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In this time of quakes many have forgotten about a fairly recent-dramatic
quake that had far reaching effects.


July 15: 23:08.* "State Line earthquake" near Walla Walla, Wash., and
	Milton, Oreg. VII+. Epicenter within a few miles of 45 degrees 58' north, 118
	degrees 18' west. Damage about $100,000. Area affected, about 105,000 square

I track on this as the epicenter (strongest) was about five miles from my current home. And yes, lighting can and does strike the same place twice. So I fear another. But, take a look at the size. In 36 the density of people wasn't as now, this thing today would kill.

(NOTE: The Touchet Ridge which extended across the Columbia is mentioned in the earthquake report above link..... That was the original bridge of the gods site. .......Yes, also exactly where the Pyramounds are / ....... (There are no coincidences).

(a pic of the place attached to make ye smile some, & refresh yer memory).

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PS: It was 73 * today here...... unreal skies too....