Subj: Weird Stuff in PA
Date: 7/23/01 7:28:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Tonight after I got home and turned on the TV, the local news channel broke in and said about "Several small explosions at the PA Grand Canyon".  Needless to say, it got my attention....Then as they droned on, they went on to say about a 'meteor shower' that was happening during broad daylight.  Several people said about seeing large 'fireballs' in the sky.  Reports were comming in from NY to VA.  The reports also stated about several explosions, which they thought were probably sonic booms.
I personally have been looking outside.  I have seen a few small meteroites in the sky, but nothing major.  Here's the weird part.  Around 10PM (after it was really dark) I went outside and watched the sky for about 20 min or so.  I turned off all outside lights, and got a good long view.  The thing that we noticed the most wasn't the amount of meteors.  But for some unknown reason, we did have a TON of air traffic.  There is a small airstrip close here, however only very small planes use it.  Also, it closes at midnight, so most planes are on the ground by now.  However when we counted, we could see about 6 aircrafts within a very small area.  We could hear a ton of planes that we couldn't see due to the trees.  Now, if there was truly that bad of a meteor stom going on, why would so many planes be out in the area that was getting hit the hardest?   Furthermore, there are NEVER this many planes going overhead this time of night.
I have attached a link for one of the local TV networks that ran the story.
See if anyone else heard/saw anything in this area.

Date: 7/23/01 8:13:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time


The local TV station is now running a newscast (11PM EST). Apparently the meteor landed in Jersey Shore, PA. If you are looking at a map, find Williamsport, then go 12 miles north. It's a small town in the middle of nowhere, in the mountains.

Howerver here's what they did say..

There has been property damage, (wouldn't specify), apparently some roads are blocked off, they think it landed in a cornfield.

More to come???

Subj: Jersey Shore
Date: 7/24/01 3:45:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, Kent -

According to a friend of mine who is about 60 miles from Jersey Shore her
local TV station reported last night at 11pm that there was only one meteor
reported locally “…and loads of people saw it.”  She said the report went on
to say “…the (Jersey Shore strike) area had been closed off and only 4
officials were allowed in...These men said it was about the size of a
basketball. One family said that a donut shaped object seemed to hover over
a tower, for high tension wires or satellite dishes, and then it slowly
disappeared…a family said they saw a brilliant light just before it hit the
ground.”  She added that “...if there isn't anything on TV tonight (we'll
know) they are keeping yet another secret."

I know this duplicates some info you already have posted, but I sent this
along because of the new info: "only 4 officials allowed", "basketball-sized
object found", and "donut shaped object seen hovering".