Subj: message to orbit
Date: 4/13/00 6:09:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

I am who wrote you about the events occuring in Cuzco ( Machupijchu).

I had only heard what a Columbine Magi told to my mother a few weeks ago. Anyway, I consider this information genuine and frightening.

Last year I email you about the labyrinths down the sacred valley, at ollantaytambo.

Professional people are working on ground. seems that they have the evidence for a Lost World! ( Actually, they are searching for a city) GOLD ( Laberynths, tunnels, dangerous gazes, tramps )

Go to Cuzco is Portal to Agartha: The inner world that correspond to earth's morphogenetic's

Just like there are probably thousand of trillions of others worlds in ours harmonic's universes neighborhood's,

As our inner earth


Some powerfulls aliens do not permit
our activation or conciousness awakening.

We will be eat if we dont realize the reality.

We can scape catching the present morphogenetic wave,

the information concerning ascencion mechanics and dynamics
is extremly important now!
And thanks for keeping your website, it's really amazing!.

( I am Chilean )



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Subj: Coincidence?
Date: 3/30/00 1:14:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

Just one week ago I heard that last february people in machupijchu were fighting a multidimensional war. It seems that bad aliens were sucking soul's from D-4.
Some succesfull work in stoping aliens seems already done, I hope that you will catch events of this magnitude. Probably more than a half of million soul's are lost.../