A brief pause...flat broke, low on freaky October vibes, need encouragement. If you have spare change, pay the piper. If you are broke too let me know, it'll make me feel much better.

Do we continue?

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[old musician beg, the hat goes to my youngest daughter. I don't need nuthin. When I once had money, a quarter century ago, it almost kilt me anyways.]

Meditation, the best type, concentrate, clench fists, set jaw...ponder something dismal, but true...


10/22/02 11:23:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent ,I want you to know alot of people have found truth through your work on Orbit. By presenting all info, both sides of the coin and what's in between makes people think, at least some of them. It worked for me. Now I'm living on disability check of 320 a month 130 food stamps. If I'm able to cough up a little each month {with the exception of this month} others could do the same. My names gumby dammit. Now gumby says reach in your pocket.I said reach deeeep in that pocket folks because you are about to witness something people have talked about for several thousand years.

Date: 10/22/02 9:22:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent,  Me too broke but very tapped in these days. Saw a crazy monk walking down the street this morning, talking to no one and smiling. He looks at me and says I'm getting messages and he points back to the river and the sky and I say me too, but not full time. He can't feed himself. I am getting there.

10/22/02 9:46:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I made about 5,000$ (Canadian!) last year, with a family of four, times are tight all around. It seems very difficult to find work that does not in some way destroy the earth. What does give me a ray of hope is our local barter system--the Saugeen Trading Community, which now boast almost 200 members who meet several times a year to trade produce, books, services and household items. Very cool. The folks at www.paoweb.com assure their readers that major economic change is around the corner, along with full ET disclosure, open contact and the rest. We wait patiently...

Date: 10/22/02 3:31:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time

i have 33 cents canadian that should make tou feel better

Date: 10/22/02 9:21:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Self employed contractor deeply affected by the downturn from last year. 2 months behind on truck and house payments but things are looking better. Have had plenty of work, but people hold out paying me for 6 or more months.

Date: 10/22/02 8:35:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Here is my own woe is me to make you feel better. I have been unemployed since being laid off in Oct 2001. I have applied for an un-countable number of jobs for which I am well qualified and yet I have not been hired. I have never before had trouble getting a job in my life. I was making a good living before I realized it could all disappear in an instant. I consider myself scrappy and able to make the best of a situation but...I am running out of unemployment and I am raising a child as a single parent. I am fed up. It seems like there is a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a job. Has the world gone mad?

Date: 10/22/02 3:33:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey Kent, I own a window tinting business in Texas. You would think I live in the DC area because the streets here are deserted. This business is a seasonal bussiness. We rely on the summertime heat in order to make it through the winter cold. This summer was the worst in the 15 years that we've been in business. After September 11 of this year and all the talk of war, customer traffic pretty much ceased. Now the sniper thing going on does'nt help either. What's next? With two children, a wife, ton of bills and all the taxes, I can't hang on much longer.

Date: 10/22/02 4:36:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey there Kent, I wanted to pass this along to you as you suggested that there are many out here who are in the same position as you and your family. I personally has suffered incredible losses and have had to move numerous times just to stay alive. Many days I wonder why I am doin' it. Survival means nothing to me in a world that "seems" to have gone completely off it's rocker. The lies and deception are outrageous. I am a regular reader of your page and have gained more information from your site than I can possibly repay. Today is about the eight day my son and I have sat here, no food in the house, no gas in the car, no nuthin. Forget about ciggybutts (wished I could quit now, but crave them even worse since I don't have any) or any other type of luxury. The local foodbank has kept us afloat (with incredible junk food, but what ya gonna do) from week to week. I lived in a real "new age" community and alot are being led down the path with creating their own little bubble world that really winds up excluding folks just like that old time religion. They seem to believe helping would somehow negate my karma, so they're unwilling to help. I gather your part of the prOgram too and are waiting like at lot of us, I hope I live to see it, cause I'm really getting kinda scared I won't make it. And I have a question for all these lenders...who you gonna help if all your dogmas get in your way. Nobody seems to get that we are ALL in this together and each other is all we got.................I send you my love, hold you always in my prayers and I hope we can all get through this.........

Date: 10/22/02 3:56:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, I'm a frequent "Orbit" visitor. Can't send you any cash right now as I'm about about to lose it all (behind on rent and just trying to feed the family and stay off the street). But I did want to write want to offer you some encouragement. I know times are rough (Oh boy, do I!) I just refuse to let this version of reality get me down. In spite of the all the loss, my mind and body are still my own, it's great to be alive and I still have family who love me and that I care about. We'll adapt, we'll figure it out, we're good, strong, intellegent people. I sense you and yours are as well. All I can say is hang in there, you've got a fun site. I hope you can keep it going. Take care.

Date: 10/22/02 8:36:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time

All Broke people Unite! I am broke too Kent so don't feel bad were all in this together but if dreamin of that "Big Pumpkin full o gold" we will get it. So if this makes you feel better I have my favorite fishing spot here where I can always go and think and dream and fish of better days and ways.

Thanks for your help here.

The above is a sampling of messages from many. The situation is getting serious for us all. We need an idea...

Hidden Holocaust, USA


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