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Date: 1/15/03 1:06:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

hi kent

Here is a real operating unit still need a percentage of fuel to keep the carbon around the rings. That's  why you have to run a car in for a few thousand miles. Without the carbon the engine will not last . That's the only reason the system in the previous file will fail. The fuel this unit generates is not hydrogen oxygen; it's nitrogen hydroxide, nitrogen hydrogen and oxygen combined. If you look the motor is a 253 v8 with a lawn mower carby 1 inch bore.

Date: 1/15/03 1:30:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

kent:  Here is another of the same vehicle.  The system is fairly basic: 316 stainless 100mm pipe anode ,80mm pipe cathode inside the other one roughly equal surface area anode and cathode perspex end caps 1 12 volt relay 1 bleed valve to allow atmospheric air in . This is how the nitrogen is replaced. The atmosphere is over 70% nitrogen; the real work is done by the vacuum generated by the engine plus the 12 volt current . The only catalyst is a grain or two of rock salt. When you turn the thing off it generates 13 to 14 volts for a while. The car in the picture did 3000 mile on $20 fuel [petrol] [roughly [2 gallons] and two liters of water. More pictures if you want of other systems