GIZA A tale of Treasure


Date: 2/22/02 5:18:52 AM Pacific Standard Time


Can you pass a message to that person who wrote the Giza treasure you know we mention the sand pouring out of the rock in our book (originally it was the Japanese in the GP grand gallery) and we explain in detail the purpose of this is also on our website - will get the article..we have so many now!! Perhaps you can get the guy to contact me.

Date: 2/22/02 9:27:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

Mr. Kent Steadman forwarded your email to me. I am the individual who submitted the story on the Great Pyramid chamber find. I recall the Japanese GPR survey of the Grand Gallery and the survey that I am referring to was definitely an American survey and involved a couple of universities. The articles that I read were published in the Tulsa Tribune during July and August of either 1988 or 1989. When I have time, I want to go to the Tulsa City-County Library and search the microfilm archives of the Tribune to get copies of the articles. Since this was so long ago, my recollection of the years may be wrong, so I will have to search the period of 1986-1989. I am pretty sure that the latter dates are close since this was right before Colin Stove of Geoscience Consultancy in Edinburgh, Scotland, announced the astounding results he obtained with GPR at Gizo, Malta. I am particularly interested in whether Dr. Anon was involved in the project and whether this had anything to do with him being made Director of the Giza Plateau (not that it means anything, but it is kind of interesting politics).

A couple of issues that I have with the story, are first, this was some security breach for the general to take our friend down there, although I can understand why the general would have trusted him. Second, there are better ways to hide a treasure house than to build a huge monolith over the top of it. Third, this does not explain the purpose of the other chambers and passages within the Great Pyramid, so this must have been a multi-purpose structure. Fourth, is my particular bias in interpretation, which is a tendency to look for an economic motivation for the actions of people over a religious motivation.

I have not yet had the opportunity to read your website, but I have it bookmarked and will do so over the next few days. This is way off the topic of my own investigations and is more of curiosity for me than anything else. However, it is a great story that I heard from an eye-witness, and it would be wonderful if it is true. There is no telling what has been found in there.

Date: 2/22/02 8:31:32 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, The Story is True. The Artifacts were sold by Anon, Anon, and tribe for $$$$. The Sapphire went to a private collector at $5,000.000.00 purportedly. Send him my e-mail, I will communicate if he wishes.

Date: 2/23/02 6:53:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

I will attempt to answer your questions in context below.

Dear Sir: I am the individual who submitted the story on the discovery at the Great Pyramid. I would be interested in reading what you have heard concerning this incident. Since it has been ten years without news on the discovery, I had begun to suspect that there were a lot of Egyptian bureaucrats who were profiting from the find.

This is simply not true, when el Baz and Abdallah were in there, they were blind and out of the artifact loop as far as I know. The Pipeline was in the hands of archaeologists and "Antiquities" never knew about them. When later PHD's got in, they ran the new show and the Gov't was as much in the dark as everyone else.

If Dr. Anon and the Egyptian army are involved in the sale of the artifacts, this means that the highest levels of the Egyptian government are involved as well.

I seriously doubt it, too many to cut in. Three or Four Experts and maybe their teams. No More.

I would also suspect UNESCO involvement.

I doubt that as well, most of the high ranking Egypt-born Egyptologists and their cronies are trained in Grave-robbing from birth. It is THEIR way of life and source of income.

As we all have been made painfully aware, there is no such thing as theft by a government, so the individuals involved would be immune from prosecution.

The Antiquities Bureau must Know about artifacts in situ before they can trace them or suspect theft. That does not happen in Egypt.

However, it would be a good thing, if evidence could be obtained, to bring the discovery and the subsequent sale of the artifacts to light. At least everyone would know that these guys are pothunters and not the scholars that they piously claim to be.

Agreed, but difficult to produce

Date: 2/24/02 7:33:02 AM Pacific Standard Time

Again in context.

Dear Sir: Absolutely fascinating. So if I am understanding this correctly, your thought is that a small group of Egyptologists is involved in the theft of these antiquities and that they have kept the Egyptian government and the United Nations out of the loop.

Precisely, approximately 3-5

That is most likely true. The more is not the merrier in such matters. From my study of the legal aspects of the illicit artifact trade, the participants are a closed club where everyone knows everyone else, making penetration of the operations by international law enforcement almost impossible.

There are purportedly 2-3 Egyptologists and One University in Middle America whose Endowment Accounts and Personal Financing increased in proportion to a $35 to $45 Million intake over a 3-4 month period in 1993-1994. This confirmed to me our intel.

This does make me very curious to go back to the original news articles to see who the participants were of the original survey and then see where they have ended up. [The first thing that jumped to my mind when thinking this line was of the five American and three Russian microbiologists who have been murdered since the September 11 attacks . . .

We Too, and the methods appear to be similar although the connections are vague at best.

I hope that there is no parallel here . . . I'm not even sure what the association is here.

Nor are We.

As far as evidence and exposure of the theft, I am clueless. I have never been to Egypt (although I would like to visit there someday) and I am certainly a very long way from being any kind of expert on their culture. From many accounts that I have read, it does sound like the Egyptian government does not have much of grip on what goes on in their country. My normal line of investigation and research are on different topics altogether and I stumbled into this in following an unrelated line of research. To me, the world should not tolerate yet another loss of this magnitude.

We Concur.

The sale of the Sapphire for $5,000,000 is obscene. From the description which my friend gave, it should have been worth far more than that. Sounds like it was sold at a fire sale price. I would be interested in hearing about any specifics which you have heard concerning the find and the subsequent disposal of the artifacts.

2 Artifacts of a Mechanical nature were purported to have sold to One Private Collector for $35 X 10 to the 6th power in one week.




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