A. Is there a spirit world where the departed "souls" reside?

B. Nibiru and the Anunnaki

Date: 11/29/02 11:03:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: The link to respond to this submission by the author who wished not to be identified is not working (11/28/02). However, I would like to vent my own point of view regarding some of the issues he/she brought forward.

Much of the theory regarding Old Testament manipulation and control of earth by a technologically advanced culture makes a lot of sense, in a rational black/white context. But I have a few hang-ups about it.

When the word "testament" is used, it brings to mind the binding document written by a person/entity of material means insuring that his/her heirs receive the accumulated possessions at the entity's final bequest...a Last Will and Testament, so to speak. The Old Testament, therefore, applied to the race which had it's origins

at the dawn of creation. Adam was made of clay (physically based earthly elements), but his physical manifestation was cloaked in such intense Light that he was not aware of his body. God also had to breathe the breath of Life into him once his body took form. Only when he and Eve made the "choice" to depart from Divine intention, were they suddenly smote with the realization of their nakedness and hid themselves. The Light disappeared, which also explains why God could not locate them as He was looking for a higher frequency of Light. The Serpent (Satan) has been described as the most beautiful of God's angelic beings...the principalities and powers often referred to in the Bible were the forces which maintain balance and harmony within the physical realms of the Universe. The more a person beholds beauty, in all its variety and splendor, the more one is tempted to covet or possess that charm. It is elusive because it is a force that is illusion, and the being becomes governed by those forces which created it in the beginning. This is where Love of the One becomes fragmented into the love of self or ego.

God closed the Garden of Eden to His Heirs...knowing that they had given up their inheritance willingly. He did not sentence them to complete separateness or abandonment as it was not His Will. It was through complete and pure Love, which God is, that He did not enslave them as His servants. He gave them their freedoms. Only when they asked for help, did God turn His face back to His children. The Old Testament is the story of rebellion, its consequences, but the steadfast connection of a Father to His children through recorded family trees of the descendants of Adam and Eve. The lineage of David became the root to the plan to offer His children a way to reclaim their inheritance.

Jesus was that plan, the New Last Will and Testament, the restoration of the inheritance to God's children. Jesus is often referred as Adam incarnate in the New Testatment. However, when he became a threat to the obvious powers that thrived off of the control of others...the very descendants of the Garden of Eden...and was crucified, this too was part of the plan of redemption. Choice was again offered, and when refused by the chosen heirs, it was passed to the Gentiles as those who followed Christ were to become co-heirs. The Jewish tribes have suffered through much tribulation (or karma, cause-and-effect) since they refused Jesus and His teachings. Only when they again established a homeland in Israel was the time-link set for the redemption of all humanity.

We can be easily misled by the imaginations of rational, logical thinking. But these very imaginings and thoughts hold the key to our destiny. Fear of God has been misinterpreted by those who profit from it. God deserves the Honor and Respect we owe to the One who is our Father. If the Father admonishes one who transgresses, He is also quick to welcome back with open arms the prodigal sons and daughters who went astray. Love is God, God is Love.


Noah had to build the Ark to survive the Flood. God did not provide the vehicle for his salvation, only the warning. It was Noah's choice to heed the warning.

Lot and his family were led out of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but Lot's wife chose to covet her old life and was lost. (Did you know that these were Palestinian cities?)

The ten virgins awaited the bridegroom, bringing with them lamps as they knew not the hour of his arrival. Five had extra oil, while the other five did not. When the unprepared brides could not borrow oil, they had to go and buy it. While they were away the bridegroom came and upon their return asked for entry into the wedding. The bridegroom refused, saying that he knew them not.

Knowing that the author of "Nibiru and the Annunaki" has the best intentions in mind with this information, I appreciate the stimulating comparisons and the food for thought that it has provided. However, nothing in this physical Universe exists without the Law of Balance. Even the greatest of galactic races should have discovered this fact!!

God is Love, God is Life, God is Light... this is not rocket science. This is Truth!

A daughter of the

Clan Donnachaidh

Date: 11/29/02 11:02:30 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: We are being given more clues, and movies are a big favourite for this. The new movie The Core may be simply giving us the two key pieces of information we need. The first is to pay attention to the title. The Core. Are planetary and solar cores portals to other dimensions? Lots is being said of this lately and our own Sol seems to have strange things coming and going. Are we now being told to look to the core of Earth for the next phase? Second is the slogan. It is the key to our salvation; the knowledge that we are eternal spiritual beings currently tied to a violent and painful third density reality. The only way out is in.

And what is our near future on Earth going to be like that we will want out? We have already been told where to look. Buy tickets and make sure you see The Two Towers.

Date: 11/29/02 7:43:06 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: OK -- A reply and comment to the interesting slant on the Anunnaki etc..

May I first refer readers to our article written nearly htree years ago entitled - THE ERIDEANS AND THE ANUNNAKI

Who are they - and where do they orginate

These were "lost files" that were taken off the web, but I have re-uploaded - see

We mention there that the Eridean's most hated enemy are the Anunnaki..also we actually did mention that we thought the sol cruisers were mainly of Eridean construction..this is still the case, but may be not all of the craft you see will have been of Eridean nature..

This is a time when a complex fleet of diverse races are meeting up, both of the light abd dark forces (light force to supervise the coming battle..which we will btedly be drawn into). As we have always said, be cautious when you read that it is the good guys coming for you, yes in a Trojan horse - mainly they are of the dark side, coming to effect what ultimately has been drawn in the sand for millennia...however, the light force is watching..

As you recall we mentioned last year that a major part of the global grid system went down last year...thus allowing both the dark and light force to enter...however, this in part has now been closed, but the opportunity was there and now all is in place.

The coming of "Planet X" is but one part played in this cosmic theatrical play, Phobus another...and we agree that keeping the general populace in a state of fear and slavery is their purport...however, I think that most of us agree that we are learning to be free of this so called fear, with minds clearing the aeons of clouded mists, we now venture forward into the light...with hindsight and with help...There is major cosmic conflict about to occur and we have the front row seats - forewarned IS forearmed.

All I can say at this stage is for readers to read through the last few articles of ambilac. We always welcome comments and questions...this is the time of the people.

Thanks Kent


GIZA-GENESIS, THE BEST KEPT SECRETS - A trilogy of three volumes

Howard Middleton-Jones and James M Wilkie

Date: 11/29/02 7:09:36 AM Pacific Standard Time


Just read Nibiru and the Annunaki. Not impressed, zero documentation, nothing in regards to influences of D.M.s speculation, other than a few references to passages within the bible.

Date: 11/28/02 3:16:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent, I just read the newest article on Nibiru and the Anunnaki and it sort of reminded me of an article I read way  back from Dr. Noel Huntley. The link to it is: It is titled "The Enroaching Comet Not What It Appears" It seems to be along the same vein as the article written by  D.M. which I thought was very good. Please take a moment to check the link I sent you (its not long at all) and I think you'll enjoy. I am very grateful for you and your site and I expect to come into a few dollars soon which I will share with you for the many hours of enjoyment and knowledge you have offered. Keep up the essential work you are doing.

Date: 11/29/02 1:42:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear friend, words cannot express how happy I am that you have found and are publishing this article. The Divine Mother knows Her stuff. Thanks, Kent

Subj: So, Velikovsky was right??

Date: 11/29/02 1:58:13 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey about this then....?

Big Planets Form in Hundreds of Years, Not Millions

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Astronomers unveiled a quick new recipe for creating big planets, using high-powered supercomputer calculations to show these gassy giants could form in hundreds of years, instead of millions

Most scientists have maintained that planets the size of Jupiter, the largest in our solar system, take several million years to coalesce out of the massive disks of cosmic debris that surround infant stars.

But research published in Thursday's edition of the journal Science indicates that these monstrous disks tend to break up after just a few turns around their star

Date: 11/29/02 5:35:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent, I am always very suspicious of anyone who says that a particular article is correct but asks you what you think of it. Another article to gauge reaction? I don't buy it.

Date: 11/29/02 10:54:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

I find in quite difficult to believe that Annunaki were left here without their technology, it all flew away. I just can't seem to fathom that it was here and completly lost

Date: 11/30/02 1:19:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

P asks Dr. Boylan:

I am seeing the word Cabal... what exactly does this refer to?

Thank you.


Dr. Boylan responds:

P., "The Cabal", as used around enlightened UFO circles, refers to a claque of global-scale plutocratic manipulators who use their immense wealth, prestige and power to control governments and economies to perpetuate their stranglehold on global society. This group is comprised of the most selfish, megalomaniacal, and sociopathic individuals, some of whom are bigshots in the Bilderberg Council, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission global policy-making groups. But these groups are not synonymous with The Cabal, since BC, CFR and TLC also contain some well-intentioned individuals.

The Cabal gets a fair amount on ink on this site because they are also the rogue group behind the _unauthorized_ UFO Cover-Up. Unfortunately, The Cabal has its proxies on some of the seats in the Special Studies Group of the U.S. National Security Council, which controls official-government UFO information and access.

The unauthorized UFO Cover-Up is to be distinguished from the official-government UFO Cover-Up.

The unauthorized UFO Cover-Up is the organization that conducts kidnappings and terrorizing of innocent civilians, camouflaged as "alien abductions". They do wholesale "cattle mutilations", hoping that angry ranchers and terrorized citizens will blame it on "the aliens". The Cabal´s operatices also terrorize some "too-close" UFO researchers, and even assassinate a few. They hijack some psychotronic weaponry for unauthorized use on their "enemies" or on innocent civilian "guinea pig" test subjects. In general, most of the horrific stuff done under the UFO Cover-Up comes from The Cabal´s unauthorized version of the UFO Cover-Up, often using plants within miliatary and intelligence organizations (to further camouflage who is at work.)

The official-government authorized UFO Cover-Up is _relatively_ benign, yet is still morally responsible for the global suffering that could have been averted if the general public had access to clean non-petroleum energy, psychotronic healing machines, ZPE-powered hydroponic food-growing machines, gravity-shielded superfast airliners and sea freighters, and the immense store of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific knowledge that the Star Visitors wish to share with the people of Earth.

Some remote viewers have seen The Cabal´s power broken between 2003 and 2006. They definitely will be left in the trashbin of history, as the transition from Fourth World to Fifth World [cosmic society] is well established by 2012.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Date: 11/30/02 11:18:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi. You recently posted something concerning the Anunnaki. The author was DM. [lANON] Here's something from him. Look at the last sentence.

Nibiru's Orbit Identified by David Millo

Uranus and Neptune don't follow their expected paths. Pluto is far too small an influence to account for this.

John Murray, a planetary scientist, studied 13 comets with well known orbits. He found them "... all aligned along a band, as would be expected if they had been perturbed by some large body." That large body above Aquarius, [Nibiru], is estimated to be 2 trillion miles away and orbit the Sun every 5 million years. [Discover, Oct 2001, pp 76-78]

The Pythagoreans said the revolving planets emitted notes, their pitches being determined by their speed and distance from the Earth. [The Search for Infinity]

In "The Lost Book of Enki" Zecharia Sitchin has translated ancient Sumerian tablets. That translation details the planet Nibiru's orbit: "An outermost abode he chose for himself... A Shar [3,600 years] shall be his circuit..." Nibiru is also described as shepherding the gods [other planets]. (pp 54,55) Jupiter synchronizes asteroid orbits and shepherds the planets into rounder orbits. Sitchin's translation implies that Nibiru adopted a round orbit from a very highly elliptical one that brought it close to Earth. The gods descended from Nibiru where there alone they had seemingly immortal life spans.

Nibiru orbit = Jupiter to Sun light seconds^2 span x 10

1 / Nibiru orbit speed mirrors it's orbit circuit in miles

Nibiru is 414... times Jupiter span to the Sun

Nibiru is 422... " " orbit period

The Sun is 191... times Jupiter orbit period [Sun: 226 million year orbit, Detroit Free Press and 250 km/s orbit speed, The Scientific Companion]

The Sun is 191... " " " speed

6x6x600 astronomical units = Nibiru span to Sun [approx. distance Earth travels in 3,600 years of orbit (Nibiru's Shar orbit duration)]

6x6x.6 = Pluto au^.666 / Mercury^.666 au to Sun

.666 = Jupiter speed / 9 planet orbit speed average

The Sumerians bequeathed their 60 minutes x 60 seconds system of time and circle arc to us. They divided the cosmos accordingly.

"Some 51 light-years away lies an extrasolar system similar to our own: a yellow star in Ursa Major has a Jupiter-size planet orbiting at a distance comparable to that of Jupiter from our sun." [Scientific American, Oct 2001, p 23]

Nibiru isn't returning in 2003 but something epic is.

Illustrated comment


Date: 11/30/02 1:33:40 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent, Whew! I'm terribly relieved that this 11 page treatise on the Annunaki and Nibiru by this unidentified, unrefferenced, and unchallengeable author has your 'total confidence' and is 'correct'.

I was initailly a bit concerned that the entire piece was pure CIA-inspired BS designed to confuse and misinform.

Your ringing assurance has saved the day.

Thanks a million,

EDITOR: The "correct" statement was by the submitter, My Planet-X compilation of theories are at:px_updated.html Kent

Date: 12/3/02 2:14:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent, On your website there is this story about the Annunaki and how they control humanity. You asked for some comments and I have some.

There are many mind-controls going on, not one, there are many. They are put onto humanity, layer upon layer in order to keep us from the truth and keep us slaves on this plane of existence.

There is mindcontrol of religion, money, date/calendar and more and it is being kept in place by us. It is a self-regulating mind-control in that we, the people keep it in place with our moral and social codes. It is basically a self-created mindprison.

It could be the Annunaki who did this but it could also be the Military or the New World Order, or maybe even the rich and powerful.

It is not important to know who is behind this, it is important to see it in action and to be free of these systems.

One can never be totally free of these systems unless one is selfsupporting. If one doesn't need society and fellow humans to survive than one can really leave this system. For the majority of us, we can see them in action but we still have to deal from within these systems in order to survive.

Civillizations come and go, mind-control systems come and go, what goes up must come down, the natural rythm of the universe. Be happy, be content in this system, enjoy it, see it, live it and in this way, be a human.

We all have come here to experience this "game" and we all play our part in it....

My 2-cents..

sorry about any mispellings but English is not my native language