Our moon with a U.F.O.

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Date: 4/9/02 2:29:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent: well the objects are still there in space in the sky and appear to be much closer to us. We can't understand why these pictures--objects that change all the time--that are right out in front of us shot with just a sony digital camcorder aren't front page news around the world

The other night-- we are sending you the same object looking different of course, different night, well there it was when again all of a sudden, POW,  this huge beam comes from the right part of space and hits it!

There are so many other objects we are filming it's unreal!

Like we said, we have company big time!

All anyone has to do is wait until it's dark, look up aim the camera and there it is. There is nothing like this that is suppose to exist in space anywhere near us.

We know what it is: it's a portal. All sorts of things keep coming through it. We know because we keep filming them.