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NOTE: I do NOT know what truth, if any, there is to this. But its going around a lot of yahoo groups right now. So far I have NOT been able to find a source, but found it interesting enough to share. Personally I think people are too sue happy in this world & need to take responsibility for their own actions. But would be interesting if this did get national attention. Another downfall for ufology. *sigh* It has been reported on Yahoo that Nancy Lieder of
http://www.zetatalk.com and other un-named respondants are going to be
the subject of a Class Action Law Suit over the whole Planet X hoax.

The crux of the issue is the ppl who made "Life Altering Decisions"
over the whole Planet X scare. When asked for comment, the Zetas, as
they call themselves, had no comment. Planet X was suppose to pass by
our planet may 15th, 2003, and cause, according to some radio talk show
hosts, "catastrophic and devestating earth changes." When the planet
didn't pass at that date, then Nancy Lieder changed her date to June
1st, 2003. The State of Idaho is looking into fraudulant practices of
Nancy Lieder's group, which include tax evasion, and other false and
misleading claims in which monies were paid. Nancy Lieder is also under
investagion by WIASA: The Web Investigations and Security Agency, as
well as being investigated by other agencies within the InterGOV

EDITOR: It seems now that the dimwitted Neocons are in the mind to sue anyone who tries to investigate ideas that are outside of some nebulous consensus reality--especially Planet X.  "You are scaring the sheeple," they claim. So henceforth:

DISCLAIMER, AND CALL FOR CORROBORATION ONLY! This will include all scary ideas, whether PX or the terrorist threat or apocalyptic visions of that crazy hippy from Patmos, the infamous and so-called St. John.--Kent Steadman


There once was a lad that yelled, wolf

Put tons of attention on Self

They went off to find him

To curse him and bind him

And they all were gulped up by the wolf.

Email exchange:

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The moral is this I believe: If you put your faith in any Anunnaki faction, and there are various ones to choose from, you will inevitably be sold down the river. Has Lederer been used to feed a bad idea to a comatose world to discredit any report of incoming objects? I think so. The Anunnaki controllers benefit, and so do the human who work at the behest of the Anunnaki.

Maybe so, but the debates get really complicated, for instance some declare that ANY extra-ultraterrestrial contacts, even the Biblical, the Christs and the Gods of Israel, Babylon, the Maya, on and on, are all bad Badass dudes and therefore a trick of the Anunnaki or a trick of the devils or a trick of Jack Shwartz the baker, etc., etc. This rage against Nancy, agree or not with her stuff, could quickly blow out into a witch hunt for any that don't kneejerk to some powermonger's random rant. Nancy has a right to say what she says. Bust her, bust everybody and the dog to boot. We all likewise have a right to disagree, but it riles me that a mob of busybodies now think it's okay to go rat on Huey, Dewey, Louie or Nancy.  --Kent