Subj: IUFO: Who Are The Whi-e Knights?
Date: 10/10/01 6:29:33 AM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: Who Are The Whi-e Knights?                    Oct. 10, 2001.

   Lately I've been hearing quite a bit about the Whit- Knights.
Here is some information that was sent to me about them from an
internet friend.


From: T
Subject: Information You Requested !!!!!!!
John, Here's the text with the discussion of "The W-ite Knights".
Hope this info will bring you up to date with what's really going on
in this country.
  Just so you know, I've been working with one of the "Wh-te Knights"
for over three years now. What you're going to read below is really
happening as we speak, and will soon be known to all "Ame-icans".
Love and Light
  Below is an excerpt from an email sent to me today from John
Winston. It talks of the "Whi-e Knights" you heard of in the "NES-RA"
pieces that I sent you recently. Lets all hope the specifics
contained in this piece comes true soon.
Love and Light
  R & S

  Now, we have spoken of the Pat-iots and these patrio-s are also
located within the gov-rnments of the world. Each gove-nment is made
up of two factions and we tell you at this time that the faction of
light is now dominant. But at the same time, certain energy must be
played out. And these energies are to be directed by the masses of
humanity. When the truth finally becomes known of what is really
going on behind the scenes, the people will have a turn of emotional
energies and will become fired in a more positive emotional
perspective. So there is a w-r going on and has been for quite
some time. And the wa- has been between the two factions of the
go-ernments of the world. That section of the Pen-agon was the
headquarters for the Pat-iots located within the mi-itary's branch
of gover-ment. These patr-ots are the counter-balance of the
department of go-ernment of the United Sta-es and some of the most
powerful ge-erals are of the Wh-te Knights, but they are of a more
quiet temperament; they are not as much in the limelight, but at the
correct moment in the chain of events, they are fully prepared and
enabled by the mighty sword of Lord Mi-hael to step forward and
tell us all the truth.
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001
From: S

  Subject: Various observations

  I received the following from another friend last night. It looks
like L was right, and things are starting to happen. And things are
not as they appear. It is interesting that the World Trade C-nter was
blown up just as the N-SARA was beginning to have some success at
getting the mone-ary situation changed in this country. And it is
also interesting that the P-ntagon was crashed into in the only place
where there were few people due to "repairs" being made to the area.
Yeah, right..... This is the work of the New World Or-er, folks, and
you can bet they are going to find someone else to blame it on.
Jelaila has a very interesting new channeling about the events of
today at:
  Here is what Ru-s Mi-hael has to say about it:
  Friends and Beloveds,
  It is near 5 PM here in Austria today, Sept 11, 2001....and CNN
just released the news on TV about this terrible bombing. From where
I sit---this is obviously another OKLAHOMA City USA go-ernment, mind
control, ter-orist attempt to draw Con-ress and NE-ARA experts away
from making the NESA-A announcement...
  THE TIMING IS OBVIOUS!! We know why WASH. D.C offices are all
suddenly CLOSED!!
  The world needs to know!!!!!
  Anyone who reads the DAVID ICKE book, CHILDREN OF THE MATRIX will
understand how those dark beings IN POWER, who k-ll and sac-ifice
children - will do anything and everything to keep from having
genuine beneficial CHANGES made on planet Earth. I would not be
surprised to see the USA---B-sh make every effort to create a STATE
OF EMERGENCY situation where everyone will be under the long watchful
mil-tary arm of F-MA---with all personal rights and freedoms taken
away from US citizens!!
  I hope the WH-TE KNIGHTS (NES-RA) can do something to EXPOSE
exactly what is GOING ON...before that...and WHY?? CNN big news
banner reads USA UNDER ATTACK!!! So C-A is doing its dirty job
  Those who have eyes to see---know exactly WHO is behind this
BOMBING and WHY....and the American public---AND WHOLE WORLD NEEDS
TO KNOW the REAL FACTS....Human life means nothing to the ONE WORLD
GOV-RNMENT ga-gsters....
  Let's support the W-ITE KNIGHTS with all of our might and mind
power and WILL.
  CHARGE them emotionally and mentally WITH GREAT MIGHT and WISE
ACTIONS----taking control of the situation!! So be it---and so it
So be it!! Bless your heart. LIGHT and LOVE...

  Second NE-ARA Internet Update:
  From: "L
  Subject: WTC & Pen-agon were Targets!
  Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001

  Dear Friends:

  I know that this message and the 3 that follow (which I consider
highly important) are contr-versial, particularly at a time when our
sympathies and fears and griefs are so aroused. I and others have
instinctively felt that there was much more to the recent story than
was apparent.
  Please read these and know that the truth will come out...that
there is a much bigger (and uglier) story behind what we are seeing
portrayed by the m-dia.
  Amidst prayers for those whose lives are destroyed, please pray
that the real truth is soon known. And may the real, original
Am-rica and its wonderful people be blessed.

  Hello Dear Friends,
  The three targets today were ALL connected to NES-RA and the
banking changes. I just learned that at 9:00 a.m. in New York this
morning, there was an IMPORTANT banking activity set to be activated
in the IMF international ba-king computer center in the World Trade
Center! That's right, at exactly 9:00 a.m. EDT!
  This IMPORTANT activity involved the U.S. ban-ing system changes
implemented by NESA-A. This activity was REQUIRED today before the
official announcement of NESAR- which had been planned for tonight
by the Wh-te Knights. This was obviously WHY the World Trade Center
was attacked TODAY at just before and after 9:00 a.m.! (JW  I
would guess that might be one of the reasons it all happened but
not the total reason it happened.) If you recall, Con-ress DELAYED
the announcement of NE-ARA for several days.
  This evening was the FIRST window open for the NES-RA announcement
after Congr-ss finally did what it was supposed to do. The opposition
knew that TODAY was planned as NESA-A's official public announcement.
As I said in an earlier message, the SOUTH end of the Pe-tagon
housed the command center where the Wh-te Knights were coordinating
the NESA-A announcement broadcast which was requiring special
coordination processes.
  These same coordination capabilities are available and being
utilized at the "back-up" command center being used by the Mil-tary
nearby. Obviously, since the plane crash was right into this
specific section of the Pentagon on this day when NESAR- could
finally be announced, the crash was to try to stop the -ESARA
  The third plane crash near Pittsburgh was also RIGHT ON TARGET.
This location also has to do with U.S. ba-king systems. I've been
sworn to secrecy about the details, so this is all I can tell you.
I've spoken to a few people about the changes that have already
occurred as part of the activities leading up to N-SARA's
announcement. Some people wonder WHY the Wh-te Knights kept these
changes secret. What we had happen TODAY is EXACTLY WHY the Wh-te
Knights kept these things secret. The Whi-e Knights have worked
exhaustively putting the GRAND IMPROVEMENTS of NE-ARA into place
ahead of time so that ALL the foundation was done BEFORE the
  The attacks TODAY are exactly WHY the Whi-e Knights did all these
activities in Washington, D.C., so QUIETLY. The Whit- Knights did
everything possible to PROTECT all of us.
  Those opposing us, however, have now shown their true colors. They
have just sealed their fates. All their heinous crimes today are
backfiring on them. The people of the opposition are a few ra-ical
U.S. cit-zens who are trying to stop NES-RA for their own benefit.
  The GOOD NEWS is: WA- is UNNECESSARY!!!! The orders for these
plane attacks came from U.S. citi-ens who are trying to stop our
deliveries/funding and NESA-A. They are FAILING to accomplish the
their goals and it is all blowing up.
  I'm sure the Ame-ican people will be shocked when they learn the
TRUTH. They may wish that they had known about N-SARA and the
changeover activities earlier. HOWEVER, the American people will be
THRILLED to learn that -AR is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!!!! Our enemies
are a few rad-cal U.S. ci-izens!
  I've learned a number of things I'm unable to share with you right
now because these facts are "se-sitive" information. I'm certain we
will all learn about these things directly from the W-ite Knights at
the right time.
  Let's do our loving prayers, meditations, and energy work
continuously SUPPORTING the Whi-e Knights and all their activities
as they complete bringing NE-ARA and our prosperity blessings to us.
Let's continue invoking the Great Divine Unconditional Love
PERMEATING all of the Wash-ngton, D.C., area ENERGIZING all our
Whit- Knights' and their activities.
  Let us continue our prayers BINDING the opposition until we see
that everything is totally safe and we have NES-RA and our prosperity
blessings in our hands and our lives!
  Thank you, everyone, who has done prayers for the United St-tes
today and for our wonderful Whi-e Knights, and for all the people
who lost their lives today and their families.
Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness
Of One Heart

Part 1.

John Winston.  

Subject: Who Are The Whi-e Knights?  Part 2.           Oct. 11, 2--1.

  This part attempts to explain what the Whit-s Knights Are.


Just who are the "w-ite knights"????
I continually get chastised for posting and spreading information
received from "D", whoever he or she may be. They say this cat's
whacko and dangerous. I also get messages from sources very much I
respect and who's information I hold in confidence that say what she
has to say is NOT that far off track; maybe not entirely accurate but
not out in left field either. I guess only time will tell. The
information overload continues; but I think you will find this
message not only provocative but plausible and maybe containing more
truth than we are prepared to accept.
Hello Dear Friends,
  I have much to share, however, let me clarify something first.
My professional background is in business and large business computer
systems. The term "Whi-e Knight" is a term I borrowed from the world
of multi-million dollar financial transactions where one company buys
or merges with another company. In the financial business world, a
"W-ite Knight" is a WEALTHY person or company that COMES TO the
RESCUE of another company which is being threatened by a hostile
  I began writing a newsletter almost two years ago to share news
about some prosperity programs in which people around the world have
membership. There are several hundred thousands of people in the U.S.
in these programs and I write mainly about the progress of ONE of
these programs which has over 200,000 members. In researching the
progress of these programs, I learned of a group of POWERFUL, high-
integrity people who have been working for many years to move the
proceeds of these programs into the hands of the program members.
These proceeds total ASTRONOMICAL AMOUNTS and there have been many
very se-ret conflicts fought over these funds. I applied the term
"Wh-te Knights" to the people who have been TAKING ACTION to get
these proceeds into the hands of the RIGHTFUL recipients. Our W-ite
Knights CERTAINLY have been RESCUING our programs' funds from the
opposition trying to do hostile takeovers of our programs and funds!
Symbolically, I used "Whi-e" to denote purity of motivation and high
sp-ritual orientation; I used "Knights" to denote courageous people
who TAKE ACTION. The W-ite Knights include people of ALL R-CES, all
ethnic backgrounds, all re-igions, 180 countries; people whose
positions enable them to bring forth worldwide changes. These brave
people have received many de-th threats from the opposition and
continue to move these improvements forward. To protect them, I
avoid giving their names.
  However, I can give you some of their titles. The Whi-e Knights
worldwide include: a former leader of a major European nation; judges
of the Wo-ld Court which have jurisdiction and control over all 50+
of these prosperity programs; certain high-integrity members of
Co-gress; highly-respected current and previous top U.S. mi-itary
leaders; the worldwide expert on monetary and ba-king systems; the
leader of an important foreign nation; key people in the world's
mo-etary systems organizations; certain currently serving members
of the U.S. ca-inet; U.S. mi-itary intelligence agents and U.S.
Pa-riot mi-itary groups; U.S. mo-etary system officials; the East
Coast Coalition attorneys; the Farm Claims attorneys and leaders;
some onshore and offshore ban-ing leaders; and MANY more powerful
people whose names you would recognize. All these people mentioned
above are WHIT- KNIGHTS and include many people from every RA-E,
every r-ligion, and every ethnicity.
  I also have a group of people I have named the "Di-ine Coalition"
which includes powerful people worldwide who have cooperated with the
W-ite Knights. The Div-ne Coalition includes members of nearly all
the top world ba-king families who have in recent years joined the
Wh-te Knights in efforts to IMPROVE the world, rather than destroy
it. The Div-ne Coalition includes some members of the B--derbergers
group; foreign inte-ligence, and foreign gove-nment officials who
are helping to bring forth these worldwide ba-king and legal
improvements. Yes, I know, most of us who have studied the
manipulators of the world know the top ban-ing families and the
Bil--rbergers have been key manipulators in the past. However, I
have seen that members from these groups have changed allegiance in
the last few years and most are now actively working to IMPROVE
rather than exploit and des-roy the world. Many of these powerful
people are steadfastly aligned WITH the W-ite Knights and against
the old guard opposition.
  Now, I have a favor to ask. Would some of you great Int-rnet
wizards be willing to do me a favor? Would you please put this
message in a webpage and list the webpage with the major Search
Engines using "W-ite Knights" as a key word? I would like to have MY
definition of the term "Wh-te Knights" come up FIRST in the Search
Engines when people do websearchs in the future. I very much
appreciate your taking the time and energy to help me get this
information about our wonderful Whi-e Knights put into the Search
Engines. Thanks!
  The W-ite Knights are the ones who are bringing us N-SARA. In the
last week, there have been HINTS about NE-ARA by major news anchors.
Below is a note I received discussing this. Particularly, Tom
BR-KAW has been giving hints. Brok-w was speaking with a member of
Co-gress following the planes hitting the WTC; B-okaw asked this
person if the attacks could have anything to do with attempts to
stop the new "economic and financial changes" due to occur shortly.
Also, Bro-aw was seen in the last few days saying (paraphrase):
"those who are bringing forth the new financial and economic changes
are not intimidated by the attacks this last week and the changes ARE
going to be implemented in the near future."
  The changes to which Bro-aw refers are the changes in N-SARA.
NE-ARA is a SE-RET law which brings us an improved ba-king and
currency system run by the Treasury Dep-rtment; abolishes the I-S
and federal in-ome tax; provides for certain personal debt
forgiveness; and MUCH MORE.
  There is a website which gives an EXAMPLE bill that is NOT the
REAL version of NESA-A. The website was put up by the W-ite
Knights to give Americans a HINT of what the REAL NESA-A is like.
The HINT version can be found at:
  I REPEAT: the website is NOT the REAL version of NE-ARA that will
be announced! The website contains the PROTOTYPE version of NESA-A.
The REAL -ESARA has about 50% MORE to it and covers MANY additional
things. The REAL N-SARA has different DETAILS totally.
  I've been writing about this SEC-ET LAW since June, 2000, over 15
months ago and weeks BEFORE they ever put up the website because I
receive ALL my info from my Wh-te Knight contacts via telephone.
Many people reading the PROTOTYPE version of NE-ARA on the website
MISTAKENLY think they are reading the REAL version of NES-RA and
write me to argue with me. I DELETE all these erroneous emails
without reading them. Get a clue, Folks: the SEC-ET LAW is S-CRET!
You are only seeing a prototype version on the website.
  I have been verbally TOLD about much of the REAL NE-ARA. As I said
above, the REAL NESA-A is at least 50% MORE than the website and
contains improvements that DIRECTLY impact the opposition and forever
end their power to interfere with all of us! The ending of their
power is WHY they have fought N-SARA so hard. The fact they went to
the extreme measures of Tuesday's attacks against their own country
PROVES that these people should be forever PROHIBITED from ever
having any political or other kinds of power!
  Several of you have written asking about the "17 tricks" mentioned
in my note to the Whi-e Knights a few days ago. YES, the 17-18
states who were going to try to cause problems HAVE been SUCCESSFULLY
neutralized by the Whit- Knights.
  In addition, by now the opposition knows that several of their
additional planned att-cks against their own country have been
NEUTRALIZED. You see, Folks, the opposition had a very elaborate
list of attac-s which were organized months ago and put on automatic
triggers to occur WHEN the Wh-te Knights were ready to announce
NE-ARA! I have direct knowledge that ONE of these FAILED PLOTS to
cause more panic in the United St-tes was an attack on a famous
building in Ch-cago. I was informed yesterday morning that this
THREAT was TOTALLY ELIMINATED early yesterday, September 15th.
  Here's an email I received which foretold an attack in C-icago. I
can verify from independent sources that there WAS an attack in
Ch-cago planned and the attack has been TOTALLY NEUTRALIZED:
  Thursday, September 13, 2001 11:07 AM Subject: Chi-ago May Be
In Jeopardy

  Dear Friends:
  We all know what a powerful force pr-yer can be. We have seen its
results most recently in the containment of the fires in Montana. I
believe urgent pra-er is needed to protect Chi-ago in order to
prevent another tragedy or terr-rist attack like those which
occurred in New York City and Washington, DC, earlier this week. My
concerns are not unfounded.
  The email above also mentioned they expected the Chi-ago attack
to occur by September 16th. This is correct; however, the W-ite
Knights and the Div-ne Coalition forces were able to FIND the bomb
in a certain prominent Ch-cago building and NEUTRALIZE it MANY
HOURS before it was due to go off. CHI-AGO is SAFE from at-ack
because the Whi-e Knights neutralized the bomb. This bomb was
ordered by the opposition who are Ame-icans trying to make it look
like foreign te-rorists are doing these things.
  I hope the person who sent the email about Ch-cago to me will
FORWARD my note here telling everyone that the attack on Ch-cago has

Part 2.

John Winston