© Copyright February 2002

Date: 3/28/02 3:22:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

Last nite we were looking once again for the glowing pulsing star like object with it's 4 pulsing, rotating, changing-- let's just say little moons for now. There is an object by the moon but not the object  we just mentioned.  It has moved.

Looking for it  we found it is 2 or 3 times further away from the moon than it was and that was just the nite before.

Looking at the moon draw a straight line to the right of it.

Just as we started to film it with our sony digital camcorder we noticed the big glowing object started to look different.

Suddenly it became a blinding light.

All these objects appeared in the air they were everywhere.

When you look at the picture you clearly see what appears to be something that broke thru it.