Date: 9/7/01 10:06:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Why the stress about the monolith. The very hard stone blocks were they got wide holes in so neatly, ar TMHO far more interesting.

Gee thousends of years ago. Only from1880 we were able to drill such holes.

Look at this page and some of the other pictures.

Date: 9/7/01 10:58:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time


1.) I am a design/manufacturing engineer. That slab has signs of rotary tool drilling--modern type--for hole shearing using binary compounds achieving approximately 10% expansion.

The holes are drilled along a line (very similar to explosive process) then a binary mixed chemical is pumped/forced into the hole. Within 24 hours the material has hardened and expanded, popping the rock with incredible shear forces. All this with no boom. ( Remaining chemical would appear to still be in one of the holes.)

2.) The rock looks cable cut on an angle, the type that almost all rock quarries use to slice slabs up. Further, it appears that a diamond grinding tool was used square up the ends (sides, etc.). I cannot tell about the face grind of large flat side.

3.) Not being a geologist, I can only say that the rock has a different and unique "look" to it. The surface looks weathered, not polished or ground. Surfacing finishing/manufacturing marks are not evident.

Hope this helps.

On a second note: Great work on the SOHO stuff! Wish they would screw up and forget to "shut down" the satellite!.

EDITOR: Voices in me poor head this morn. They go like this. Is the entire complex at Giza in replication or in "misdirection" of more ancient sites [portals?] at Saqqara, or for that matter, Newgrange, or for that matter Cydonia or Elysium on Mars? Be still, ye Infernal Mutterings!--Kent

Subj: Re: Monolith/ Abusir

Date: 9/8/01 11:47:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Holger Isenberg)


The photo is from 1999 and according to another member of the traveler group it is indeed an ancient artefact!

Still trying to get more info...


   Holger Isenberg


Date: 9/8/01 12:13:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Holger Isenberg)


More pictures from modern toolmarks in ancient stones:

All pictures taken in the National Museum in Cairo.


   Holger Isenberg


Crack ORBIT-sleuth sending this info  [Kent]

Date: 9/8/01 8:56:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time

It's hard to find wisdom about a topic that most other people know more about, but I tried to soak up wisdom like a sponge as I searched.  Below are the links that caught my eye, separated by equal signs.

===== Abusir monolith story:
Article about Abusir:
Find Nov. 1998 issue of National Geographic (vol. 3, #5)

Apollo 10 and the Monolith story:

Secret space station idea is mentioned here by Boylan:
...which makes me think: all right!  Just contact Richard Boylan and ask him about monoliths.  Just go to

Zoser (Djoser) complex at Saqqara:

...hmm...wait a  minute...Here's something:

Above link mentions this Tyreis = Zoser... idea!
22. Pharaoh Tyreis = Zoser = Djoser = Tyreis = Arc-TURUS (Boötes) = Biblical Abraham (takes his name from constellation at the end of his rule)

Djoser photos at Saqqara (awesome use of thumbnails):

Odd glyphs from Djoser pyramid (worth a look):
...glyphs photo is from this link:

Djoser/Sakkara page in Dutch (maybe photos are valuable):

Djoser's mentioned with Biblical stuff here... lots of reading to comprehend here:

Neat-O graphic: The Visible Imhotep! (bones/muscle; from ILM)

Imhotep stone-signature with Zoser/Saqqara photos (PHOTOS galore):

Sounds promising: Imhotep explained:

Discovery Channel must have an English version of this Imhotep video:

In conclusion: I'm not sure.  Perhaps some event unfolding now has a biblical reference to it?  Maybe the tiny group at can help us, since I think one guy is in Egypt right now.  Speaking of which... they had some intruguing ideas!
======= VOY.COM/17011's ideas:
Messages are found at ...
Ground shot of Sphinx looking up - Hall of Records marker?  Oh they're right: I haven't seen this angle shot of the Sphinx!

Thutmosis stela: why are there 2 sphinxes?
   Another version of the dual-sphinx stela is here:

Yeah, Kent: why are there TWO sphinxes in that Thutmosis stela?  One to represent the sky and one for the physical Earth sphinx?  Or were there TWO sphinxes?

Subj: The Book of AHAU; and The South Saqqara Mound Mystery!!!
Date: 9/10/01 9:06:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Thinking about Abusir and just using my intuition lead me to these ideas... Maybe they're related to this monolith thing? I'm trying to jump-start everyone's intuition here! ZZZZAP! Here goes:

I'd recommend getting "The Book of AHAU: The Visions That Revealed the Secret of the Tomb of Osiris and the Hall of Records" (ISBN: 0759608393) because if someone wanted to distract us from something, GEE this book's contents might be it.

Recently mentioned at Farshores:

Book can be ordered here:
The Book of AHAU

Or if you don't like Amazon, look it up at instead. Lowest price seems to be $12.95.

Govany Perony's email:

Oh: and maybe ask him about this Abusir monolith?

That ET heiroglyphic story just happens to be at the Saqqara stepped pyramid too:

...but everyone knows about that oddity, whether that ET drawing is real or a fake.

...BUT not many people remember The South Saqqara Mound Mystery:
(The old hideous link was:

The first time you look at this site you think: WAY! This guy HAS to know something I don't!
If you get that feeling: perhaps email Mark James Foster who's mentioned at the site (

The Rosetau forum looks bare (link is on main menu)! It oughta be used by more people! This site is just one I found, and there has to be more people with wisdom about Saqqara and all the surroundings!

Are we getting somewhere? Do we have a 2 and another 2 yet? Can we make 4 yet? I hope someone's Intuition Light Bulb is going off right now!

Date: 9/10/01 1:38:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, When I first saw your report on the Egyptian 'monolith', I became curious and sent a request to renown Egyptologists John Anthony West and Dr. Robert Shoch.

Below is a reply from John Anthony West.

I will forward the original message as soon as I can find it.


Tim Edwards


-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: Abusir, Egypt MONOLITH

Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 14:57:50 EDT

From: WEST

To: ted

In a message dated 09/07/2001 5:24:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

ted writes:

The monolith is said to sound like metal if you knock it and it has  approximately the length-relations 1:4:9, like the monolith in '2001: A Space Odyssey'.


Most stone has resonant properties so I would not be surpassed if any slab cut to those dimensions would ring if struck.

We now need confirmation, that this artifact is not deliberately placed there by hoaxers. Also an exact measurement is required.

It's a big slab for hoaxers to handle, but hardly impossible.

I know you are very busy but do you have any information and/or a comment on the possible origin of this object?

Is it shown in situ, as found? In any event it doesn't look like 'standard'  Egyptian masonry. I really haven't a clue as to its authenticity or its possible function or origin. Sorry I can't be helpful. If you find out anything let me know.

John Anthony West