FRIEND: something shot down over where I live last night
FRIEND: NASA is covering it up fast
FRIEND: think it was a ship
BARDSQUILL: report what you saw or know, trying to get info
FRIEND: I am heading to the Lewisburg Montoursville area this weekend- I will try to get as much info as possible NASA is covering it up big time- I have an informant with them-  
BARDSQUILL: got that something came down at Jersey Shore
FRIEND: that's not too far away
FRIEND: yea that's half hour from my house
BARDSQUILL: did you see the fireball or hear the boom?
FRIEND: friends did
FRIEND: I had dreams about an alien war going on the past two night
FRIEND: reptilians
FRIEND: something woke me up several times last night
BARDSQUILL: what did friends see?
FRIEND: I thought I heard something around 11 and came downstairs
FRIEND: One friend saw the fireball coming down but said there was a red burning triangular shaped object falling
FRIEND: and then it exploded
BARDSQUILL: here's a local report
FRIEND: a small meteor would not make such a loud boom anyway
FRIEND: they are playing on peoples ignorance
BARDSQUILL: see what you can find out
BARDSQUILL: whole place is cordoned off with security
FRIEND: I live 2 miles from the local airport
FRIEND: they are claiming not to have seen a thing!
FRIEND: probably lying
BARDSQUILL: what did you see in dream?
FRIEND: I was on board a craft helping fight these other guys and saw some reptilian faced beings
FRIEND: last night had dreams of flying ships and shooting other ones down
BARDSQUILL: think your dreams are important
FRIEND: so imagine how weird it was to hear about this in the morning
FRIEND: we saw a UFO saturday
FRIEND: near harrisburg
FRIEND: one of those black orbs
FRIEND: moving slowly watched it for 10 minutes
FRIEND: planes were around - wasn't a plane
BARDSQUILL: about what time?
FRIEND: it was a black orb with a glowing gray-blue field around it
FRIEND: around 8:30 at night
FRIEND: the sun was setting
BARDSQUILL: which way was it moving?  How did it move? Straight vector?
FRIEND: north east toward where I live  
FRIEND: it was going very slow-  
FRIEND: a diagonal line was like it was floating across the sky
BARDSQUILL: have any inward impressions?
FRIEND: it seemed to distort
FRIEND: oh it was a ship I know that
BARDSQUILL: reptilian?
FRIEND: medium friend of mine said it was of the Zoharim race
FRIEND: trying to contact me
FRIEND: Zoharim are not reptilian- they are light beings
FRIEND: keys of Enoch talks about them
FRIEND: UfoFilmer gets these on film a lot
FRIEND: the white or black orbs
FRIEND: he said I would start seeing them this summer
FRIEND: this is the first time so far
BARDSQUILL: did you see the New Jersey videos?
FRIEND: don't think so
FRIEND: its very interesting these reports came out of mountoursville PA and I was there on Saturday at a metaphysical store talking to the owners about UFOs
BARDSQUILL: Big flyover on the 17th : New Jersey Mystified by Strange Lights  
BARDSQUILL: movie on that website
BARDSQUILL: think we have a major ongoing flap
FRIEND: if I didn't have a family to take care of I would be driving up there to where this thing came down
FRIEND: maybe there is a battle going on
FRIEND: I am told I astral project to ships sometimes at night
BARDSQUILL: And I think you might be right about shooting war.  Looks like we have the tech maserblasx.htm  
FRIEND: I have some psychics working on tuning into what happened too

FRIEND: my wife was working today in the town near where this thing crashed
BARDSQUILL: what'd she hear?
FRIEND: the field is right by the highway the news is still not saying anything but there is cops and roadblocks military around the area
FRIEND: several people saw it at her work they swore it looked like a plane coming down
BARDSQUILL: Seems like if it were a normal plane, it'd be reported mainstream
FRIEND: no kidding
FRIEND: would have heard about it hours ago
FRIEND: they are still saying nothing crashed
FRIEND: people who live there dont understand why the news is saying nothing crashed  
FRIEND: they'll be forced to tell the public something probably tonite
FRIEND: but then they will have to explain how a small meteorite created a loud enough sound to be heard in new york and cause shopping malls to shake
FRIEND: I doubt they will be able to replant corn in that field
BARDSQUILL: pieces seem to have come down elsewhere
FRIEND: the corn was very tall there will be signs of a crash
FRIEND: will see if I can find out more later- going to get a shower
BARDSQUILL: As far away as Ovid, NY Local News