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Exercise your free agency, just say, NO.

A new Gestapo? What a joke, just a clot of brats pissing in the wind. They only have the power they pretend. These shenanigans never last long. The World if not yet the Americans know these stunts, most people in other countries, Europe for example, from experience!

Papers penned by an handful of elite never were nor are now binding, paper is paper.

Want freedom? Simple, act free, which might lead to being free.

Accept no self-proclaimed bosses. Shouldn´t be that hard-- there exist only a paltry few.

If someone requires that you register into the new game, if someone wants you to invest, if someone wants you to show up anywhere to do a bidding that does not belong to yourself, try this, move your lips like this and say, NO.

They might threaten to imprison you, also say, NO. What is the threat of prison when a whole culture becomes a Reservation. Ultimately it comes down to a one on one deal.

What we are witnessing is the same old hysterical-historical game, the unraveling of an empire.

Government is a shared myth. When the myth dies, the government dies.

Meanwhile, watch the sun

There's more technological chivalry in a dandelion than there is in the aircraft carrier Nimitz. C. W. Moulton