Photo 4277-8s exposure(overexposure). Zoom and scrool to find  the stars, mark them and try to find the
position on the sky( I need help for this).For the zoom size use photo 4279 as reference.It was taken under Aldebran a little to the left.Do auto-levels and see the halo on the top left. The lower right corner light on the three pictures is due to a building light.

Photo 4277 detail auto filter

Photo 4277 darkness and contrast adjust filter

Photo 4278-Same position as 4277 but with 2s exposure time, auto adjust

Photo 4278-detail, auto adjust

Photo 4279-Aldebaran as seen in that night with the same zoom and settings as photo 4278, auto adjust


Just to confirm 

5/2/03 5:29:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I just saw this email regarding Sentinel to planet X
and I wanted to ask for some confirmation since my sky
is cloudy for long time already.

Even I could not see anything with binoculars and
naked eye, a long exposure picture
(8s,F2.5,100ASA,zoom equivalent to 103mm in a 35mm
camera) with a digital camera revealed something. A
second 2s exposure showed more. The coordinates were
not exactly the Zeta ones for that date. It seemed
advanced in time.On the 22nd of April day I took the
picture looked like in the 4th of May coordinates.

Can you try to do this type of photo? The overexposed
picture after auto levels in a photo software shows a
circular glow , also the low exposure shows something
there with a certain structure.

Maybe is something else, I just wanted someone with
clear skyes to confirm this using this technique.
I used a SONY DSC-S85(4.1 megapixels), manual focus to
infinite, shutter priority.

I repeat can not see anything with naked eyes or
binoculars.If you want to check my pictures they are
in the newsgroup: alt.pl.test

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The third picture shows the Aldebaran region just as a
reference of the zoom used because it was the same for
the 3 pictures.

On the article the location coordinates are mixed up
should be 22.2N 113.6E, I wrote that from memory and
then I didn't check before posting and they are
completely wrong.

EDITOR: I'm wondering if this might be an "ORB" phenomenon.   PX? What do you think? Forum