Subj: .9 hertz signal

Date: 9/12/00 10:35:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Charlie Plyler)

Hello Kent,

Would like to call your attention to a very unusual and strange event. The .9 hertz signal Elfrad has been monitoring for the past while has been joined by other transmissions. The regularly scheduled broadcast between 900 and 1000 hrs UT has some companions. The first signal burst started at 822 UT for a duration of 30 minutes. Then the regular daily signal began at 940UT for a duration of 57 minutes. At 1208 UT another transmission began with a larger amount of power. All three events were of the same frequency however each one had different amplitudes. Am unable to determine if originating from same location. Will update you in the event of further anomalies.


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