodies are pulled down to realign perfectly with the physical. Awareness is no longer "personal" in mineral awarenes, for there is nobody there and just cellular works in a sentient physical directed by an aura of 15% rational etheric fed through its extension - and that percentage of awareness can lessen, as I have witnessed.

In that state, there is a way to put awareness into the Buddhi, but of such low calibre that there is no way the Buddhic dimension can be understood or even spied. We can glimpse that state of awareness when a person becomes drunk to such an extent that the ego leaves the body, for the ego resides in the blood and will not withstand temperatures beyond specified limits. It moves out and can be seen by those with auric sight as "beside its self". A phrase often used to describe an angry person in olden times is "he was beside him with rage", for the blood heats with anger. The space left by the ego can be occupied by an entity consonant with the state of evolution in the cellular "works", and we see where the statement "he was possessed" comes from.

In Vino Veritas, A good height of evolution is also obvious if the person, willing or not, imbibes so much alcohol that there are no memories of that state, because the ego left. We spy the cellular "works" as the body walks around, talking and even doing. Remember that the ego is in the combination of the three lowest bodies, so it has moved aside, out of alignment, as apparent bodies = as an apparition. This apparition of the ego beside its bodies is as any projection even of thought, clothed in filaments of our energy that no longer touch the blood. We lose energy even with a thought.

My treatment was such as to ensure I do not trust "Upstairs", which means Those even beyond our Personal Gods and dimensions, but I have no tools with which to start a war of the gods at this moment. I shall leave it explained in the social snub used when confronted by a suspicious stranger for whom no-one I trust has vouched nor can vouch: "We have not been introduced."

It is Their tyranny and my distrust that moves me to diffuse this information in any way I can, though I do not even trust that the web-page for this posting is within anyone’s reach - I have been through that, and have proof that control of any system of communication and even the microchip is there in the total devolution of my tyrants on this physical level.

In all parts of our globe there are systems similar to that of the Plumed Serpent - the Dragon of China, of Wales, etc. Secrecy as to the doings in such systems does not even have to be imposed, for apprentices have memories wiped in a natural way, and the teachers are by then in such a state of non-personhood that they are neither interested nor disinterested in the rest of humanity knowing anything, The conclusion as to my tyrants is that they have been instructed to impede my efforts that were directed only towards freeing them from their state, for I knew that I knew how to do it. Those instructions could only come through their own masters, but fed to them from Upstairs.

My efforts brought out this information from my own cells, but they could not be moved in their walking-stone state that is many steps down from that of a zombie.

The purpose of such systems of devolution is to provide new Personal Gods by building artificial Buddhis once certain realisations are accomplished in the human: Buddhis that are thereafter harvested and placed beyond our 3rd dimension. When the reborn human then goes "within" to consult "god", and manages to reach a state where there can be contact with that god, the contents of that god, which is the artificial Buddhi connected by its extension to the human, can filter down, and be used depending on the feelings, rationality and understanding of the human.

Consider Milosevitch or Sadaam Hussein for this next part: The Manas will continue to be built by the Logic using the contents filtering down to affect rationality and understanding and become the laws of life that we live by. Yes, God is Love at our stage, but only if we have done a lot of evolving and been allowed Personal Gods to filter that down with all the width of scope necessary for the times, for first He had to be Fear, Cruelty, Anger, Sadness and Anxiety.

Those two leaders are obviously not evolving at the same rate as a great many other humans. No matter how "spiritual" they may be and constant in their religious homage and dedication to doing the right thing, their Personal Gods will back up their cruelty in every meditation and even be heard as the voice of God if the physical is sensitive enough to hear that voice.

Perhaps now we can spy why consulting Personal Gods in meditation is dicey when the 555 is going to descend for the recount. Perhaps now we spy why there has to be a hierarchical Human that allows us to concentrate on His or Her form in order to bypass those Personal Gods, for we must connect to Him or Her and forget meditation except on that physical form surrounded by the aura of matter of all dimensions that is constantly emanating all contents of all bodies to help us in a very difficult task.

The proof of a Manas being perfected for any time in a given stage is the subsequent concentration of the awareness on the building of the Buddhi. Personal Gods cannot be Manasic. Once that human is fully Buddhic, there must come another life that enters a path of devolution to prepare new Personal Gods for more scope in the Manas.

Devotion to God is not enough now. Take a look at the devotion displayed in the autistic doings at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and know that the two aforementioned leaders may well be Buddhic.

DNA - TheHardTruth6 - Plumed Serpents - Personal Gods.

We are told extremes touch. I found that difficult to grasp. I felt that extremes should be distanced as we evolve. The reason is that the ability to change quickly and hate one whom I have loved is not within my living experience this time round - hate just cannot be there when there are memories of love. Were it not for the practice of opening the gap of the shell for death in the Plumed Serpent - the only way a being with control of matter could be removed from the earth until now - and glimpsing what this involved, I would still protest that extremes do not touch.

We are contemplating the making of subtle copies of the physical body that correspond to dimensions from etheric up, and in order to see more of that process we return to devolution and how artificial Buddhis are built up for New Personal Gods.

A master of devolution finds a human apprentice. The master is only that when he has successfully reached the point where his personal awareness has descended even from the astral of emotions and understanding, and is now concentrated in the etheric realm, where all memories can be found and rationality used. That master has been instructed that he cannot leave the earth and go to "freedom", darting past the Devourer that takes all awareness upon death, until he has found an apprentice that will take his place as the master. The master then proceeds to instruct the apprentice.

What interests us is not the instructions, but the mechanics of how awareness devolves and new bodies are built. We are not even interested in the fact that shells for new bodies are fished from the underground earth-centres in the form of inorganic beings - not that the master ever "understood" he was doing that, since during the demonstration both he and the apprentice are in exclusive use of the etheric and mineral/sentient brains - for we shall be given the shells at least as germs for those bodies for the task.

The master, with concentration in the etheric brain and the corresponding direct current of electricity, would push the glow of awareness in the luminous shell of the apprentice, visible to him through etheric sight, and immediately the apprentice would black out then find himself in a state of total clarity. That push, aimed at a certain point in the total luminous shell of the apprentice where the glow of awareness was visible, was obviously aimed at the shell of the etheric, but direct current passed through the totality of the bodies with their respective glows of awareness at the same height in the shell, and immediately pulled the awareness to concentrate solely in the brain of direct current = the Garden of Eden.

Enjoy this digression: Those who have digested something of the articles, and wonder why the subtle bodies appear as a luminous shell to such masters rather than as subtle copies of the physical body, will understand that etheric sight could only see up to the content of etheric filaments in all the outer bodies. Some bodies were so out of range of that sight that they even glowed in luminosity, like the sun = Logic body (see DNA The Hard Truth5). We can link the second article here on Osiris and see that this shows us that the present tribulation of higher bodies and Entities down into the physical means some loss - a cloud left behind in descent. Also, the space-ship that explodes when passing the 1st-dimensional boundary, its mineral atoms gone and also the physical bodies of the crew, can probably sail merrily onwards through the etheric dimension, with the crew’s etheric bodies functioning perfectly and wondering what that funny noise was. The ship may or may not have some of its etheric parts missing, depending on whether all the parts were impregnated with etheric filaments from its constructors, which means whether they looked at each part with total "rational" conclusions as to its mechanisms. Another "funny noise" will be heard when crossing into the astral dimension, and any purely production-line parts of the ship will be missing, having no astral filaments from their makers. The astral crew will be fine, of course, though left with no rationality on which to base their understanding - they may get emotional about it. The problem with this space-exploration is that though we can ensure total etheric and astral parts of every nut and bolt in the ship, neither ship nor crew can condense back to a lower dimension - those condensations are now clouds. (How are we doing?)

Back to devolution: The distortion of the total "luminous shell" of the apprentice, like a dented ping-pong ball to that etheric sight, would slowly rectify itself, and awareness would return to the astral or beyond that, at which time the memory of that incident and all that had occurred was immediately lost. Unfortunately the damage to the alignment of each body in the apprentice had been done, and partial separation of the bodies above etheric had been caused, so the human would not thereafter be able to regain the total previous state of awareness. (Montauk victims note.)

An apprentice that immediately went into mastery of etheric brain, to stay there, would need no teaching to become a master and the instructions to be passed in the making of the new Buddhi would not be given, so the being would be wasting a life on that path. This would happen if the being had all germs up to the Buddhi and this last was particularly substantiated in past lives. The Old God must be removed, but knowing that the human is ready for a New Personal God, and will be led into such a path, Upstairs not only severs the cord beneath the Buddhi or Old God, but also removes any Buddhic germ from its physical gland before birth.

Here we see the same correspondence of bodies to each other, but in devolution.

Body Correspondence

Atma..................... 7th Atmic Power for the Times 1st dimension

Buddhi...................6th Buddhic Wisdom for the Times 2nd dimension

Manas................... 5th Cosmic Love 3rd dimension

Superior Ego........ 4th Logic - The Laws We Live By.

Astral............…... Ego 3rd conscious soul 5th dimension

Etheric........……..." 2nd rational soul 6th dimension

Mineral........…..…" 1st sentient soul 7th dimension

Reaching etheric brain to recall all that was ever taught in that path means the Buddhi has been substantiated enough to separate and reach 6th dimension. When the cellular structure of a human is interfered with, devolution will slowly take place.

For our purposes it makes no difference if the misaligned Manas and Logic had to separate first, not only because they could not be used by the awareness, but also because we must reach the state where we have develop fully up to Buddhic in the recount before our devolution comes as a general blow to the bodies of all mankind in 3rd dimension.

During the years before this separation of the Buddhi, the total "luminous shell" of the apprentice continues distorting during every session with the master due to forays into the etheric brain. Black-outs occur in normal life when etheric brain is entered at times in this devolution, and must occur, for the Buddhi is substantiated during those "black-outs". Those would also occur when not in the presence of the master, and especially when the master had left in the Plumed Serpent.

Normal awareness of the apprentice is then sliding down astral brain - a return to the emotions of adolescence and pre-adolescence. This brings quick shifts of emotions, and the five hellish astral emotions are as easily manipulated by the master as the five joyous ones. Fear is used as the lever to cause the etheric to jump out of total alignment.

Notice the correspondence of the Manas to the astral. The Manas starts to be substantiated with all the hellish emotions and their opposites not only during the instructions given to the apprentice in normal awareness by the master, but during the attempt at normal living when not in the master’s presence. Normal awareness is sliding down the bands of the astral that correspond to man/animal band, plant band and mineral band.

When an apprentice cannot even temporarily enter the etheric brain under the push of the master, and staggers around as though drunk, that apprentice did not even have the germ of the Manas well enough substantiated in normal life. This appears to be the case in certain members of the devolved troupe around me, but I know that Upstairs is capable of removing even whatever that Personality of the Entity had achieved in the Manas by not allowing the Manasic germ to be placed at birth. This is an outrage and goes against all that is to be achieved in evolution, for new extremes can be allowed instead of a total removal - we are Manasic! I look at my past life and see how ruthlessly many humans not in devolution were abused to bring this information from me.

When Fear is used as the lever for manipulating the apprentice’s awareness, the artificial Buddhi that will be the New Personal God will incite the reborn apprentice to provoke fear in others as a tyrant.

The master only knows that if he can train an apprentice to take his place, and give him the rudiments of an accompanying group as instructed, he will reach his own "maximum". This is the entry into lowest brain where even rationality is shot. Control of matter is then in his power, and a blow to the shells of the rest of his own group, that had also been teaching the new group, would allow their entry into lowest brain.

That teaching of the new group, and having to recall all that they have been taught and even to demonstrate it, causes enough substantiation of the next corresponding body of the Atma, and the lowest brain is entered. We see that forays into that lowest brain are happening naturally to the group of the master, just as forays into etheric brain are first forced in the apprentices, then continue relentlessly.

This has been explained because there will be devolution for those who receive the 555 to transmute, and we hope we are prepared enough so that we can rise to Buddhic awareness immediately. If we believe that it will all be taken care of, that the spirit will descend anyway, we may find ourselves struggling not only with the 555, but forcefully devolved again to receive the 666. We struggle up with help, or we struggle down with pain that we cannot at this moment imagine, for there will be no death allowed for the making of the new physicals. Awareness must scrape out even the physical.

I do not know of paths of devolution that give instructions for moving to the extremes of Love, etc., but we would never have come back from them and would have needed to enter another path of devolution to incite another dark extreme. Humanity must writhe in the pain of the dark side until females lead us to all the intermittent points possible in the slow building of every subtle organ in upper bodies. Spirit longs for the experience of the Beast, while the Beast writhes in pain, longing for the experience of the Spirit.

Since 16th July 1994 hundreds of Plumed Serpents have arisen and the occasional one is still doing so, for something from 7th dimension entered 6th and gave a cosmic blow to all separated Buddhis, the repercussion forcing all devolved beings in etheric brain to reach "maximum" mastery of the lowest brain and control of matter. This blow would affect any Buddhic body in 6th dimension, including those of Ascended Masters.

The retinas of my eyes are still used for depicting those Serpents as a light that seems a blind-spot, then elongates to a wavy line of many points and slowly moves out of sight. I have never seen a flash of more brilliant light at either end of the Serpent, perhaps because the light of the master should be the brightest, and he must obviously open the gaps of each of his troupe before he opens his own. They move out of sight rather than stay to disintegrate, while my interest in them is only to notice that such lines are still on the earth. Previous to 1994, I had not understood the line of blind-spots that would appear, but extremely rarely, and I doubt that I had seen more than five such Serpents during the preceding twenty years.

Perhaps, as soon as the apprentice-group left behind manages to develop the Buddhi and awareness enters middle brain, the blow into only 6th dimension is still there, but we may wonder if what caused that blow in 1994 is also descending. Common sense says that the upper dimensions are being cleaned out of all Personal Gods and Ascended Masters that ever ascended to 6th dimension, while the Serpents still rising should mean that the dimensions themselves still exist for the Buddhi to expand into 6th dimension in paths of devolution.

Yet, far too many Serpents have arisen to justify a troupe left behind since 1994 having had enough intervening time to substantiate a Buddhi and receive that Cosmic blow. We balance that with the knowledge that there are always many lines of devolution on the earth, and for each nation. Many nations obviously have different Personal Gods, though no individual Personal God sprang from the same DNA.

We notice stars still in place, and try to figure out if their apparent distance means they are not approaching our 3rd dimension, or if we merely still see the old light emanating from them due to that same distance between dimensional boundaries, plus our mineral sight-capacity.

Whatever caused the blow to the Buddhi may have clung to the Atma that was forced out by the same blow, for the pushing-down called "Tribulation" is happening, and it could be only an individual process for those that were on paths of devolution or that had ascended to 6th dimension. No devouring is occurring in that process, but bodies are entering mineral dimension and are shown as opened shells rising once they have written their mineral contents into a carcass.

(I received two cartoon-visions of that - a circle of blue Atmas that opened out to reveal a red-skinned person that turned to my left - closing in to focus on a white feather in his longish hair, and even further in to notice the nib. The other was a logo like that of Windows95 with a wooden pen-nib writing into wood of differently coloured squares. Wood, trunks of trees, are really extensions of the mineral earth, and counted as mineral dimension.)

To find explicit ramifications of the penultimate paragraph, we must now move to the Garlands, and the Beast that arises at the Fifth Trumpet of the Apocalypse, for both there and in the quatrains of Nostradamus we are told that the Beast will last only a short time. No-one can destroy that Beast, yet something will.

DNA - TheHardTruth7


There are three major harvests in the Apocalypse, with the mention of a Beast at the 5th Trumpet. In the Apocalypse, the sixth stage of any harvest, be it Seals, Trumpets or Plagues, is always the last stage, for the seventh stage is the herald and preparation of the new sequence.

Each depicted harvest gives different clues that are to be applied to the general mechanisms of all harvests. There will arise a Beast at the harvest of Trumpets, but it cannot last longer than the harvest itself, whose final stage is the sixth. During our re-coding for a surrogate awareness, a Beast will arise, or try to. It is already fused to the carcass of the leader of a devolved troupe. It has both male and female awareness fused, similar to an androgyne, though all in mineral brain-awareness can bring either gender from the physical cells.

The following table depicts the colour of the bodies I have been shown in each sphere, each body changing colour upon entering a new sphere.

Atma - 7th - Blue.

Buddhi - 6th- Gold.

Manas - 5th- Red.

Logic - 4th- White.

Astral - 3rd- Green.

Etheric - 2nd- Amber.

Mineral - 1st- Violet.

This does not correspond to a rainbow seen by refracting light. I can offer some under- standing of the rainbow, in that the opposite sides of Red and Violet show the male and female colours, for those are used respectively in amulets for warding off deliberate psychic attacks. We start entering difficulties by knowing that what we see as red is really refracting from green and involves our limitation of purely mineral sight, so rainbows are best left out as meaningful colour. Humans with some etheric sight see the aura of green as red = red is its etheric state. We don't need these complications.

The table is for reference in the descent of bodies, and coincides with sources such as St. Germain and Conny Mendez - I found her books, and she bought my respect through being extremely down-to-earth, so much so that I know I would have followed her around like a stray dog just to eat of her crumbs, had she lived longer.

I have not been shown how - in what way - the tribulation of the bodies of those devolved beings around me is effected, for devouring of the upper bodies is not what I am continually shown, and rather the fusion of upper bodies to many beings as they passed down through 4th dimension. This was much emphasised as the sphere for fusion (refer to white robes in Chapter 4 of the Apocalypse), and even to the point of showing me an inverted pyramid on top of another pyramid, and a vertical bar with a circle on the top and the bottom.

I am finding material that reinforces my belief that the surgings from the "Tomb" occur each 26,000 years, willy nilly, and descent is therefore forced on all up to 9th dimension.

Those joining in 4th prove to be alternative selves from our system of universes that appears to be coming together. The slow push to enter lower dimensions caused the lower bodies up to astral to enter physicals, but did not alter the state of the devolved beings, nor their tactics of tyranny = no Logic could be found. Once the white of the Logic body not only reached mineral dimension but had disappeared with the entry of the Manas to mineral in the continual push, the shells of all four lower bodies were seen to rise, opened.

I can say that the blow in 1994 not only forced Atmas out of Buddhis and started their descent, but also forced the Buddhi to occupy the same dimension as the Manas, for both were shown entering the marble white of 4th dimension in September of 1995, and the blue of the Atma entered 4th dimension totally in November 1996. Descents shown every 14 months put the Atma totally in 2nd dimension on March 16th 1999, condensed to an etheric state, and almost half of it is now mineral. We presume Manas and Buddhi shared equal parts of the etheric, so the Manas that was with the Buddhi in 1st dimension may have almost condensed to pre-mineral and be totally that by 16th October 1999. I say may, for the first three bodies pushed down did not have their shells opened till Logic was also opened and rising. Meanwhile, the Buddhi, using only half-space, now has almost half of the Atma within the physical = both condensed to minerals.

The composition of physical bodies by 16th October 1999 will be at least a total condensation of Buddhic bodies plus half of condensing Atmas. This may be happening to all of us, for the entry is unnoticeable, though I must admit to certain oppressive sensations in the thorax from time to time - especially around my ribs, and once this started to extend to the throat. That one lasted four minutes, but no interference in breathing was there.

If we want more threads, whether reliable or not, on 28/7/'99, awake and during the day, I was shown a totally blue background, and a blue hour-glass in the middle. Then the blue background dropped to half-way down and a ship's steering-wheel was shown, handles and all, greyish, as though behind the top half. The wheel then lost part of its top, then was totally demolished from top down, and something like a pair of steel binoculars was in its place, low down, extending outwards and turning almost in my direction - I saw it could become a gun, and then saw a ray coming from the left barrel, obviously firing to destroy something at my side.

Clues: A wheel refers to fusions of awarenesses, for the troupe of that leader would enter his carcass when they were persecuting him, primed to "steal his power". I only realised I was seeing a tiny part of a wheel when enough had entered to be shown as a fully fused wheel, but round, with no handles. The binoculars/gun: Microscopic sight of trained devolved beings captures all down to even the electrons, while the sight itself can be used as a channel of intent towards any object - the ray from the left eye.

Many visions have had a "condensation" on the material plane for beholding. A green broken wheel condensed as a statue just down from where I lived, erected 1995-'96. It has no steering-handles. Green particularly refers to the astral plane and bodies, while at that time the astrals of the troupe were entering mineral dimension. "Broken" means a part of the fusion is missing. Meanwhile, steering-handles allow us to glimpse an implied return to steering one's own ship, for no Creator would willingly enter a realm or body where there is no chance of that body leaving, unless this is purely Creator-substance newly descended from the "Tomb" on 9th dimension (Cheops).

During the years since 1994, the symbol of a ship was often used as the general vehicle in visions for the leaving of the Entity, or Gestalt, and in March 1999 even condensed across from my window, blue hull, 6 white sails and all, with a gold streak beneath the hull, in the facade of a new shopping-centre - but only seen thus from a distance at night, and not close up. The colours signify Buddhic beneath Atmic. At this moment only half of the Atma is physical minerals. I suspect the sails as being undefined white "Lamb".

Thus, the steering-wheel suddenly transforming and taking on independent action should refer to the fused Atmas forced out and gleaned from a primoeval harvest when we were of purely etheric height, and now descending to enter our glands as garlands from that time for new and extremely detailed awareness that is only available to new creatures that cannot understand it in any case as they surge from the planet, or devolved humans in etheric brain that have no understanding and only doings. Yet, if that is allowed to condense fully even as etheric and push the present etheric body down to minerals, memories will be only a mixture of those ancient times = no present reality.

A ship sails on the salty sea (emotions), but not inside the sea, so the significance is the astral of emotions for the place of the Buddhic body beneath the ship, while an Atma condensed to astral denotes the hull itself.

To make something akin to sense of that last paragraph, we first remember that it will take three complete circuits of devolution and rebuilding to fuse the Personalities of an Entity, then the Entities, then the Gestalt that comprises One Male and One Female (ref. The Two Witnesses of Chapter 11).

Conclusions: Since a tangible object from a vision which condenses indicates a finished state, we have …

1. The Gestalt that leaves will have fused Buddhis (gold) as the lowest body of etheric realm - the Ship.

2. At least one being is missing from the fusions in the carcass of the leader of the devolved troupe … the wheel. Nor will that fusion ever reach beyond the astral (green) of emotions in the re-coding to make a surrogate awareness. They will have memories, and cope with emotions by moving their assemblage points of awareness, building nothing.

To understand #1., I had to see that the only way out of our Pyramid of Creation as shown in Cheops is the doorway that corresponds to etheric level. I find that totally unacceptable, and will keep possibilities vital, but suspended till they can be practical.

To understand # 2., I had to refer not only to the hiding of the leader of the troupe for anonymity, but also to what I was shown many times as the face of the devolved leader moving over horizontally, and even (believe it or not) the face of Christ complete with thorns and one tear falling, descending upside down immediately after that face. The Scorpions brought by losing all awareness in 1995 through the constant copulation of the troupe with that carcass that caused loss of all light and descent to pre-mineral, also caused the reachable upper bodies to enter the carcass. This was depicted as two men climbing stairs carrying crosses with no tops, one behind the other. At the top of the stair they became only one man, then the face of the suffering Christ was shown on a cross.

We may take this last vision as Upstairs trying to penetrate my "cracks" of under- standing, or we are placing the Christ inside the Beast. Those of stronger heart will see that nothing is wasted in creation, and the shells of the lower bodies of the Ascended Christ were recycled, placed in glands for another human. I can strengthen your hearts more, if you can stand it, for there is no point in allowing the same awareness to grow again, so Upstairs substitutes the astrals of Ascended Masters with raw Cosmic Fire of emotions from the core of the planet, for the reincarnated etheric body to cope with.

No tops on the crosses means the negative had not been completely balanced by the positive, for the symbol of the cross has always shown the negative that must be achieved before the positive is allowed to grow from it, "crucifying" the negative.

You are reading this and can reject it. I have lived it, coupled with the forced injections from Upstairs of all the hormones that stir the dark extremes of the five basic emotions. I lived those states, yet knew they were not I. My states were deflected by Logic into cold vituperations against my Creators as I saw the laws we live by. As I watched the controlled folly of devolved masters of mineral brain, that could not truly reach me, try to touch me through my friends, I alienated all friends and closed my thoughts from them. As I saw how they then "used" my family, one child even driven to smash her face in a suicide-attempt, I reached something I had never thought possible for me, and cursed each of the devolved beings to be without they power they seek, joining to no-one that will be anything but a mass of planet.

I had to see my children as having the same opportunity to be strengthened through tyranny, for I could not ask them to avoid what they could not even understand. Yet, no human can ever sense the insincerity in a controlled folly, for there is no such concept in a devolved being. There can be no true learning of the human state from contact with them, for only a fool would trust totally a being that intends to run through Sweetness and Patience to Cunning and Mercilessness. A human would emanate the future intent or even the potential, and we could be blamed for not attending to those signs, seeing them afterwards. Those living beings are clear in emanations and impeccable, awaiting the moment of dependence to show the first sign of Cunning … I learned to get out at that sign, without waiting for Ruthlessness. I even learned very quickly how to use my own cunning to assure each "appearance" that staying or going were equal to me, that my ruined business could be dropped and forgotten immediately, that "friends" were no more than loaded potential enemies. Unable to storm the castle, they continue to chop at the outposts - my children.

I do not totally trust that the visions of descents are real for this moment, but I do know control of matter and descent to exclusive mineral brain was the state of the troupe in 1994.

I would live it out again, and gladly, if one belief, the only one I could cling to, could be restored. I knew the Master of Perfection could not protect me from all this if I were to learn, for total protection is total ignorance. I had always been partly protected from the same troupe since 1974, for in 1995 I realised the sounds of the brain of the leader had always been there when he would switch to Ruthlessness in dealing with apprentices.

There was no way I could hear the leader's brain and he be ignorant of my existence. They had been using their tyranny of etheric mastery on me and mine through those years, while members of their master's troupe had stayed out of that Serpent - with control of matter and all that implies - to assist. I now look at those who fill the building where I live. I am even shown the signs of their entry into vacant apartments in the building near mine. I trust all, for I have no dealings with any, and cut the cards whenever I must play. I will not pay the price of feeling bad for anything under this sun, nor the next.

But the Hierarchical Master will no longer be that at times, for at each devolution males lose the female attributes of Strength, Order, Emotions and Growth that only return when the astral is again built with those attributes. Useless on the material plane until they grow with female attributes, they are even open to attack if not protected from satanic, devolved females or the androgyne that is the Beast.


Spectroscopic Binary

Bringing childhood nightmares
Captive in the Eye
Of Medusa's decapitated head
Carried by the rescuer Perseus


Her eyes turned all to stone = mineral band of middle brain, or mineral brain itself.

What is the "DNA The Hard Truth" connection to this "turning to stone"?

What I did not find it necessary to elaborate until Kent turned our interest to Algol, is the way that humans can indeed be turned to stone - if the last photo given to us in the opened tomb of Osiris is of him, a stone reptile, we have more of the puzzle to fit together.

First, note that Medusa could look at anything, but only when there was eye-contact did the other turn to stone. In other words, energy passes from us to whatever we look at.

Medusa shows light-stealing, synonymous with awareness-stealing, but which causes the descent through bands of each brain - man/animal to plant to mineral (stone). There is an "awareness-stealing" that leaves all the subtle bodies intact, and is part of the process of fusion to form the entity. There is no turning to stone involved in that.

In the top, human brain, the outward human form is kept as awareness diminishes through any band. The problem is when middle-brain is reached, for this corresponds to plant brain.

Referring to Castaneda’s writing on the "place of the Beast", to which don Juan insisted warriors would certainly fall from time to time, thus changing to various animal forms, we see that this is when middle brain-mastery is reached on that path of devolution. Human outward form could only be maintained in the topmost region of man’s band, but not in the lower regions.

In fact, the mystery of the "warrior trees" in don Juan’s garden, is that when light is lost to the extent of entering plant band of plant brain, warriors irreversibly turned to plants. Only the light of the sun would stop the loss of more awareness, or those trees would have turned to stone on reaching mineral band of middle brain.

The method Circe used on Ulysses and his crew was to put them into coma, then light was lost. She obviously administered a potion to revive them or they would have turned first to animals, then to plants while in that prolonged coma.

Algol, the Eye of Medusa, may be pointing us to something else, for note that stealing light to turn someone to stone cannot be done unless they first turn to animals, then plants. Only a lack of sunlight would cause the turning to stone.

Also, note that awareness is still in middle-brain, therefore the etheric/rational/memory body is still surrounding the being.

Two things spring to mind here:

  1. The turning of Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt, and
  2. The large stone that stopped our finding the descending passage in Cheops.

a) The admonishment not to turn back to look, was because a process of light-stealing was in place. Lot’s wife turned - eye-contact with some object or matter that she could "see" permitted the loss of her awareness, like the Eye of the Medusa = Algol. Salt is mineral, for the consistency of mineral depends on the emotions in the blood - the sea (salt) is used in the Apocalypse for the emotions of our astral state and body.

b) The blocking stone shows that no-one must descend slowly through that brain. The blow to 6th dimension that hit all Buddhic bodies on 16th July 1994, caused a straight descent to mineral brain in all that were on paths of devolution, where human form can be kept in any band, for the training of intent on those paths ensuresd the ability to function in lower brains, and immediately control of all physical matter.

The Main Awarenesses of the Entity are not 007 - licensed to kill, but can be called 009 - licensed to steal awareness. To find your own clues to how this joining of awareness is done, I refer to Venus rising from the sea (of emotions) as the Harlot of heaven, and definitely to the wife to Tobias, of the Old Testament, for each of her previous husbands had died (?) after the wedding-night. I also refer to what I described in previous articles of the persecution of the leader of the devolved troupe, than then used and descended into his carcass.



Subj: Letter to David Morehouse - Psychic Warrior.

Date: 09/01/1999 4:22:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Circe)

Dear Kent,

The material here will be touched in my articles, and some of it has already been touched, but here it is.

On site said they would try to use letter-post to get this to Mr. Morehouse, but there has been no reply.

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:27:57 -0700 (PDT) &&

From: Circe

Subject: David Morehouse - Psychic Warrior

Dear Mr. Morehouse,

I have not lived your experience, but can explain something about it that will help to set your mind at ease. My study for many years has been the evolution of man, and in my own being, and then on 16th July 1994 it was diverted to the devolution of man: a necessary state for the upcoming harvest of our awareness. This last does touch the unconscious brain that we lived in when we had hardly emerged from the magma of our planet.

The study of devolution still provides much heretofore unknown information on the mechanisms of creation - your experiences corroborate some of what came from my own cells, and you also know that what you lived is within your own source of cellular knowledge.

Two things seem to give you great cause for personal concern, and it could hardly be otherwise without certain facts at your disposal. You refer to

1. Arc of the Tabernacle - the feeling of total goodness yet total evil;

2. Knowing you are a wrong-doer, yet it is not you.

Walk with me through this … tell me if you need a different coherence …

Journeying into other times, you already know that time is simultaneous - in other words there is no basis for reincarnation except as a need of the Personality of the Entity we came from to discover more in our sector of creation. Each Personality must live everything, yet each personality-fragment is still there … as a human at some height of creation in this sector. When you go back or forward in time, you can seem to be totally involved in a fragment from which you were the "next" development, or enter the awareness of what is a "future" one.

That state is determined by your intent as you move in the experience. You already know it does not have to occur if you are bent on discovering some facts in a specific investigation. Your experience will follow the lines of your intent, but no intent at all means just moving into one of the "future" or "past" developments of your total Personality.

Creation comes about because of the raw energy of All That Is that wants to experience all the expressions if Its Being. Each sector of creation is pure feelings - emotions. All that we are, or see around us, is there because of the Feelings of All That Is. As a part of that same energy, we are creators, the mirror of life condensing the circumstances for what we still need to live, and determined by the emanations from our own cells.

When a sector for creation is opened up, the raw emotions are a totality of pure extremes - you will have heard the saying "extremes touch". You felt the state of the Alpha & Omega, the Evil that longs to move towards the Light in what was given to us as we moved up into 3rd dimension and top brain. The tabernacle is where the sacrifice is kept on an altar. 3rd dimension is where we were sacrificed time after time until we perfected the third brain and the body we call the astral = understanding and emotions.

This is not the Ark of the Covenant, but merely the basis for it - the double germ. An Arc will form when a height of creation is completed in a sector, just as an electric current arcs as it brings Male energy to Female energy, so it will when we, as personality-fragments, are not only put together, but the total Entity has become only Two Beings that will fuse. "Covenant" means the coming together. What you witnessed was the raw state of the double germ that had not started to be developed - what brought our system of alternative universes into existence. One extreme cannot exist without the other. Yet it was called an Ark … while still in that primitive state, and must have been inside a human … please tell me if you personally witnessed any current, arc, crossing from the light to the dark …

I see two ways creation can come about. One is that a mass filled with the extremes descends the spheres, born from the bodies of what we call Creators that will guide Their offspring through every stage. Those Creators are forced to give birth to ever denser parts of Themselves if all is to be known of the Raw Energy that invades Their Beings when They enter a new sector. Creatures will emerge from that mass of Cosmic Fire and Matter. (This view coincides with Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse.)

In our times, the task was to take five main emotions at their "evil" extremes, then move towards the "good" extremes. These emotions built our material organs in the task of transmutation.

Please note that without having known and given out and received absolute Cruelty,

there can never be the living of total Love, yet an extremely primitive personality-fragment, alive in a constant "now", will cross easily from hate to love, for they touch.

You can see that the "you" that seemed to be very evil, even wanting to hurt your own family, is as essential to your Entity as the one you are now, and even allowed the present "you" to come about.

The list of main emotions in our 3rd dimension, from which there came as many intermediate and extreme states as were necessary to build all the cells that we now are, is as follows:

The Anger of God - Liver functions.

The Cruelty of God - Heart functions.

The Sadness of God - Lung functions.

The Anxiety of God - Spleen functions.

The Fear of God - Kidney functions.

The Ark should eventually be a rainbow of as many colours as we have bodies, for through those emotions we have built ever subtler bodies that correspond to upper dimensions, and these are around us in 3rd dimension.

I am not sure of how to continue … on what lines that will be coherent for you, or whether you would like to approach this from another angle that should be verifiable in a practical way. My main point is to assure you that you are well; that you have stumbled onto a link with the unconscious brain and that can be explained in practical terms - its mechanisms.

Please remember the word "intent" when the experiences start to occur, so that you may have control over them and even terminate them. You are not a puppet.

It may be helpful to go to Spyderweb Forum, and read the series "DNA - The Hard Truth", written to jolt the awareness of those who would believe that Light is anything other than Cosmic Fire that invades matter to forge our bodies for the task.

You have helped me by explaining the dark surrounding the light, rather than touching it. This is our most primoeval state in 3rd dimension. You have already expressed something like a "gap" between them, as a Longing, and I wonder if you can "see" it in any material way. In fact, if your intent were focused on seeing a development of that tabernacle within more evolved humans, you would be able to help me further by noticing the gradual spacing out between the dark and the light in past personality-fragments of other humans - a spacing that is really the building of the subtler bodies.

They should forever touch in some way, but there should still be a gap where they touch, essential for the fusion of positive to negative when the Entity is built.

My information nay sound as mind-boggling as the experiences in remote viewing, but I lack certain essential mechanism in processes that must be undertaken by our conscious awareness in the near future.

You have helped me further is seeing how our re-coding - explained in the DNA articles - may even come about. We may either develop the same link that you have, and live quickly within those previous awarenesses before they fuse to us … so we can handle them … or they may simply fuse and we have to make the best of it.

My information from the evolution of man is that when such states are experienced, we must allow the inferior ego to experience it all, but keep our awareness in a detached place, noticing the emotions that are touched, with neither criticism nor praise, so our awareness does not lower into the astral of emotions. The intent of witnessing what you wish to know will keep you in that upper awareness, without harm when you decide to come out of it, and even perfecting the work of the task beforehand.

Mr Morehouse, you have been handed a magnificent tool for your own quick updating in evolution! You are the first I know of to explain that you felt you were living your own hellish awareness, and I can see this is in a previous personality-fragment.

As I write this, that started out really for your benefit, I am beginning to see how I should be benefitting from remote viewing, not for curiousity, but for a practical forging to assure my state as far as I can take it as one fragment.


I didn't want to enter the wide material of re-forging, but the truth is that I would benefit from past hells running through me, to see how I cope. I have had some experience of this, especially since 1995, and could only describe it as similar to when a dentist gave me an injection to extract a wisdom tooth years ago, then left to let the injection take effect.

When he returned, I asked him why I was shaking with fear in every cell, when I knew I was not afraid. He replied 'Oh, that's just the adrenaline in the injection!"

I expect the re-coding to be similar - living what we do not have to be truly involved in, yet feeling it in every cell.


Subj: What do I know about Osiris?

Date: 09/01/1999 4:00:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Circe)

Dear Kent,

You ask about Osiris … I tried to get that page copied, since it is a nuisance to read as a download by shifting the scroll-bar back and forth - it just would not copy the text. I'm in a country where I pay twice as much as you for Internet, plus constant phone-time, so I try not to linger.

My only experience that brought Osiris to my focus was during September of 1995, when the separated bodies (into upper corresponding dimensions) of a devolved troupe-leader were proved to have been lost - he was in pieces, hiding from that same satanic troupe by concentrating on upper awareness - rising through the head as instructed. His bodies got mixed up with some of the troupe, for when I tried to restore memories to all of them I found each was receiving his memories. Their awareness (15% etheric) then entered his carcass, having lost their own carcasses. (They walked in like Mickey Rooney and walked out like Big John Wayne!)

I tried to restore the correct bodies and memories to each … not sure if I was successful, for controlled folly is their only tool, nor did the leader want that - he wanted anonymity. I can't blame him, for those who had their own carcasses butchered his carcass repeatedly, but he could not die, having entered Scorpions through loss of light and descent to below mineral awareness.

These paragraphs are a bit much, and a bit too soon. I will try to figure out this Osiris-thing, and my present thought is that it is another deception connived at by Upstairs, but for us to focus on something, for we are meant to unravel deceptions to find the truth within. They want to see who will panic, to watch us scatter in fear like ants when stirred with a stick, and who will remain focused, knowing everything is okay and there will never be a moment when it is not okay.

Let's try the fear out: Osiris may also be serving as a signpost for the fused tyrant whose every sound as the carcass of the troupe-leader is connected to my brain. If he can stop the last of his awareness and bodies from entering his original carcass, he will do it = he may wake up as Osiris. Huh! I can then guarantee you have a real tyrant-awareness in any quickening. The rest of the troupe hold and mesmerise that carcass, thinking they will have its power … God only knows why they cannot understand their own rules and realise that power is not in a male but in a female! Lemmings … gollums … but much less tyrannical than Upstairs.

Common sense = Osiris is an outdated awareness, his cellular "works" so remote from what ours are now, that even the possibility of contacting him through Remote Viewing is a contact purely for technology. All are still existing in simultaneous time, proven in Remote Viewing, and especially by the experiences of David Morehouse.

I entered Internet right now to send my next article, and found your e-mail. I can send you first what I wrote to Morehouse recently on some of his experiences that were causing him mental pain and doubt.

Remember there will very soon be no way of contacting beings, neither in "previous" time nor in alternative present-time universes, for universes are closing in, and all awareness in Personality-fragments will join. But suspended animation, or a "dead" body brought back to life (awareness) sounds like non-restoration of upper subtle bodies - even in coma light is lost, bodies separate, and we have a case of lower brains being accessed - understanding gone, and perhaps even rationality.

Now, such a mineral awareness has terrific scope for finding anything down to electrons, but has to be pointed in a direction. Like a horse with blinkers, it will not find what is not under its nose unless suggested by another person. Yet, if awareness is there, and is viable (not like a zombie), we may have a being with control of all physical matter, and are playing not just with fire, for benevolence or wickedness depends on the evolution and patterns in that physical body. We have no method of really knowing what is in that DNA as far as balance of emotional extremes is concerned.

What are brought to mind are the three bodies in Yellowstone Park, under Grand Teton - perfect, youthful, ancient in time-sense, yet stamping in their cellular "works" all subsequent lives, written of by Godfrey Ray King, who then ascended as a Master in the first half of this century. His awareness and that of Lotus, his wife, and his son, Donald entered those bodies under the supervision of other Ascended Masters, Who said that the experiment had never been done before, which sounds like all their subtle bodies were temporarily moved to the crypt-ones.

These seem to have a purpose for this End-Time in the reception and transmutation of Entities, for the carcasses that hold the last fusion of Entities are going to take a lot of beating up, but for the Life of me I can't divide 25 by the Three-In-One and find anything other than that when the Ark of the Covenant is formed - male electricity fusing to female and causing the rainbow-effect as a tremendous arc - only One body/mass goes from this universe, and there is a cloud-effect as the mineral atoms fall back. The male carcass will have only female energy (subtle bodies within), believe it or not, and the female will only have male energy, so it is the male carcass that receives all. That still leaves Two carcasses for the Witnesses that stay in this sector - a male and a female.

I have also thrown out the Three in One as meaning a division by three, for One that is the Father is really raw energy - the Alpha and Omega found in new sectors. The final fusion of Entities is down to Two, then One Mass for leaving.

Inverting the orbit of the electrons will cause a black hole …eh…do scientist know this? But it has to be done as One Being, or the fusions do not reach the same "space". I can now imagine one of the Elite finding the formula for inversion of the orbit of his own electrons, or getting Osiris in mineral brain to effect that in him, and finding himself invaded by the Alpha and Omega in a new sector = a snowball in Hades.

I still think I have to develop more in the articles before entering anything else. How much of what I have written here makes sense to you, has some basis in your reality? Yet it could if you have digested the previous articles. Understanding moves slowly or does not digest anything, and so much in my articles reveal entirely new information on what we have been living, yet I know it is the required for the times. We've been experimenting on enough branches and now have to get back to the heart of the tree.

Try to print first the one that I am about to send, and will send before this one. I was not too interested in those supposed ploys of the Elite since I know whatever they get up to cannot change the bottom line of our task, which really means they cannot affect our reality unless we focus on them and not on the task. Still, I'll find that page on Osiris and download to see if I find it flesh, fowl or good red herring.

Remember that my rendition could be what you might expect of an amateur piano-player when you hand him a violin - he should hand it back or be prepared to sound ridiculous.


Subj: Osiris

Date: 09/02/1999 2:05:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Circe)

Dear Kent,

I cannot deviate from my own knowledge of the structure of our bodies when I look at all I can find on Osiris.

Part of one article talks of Thot, Osiris, Sleepers, having come from Sirius and Planet X to establish mystery schools, eventually leaving bodies attached by a "thread" in suspended animation when they returned to …somewhere.

We look at what this means and find a correspondence to the structure of humans or any other being that can live visibly in our dimension = with a mineral and etheric body at the very least if they are "alive".

At the Ascension of Jesus witnessed by some apostles, He arose in a cloud. There are other examples, but that "cloud" was the falling back of the material that belonged to the dimensions He was leaving = no body can arise to a dimension higher than that with which it has correspondence - its matter will not exist in the same form on that dimension. Any condensed components of higher realms within that body can arise, but what have we, then? At the very least we have the losing of the lower components that will fall back in a "cloud".

This seems to pose the question of how we can manipulate mineral matter within 3rd dimension …and use it in 3rd dimension. The fact is that we do not do that. How many of us look at what is on our dinner-plate and think we are eating from the mineral realm, the plant realm and the astral realm, because we have kelp, vegetables and meat on the plate?

What we have here is a limited vocabulary to express the difference between realms… semantics, but from something we must draw our substance (no pun intended) and our vocabulary shows the limitations of our thinking-ability and that is due to a lack of perception - sight within those realms.

We just do not have the correct words for what I want to express, but will do so anyway. I shall not invent new words and explain them, for the explanations would again fall back on the only words we know how to use to give meaning.

The fact is that our bodies have the uncharted ability to turn those MINERAL MANIFESTATIONS of each realm on our plate into etheric and astral substance - hormones, if you will - that enter the blood and reach the endocrine glands, rise and eternally flow into the etheric and astral body, nourishing them. You, Kent, insisted that we should have all the realms in some form in the mass of planet, and we do - their condensations to mineral, from which their upper properties can be released given the right circumstances.

Consider a homoeopathic remedy that contains only arsenic and glucose, triturated hundreds of times by taking 1/10 of the preceding trituration to mix with 90% glucose, till it would take a mystic to find even a hint of arsenic in the resulting globules. Yet, it is known that more trituration leads to a stronger remedy for homoeopathic purposes. The usual purpose is to affect the astral.

What has happened is that the arsenic has reached such a state as to be able to effect the astral body in such a way as to pull it back to reach the blood of the physical, but corresponding to the correct interpenetration of the astral organs with the blood.

Were we to give straight arsenic to a person, they would be "poisoned", but in fact the physical would be worn down by the inability of the astral to leave in sleep - insomnia - therefore no nourishment would come from the fixed astral that could not leave to find the nourishment; the etheric would therefore wither, and the physical no longer be sustained. Death is the withering of the etheric, whose first 15% always stays around the physical to nourish and hold the physical shape. The astral would eventually condense to a lower state, continually pulled towards mineral realm.

We would need an etheric space-ship to reach etheric realms, and something built only of astral matter to reach purely 3rd dimensional planets - we cannot even "see" them. We build ships with truly mineral matter THAT DOES CONTAIN PROPERTIES OF UPPER REALMS, and reach mineral manifestation in planets and so on.

The only space-ships that we can use to reach other dimensions are our own subtle bodies, and even in trying to adapt the etheric properties captured in a Kirlian machine, that shows etheric-realm manifestations, in order build a ship that will reach etheric spheres, we must realise that AT THE MOMENT OF TAKING THE PHYSICAL ATOMS OF THAT SHIP INTO THE ETHERIC REALM, THEY MUST FALL BACK TO THE MINERAL REALM - the ship appears to explode.

When we look at the stars, we see only the mineral emanations of those stars, whether they be in other dimensions or not. That does not mean they have a mineral manifestation that we could stand on with physical bodies.

Know that dimensions are really measurable as to heights above the earth = miles, feet and inches (see Holy City for calculations in stadiums, that only tell of three dimensions, by the way). OUR SHIPS WILL APPEAR TO EXPLODE IF THEY TRY TO CROSS A DIMENSIONAL BOUNDARY.

This next boggles the mind, but makes good common sense:

We can investigate and use technology up to 4th dimension and even higher, if we have the bodies built in ourselves. What does that mean? It means something like Tesla came up with - unheard of inventions. Know that it takes a being with awareness linked to his own 5th dimensional body in order to build a physical, mineral machine that contains those 5th-dimensional properties. The inventor puts his own filaments of 5th dimension into that machine. Any adult not living entirely in his emotions can build a machine using his own filaments of 4th dimension incorporated into the machine. This gives great pause for thought, and know that as you "think" you are releasing filaments as "tangible" energy. An angry baker poisons the bread with his own filaments of anger-energy - astral filaments.

The dimensions reached in Remote Viewing will only correspond to the realms we have developed as subtle bodies, and we will be concentrating our awareness in those specific bodies to "see" those realms.

Osiris: Control of matter that comes from awareness in the lowest brain can move the physical instantaneously to any spot on this earth, or any other earth, or any thing that can be visualised and that has a mineral manifestation.

Osiris could never have taken his physical body anywhere unless it was back to a planet that has a mineral manifestation, in a mineral ship. If he had developed a true Atma, and this explanation is coming up in the DNA articles, then he could immediately have visualised his home and been there with his physical body, using intent = vanishing.

The hard truth on Osiris: That body is ancient. It has not been stamping through feelings whatever any body linked to it "by a thread" has been going through in the real task in creation of transmuting the emotions. Awareness is gone. If we want to pay homage to that body, we should throw a wreath at it, and forget it, or our own attention will be turning it into our god, to stamp its outdated patterns on our bodies (only if we see it or stay in its presence).

If Osiris is being pushed down into that body in this Descent of Creators, he will be unfit to join the Entity = he copped out in his pursuit of technology and did not get down to the brass tacks of the task. The last photo of Osiris' tomb from Ananda shows a stone reptile. There is no caption for it.

Here comes the harder truth: Osiris could have appropriated a physical Reptilian body (or any other at that time) and used it for his stay on earth, but that means that OSIRIS WAS A BEING SLOUGHED OFF in our descent to pre-mineral to begin this planet's evolution with humans climbing up through spheres, etc. = not wanted = detrimental. If he was sloughed off as we descended through etheric, then he could directly place his lowest body as the etheric of the body he appropriated. If from a higher dimension, he would have had to appropriate the bodies between, had the desired physical none of these.

Beings and stars were definitely sloughed off in that descent, for the blueprint showed that if they had remained in the mass of descending planet the desired results would not come about - parts had to be left behind. The space now occupied by Saturn is where we all were as one mass till planets were sloughed off. Then the moon was left behind to ensure the fragility and capacity of the mass - had we kept it inside the planet we would be no more than rocks, or a species of arthritic homunculus at best.

Those beings in upper dimensions "may" want to be what we are, but no body can descend dimensions, either. It can be as an aura around an appropriated body from a lower dimension. Hold that "may" suspended, for they cannot "want" anything.

Deception abounds, but Free Will does NOT.

Look at the piano. Seven white notes of matter, and only five black ones to show antimatter. All corresponds. Where is the antimatter for 3rd dimension? Where is E# = Fb? It is inside our astrals! The Alpha/Omega is Antimatter/Matter. We are the Creators at this height, through having the astral body of hellish emotions = free will. The other dimensions have no free-will, and are used, by Upstairs, the Tyrants.

The only other missing black note appears to be for 7th dimension - there is no Cb = B#. Do those on 7th dimension have free will? Are they the Creators? No! That is a dimension we formed and to which our Atmas are ejected, and look at descriptions for that realm in the Seventh Letter to the Churches. We simply do not have access with any body we can build to any sphere above 7th, so the musical scale is of seven (+5 = 12).

The Pyramid of Cheops depicts Anti+matter surging from the Tomb on 9th dimension, and on that same dimension Three Beings take form. This is as far up as we are allowed to understand at our height, but look at what understanding tells me: Two should form - the extremes, so if Three are there it means some of that Alpha/Omega is retained, to be parcelled out to the dimensions below at ordained times. I really believe that only happened in the beginning, the Big Bang, that those First Creators got wise, and that now the fusion of the Entities into a Gestalt will separate into male and female on reaching a new sector as the Alpha/Omega invades them, and there we have the Three, though the parcelling-out is still correct. (We simply have to leave simultaneous time out of some rationality, or we can understand nothing with brains that continually think in pauses to jump circuits to use rationality.)

The DNA articles have reached a point where this next can be grasped.

In all this, sense tells us that the mass that leaves will have no blood unless that Gestalt takes the last physical body, and can only take it to a mineral dimension, and that is unreasonable. So, having no blood, the Alpha/Omega will not really invade at all, and merely be a Lamb to be ingested and considered as to the "dream" within, so that a blueprint will form for new possibilities in creation. Creators FEEL nothing.

Conclusion based on Osiris coming once as a "god" :

Original Osiris from another dimension = no free will = directed by the Tyrants Upstairs, but his one-time appropriated physical form now certainly able to be manipulated by the Elite downstairs … to see what they do with it. This was obviously connived at ages ago.

Let's turn all this mysticism and magic into science that we can handle - getting it into our DNA. Let's digest DNA-The Hard Truth to help us along.



Changing to 12-strand DNA is a theme I find on many esoteric sites in the Internet. The assumption is that we are at the moment of only two strands, and were originally of 12 strands.

Until we look at the process of fusion of the parts of each Personality of the Entity, such a change to more strands is surrounded by mysticism unless we think of physical operations on the human species.

We take two other clues:

the state of humans in devolution that reveals to etheric sight the number of compartments in the luminous shell; the Rule for the assembling of a troupe as described in "The Eagle's Gift" by Carlos Castaneda, who wrote it out as given by his master.

Only one male and one female nagual of four compartments were required for any Toltec troupe, while the troupe itself could be a totality of up to 17 members. The rest of the troupe comprised those of two compartments in luminous shells, males and females.

When we put it all together, we see that the claim of having had our DNA strands reduced to only two does not apply to nagual humans - they have more. Reducing meant the splitting up of Original Beings into at least as many parts as there are individuals for a Toltec troupe, and those Original Beings are referred to as "Earthly Kings" in the Apocalypse.

Such a splitting-up was for the ability to enter more awareness in the form of more independent individuals, for the timing of harvests comes around with inexorable chronology, though some sources say every 24,000 years and others every 26,000.

Fusions of Personalities of the Entities translates as humans being devolved to separate their various bodies, which are then fused in the different dimensions and tribulated into the carcasses of naguals, male and female. Thus the DNA strands are successively more than even 12 as the Personalities are built up, then the Entities, then the Two.

This is the basis for the idea of "rapture", when we find ourselves without physical bodies and fusing to more parts of our Original Being.

Your link to Larry Hunter: his writing on possibly being Osiris himself is absolutely plausible, for the Original Being of Osiris was split into many parts and is now walking around as many millions in countless alternative universes.

This is why regressions are dicey, and so many find themselves in circumstances of pomp. We have been split, and further split, and are all pieces that belong together and that can trace their existence back to the original beings, given the capacity or the depth of regression. No past life is viable as an indication of what we really were unless we know that we are only part of what we once were.

The story of Isis and Osiris is the story of creation of humans from Two that represented Matter and Antimatter - Matter and Cosmic Fire - but Both were split and scattered.

As the song goes, "We're gonna build this thing together, never mind the weather, nothing's gonna stop us now". We have no power to stop this building, and the only choice is to be conscious of it, or not.


NOSTRADAMUS, Century II - 41

La grand' estoille par sept iours bruslera,

Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:

Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,

Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

1. The great star will burn for seven days,

2. The cloud will make the sun appear double:

3. The large mastiff will howl all night

4. When the great pontiff changes his abode.

1. Seven days for the changeover to a new sun,

(companion sun, Cassiopaeans)

2. Comet Lee nickel-plates the brown sun, attracted

by its cobalt Cassiopaeans)

3. The barrier of time will be broken (see Thoth, the

Atlantean - "hounds" ),

4. The fused Entity leaves this system of universes.

(DNA The Hard Truth, & Thoth)

Great = gross = many.

Terroir = terror/abode = new Anti+matter for a (6th)

height of Buddhic humanity.


SENT 7/9/’99.

List ye, O man, to the depth of my wisdom. Speak I of knowledge hidden from  man. Far have I been on my journey through SPACE-TIME, even to the end of the space of this cycle. Found I there the great barrier, holding man from leaving this cycle. Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier, lying in wait for he who would pass them. In that space where time exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions. THOTH