Update - Cassiopaean information:


Dear Laura,

Please note that being "right" is not in my favour at all times. Without hoping to find where I could be wrong, I can learn nothing new. I see sense in your contact, but you and I are grasping that sense with differing understanding. That difference is vital, and I mean dealing out success or failure for the Entity.

I have little I can use or activate at the present time with which to integrate what you appear to be grasping of Cassiopaeans transmissions: a moving to dimensions that seems to imply no loss, in either direction. I can find awareness travelling in its own energy-filaments as the intent penetrates other dimensions, but cannot find filaments in the same state when they are pulled back to the physical brain. I can find a "silver cord" from that "intent-energy body" allowing transmission to the total brains, and that seems to solve the problem, but … I don’t see a person, or a dimensional body of cellular awareness from any person, moving into or out of dimensions while retaining the original state, or recuperating it.

THE UNDERGROUND BASES: I don’t see any person in those zones reaching 4th dimension without losing substance excepting that of the Logic body = bodies in the aura unable to rise to that dimension, which means substance falling back, and does not mean their walking around like humans on the physical planet. The same applies for the attempted moving of a chunk of planet. What will be left of those bodies will rise, but in the same state as that in which their substance first descended for the making of our planet, with any awareness it can keep.

When any part of a planet, or its totality, tries to shift to an upper dimension, the substance falling back will leave raw magma in that zone for a time = pre-mineral, though it MAY eventually be covered by atoms of the lower dimensions that could not rise. That means THERE WILL BE REAL HOLES IN OUR PLANET, holes whose bases are pure Units of Consciousness, and may or may not be filled by Electromagnetic Units, and so on up the scale of matter. If not, clouds of debris and steam will rise as the surrounding earth falls into the magma.

There will be no streets to travel on or houses to enter - that Cassiopaean description applies to the part that rises to (stays of) 4th dimension. In plain language: THE LOGIC SPHERE OF THE PLANET WILL STAY, WITH ITS SURROUNDING SUBTLER SPHERES IN PLACE, and where it has always been. This method means parts of the planet will be being pushed back to the original state of mass from which we came, taking lower bodies into that mass, and as a gradual regional process for a dimensional separation of the planet. Anyone entering those zones while the process is taking place, will lose the lower bodies and be using only the Logic body of 4th dimension.

I DO see that DEVOLUTION can take place to those who are in those zones with underground bases that vibrate in 4th dimension. This means no holes in the planet, and no falling back of any substance as particles. Parts of the planet can devolve, just as individuals do devolve. What is devolution?

In order to explain devolution so that anyone can grasp it, I have focused on an "up and down". This is entirely intelligible, and fixes the process in our visualisation. It fixes it so well, without any understanding of complicated sciences, that we can use it to apply to processes of evolution in our own lives.

Obviously dimensions are like our auras and encompass each other. Yet I know about devolution inasmuch as bodies being taken out of the reach of our useable awareness (personhood) and acting on their own as viable Living Beings. They are in their own singular dimensions, and those still surround us, but there is a breach that needs the extension of "silver cords" between each body. What does that mean?

It means that there is no interpenetration of those bodies, still in the same "spaces" of our auras. They cannot reach our blood. Blood is a most important issue in all this, for without blood there remains only cellular awareness, in any body. It can act in its own dimension, but cannot grow of itself. It can be filled with more patterns of knowledge if the person-awareness is in a lower body that corresponds to that dimension (see tables in DNA The Hard Truth), or if a fusion to other bodies of the same height takes place.

This need for interpenetration of the blood is a main issue in St. John’s Apocalypse - that and frightening us with the symbols, but the fright is not my focus. Substance, always with awareness, but not always with blood, is the mystery that has to be penetrated and understood. Cosmic Fire - the Antimatter - is a gift, whether we want it or not. Our matter, substance, is what we have to know about.

What the Cassiopaeans are describing for parts of the planet that have underground bases is a DEVOLUTION. This adds more scope to what I seek to know more clearly, which is HOW we shall be devolved. Those territories are being knocked out of kilter, and separation of the persons’ bodies and the planet’s spheres is occurring in those zones. Misalignment is taking place and will relentlessly lead to separation.

We can integrate this part: you are being told that all who enter those zones will instantaneously end up in other places and even change gender. This is exactly what has happened to those using lowest brain = the devolved troupe around me. They have the ability to "reach into time" as they call it. They pluck, from the instantaneous "now", any form in which they once lived. They can also alter any form to any shape and play the controlled folly of being someone we think we know … we only know something is missing if we are looking for such duplications or can see the aura. All awareness in lowest brain is there to be found, similar to how a vulture picks at a brain in a carcass. They speak all languages that the time-bodies can, with the personal skills, etc. When upper bodies are tribulated down to the physical, they can pick from all awareness, but they cannot "pick" at brains from Logic up, for those are not physical.

The picture becomes more clear. THOSE BASES ARE USED TO DEVOLVE THE PLANET’S SPHERES AND CONTENTS - us. Separation of bodies means that persons we can still see that come through that zone will be left with only the physical body plus the 15% etheric awareness that always stays with the physical - devolved to lowest brain and control of matter.

"WE ARE MERGING WITH YOU." There is no way a being from 6th dimension can truthfully declare that he will be visible, yet has no physicality at the moment, unless he is being tribulated to enter our field of vision through the process of losing upper substance as he condenses to a lower plane. The Cassiopaeans are trying to stimulate our knowledge because their vested interest is that they are being tribulated to enter some of our carcasses. Our awareness will use them, and not vice-versa.

We realise that holes in the planet, and loss of many variations of evolution in humans on those future "holes", is unrealistic for the start of a harvest. Our awareness is wanted and will not be rendered useless as substance-particles until we have used all the contents in lower bodies in a forced evolution of fused subtle bodies.

We look at the putting together, first of each Personality, Then each Entity, Then the whole Gestalt. We see that the circuit of devolution, tribulation and rebuilding to total awareness must be run three times - circuit of electricity.

I shall not know (until devolution or re-coding takes place) whether you receive my communications, but replies in your name could be interesting and stimulating.



In a *book by Roldopho Benavides published in 1960 in Mexico by Editores Mexicanos Unidos, S.A., called "Dramáticas Profecías de la Gran Pirámide", we find a reference to the work of Otto Hesse "Der Jungste Tag". This physicist was born: 22 April 1811 in Königsberg, Germany (now Kaliningrad, Russia) and died: 4 Aug 1874 in Munich, Germany.

Each word of the following is from sections I have translated starting at *Page #200.

"…various famous astronomers have arrived at the conclusion that the Pleiades are a system of suns spinning around Halcyon.

"Hesse maintains that the gravitational centre of our planetary system is the star Halcyon, of the Pleiades, en the constellation of Taurus.

"Disturbing affirmations related with the Pleiades: Our planetary system forms part of the sun-system belonging to the Pleiades system … not merely six suns spin around Halcyon, but many more, and ours occupies the seventh orbit, completed in some 24,000 years divided into two periods of 12,000 years each, of which 2,000 are of "light" and 10,000 are of "darkness". According to Hesse, at the moment we are living out the final year of the 10,000 of darkness, and are about to enter 2,000 years of light.

"Hesse states that Halcyon has a gigantic ring or disc of radiation in transversal position to the plane of the orbits of the suns in its system, the said disk having an effective reach of many hundreds of light-years. Thus, each of the suns of that system, in due course is obliged to cross the said ring or disk of radiation. The speed of each sun varies, so each enters to cross the disk at different times. Our sun takes 2,000 years to traverse the disk.

"According to Hesse, this disk or ring causes the decomposition, division, or breaking up of the electron. Upon earth's entry into this radiation, all molecules and atoms of all existing bodies will be agitated, suffering a transformation of unpredictable magnitude.

"What springs to mind immediately is that such molecular agitation will create a kind of constant light that contains no heat: light without temperature that produces no shadow, and that neither in the deepest cave nor the interior of a human will there be darkness.

"Hesse affirms that the disk of Halcyon is Manasic (a word used by Hesse that in Spanish has no meaning)…"


Referring to tables in DNA The Hard Truth  we see that Manasic means of 5th dimension, and can draw our own conclusions as to what this expansion of state means.

A: What a glorious transition to 4th density STO. With maybe a quick stopover in 5th just to pick up a few things for the trip!

This fits with the Halcyon-effect, but sounds backwards, as though we are forced to 5th dimension, then descend to 4th. The "maybe" should refer to those that cannot remain and will naturally condense as a 4th-dimensional planet plus inhabitants.

Cassiopaeans, in the interview with Santilli on inter-dimensional technology:

A: What is the missing link between matter and consciousness?

A: Variable physicality is the key.

Q: (L) What makes the physicality variable?

Each dimension has its own "size" and surrounds the earth as spheres just as do our auras for each dimension.



p.s. I find nothing on the Internet for the star Halcyon, while Otto Hesse's book "Der Jungste Tag" (The Youngest Day) can be bought - in German.


Beardon - Morphogenetic Grid - Female Energy - Halcyon.

Your link "More Beardon": He explains in such a way that even recognition of workings of the Morphogenetic Grid is there before the questioner forms the same question.

His prior explanation of

"So the entire body mass of the meter recoiled slightly from an equal and opposite force, which we just loosely refer to - and recognize as - Newton's reaction force. It's there, it's real, but we completely neglect it in our electrical measurements"

This hidden "negative" is what scrapes out our bodies with new resistance to the electrical current of emotions, and Bearden touches on that in different words, even giving us an explanation of what the "Gods" do to change templates for our bodies while the "fall guys" called Reptiles do the same, being Their servants. Yet, this is also a description for the negative potential in the Female Receptive (Opposite Force) Energy that first forges the extremes and intermittent points of resistance that build up our subtle bodies as exact replicas of the physicals in each dimension of the aura.

In fact, the only way we could consciously not neglect that force in electrical measurements was by some societies reaching the correct time for the recognition of the female power in creation, at the very least condensed as "equal rights".

This brings a twisted thought: Such a total scientific and biological recognition would mean males not knowing whether to beat females up or set them on pedestals in order to have more true "power" available. Evolution purely through the emanations from feelings could stop, interfered with by cold, and even satanic intellectual considerations.

A truth for our times: Such total recognition and the technology described for controlling the population, which means creator-humans playing God with other creator-humans, even to the point of destroying their subtle bodies of awareness, is obviously not going to be allowed by Upstairs that wants its harvest of awareness in those same bodies.

This is where Halcyon steps in to change the composition of all matter and the relation between its various and new components from C.U.s upward, including those of our own bodies, so first the harvest must take place. It follows that ability to use such technology must be stopped before the harvest and before Halcyon "does its thing" by withdrawal of that electromagnetic energy from the sphere of the earth = dimensions disappear, probably through their plasma being sucked into that much-larger-than-visible Comet (Cluster) Lee, as per the McAnney theorey.