UPDATE: A Comet Question

Swan Updated again. Still looks like something coming up from the south albeit less bright than before. Is this object some sort of dark object difficult to see? Is that why it has not been seen as a new comet by astronomers?  UPDATED MERGED ANIMATION

1/25/2005 6:44:54 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I have been watching the comet on SWAN now for over 4 months. It was coming in from behind the Sun and just seems to have recently passed under the Sun. I asked on GLP what comet it was and it was replied that it was 2003K4 I believe. That comet is about 2 AU from the sun and still going south as far as the JPL orbit diagrams indicate. So I don’t believe that is correct. Well the comet now appears to have rounded the sun and is headed North. This is the same comet that Nancy claimed was PX on Zetatalk then Nasa stopped updating SWAN for nearly a month, the latest update almost looks redacted. What do you make of it?  ANIMATION


KENT: Hmmm, something does appear to be tracking north in roughly the same [2D-view] path as did Comet Macholtz. Now over at SWAN to see what's happening---this might require a few more days of watch.

Full Frame

1/25/2005 4:00:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

What makes it a little difficult to see is when the comet transitions from the Far Side to the Near Side of the sun where it is now. My first thought was this may be the real deep impact target or maybe Nancy is right?
Now that it is going North, and no new comet has been announced I believe NASA may have edit the 1/20/05 image and removed whole sections because there can be no excuse for it.

Pic of the K4 comet on the C3 Lasco along with another comet [note the date]

NOTE: January 26, 2005 Powerful New Energy Surges Begin Hitting Southern Polar Region, Australia Hit With Hundreds of Thousands of Lightning Strikes. South Pole Neutron Data



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