7.7-8.2 Quakes in Fiji region on 08/19/2002 and their ANTIPODES 

8/19/02 7:56:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time


7.7-8.2 Quakes in Fiji  region on 08/19/2002 and their ANTIPODES

SHERLOCK'S NEW: The Becker-Hagens Earth Grid


Below is a list of quakes that occurred on 08/19/2002.  The time of
occurrence for each of them hovers around 11:00 GMT.  One might suppose
the average time for these was 11:11 GMT, and that'd be a pretty close

The above map shows the first 5 points from emsc-csem.org, and the last
two (the ones you sent).  The quakes are the purple dots near the
Becker-Hagens grid lines.  Here's a list for these QUAKES THAT OCCURRED
on 08/19/2002:

Latitude  Longitude  Mag.
-09.5486  175.4478   7.88
-23.0700 -179.4500   7.9
10.0000  172.4000   8.2
-21.0270  180.7638   8.18
-21.7000 -171.2000   8.0
-23.8100  178.3600   7.7
-21.8000 -179.4900   7.5

All right, what about the ANTIPODES?  Here's a map below of the
corresponding Antipode points for those quakes:

  9.5486   -4.5522
23.0700    0.5500
-10.0000   -7.6000
21.0270   -0.2362
21.7000    8.8000
23.8100   -1.6390
21.8000    0.5090

To calculate the antipode of a point, do this:
1. For latitude (xlat), the ANTIPODE LATITUDE is (-xlat).
   e.g. if Lat. is -23 (South), the ANTIPODE Lat. is +23 (North).

2. For longitude (xlon), store the answer for 180-ABS(xlon).
   Meaning, just rip out the sign for (xlon), and find 180-|xlon|.
   Then, use the sign opposite the original (xlon) value.
   e.g. if Lon. is 178.36, get the answer for 180-ABS(178.36) = 1.64.
        Then tack on the sign opposite the original Lon. value.
        Final Answer: ANTIPODE LON. = -1.64.

Tanezrouft Basin, Algeria

The Evidence for Ancient Atomic Warfare 2

**See Footnote


The antipode of your first quake you sent (Lat. -23.81, Lon. 178.36) is:
(Lat. 23.81; Lon. -1.64).  This spot is in the neighborhood of the
desolate TANEZROUFT DESERT area of Algeria (Lat. 24, Lon. -0.75), being
50 miles away.  The only other named spot nearer is called TRIFIR Hill
(Lat. 23.41666, Lon. -2.083), being 33.92 miles away.  Some meteorites
have been found in this area of the Sahara.

The antipode of your second quake you sent (Lat. -21.8, Lon. -179.49)
(Lat. 21.8, Lon. 0.51).  This spot is closest to a "depression" called
Ait-El-Khaoua in Algeria (Lat. 21.83333, Lon. .316666), but it's 12.6
miles away.

NOW: Because the antipodes of these quakes mostly center around the
desolate Tanezrouft Desert area, we can use our intuition to guess two

1. A great place to try out an earthquake-generating Tesla machine would
be this place, out in the middle of NOWHERE in Algeria.  Gee, who'd ever
know?  Or complain?  No neighbors to worry about.  Does the EQ/Tesla
machine have to be above ground, or can it be buried underground?  I'm
not sure, but if Tesla was alive today, he'd be able to tell us what's
going on in more detail.

2. The more important thing to notice from the photos: HEY!  Knock!
Knock! Knock!  Guess what?  All the strongest quakes that happened on
08/19/2002 all happened near the Becker-Hagens grid lines!  How's that
grab ya?

So what am I implying?  I'm simply using my intuition to repeat what
I've already had a hunch about.  Once again for the third time, I'll
repeat: the earth grid is strengthening, and if these quakes keep
happening along the Becker-Hagens grid lines like this, I might have to
pay people just to get 'em to listen to what I just typed here.  How
much would you like?

Sometimes you have to drag people kicking and screaming into the fourth
dimension.  There's also a reason why President Bush and his dark agenda
cohorts are doing their last-ditch efforts to keep you in fear and ruin
your ability to be intuitive, or conscious.  So that you never live to
see the earth grid in action.

My opinion, so far, is number 2.  The earth grid is reactivating, and
the more humans that find out and focus their loving energies, the
stronger this grid gets.

If I didn't put down an idea with the proper words, well at least I'm
trying.  Hopefully people will finally understand what I've repeatedly
had a hunch about.

Hang on Kent... Those levitating cars are comin'!  It's just the dark
agenda that mumble "...yeah, after we kill you first".  I hope we all
understand exactly why God allowed their negativity to continue this

Let's all focus on POSITIVE, LOVING THOUGHTS!  Because it's hard to be
intuitive when you're knitting eyebrows at people, and cussing and
swearing, and not in a position to learn.  Please let's all use our
intuition to find the most powerful, helpful truth for all of us.  It's
a great time to get in touch with the Earth.


AlgeriaIn Jabbaren, in the Tassili mountains, Algeria, south of the Hoggar. A 6m high character with a large round decorated head. The massive body, the strange dressing, the folds around the neck and on the chest suggest some ancient time astronaut. A similar character is painted at Sfar in the Tassili, in the Cabro caves in France and in several other places. Some of them are much smaller and raise their hands towards a giant being, of non human appearance, sometimes these "round heads" being seem to hover in the air. From 6000 B.C.

**Footnote: Libyan Desert Silica-Glass

An article entitled "Dating the Libyan Desert Silica-Glass" appeared in the British journal Nature (no. 170) in 1952. Said the author, Kenneth Oakley:
Pieces of natural silica-glass up to 16 lb in weight occur scattered sparsely in an oval area, measuring 130 km north to south and 53 km from east to west, in the Sand Sea of the Libyan Desert. This remarkable material, which is almost pure (97 per cent silica), relatively light (sp. gin. 2.21), clear and yellowish-green in colour, has the qualities of a gemstone. It was discovered by the Egyptian Survey Expedition under Mr P.A. Clayton in 1932, and was thoroughly investigated by Dr L.J. Spencer, who joined a special expedition of the Survey for this purpose in 1934.

The pieces are found in sand-free corridors between north-south dune ridges, about 100 m high and 2-5 km apart. These corridors or "streets" have a rubbly surface, rather like that of a "speedway" track, formed by angular gravel and red loamy weathering debris overlying Nubian sandstone. The pieces of glass lie on this surface or partly embedded in it. Only a few small fragments were found below the surface, and none deeper than about one metre. All the pieces on the surface have been pitted or smoothed by sand-blast. The distribution of the glass is patchy.

While undoubtedly natural, the origin of the Libyan silica-glass is uncertain. In its constitution it resembles the tektites of supposed cosmic origin, but these are much smaller. Tektites are usually black, although one variety found in Bohemia and Moravia and known as moldavite is clear deep-green. The Libyan silica-glass has also been compared with the glass formed by the fusion of sand in the heat generated by the fall of a great meteorite; for example, at Wabar in Arabia and at Henbury in central Australia.

Reporting the findings of his expedition, Dr Spencer said that he had not been able to trace the Libyan glass to any source; no fragments of meteorites or indications of meteorite craters could be found in the area of its distribution. He said: "It seemed easier to assume that it had simply fallen from the sky."

It would be of considerable interest if the time of origin or arrival of the silica-glass in the Sand Sea could be determined geologically or archaeologically. Its restriction to the surface or top layer of a superficial deposit suggests that it is not of great antiquity from the geological point of view. On the other hand, it has clearly been there since prehistoric times. Some of the flakes were submitted to Egyptologists in Cairo, who regarded them as "late Neolithic or pre-dynastic". In spite of a careful search by Dr Spencer and the late Mr A. Lucas, no objects of silica-glass could be found in the collections from Tut-Ankh-Amen's tomb or from any of the other dynastic tombs. No potsherds were encountered in the silica-glass area, but in the neighbourhood of the flakings some "crude spear-points of glass" were found; also some quartzite implements, "quernstones" and ostrich-shell fragments.

SEE: Libyan desert glass (LDG )


ISTC Project 1545

Induced Seismicity Due to Electromagnetic Impact Caused by MHD Generator


EDITOR [interesting, unsure of origin and reference]: A History of the Terran People They passed through Egypt, acquiring several Semitic words like keleb, "dog," and eventually settled in an oasis in the somewhat inhospitable Tanezrouft of the northern Sahara, in what is now Algeria. They arrived in about 3450 BCE. Why they chose to leave is uncertain; through the tribal lore which survives even to this day we are able to make several educated guesses. It seems a famine was expected which was to be of such intensity as to make life in Anatolia very difficult. Their ancient religion also instilled in its most devoted adherents a very strong and irrepressible wanderlust; it is thought that the Terrans lived in Anatolia for only 150 years before our group departed.


China Mummies: TaklaMakan = Cherchen = Ürumchi = Tocharians

Date: 8/18/02 8:29:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, you say when you look at the "disk" you have the felling of sound? Didn't the deepspace probe Voyager have a gold plated "Disk"/ record on board with instructions on how to play it? Just maybe they are trying to tell us that they have said "record/disk" in their possession!

Date: 8/22/02 7:43:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Found out one of the gold disks on board Voyager (1 or 2?), has the AKKADIAN language on it. Sounds like they were targeting a specific race of folks? Sitchin's Annunaki?