Kent: The following essay "God has One Son" is a continuation on the Adam Sleeps story. One of the better means of approaching ‘cube of light’ equations is to refer to Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch. Upon reading Key 109 that records the following:

"The Anti-Universe is composed of star field energies revealed on the black cube in Mecca which shows the function and destruction of 3-D universes…"

The solar-cubex is one that has displayed itself as discussed in the Ninth Key of Enoch.





4. [Dr. John Dee]

The formula explains how salvation (Christ energy upon the cross of the heavens, not the physical cross) and destruction are determined on the level of star universes within star energies (use our sun as an example) trapped "within a cubic function of darkness".

Buckminister Fuller when describing the optical spectra of light said that there were no right angles in nature.

He was referring to the golden mean equation. Because the measure of light is a direct function on our lower Earth plane’s participation within consciousness. This Means that when King Feisal in 1973 approached the Black Cube , the Kabba , he was attempting to ‘liberate Jerusalem from the infidels’. The Kabba is the White Stone that Adam brought out from the Garden of Eden, that has a name on it that ‘no man knoweth’. Adam has been asleep until his return as Jesus that preceded the building of the Kabba, the geometry of the anti-power of life. Here in Key 109 it spells out why the Pleiades, Orion and Jerusalem are the anti-thesis of the dark-cube of alpha Draconis, omega Draconis and Mecca.

I quote: Key 109/6

"And I saw the nations engaged in physical destruction, entropy, war and violence, worshipping and bowing down to the negation of star-energy; and I saw the nations of Light and Love exalting the pyramid of light.."

So the cube image splitting forth from our sun is what Enoch calls a ‘macro-state crystalline structure’.
We are at a junction where we must wake up as a collective whole to negate what Enoch terms the inversion of the ninth key: 666, the illusory six physical force fields that have bound our minds in the abyss of our the Creator’s making. Remember as soon as we conjugate the word righteousness we are inserting one thought after another to define darkness when in fact it is part of the process of The Creator, not ours.

In Key 116 it says: The ‘People of God’ collectively survive as a field of intelligence in the repairing of the universes as the ‘Great White Brotherhood’. Here is the story of the battles of the children of light versus the children of darkness. Advancement in the order of spiritual evolution requires direct handling of ‘cosmic responsibility’. Yet within the ‘lower threshold in the energy cube is the place occupied by the life plasma of the Elohim.

I’ll end this essay here with these thoughts. My original research on what the energy grids were designed for came from my years in the ‘wilderness’ of Australia.

(see In this rough storyboard I document the vital song-lines that Aboriginality was living on for over 40 000 years. What remains are ‘remains of their days’.

Enoch 116/27 says:

‘the Magnetic grids of the planets are not allowed to completely change until those that are to go on to other planetary systems and other worlds of creation, through their own respective vehicles of Light, are taken up.."

Here we are reminded that we are the energy grids but have isolated ourselves in the state of separation from the light of Israel. So when Jesus said you are the light on the Hill, he meant just that: until we grasp our physical presence as an after-thought in the dream of Adam, we will be confined to a reductionist experience found in The Black Cube of the Sun.

Key 109/55 states: ‘This cosmology is to be seen in the Wearing of the Black Cube or Tephillin-Baith on the Forehead of the Jewish mystic, who nullifies the power of The Black Cube worn over his third eye, by the interpenetration of the Torah scripture of Light within the Cube. Religion has become a metaphysical battle on the plain of Zohar. From the ashes of 911, the Phoenix rose saying: "You better THINK. It is our only chance left".

This is the Sa that Rush Allen has been harping on presenting itself as icons at the end of the plugs in the Queen’s and King’s Chamber.

B L Raphael


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