9/13/2005 11:42:58 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent; I hope you read this in time!

In light of the latest black-out in LA( a typical pattern for covert activity to instill itself)...

There are multiple listings of bible codes on LA , some refer to the 16 of september 2005.

The best I can do to translate them is: the chinese have placed a 1 kiloton atomic device on a submarine, due to detonate 16sep05.

code search words: Los Angeles (the angels) Oh Lament; yields reference to the surface text; daniel 11:24.

This reads; In time of security shall he come even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shal scatter among them prey, spoil, and substance, yea he shall devise his devises against fortress, but only until the time.

the code reads;Los Angeles, God lament...16sep05...atomic...daniel 11:24....chinese....navy fleet....submarine

the second code found as; Los Angeles(the angels) destitute

yields: Los Angeles destitute...calif....2005....atomic...september....the fleet shall set the city on fire...hn-3...kilo-1....chinese...fleet....2005

I think the reference to hn-3 means the CDC code for mustard gas(prey, spoil, and substance)

I think the most likely approach is the navy nuclear refueling port of Los Alamitos just south of Long Beach, a wonderful way of hiding a device is in an area where they already have nuclear devices(he shall devise his devices against the fortress)

Best place to fine the codes is exodus2006.com

God! ,Oh God! I hope I'm wrong!

love and light Stev Pitt


9/13/2005 2:29:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent,Welcome back,I know your tracking the X-class flare Item,This may pertain too it.I live in North GA,and I reported on GLP about the leaves falling off the trees here already! that was about a week and a half ago,well everyday I go out there's more and more tree's with leaves just turning yellow,then falling off! it has now started on the bushes. it's starting to look like fall here!...and I'm starting to think it has something to do with the sun. I go outside for a few minutes and then have a headache when I come back in. at first I thought it was strange all the leaves falling off a few tree's,now everthing's starting too look cooked? last rain we had was when remnants of Katrina moved through,so it some of it may be lack of rain,but the more I think about and observe what's going on, I think we're slowly getting cooked here!..high's are in the high 80's, low's in the mid 60's...even our cat who stay's outside does'nt like being in the sun long.....weird to say the least around here...if you would pic's of the tree's etc, let me know..I'll be glad to snap some and send em too ya!


Flash: Major Air Route Closed -- No Reason Given


9/14/2005 4:10:49 AM Pacific Standard Time



9/13/2005 9:31:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

hey kent..

i was reading the comments on your page here:


re: bible codes/china nuke la etc...

... it rang a mighty bell from a prophecy i read here:



"But what is even worse is the fact that any day now, and in these months of September and October of 2005, CHINA will strike America and lure it to war over the controversy of Taiwan

My other thoughts are the psychic fema folks.. self-fullfilling prophecies..?? ie. the documented aug 2001 training/seminar where they outlined the 3 "most likely" catastrophes to strike america in the future:

1. terrorist strike in new york (>30 days later no less..)

2. major hurricane strikes NOLA.. (um.. nuff said..)

3. major earthquakes in cali.. (pending?..)

I mean, c'mon, what are the odds of them getting this spot on? In exactly the right order eh?? are they That good? a nuke could also be used to s(t)imulate a quake..?? no? We the all-seeing, great and powerful, fema, told you so.


9/14/2005 7:54:43 AM Pacific Standard Time


Made a mistake attributing the prediction of the three events that would strike America to Sorcha Faal when it was actually FEMA…even more interesting!!!

From: B

Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 8:14 AM

To: 'bardsquill@aol.com'

Subject: Solar Flares/Earthquakes/Russian & Chinese Fleets Off Us Coast??!!??


Got this message from a friend: “Guys et al :

A Especial forces X I know, is worried. Last nite he went on some Russian www sites and the Ruskie/China fleet manuvers, apparently are here, off east, west, n gulf coasts.

Also, Our supposed govt. has closed the following air routes, Basically over/by the Allutions to Korea, Japan, etc. .



Anybody got any information on these revolting developments ????

Tanks, OK”

As per Bearden, the sun can be agitated from earth with scalar interferometers to produce solar flares/CMEs, the resulting shocks of which, according to McCanney, especially X-Class flares/CMEs, result in volcanic and seismic activity! Sorcha Faal said there would be three events, two of which have already taken place…attack on New York City (9-11-01), New Orleans flooded, and the third and yet to come is to be a major seismic event (San Francisco?)!!!!

Are we in the final phase of the NWO takeover?!?


9/14/2005 9:42:58 AM Pacific Standard Time


all the downer vibes associated with the sun need some counterbalance...perhaps we can avoid transferring the fear paradigm to the creatures of the heavens...

as you'll remember, the solar blasts of october 2003 brought inspiration to many of us...for you it was flamenco guitar, among other things...following that solar activity of 10/03, i experienced the most intense bout of synchronic personal revelation in my life...in a way it has never stopped...those rays were like a kick-start for me...

as this current storm began, i was thinking, 'i wonder if it will happen again...'

i did not have a strong reaction when it began but it is definitely becoming more tangible to me...and it feels GOOD...my '03 experiences were connected to the sun...i knew this intuitively at the time and still feel it very strongly...

it is my opinion that:

1 - the sun is sentient...recognize that and you can have a relationship with the creature itself...the sun can have a profound effect on you, personally...

2 - the sun is good...the sun has intention, which is good, true and beauiful...

everyone runs around frightened to death of the one thing that gives us all life...our star...that seems silly to me...but it is no different than those who are frightened of 'nature'...just an extension of the same disconnect...

there is talk now of human intervention in the sun's realm...but perhaps men don't control sol (although i'm willing to entertain the notion that they might try)...and perhaps the sun is not gonna zap us into charcoal...maybe it's gonna zap us into hyperspace...or superconsciousness...or maybe the effects are experienced differently, based on unique, individual qualities...or maybe technology will fall...or maybe children will be born empaths...or maybe it will increase the endogenous levels of DMT in our brains and we can all become telepathic, multidimensional, psychedelic angels...

people like to believe that they understand what is happening, my self included...so it becomes easy and comforting to say, well, it's the nwo directing all these affairs...it's the jews...the japanese mob...the greys...the masons...the vatican...

but to me the idea of an all-powerful controlling person or group, calling all the shots and literally scripting global events and geopolitics, is kindergarden stuff in the art of historiography...sure, there groups and individuals seeking and control...and sure there are groups and individuals who have attained some level of control...but to seek control is to invite an enormous amount of aggravation onto one's self...because what is loose on this planet will take the control freak by the short and kinky and toss 'em up against the wall...

maybe no one is in control...absolutely no one...excepting, of course, the equations of dynamics and chaos...

the truth of the matter is that no one knows what the hell is going on down here on planet 3...so there's certainly as much reason to expect paradise as there is armageddon...this is a runaway train on a dark and stormy night and i think we'd best just pay attention and hang on...

either way, enjoy the rays...bathe in the light of the sun...


9/14/2005 11:55:35 AM Pacific Standard Time


Strange string of lights seen over the Phoenix area last night Sept 12

September 13, 2005 http://www.azfamily.com/unexplained/stories/KTVKUnexplained20050913.54ef7535.html

By Scott Davis / 3TV Producer


9/14/2005 12:45:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent...

Internet blackout in West Australia for a couple of hours, unexplained, overnight.

Multiple long power outages in Cairo past few days.


9/15/2005 9:12:05 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent:

I posted this on GLP last nite....:

strange TV remote control problems

I have two remote controls that control my TV, DVD player, Stereo, etc. Last nite one of the remotes stopped working. I picked up the other one, and it didnt work either. I thought it was strange that the batteries would die in both remotes at the same time, but I replaced them in both remotes. They still didnt work. I then put the original batteries back into both of them. They still didnt work. I got up and tried both of them within a foot of the TV. Both of them worked! I thought that was pretty strange, so I controlled the TV manually the rest of the nite. The next day both remotes worked normally! I live about five miles north of MCAS Miramar near San Diego and there were a lot of planes in the air last nite. Something must have been jamming the IR signal coming from the remote controls. Anybody have any ideas as to what it might have been? Could the CME have done it?


This was very strange, Kent, and my wife saw it too. This happened with two remotes controlling more than one device, and I tried new batteries in both remotes.

Something was jamming the IR signal coming from the remote controls. What could it have been? The military has lots of IR stuff, but it's all passive.

My house is right under the departure flight path, so we see lots of military activity.

Take care, and keep the watch...


9/15/2005 2:19 pm EDT

I never get sick. Never...this morning around 9:00am CDT I started feeling sick to my stomach. I had an uncomfortqable feeling that is still continuing. I am not looking for synpathy. I am just wondering if any other humans are having similar experiences this morning and afternoon. I am in west Central Texas.


9/15/2005 11:35:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello i read that you want us to report blackouts, well I live in Bensenville, Illinois and on september 12 I woke up and all the lights were out this was about 8am CST and the whole area was with no lights for several hours.

Now the night prior I seen an article about those sunflares and when I awoke in the morning my gutz feeling knew this had some connection...


9/17/2005 2:55:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, Could we be using Solar Flares to deflect/melt incoming comets? Solar Flares could be ignited by the same torpedoes that you talk about on your site. And if we are doing this what if any is the effect on the magnetic field. I know it may be far fetched idea, but?


9/18/2005 10:49:06 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I live in Springfield Mo. and we have been having blackouts for about 3 days now. The oddest thing about it though is that they don't ever hit east or south parts of town, (and they are rapidly repaired). V.


9/17/2005 11:25:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

EMF Interference

Hey great site, I just wanted to let you know that the wife and I are having similar problem with our wireless microsoft mice and keyboards, at the same time. We've had them for a long time so this is new to us. I'm assuming it's some sort of radio frequencies washing the signal downward. They both start working again....it's real weird. Could it be ELF from the earth before a quake? I hope not!!!!


9/18/2005 6:01:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: Sorry to report this criminal action taken against myself and another family member on Friday, 16 Sept. '05, 9:30 PM EDT. Was leaving relatives home, standing on sidewalk several feet from their screened in porch, looked up aat the spotlight noting it needed one bulb changed. Also, observed a steady mistlike rainfall coming down by the spotlight bulb illuminating this event. Only problem was IT WAS NOT raining H2o, even though that was the illusion it gave. .......even called it to my relatives attention, who looked out and was amazed at this sight.

On the 20 minute drive back to our horse farm, noticed petro-like taste in mouth, burning eyes, skin on face, neck, arms, and hands. Speeded up to get back here to shower and get cloths wash ed in hot soapy water. As I did my wife called our relaative to alert she should also do same asap.

I have an on going tinnitus condition in one ear, fatigue, sore throat, poor balance, eyes still irritated. NOT SURE WHAT TO DO??? Looks like the game plan has been ratcheted-up.

We have a huge amount of mycoplasma type illness all over our state, MS, Parkensons, ALS, viralized type cancers, etc. My health has already been compromised by our Dugway pogram of early 1950's.....If you have any ideas on any of this it would be appreciated. Would like to help while I'm still able to. My family goes all the way back to the American Revolution, had relative who fought aat Trenton with General Washington. My great, great uncle was that demented General Philip Sheridan (alcoholic genes), on my mothers side. Fathers side had fair amount of blood from people of the long houses. Strange mix.

This my friend is no joke - I wish it was, gonna need ideas to keep going -



9/18/2005 10:58:07 PM Pacific Standard Time

A local ClearChannel Am radio station was off air for a good hour or more last weekend. I do not think it was on purpose but there was a strong static over the air and a liitle bit later they went off air. This was in central Pennsylvania. That last sunspot was pretty spooky.