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Date: 10/30/01 12:38:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

(Whaddeeyah make o' thees Kenty ? ... L.)

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   Subject: Fwd: [doveofo] Money, White Knights, and NESARA!!!!

>I originally posted the following message Tuesday, September 25th, at
>12:33pm PDT.  I'm repeating it today for the benefit of the hundreds
>of new members to the Dove egroup.  This message provides an
>orientation regarding Dove messages on world events.
>Hello Dear Friends,
>In the last few weeks, several hundred people have joined the Dove
>egroup and they lack my previous messages to understand all topics
>about which I am writing. I'm doing this overview for their benefit
>from my perspective of tracking a major element connected to the
>banking changes which were to be announced 9/11/2001. I'm also doing
>this to help us all UNDERSTAND more about WHY the travesties of
>9/11/2001 happened.
>Big Money, NESARA, White Knights, Black Ops, new banking and monetary
>systems, government reorganizations, dissolution of longtime power
>bases: ALL these things are reasons why the opposition ordered the
>9/11/2001 tragedies.




// we have been working on this question for monthes ~ report when we visit. DV is a SAINT but we would request that her info not appear @ORBIT at this time due to lingering problems with serious opposition ~ really has her neck out on a limb. Suggest you monitor PAOWEB updates for additional clues.


Okay, but I am getting dozens of emails with questions about the White Knights from the email list that is circulating around. Not a secret anymore, the word is out widely. Although I am still unsure whom the WKs really are. They might be wackos, and if so would like the truth.

I would suggest some basic general statement concerning the White Knight issue.

Many of us have our necks out, risking everything. Nukes might have already been deployed in the war. Anon is not effective, never was really, just breeds suspect--a wee conspiracy within the larger official mind-control--Kent

I will refer then to J. Winston

11/9/01 Heck with it, NOTES RELEASED

My information is that Bush Jr. is trying to get all the G8 nations to join him in trying to declare the totally BOGUS new world order. However, Bush Jr. is having some problems because some of the G8 leaders are hesitant about buying into this lunacy of Bush's. That's why Bush Jr. made the speech about other countries being with him or against him. He was trying to pressure the countries who are questioning the wisdom of this global SCAM idea. Give it up, Bush Jr..

You're beating a dead horse; the new world order scam DIED last year. Did someone forget to tell you and your corrupt buddies?