FRIEND1: Hello the hell are you!!!!!!
FRIEND1: remember me????
Phikent: Howwwdyyyyyy
FRIEND1: i am still alive and breathing
Phikent: had a sick period meself
FRIEND1: it's just me and ANON now
Phikent: son?
FRIEND1: we both had missing time on sunday
FRIEND1: yes son
FRIEND1: he is 21
FRIEND1: we missed 45 minutes of time on the way home from jersey
FRIEND1: a trip that would take 1hour and 20 mintes took us over 2 hours
FRIEND1: we were on route 80 heading west
FRIEND1: any sightings that night????
FRIEND1: i know we have been seeing alot of ufo's up here all summer
FRIEND1: every night you look up we see one
Phikent: let me look
FRIEND1: pretty busy around here in PA. mountains
FRIEND1: ok can you explain what i am looking wt??
FRIEND1: i was in the area driving home
Phikent: huge wavefront coming out of accelerator at brookhaven
FRIEND1: what does that mean?
Phikent: well they call it the black hole machine
FRIEND1: what does that have to do with missing time tho?
Phikent: lot of folks worried
FRIEND1: worried?
Phikent: that it's messing up space and time
FRIEND1: i was lost in time or space?
FRIEND1: when i left jersey i was only 5 miles from N.Y.C. on the jersey side
FRIEND1: then drove west to Monroe county in PA.
Phikent: Was a big fireball over PA
FRIEND1: we saw a very bright light which was big
FRIEND1: on 3 nights
FRIEND1: in a row
Phikent: Saturday was fireball
FRIEND1: yes that was the lasr night we saw the light
FRIEND1: thursday,friday and saturday
FRIEND1: i could not get the url
FRIEND1: the page will not display
FRIEND1: what on this page?
Phikent: Far News: Bright Light Flashed Across PA Skies
FRIEND1: bull
FRIEND1: what we saw was not a meteor
Phikent: Look what we saw near the sun on 11th
FRIEND1: when i saw it it was south of me but it stayed still
FRIEND1: and then moved away
FRIEND1: holly molly
FRIEND1: what do you think they are?
FRIEND1: not meteors
Phikent: nobody knows, but sun has been weird since
FRIEND1: i bet
FRIEND1: something is happening
FRIEND1: i feel it
Phikent: sun sent out an even bigger blast on the 12th
Phikent: 9-12 proton blast
FRIEND1: is the sun cruiser still out there?
Phikent: yup, seeing weird stuff every day
FRIEND1: oh my God
FRIEND1: i never saw anything like that
FRIEND1: weird
Phikent: tomorrow eath going to take a hit
FRIEND1: wow
FRIEND1: should i go in hiding?
Phikent: takes 2 days to reach us
FRIEND1: what could happen
FRIEND1: we fry?
Phikent: the solar plasma that is, already protons getting us
FRIEND1: maybe that why i feel off balance today
FRIEND1: my body is sensitive
FRIEND1: What will happen?
Phikent: uncertain, if moon wasn't do bright I'd say Northern lights bigtime
Phikent: but this CME is BIG
Phikent: weird synch another on IM here from PA, seeing stuff too
FRIEND1: you are talking to another?
Phikent: Yup, know FRIEND2
FRIEND1: see told you
Phikent: He's saying same thing
FRIEND1: they are flying all over the place up here
FRIEND1: every night
FRIEND1: unless it's cloudy\
FRIEND1: or raining
FRIEND1: a few weeks ago we saw 5 in one night
FRIEND1: one was a triangular one
FRIEND1: see they will be showing their ships more and more now
Phikent: he says he saw one today in broad daylight
Phikent: it was still then slowly moved- then moved quickly - and then vanished right in front of my eyes
FRIEND1: thats happened to me up here too
Phikent: quoting FRIEND2
FRIEND1: just disapears
FRIEND1: did he see the big bright light this thursday ,friday and saturday?
Phikent: also the electronic guys are picking up a signal
Phikent: saw this today
FRIEND1: what electronic guys?
Phikent: .9 hertz signal
FRIEND1: i see
FRIEND2: saw a daylight ufo today right over town
FRIEND2: wonderin if I am the only one who saw it though
Phikent: Saturday?
FRIEND2: was a white-silver disc hovering about 60 feet above the town
FRIEND2: no saw it today
Phikent: been all over there since saturday
FRIEND2: it was still then slowly moved- then moved quickly - and then vanished right in front of my eyes
FRIEND2: i just happened to look up at the right time and see it
FRIEND2: perhaps only I was meant to see it though- might have been pleiadean