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Much work around the clock, burned out and broke.

Also need time to reflect. I am so right-brained that it's time to kick my left-hemisphere into gear, balance imagination and logic. Many theories and images, still inconclusive, need more pics. Be careful imaging the sun as it is bright and hot, which might account for the black spot lens artifact we are observing on the cams, unsure, never seen this before. Hot and bright might be the significant point--another X-class flare just now.

The New Zealand web cam image is for myself yet awesome and MAGICAL! It is back current now! 2 It's no helicopter!

Current urgent watch: sunward bound torpedo. NASA again cut the feed on the sun-bound torp which doesn't help the theory much and also propels me again into deep imagination.

The 5-24 torp we were fortunate to watch all the way, quite unusual in the wider torp-watch, feeds are cut by default. And the 5-24 Solar Torpedo was WEIRD!

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Do we continue?