A. Crusty Kent hisself, sans-glasses for theatrical effect, also pipe, empty because family won't let poor Kent smoke in house. Quickly combed hair for photo, untrimmed CroMagnon beard (fur bearing ancestors); new Xmas shirt, 2X large to cover belly which has grown as a result of sitting in corner for ten years; bloodshot eyes with bags as a result of gawking at monitor for a bazillion hours, also disturbing look in eyes, smiling but half-crazed at same time. Hand on spiffy new infra-red mouse. Kent contemplates his 59th birthday in a few days, also his mortality and basic terror at someday facing his Creator, whom Kent has most certainly pissed off due to ragged, unfettered artist's lifestyle, basically heretical...

MOVING ALONG clockwise

B. Boxes on table near hand and mouse full of useless junk, which usually ends up on floor.

C. Painting on wall, rough attempt to daub oils on canvas again after 15 years. Kent didn't know what to paint so rendered front porch, Old English-style apartment complex, pool that Kent never swims in to preserve sensibilities of neighbors (many sleek and trim Seattle yuppy Norwegians), pine tree where old gray raven perches and actually says, "hello," aye, like a parrot, weird, huh! Wendy upon hearing Kent's "hello-report" almost ready to commit poor ol' Kent until nice raven finally said, howdy to her also. Good thing, whew!

D. Blue lamp on desk, which has little holes on backside of metal lamp cover-- hate those holes as they glare in eyes, tried to cover with duct tape which caused the lamp to smoke for lack of venting, almost caught fire and burned down apartment. Kent quickly put out fire saving family and neighbors in apartment unit, must be a hero, eh?
E. Cheap Microsoft Sidewinder joystick, for gaming online, RED BARON WWI sim, ratatatat, blasting evil Huns out of cybersky, saving the world-- hero again! Dear, Spooks want to get even with Kent, grab a Fokker Dr. I plane and lets go at it over Chateau Thierry, arrgh, ye be dead meat!


The real world

F. Desk shelves full of CDs, badly labelled, never can find backups when needed, system disks always missing, total chaos, almost as bad as national politics.

G. Monitor with January version of ORBIT, keyboard and box by knee, generic computer bought in Hindu computer store. Foot always hitting reset button on puter box, messing up work done on ORBIT, have to redo; Brian and Wendy always grabbing poor Kent's computer to play weird useless games unlike the much more magnificent and vital Red Baron shootem-out. Depicted activity, Kent installing another goldurned banner on ORBIT, heh, like this one:


NOTE: Wendy insistently commanding innocent Kent to put up another banner, as well as advising readers to please click:

H. Paint brushes, piles of letters and bills which Kent ignores until the lights go out.

I. OFFSCREEN-RIGHT: Elves and Leprechauns

SPACE BELOW dedicated to Kent's mind.