UPDATED: 2003/01/22 02:06:36 18.89N 103.88W 33.0 7.8 COLIMA, MEXICO  [Foreshock?]  8.1 Actual shock? news reports Photos Showing on Pac NW webicorders 2 Link to Colima Volcano Cam Eruption Status NOAA

As of the 14th of January, and after having been translated from Spanish, the Observatorio Vulcanologica of the Universidad de Colima reports that the volcano mainly continues with the landslides towards the sectors the West and Southwest from the top and of the lava fronts.

Hopi Grandfather's Directive: Watch the Volcanoes

MHD Induced Seismicity

Solomon Islands  Alaska Quake Seattle Quake

Tectonic Weapons Bearden

Bearden: weapons that can trigger earthquakes, cause volcanoes, disturb brain patterns and seed thoughts in the populous

GEO COVERUP? Comparison of Red Puma and USGS for Jan 22nd


22Jan2003 19:42:17.2 24.3N 98.8W 10 MS=6.0 M*SED CENTRAL MEXICO 1733

22Jan2003 02:07:08.8 25.8N 101.4W 10 MS=8.1 M*SED NORTHERN MEXICO 1102


2003/01/24 04:52:09 63.44N 145.13W 5.0 5.2 CENTRAL ALASKA [BIG ALASKA QUAKE]

2003/01/23 21:49:47 39.96N 117.85W 6.3 4.2 <REN> NEVADA  [FALLON VORTEX]

Opposite Side of the Globe   From Epicenter