By Dennis Rau, Lisa Osborne and Shar



There is a phenomenon known to some paranormal experiencers that is unique in its mystery.

Very little is known or understood about how the so-called interdimensional doorway works, yet it is a recurring theme in human/ET contact.

Yet, even among those who have these experiences, the doorway or tunnel as it is sometimes referred to, very little is discussed.

In a special to ORBIT, I have joined with some other experiencers to share where current knowledge stands regarding this paranormal enigma. 


Daytime Doorway 1


Daytime Doorway 2


Daytime Doorway 3


While much other supportive evidence accompanies these photos, they are difficult to identify what exactly they depict. They show a very little known or understood event. This event is believed by some to be an actual doorway to other dimensions or 'event horizons'. This so-called interdimensional doorway appears when some form of entity, craft or intelligent life form travels from their dimension to ours, or our dimension back to theirs. In other words, a two-way 'tunnel' or 'curtain of light', with unique properties permitting travel through the dimensions.


Lisa's doorway story in her own words

It would be very difficult to pin point the exact time and date when I was first aware of what is often expressed as the ‘ interdimensional doorway’, ‘ two-way 'tunnel', 'curtain of light' or ‘portal’ but it was sometime in the fall of 1999. While meditating one day on my pier, I became aware of a light mist which (appeared out of nowhere) slowly coming across the water toward me. As the mist came closer, I could barely make out a faint pink-red light, which appeared to radiate from within this mass. Normally, I would have fled the scene never to return, however I did not feel fear, in fact, I felt a weird sense of familiarity and connection with the light.

Since my first experience I have had many others, and since learned that this energy mass is a "doorway" that allows interdimensional travel between worlds. It is a means of transcending time and space.

During these experiences, I would take photos with my 35 mm camera and was amazed when I saw the first photos of the beautiful red and pink beams that surrounded me. Although, I could not clearly see the intensity of the light, which showed up on the photos, I was able to faintly make out the colors within this energy that exuded intelligence, warmth and unconditional love. I have used several other cameras and film to eliminate any doubt to the possibility of defects, but still I am able to capture these beautiful light beams. Sometimes, a symbol will appear in the photos, which I have interrupted as "The Tree Of Life". In my communication with these spiritual beings, I was told to study Kabbalah, (which I am now doing) and believe the symbol is their way of affirming my path.

The spiritual beings that I communicate with are very peaceful, protective and loving beings that have transformed my life. They have taught me how to find my true self and how to let go and reach out across the boundaries of "logic.’ How to feel more comfortable with information and wisdom that goes far beyond the linear and logic factors.

Since then, I have developed innate spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication and spiritual healing abilities, and share these precious gifts with others. Their message and my mission… to spread the message of Light, Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge...to all who seek the light. I have helped many go on to become teachers and develop their own gifts from the masters. I still have a long way to go on my journey but I feel very loved and protected as they guide me...

Many Blessings, Lisa


Doorway at night1


Doorway at night2


Doorway at night3


Shar's Doorway Story in her own words

In the end of 1969 to Sept of 1970, I lived with my family in Ft Huachuka,
Arizona. We lived on the army base in a duplex. We were surrounded by flat
land. Pretty much desert but you could see the mountains from our back door,
far off in the distance.

While living in Ft Huachuka, I had many experiences at night where I would
find myself with my sister on occasion and other children in the woods. I
do not know which woods, I only know they were by a big mountain that seemed
to go all around us in the form of an open circle.

I was 5 years old and my sister was seven.

A typical night would start very normally. We would have dinner watch TV
for a while and then me and my sister had to go to bed. Bedtime for us was
6:30 pm. It usually took us awhile to get to sleep. So we would horse
around for a while and slowly drift off. However on a night of a visit, there
was no horsing around and we drifted off to sleep quite easily. We would
sleep until the wee hours of the morning only to be woken by a bright light.
Often bluish in color but a very light blue to an intense white.

I do not have a memory of them actually taking us. What I do remember is
suddenly standing in the woods. Others being there. Often an even number of
boys and girls all somewhere between 5-10 years of age.

We were taken to this place to 'play'. One of my favorite games was to
find the 'invisible door'. We would each be given instructions through
thought and then we had to set off to find the door. It was an exercise in
our mental abilities, and so much fun.

Often the instructions were in riddles. I was never very good at riddles
so I just 'felt' for them. I began to realize that the area they were in
felt different. It felt 'spongy' and electrical. I never understood how the
others did not feel this. Anyway, after learning how to locate them through
energy I got to step through them. When I would locate one and step through
I was engulfed in bright light, much like that filled my room at night when
they came for me.

In an instant and with some kind of electricity much like static
electricity I would be someplace very different. Sometimes it was on a
ship sometimes it was in another forest. Sometimes a room with just four
blank walls.

We were always rewarded when we played these games. The rewards were new
games to play. I was never scared and often was very excited to be able to
do these things.

I know now that what I was 'playing' with was a dimensional doorway. A
portal in which I could slip through space/time to another point by simply
finding the energy pattern and stepping into it. I do not know science or how
they work. I only know that they do exist.

After we moved to Texas in 1970, I began to have different types of
experiences. When I was nine years old I would watch them just step into my
room from an opening in the air. It was often a light opening. Again, it felt
electrical. I believe this is as well how they transported me out of my room
and to other various places.

From my experiences with the visitors and my astral travels, I have to say
that dimensional portals are one of many necessary tools to interact with
other beings in many ways. In addition, for them to interact with us.
Although I have not experienced these doorways in every ‘experience’, I do
understand that for some things they are necessary for them to use. And at
times necessary for us as well.

It is my theory that 'hot' spots of UFO activity have more to do with
dimensional doorways or portals than anything else.

I can still feel where these are but now days do not venture into them, I
wont without a guide. You just do not know where you will end up. I also
will not tell others where I 'feel' them to be.

In 1998, I got to experience a different kind of portal. One up in the sky
and not on the ground.

I was sitting outside one night after a long day. I was alone and watching
the skies. The energy felt electric and I just allowed myself to watch the
stars above me. After a few moments, I saw some lights moving about in the
sky. Now I am not one to see something like this and say, wow, A UFO,
instead I just watch them. What I saw made me understand how many of these
beings come into our time/space.

I watched these lights move around and around, there were three of them
and they moved in a circular pattern. The pattern turned into a spiral and
then you could not differentiate between the lights anymore, they appeared as
one and grew very very bright. As it grew in intensity so did the electric
feel of the air around me. At that moment, the light elongated into a
diamond shape and then it opened and a burst of light shone through then
everything was gone. It was like watching something out of Star Trek go
into warp drive.

I have as well gone through dimensional doorways in out-of-body travels.
These usually have some various colors to them and feel more natural than the
others and less electric. The transition is smoother, perhaps because you are
not taking your body with you. Astral travel movement is very different than
physical movement. Thought is all you need, one thought and you are there. Therefore,
a portal on that side is a bit different from my experience.

When in astral and traveling, I will at times see a 'portal' a distortion
of energy of various colors. Most often green and blue. This is the best my
physical mind can do for the colors there are not the same as here.
A simple thought puts me through these and I always have a guide of some
sort waiting on the other side. These portals have led me to areas of
learning. Moreover, I must leave them in much the same way.
1998 was also the year that the portal picture was taken. At a wedding
during the reception. It was a well-lit place; no hands were around the lens
at the time and this picture showed up between two very normal pics of bride
and family.

This is how I have seen the doorways often, in my astral travels. I also
believe it might be the 'tunnel' that some people who have experienced NDE's
might see. I feel very privileged to have that picture. It also is almost
the exact representation of a symbol for energy.


Pic#4Shar's doorway photo

Pic#8 Photo of 'Enzo' meaning " beginning and end"

This story does not claim to prove the existence of the interdimensional doorway through photos and words.

Instead, it invites the reader to behold what may be a wonder of creation we will come to know forever after. This doorway may hold many more wonders, it is really up to each of us to boldly step forward into the unknown and grasp what may be our own wondrous truth.

So, file this story under "places to look for an answer to the question "What was that?"

In a memory bank like a check that comes due only on some far-off payday when once again

You get a look at the Interdimensional Doorway.

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