The DRUDGE REPORT is monitoring information on what appears to be an 8.4  magnitude seismic event that occurred in the BALTICS-BELARUS region in NW RUSSIA. The magnitude is the largest seen in 1998.


Date......... Time .............Lat Lon .......Nph .. Mag ...Region

1998/06/05 21:57:33.4 9.19S 157.84E 11 mb 4.2 Solomon Islands

1998/06/05 21:53:22.0 43.39N 13.18E 12 ML 3.8 Central Italy

1998/06/05 21:26:34.5 67.81N 33.20E 6 mb 8.4 Baltics-Russia Reg.

1998/06/05 21:25:45.4 27.91N 126.77E 23 mb 4.0 NW Ryukyu Islands

The U. S. Geological Survey is currently not acknowledging the event that was captured by the International Data Center, an automated system that alerts the world to nuclear testing.

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UPDATE: June 7, 1998, 5:36 PM PST

"Check on my website message board on "Reporting Quakes". I think it is a phony report for many reasons. Probably somebody misstyped 4.8M. It would be reported on all of the lists available on internet and on the tapes recorded at various institutions. I see no verification of a great quake in such an unlikely place." by JOB (James O. Berkland Geologist)

EDITOR'S NOTE: MAY 6, 1998: still puzzled by lack of response to this URL as listed in Metacrawler:

International Data Center

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National Data Center

U.S. host for the International Data Center for the exchange of geophysical data, primarily seismic, used in the future implementation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. (Yahoo!)


"The KOLA Peninsula is more than just a Sub Dump site. It is also home to two of the oldest and most dangerous Nuclear Power Plants in Russia, The KOLA Nuclear Power station. This event is located extremely close to these plants, however I have been unable to get exact lat & long for them. If anybody can find the exact location of these plants I would appreciate the info. The reason the links no longer work to the system is simply because access to this system has been cut at This sudden stop in routing occurred shortly after drudge reported the event. I still have the original two pages from the site that refers to this event."


IMPORTANT:  MAY 7, 1998, complete data here now:

Once I was finally able to get into the IDC site I decided to see what else has been going on in the area. Here below are the quakes in the region for the last 2 weeks from today. The 8.4 was listed on 6/5 continued

 SEARCH FOR THE DRAGON, Project Sanquin and more

Subj: EMPs

Date: 98-06-07 22:32:35 EDT

We are engaged in the research of transients and electromagnetic pulses traveling through the earth using an underground detection method. Tonight (06 08 98 UTC) at precisely 00:00:01 we detected a very unusual signal. It looked like a very strong EMP and repeated itself every 15.5 seconds. Preliminary analysis shows that it is not a naturally occurring phenomena. The signals were transmitted for a duration of 10 minutes.

Here is my question. Do you know or have heard of anyone that may be conducting experiments that would cause this type of pulse.


Incoming email:

Subj: [TheEagle-L] [Fwd: Re: Earthquake?]

Date: 98-06-08 02:23:52 EDT

"Since my family is from Latvia which in the Baltics, and because I still had some distant relatives there, I of course was concerned about this supposed event. I sent at least 8 e-mails to various people including a radio station in Latvia yesterday. It has been at least 27 hours since I did, yet I have not received even one reply as yet to confirm or deny event. This of course does not prove that the event occurred, but it is somewhat disturbing. Hopefully, the silence is due to it being Sunday. I will let you know if and when I find out more."

Note From: Russian Astrophysicist in U.S.:

Follow this one very carefully- Please keep me informed to the minutest detail.will contact Russia--you have something big here! I'll explain what later---I think that I know what it is.

[name withheld]

Possible Disclaimer from Russia

Mon, 8 Jun 1998 09:13:58 +0300 (EET DST)

From: Ieva Krumina


Probably you've been misinformed. It is not very believable, that this kind of earthquake has been, and haven't noticed it !

Sincerely yours

Ieva Krumina, ../apollO

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Still tracking: a nuclear meltdown may not be widely dispersed info, and Russia is a big place.  Likewise we might be dealing with exotic EMP weaponry here that might have uncommon seismic signature.

China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division shows jolts again

Monday, June 8, 1998, 10:25:20 PDT

..... ANIMATION SPANNING 3/06/98-3/11/98; 3/12/98-3/22/98 3/23/98-3/29/98    

..... 3/30/98-4/12/98 4/13/98-5/05/98 5/05/98-6/09/98

SEE ARTICLE: "Not So Surprising Nuke-Earthquake News"

Anchorwoman: "A Moscow newspaper reports that Russian scientists tried to harness earthquakes as a means of mass destruction, and the research continued under the new Russian government long after the Soviet Union collapsed."

Breaking News!!! An 8.4 Earthquake has hit the Baltic Region. Now confirmed by USGS. Thanks to Peter P. for bringing this report to my attention. More to come. Mitch Battros Producer - Earth Changes TV

Follow up:

Hi Folks,

I have not been able to confirm the report of a 8.4 Earthquake in the Baltic region near Russia. Therefore, I am retracting the original report. However, at this point, I am not ruling out other phenomena that could have a large seismic result. This could be the result of a meteor or a nuclear test. If you have any reports from family or friends in theregion, please forward ASAP for confirmation.


Mitch Battros

Producer - Earth Changes TV



The KOLA Nuclear Power Station is a potential place for unintentional release of radioactivity, and it is proposed to install the MEMbrain Emergency Field Station in Kola, being a regional center for Nuclear Emergency at the Kola Peninsula.

UPDATE: June 9, 1998, 2:33 PM PST


BERN, June 9 (AFP) - Radioactivity in the southern Swiss Alps registered a temporary and non-dangerous increase from May 26 to June 8, the Federal Public Health Office said in a statement Tuesday. Reasons for the increase, also registered by the European Research Center at Ispra, Italy, were not known, but "an emission from a nuclear reactor is excluded by the fact that only cesium-137 was detected," said the statement.

The amount of cesium-137 found was 150 microbecquerels per cubic meter, 100 times the amount usually found in the atmosphere, but 10,000 times less that the level observed after the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion in Ukraine, it said.

UPDATE: June 10, 1998, 9:33 AM PST

Subject: RE: Recent Russian 8.4 richter event ???

Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 10:50:15 +0100

From: International Seismological Centre <>

Dear Harry Mason

I'm afraid we have no knowledge of a Russian event on June 5th. We receive quick epicentres determinations from NEIC, ETH, CSEM, and IPG and none of these agencies has notified us of a Russian event since theKamchatka event on June 1st.

Best wishes.

Anna-Rose Surguy

Larger map and expanded data

G.D.R.The Global Deactivation of Radiation Newsletter





EDITOR: Preliminary thoughts June 8, 1998:

A. The BALTICS-BELARUS-NW RUSSIA 8.4 quake could have happened.

B. The BALTICS-BELARUS-NW RUSSIA 8.4 quake could have been a glitch or error in report.

C. The data may have indicated the deployment a EMP weapon with an unusual energy signature. We did get word of an anomalous ELF signal and a query about possible tests, see:


D. There could have been some kind of interference with the ZAL monitoring station, during as well as after the date Also the solar events indicators have been somewhat high, maybe communications has been affected. see:





E. The event is still unknown; oddly it appears that since the International Data Center went down over the weekend, data appears to be missing from June 3, until present. See:

International Date Center site

Saved on Eaglenet


98-06-09 08:31:54 EDT

Automatic processing sometimes produces errors. There was no 8.4 earthquake. One way to tell if it is probably a system error is to look at the number of phases. If the event is above 4.5, it will be recorded at 15-20 stations. but this event (At the idc) was recorded at one or two stations.

David Salzberg

SAIC/Center for Monitoring Research

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