I have enjoyed your site for some time now, and have assiduously clicked on the ads. By way of background, I am an attorney in Mt. Vernon, Washington, and a retired Navy officer, with a pretty solid background in Jungian psychology, and heretical egyptology. I read West's Serpent in the Sky twenty-three years ago, and figured that he was on to something. I've done a good job of researching the pyramids, and kept a careful watch on recent solar and terrestrial anomalies.

Regarding most things, I really don't have much of an answer. However, a few things I'll stake my life on:

The Great Pyramid:

The one thing that it most certainly is not is a tomb. The reason for this is simple: all Egyptian tombs are richly decorated with text that is essential for the proper conduct of the deceased person's afterlife. There is, of course, no decoration whatsoever in the pyramid. Although countless people have speculated as to other purposes for these immense structures, given the fact that there are hundreds of pyramids, of all shapes and sizes, it is not a landing site, repository of wisdom, beacon, symbol, or observatory. It is probably a device.

We all know of the layman who formulated the theory of continental drift (as any schoolchild knows, Africa and South America seem to fit together), Like him, I was struck by the obvious: the pyramids look like BIG PRISMS! They were clad with the finest white calcite (limestone), polished to optical standards that were not again achieved for centuries. They were constructed with an almost obsessive degree of precision, and were aligned perfectly to the cardinal points. A simple thought experiment followed: if I were a traveler at Giza four thousand years ago, and my vision was in the non-visible spectrum (X-rays, radio waves, etc.), the pyramids would appear to be big, very big, prisms, completely invisible except for the granite blocks in the interior. The calcite used to clad the structures differs from the pure Icelandic Spar (used in the finest optical prisms) only in that it is opaque to visible light, not to the other areas of the spectrum. The concave surface of the underlying surface stones suggests a "thin lens" surface cladding. In other words, if you could somehow shrink the pyramids to the size of a standard optical prism, the pyramid would surpass in precision the finest optical prism, in every category. The interiors of the pyramids show a continuous refinement throughout their development, reaching a zenith in what is commonly referred to as the "Great Pyramid". The interior structure contains elements that show a keen resemblance to optical devices, like diffraction grids, etc. The notches along the sides of the corbelled inclined chamber clearly denote slots for a wheel to transverse up and down, and the corbelling is suggestive of a diffraction grid pattern or wave guide. Years ago, when I related all of this to an engineer friend of mine, and mentioned that, if these structures were actually some kind of optical "instruments", I didn't see a need for their enormous size, he didn't hesitate for an instant before responding: "gravity waves!" Although I have no scientific background, I do know of the intense debate that swirls around the subject of gravity, particularly as regards space-time curvature, and the possible existence of gravitons. Since my friend was a respected professional, and didn't laugh at me, I always kept the idea in the back of my mind. When the internet came along, and I gained access to the wealth of current data and speculation regarding quantum gravity, the time appeared ripe for a little follow-up.

It doesn't take a believer in alien abductions, levitation, or crop circles to accept the possibility of an ancient civilization doing work in optics. Given the Egyptian's long history of stone quarrying, it is not difficult to imagine these bright people noticing an anomaly or two in the quarry, and following it up with a few hundred years of slow experimentation. If one were to couch my intuition as an hypothesis, the easiest way to prove it would be to construct a lucite model, enclosing within the necessary optical devices to diffract, reflect, and amplify the entering light. Although I know little about optics, I am positive that by the time the light got to the main "chamber", one could achieve almost laser-like results. At the same time, I believe that it would be easy for a student in optics to do the calculations to see what area of the electromagnetic spectrum the builders were working on, or if it was gravity. If it was gravity, then we really would be on to something!

Nefarious motives for Chemtrails:

I'd really like to solve this puzzle, and I think that is possible, without ascribing nasty motives to the "source". I've seen them myself. Many, if not most of the contrail pictures on the various websites have (like most UFO sightings) quite logical explanations, rooted in normal aviation activity. But scores and scores do not. My guess is that only someone with a pretty good background in atmospheric science can fully appreciate this fact. If, indeed, the anomalous contrail activity is not the result of some overlooked, or yet undiscovered scientific principle, than it is, almost by definition, a government activity. Given the abject denials proffered by the government, it is clear that whatever is going on (if, indeed, anything is going on) is secret.

So, potential Reason No. 1 for solving the puzzle is to "alert the citizenry". Quite frankly, it is pretty clear that the citizenry is being well-alerted already by good people like you. The web is fairly crawling (pardon the pun), with well-constructed, well-documented, and well-visited contrail sites. In addition, if we are dealing with a large, well-financed, and very secret government project, which is being carried out in broad daylight, we are dealing with a project which is important enough for the people in Washington to do any amount of "disinformation" necessary to keep it a secret. This normally involves poking fun at, or discrediting, anyone attempting to disseminate the truth. While alerting the public is a good reason for keeping alert, and speaking up when the opportunity arises, I don't see it as a reason for solving the puzzle.

Potential Reason No. 2 for solving this thing, is to save one's own ass. As I will cover briefly below, I believe that, whatever is going on is not the result of naïve or bad motives on the part of the participants. Although our government has engaged in a lot of nasty, and even illegal behavior, I have no sense that this is the case here. My guess is that, kind of like in the recent asteroid movie (the good one), what is going on is related to some kind of distinct, identifiable threat. And, just as in the movie, I don't think a rational government would risk panicking a population, especially if the chances of the threat materializing were not very, very least not until the last minute. Solving the contrail puzzle might enable a thoughtful person to do whatever he could to avoid harm.

Potential Reason No. 3 is, I think, the best one. It is, quite simply, the fun of solving the puzzle. I always like a good detective story, and this one is just about the best around.

And the real fun of it is that I think that it will take a group effort to do it.

As you have undoubtedly discovered, as have I, there are countless false leads and blind alleys to lead one astray. Some of these may well be deliberate "plants", or "red herrings". Most are, understandably enough, the result of intelligent and observant people forming theories too quickly, before enough data has been obtained. The presence of so many profoundly-held religious theories regarding the origin and purpose of existence, testifies to man's limitless ability to theorize, and to present evidence to support those theories.

I think it best to collect the data first, and subject it to scrutiny. Based on that data, it is then proper to develop some tentative hypotheses. I believe that the best course of action is to then do what doctors do, that is to "rule-out" hypotheses that just don't work.

Having done the best I can with a layman's knowledge, but with a goodly amount of data, I have (tentatively) ruled out the following hypotheses regarding contrails:

I don't believe that the contrails are any kind of biological or chemical warfare experiment. This is probably the easiest "ruling-out" to do. The reason for this is simple. Activity on the scale that we have witnessed necessarily involves the work of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. As we know, the vast majority of people working for the government are good people, with families, dogs and cats, and an abiding faith in God, democratic principles, and the American Way of Life. Should the government ever choose to subject its own people to large-scale chemical tests, someone will squeal. Now, I know that in the fifties and sixties, the government carried out chemical experiments on unwitting citizens, but these were small-scale projects, involving a small number of military people. And, at that time, we were involved in a life-or-death struggle with a titanic enemy, the Soviet Bloc. Additionally, the evidence available shows no pattern whatsoever that one could link to the concept of chemical experiments. Finally, in an era where almost every man, woman and child has access to the most sophisticated chemical testing devices, up to and including mass spectrometers, there appears to be no tested sample of the chemicals allegedly involved in the activity. I guess I could be talked into ruling this hypothesis back "in", but it would take a lot of convincing.

For the reasons outlined above, I don't believe that the contrails are an experiment in weather modification for military purposes. However, because I believe that there is a good chance that they are, indeed, an experiment in atmospheric modification, the underlying science deserves to be studied.

I do not know of any other widely-held hypothesis regarding the contrails, but if any exist, they certainly deserve study. Personally, having seen enough from the photographs, and satellite pictures, to convince me that this is a large-scale operation, my time has been spent in gathering as much data as I can regarding the only hypothesis which I haven't ruled out, namely atmospheric modification for non-military purposes.

My starting point has been NCAR's SUCCESS project and its links to the joint-agency TARFOX project. SUCCESS's part in the TARFOX joint study on aerosols was, simply put, to create clouds with contrails. The rather elaborate details of the project can be found at project's site, which can be gotten to through Although, as we know, the photographic record of anomalous contrails is voluminous, to say the least, I have been most impressed by the several combination photo/satellite suites that show combinations of planes laying down patterns, which later turn into clouds. Notably, one from "Contrail Connections" (which I, sadly, failed to keep a record of), showing about six planes, spaced hundreds of miles over Northern California' and flying in formation.

A huge cloud bank formed shortly thereafter.

Last winter I happened to read The Coming Global Superstorm, by Art Bell and Whitney Strieber. I've read many a poorly-written doom-saying tome in my day, but the science in this one struck me as being pretty good. Long ago I learned that former long-held beliefs about the on-set of ice ages were probably wrong, and that one of the mechanisms for their beginning might well be the diversion of the North Atlantic current, which is the thesis of the book. I have done a quick study on orthodox views regarding the polar climate, and have found a great deal of discussion regarding the effects of a decrease in Polar Sea salinity (caused by ice-cap and Greenland glacial melting), and a subsequent warming of sea temperature. Many authorities seem to feel that this warming may well be a mechanism for diverting the current, and triggering a substantial cooling of Northern latitudes. Again, this is from some good academic sources.

Accordingly, I made a few observations:

1. After the book was written, several authoritative sources published papers documenting a rapid and severe decrease in the arctic ice cap, taking place since the first measurements were taken by American and Soviet submarines in the 1950's. Several observations have also been made on the decrease in Greenland glaciation.

2. After the book was written, observations showed that the temperature of the upper stratosphere had continued its rapid decrease, apparently contributing the increased formation of polar stratospheric clouds. The importance of this trend was highlighted by the SAGE III program last winter, which measured this continuing decrease in the upper-level temperatures.

3. From the information that I, as a layman (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!) can lay my hands on...primarily STRATWARM looks like polar temperatures in the lower atmosphere are increasing much more than in the lower latitudes, and there seems to be a general increase in the amount of polar moisture. Briefly, global warming seems to be much greater in the northern latitudes. Even orthodox science says that a decrease in salinity and an increase in polar sea temperature can lead to a failure of the convection that steers the Atlantic current northward, and can lead to little or big ice ages. And this is what the data seem to show is happening.

4. I know little or nothing about convection, other than how a convection oven works, sort of. I think that I remember learning in grade school that warm air rises, and cold air sinks...but I am really not sure. What little I know about the stratosphere I learned in Bell's book, I may be wrong. If I get it correctly, the stratosphere should be kind of in a state of "inversion", with the upper-level temperatures warmer, and the lower-level temperatures cooler. If the data I've looked at is correct (and SAGE III seems to confirm this), than this "normal" state seems to be changing. If so, at the least this presents the danger of an ozone hole opening in the Arctic.

5. The problem seems to be upper-stratospheric air which is far, far cooler than normal. SAGE III has confirmed that the temperature of the upper stratosphere is, indeed much cooler than normal. Indeed, the very purpose of the mission was to confirm this fact. If there no possible mechanism for a relatively quick "dumping" of this air to the lower atmosphere, than the most we have to worry about is an opening polar ozone hole (and this will be nasty for northern Europeans...hence the money spent on SAGE III), and the possibility that, in the relatively near future, snow will fall in Labrador and not melt. How a modern "Maunder Minimum" might figure into the equation is a matter of conjecture, but the current solar maximum might well have something to do with the activity in the upper stratosphere. However, if there is some sort of mechanism which would allow for some kind of "reverse" convection, current data confirms Bell's conjecture.

6. The book's allusion to the "Platonic Year" is, indeed relatively arcane and obscure, but it has some basis in science. Carl Jung, the eminent and much admired psychologist, made some note of its importance. The point made in the book is not that the position of the stars was the motive force behind the event, but instead, that it would be a natural measurement used by ancient peoples who might have witnessed such an event By way of example, the Star of Bethlehem, used by Christians to mark the most important event in their religion, was probably connected to a planetary conjunction in an appropriate constellation. Again, it was more of a measurement or time-keeping "device", than a cause-effect relationship.

1.. A possible scenario:
A climatologist or meteorologist studying ice-core samples, tree rings, historical records, has determined that on a relatively regular basis, quick changes in climate take place, sometimes major ones. He or she is not sure, but recognizes that there may be a specific mechanism for these changes, which may occur in ten thousand years, or next week. The worst-case scenario is a disaster for much of the Northern Hemisphere, the best-case scenario is a few thousand more cancer deaths in Scandinavia. As a scientist, he or she feels some responsibility for getting the word out, but doesn't have the time or resources to author a paper for publication in a reputable journal. Since the worst-case scenario is, indeed, Apocalyptic (he or she is planning on retiring to Costa Rica), how does the word get out?

I searched for a long time for a good polar weather site, and finally found one, at I think it is from the University of Cologne. If you look at a recent polar temperature map, a copy of which I have attached, you will notice a striking anomaly, in eastern Greenland, in June, where it was 105 degrees F. I check the site daily, and, four out of five days show a point of relatively high temperature at, or near, the pole. This point moves around, but is almost always there (it would be a good idea to keep a daily watch on this site). It would not surprise me if HAARP had something to do with this, as it is admitted that part of the project is to affect the polar stratosphere, and there well may be some reflection back to earth. Because the formation of polar stratospheric clouds seem to be a "bad thing" for our future, it would also not surprise me if the Chemtrails had something to do with this, as well.

If governments, or part of them, have discovered that the earth suffers the rapid on-set of disastrous cooling on a regular basis, it is not far-fetched to imagine that they would try to mitigate the problem, and that this mitigation would take place secretly, especially if the disaster could not be predicted with absolute certainty.

If one wants to have some more fun with this, then the pyramids can be "rolled" back into the equation. As I mentioned above, in all probability they are "devices". But since their incredibly-exact cladding has been removed, there is no way they could currently be used (despite on-line claims to the contrary). One might want to seek contemporary equivalents. Here is where the current activity with the radar rings comes in. If one wanted to take the time to examine it, it would well be worth looking at the history of the construction of Soldier Field, in Chicago, probably the most anomalous structure ever built. Built in the 1920's, it had no running track, was not home to any team until 1972, was twice as long as it should have been, and was not aligned north-south, as is usual. The photo of the stadium in the book Powers of Ten by the Charles Eames group, shows a curious paint scheme, that only appears in the non-visible spectrum. Visible light photos show that the paint scheme took an enormous amount of time and money to effectuate. It has a skewed axis, similar to Luxor's, and its architecture is reminiscent of Egypt, as is the entire monumental group in Grant Park. The complex was built on the site of the Chicago Fire, a fire which has been linked to the most horrendous fire in American history, at Peshtigo, WI. The Peshtigo fire killed 700 people, but is little known, because it happened simultaneously with the Chicago fire. It has been speculated that these fires were related, and caused by solar plasma.

To sum my views up, I think what we are looking for is some kind of Grand Unification Theory of all of the anomalous stuff that is going on. To do this, we need to concentrate on the provable anomalies, and avoid, as much as possible, idle speculation. That is not to say that the speculation is not fun, nor that it doesn't lead to the kind of imaginative thinking which can lead to break-through's in knowledge. I am only saying that, along with the speculation and conjecture, we need to submit the anomalies that we have discovered to the "microscope". We need to ask meteorologists about Chemtrails and Superstorms, radar experts about rings, and optical physicists about the pyramids and other structures. We now have enough anomalies to show that something is going we need only prove what that something is. Again, I commend to you.

Subj: one last rant
Date: 6/21/00 1:55:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Friend;

I can't tell you how exciting it was to be able to share a few of the odds and ends I've picked up over the years. I know I rambled a bit, but I think you know the feeling one gets when, after years of studying something, one finds out that he is by no means alone in his avocation. As I mentioned in my e-mail, I think that the wonderful thing about this "mystery tour" is that the mystery can probably only be solved with the cooperation and contribution of many people.

Assuring you that I will soon be reaching the limit of my poor contribution to the hunt for the Grail, I beg just a brief further indulgence:

Outside of the mystical realm (which is where all of this inevitably winds up anyway), the things that are catching our eye seem to relate to geophysics and geomagnetism.

As to the latter, I have corresponded with the NASA people regarding the incredible solar anomalies of last fall, and the unexplained "editing" of SOHO's products, and have had the pleasure of dealing with some great human beings, who, I believe, are of good will, and as baffled as we are. For example, the best explanation of the "weird one" GIF, is that it was a washer that had been knocked off SOHO. NASA was reasonably silent about the contemporaneous magnetic activity, and we have, of course, heard no more about the matter. As with most contrail sightings, most of which are no more anomalous than normal airline traffic over major airports, the vast majority of the spectacular phenomena SOHO shows us can be "ruled-out", and are quite "natural" phenomena (we just never got to see them until SOHO!). You and I both know, however, that there are a dozen or so SOHO images that even NASA has trouble with. We should subject these to heightened scrutiny, especially as to their possible effects on earth and the solar system.

Quite frankly, I am getting a little weary stretching my 10th grade science to understand them. Are there no budding and unco-opted astrophysists out there?

As to the "real" Chemtrails, I believe that good and brave people laid them down, and good and brave people have sought to bring them to our attention. I have seen them, and as a retired Navy officer, can find no reasonable explanation for them that involves anything other than a covert program. Enough laymen like myself have seen we need a scientist to tell us what they are for.

As to physics, I am a layman. As to pyramidology, I will be so immodest as to say I am a trained professional. I was hesitant to speak at any length about the nature of pyramid architecture, given the great, and understandable, wealth of conjecture about the subject. Now emboldened, and begging the forgiveness of anyone with a contrary hypothesis, I will present a few observations which I hope will of some assistance.

The "Great Pyramid" is a natural "lightning rod" for wonder, for it is truly the greatest extant wonder of the world. As the great heretical egyptologist R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz pointed out, the Egyptians didn't waste a lot of time and effort, and they certainly didn't construct this edifice on a whim. But to truly understand the "Great Pyramid", it needs to be taken in the context of the dozens of other monumental pyramids located throughout Egypt. To concentrate on only one of these incredible structures risks missing a complete understanding of what the damn things are.

I will not go into any great length as to what I base my conjecture on. The nice thing about pyramids is that any one of a number of good books will give the "inquiring mind" a comprehensive set of cross-sections of the monumental pyramids. I would only suggest that anyone entertaining a theory of the "Great Pyramid" carefully examine the cross-sections of the Giza structures, along with cross-sections of the other monumental pyramids, and ask themselves "what were the others for?" If, under this condition, one's theory still holds up, the theory is viable. If not, the theory should be "chucked", as it is wasting precious time (I'm 53 years old, for God's sake). Quite frankly, I think it's time to "chuck" some theories.

There are some characteristics that are common to most, if not all, monumental pyramids. These include roughly-hewn and "jumbled" subterranean "wells", smooth inclined passageways, corbelled chambers, near-perfect cardinal-point alignment, and precise course and polishing. As I mentioned in my earlier e-mail, they strike me as being "devices", analogous to optical prisms, with the optical work being done in the interior. Logic would have told me that they were working with energy coming from "above", i.e. the sun, were it not for the fact that all four sides of the structures were constructed with the same precision. Since I cannot think of good "energy candidates" coming from all four cardinal points, it seems more likely that the source of the energy being worked on (if indeed this was the case) came from "below". Indeed, the construction of the "wells" most often suggests a "searching" for just the right spot. Now, I know less about geomagnetism than I know about women (which is nothing), but I do know that orthodox science has got a lot to learn about the subject, and they might be able to learn it from the Egyptians. If the pyramids were devices, operating at least loosely on optical principles (and somebody interested in optics, like Mr. Lewis, should be able to confirm whether or not this is the case) and they were working with energy from the Earth and not from space, we should be pretty close to figuring this all out.

Presuming that the above-speculation roughly approximates the scientific foundation (and I know that this is presumptuous), and assuming that the "devices" were not merely investigative, a pretty clear picture of something like the Giza complex can emerge. If a type of geomagnetic or gravitational energy were "optically" isolated, amplified, and focused, we would have something like HAARP, that is, energy being "beamed" outward from the earth. The consequences of this having been done 5,000 years ago (even before Tesla!) are, of course, enormous, but they need to be considered. In any case, the proof of the conjecture doesn't require any reliance on aliens, secret societies, or mysticism (although all of these will bear future consideration.and are a lot of fun). The time to get to the fun stuff is after we figure out the mechanics of the situation--not before. The point is that any graduate student, or assiduous layman, can figure out whether my rough hypothesis is tenable, IN TEN MINUTES OR LESS. If it is, indeed, untenable, than I expect it to be relegated to the dustbin, along with the "flying-saucer landing-field" theory. But, if good optical theory allows for my conjecture, I think the details can be rapidly fleshed-out, given the nature of all of the anomalous stuff which has drawn our attention over the years.

As a fellow old-fart, interested in the peculiarities of this weird universe, I am sure that you, like I, have sometimes found yourself in the position of the protagonists in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, who were "given" a strong intuition of the fact that "something was going on", even though they didn't know what that was. Unlike the good and brave government people in the movie, these protagonists were "invited". As I mentioned by way of introduction, my great mentor was Carl Jung, who would have said that matters of great importance, lying within our "souls" (the collective unconscious), are often the subject of intuition, and brought to the fore by the most creative among us, the artists, including screenwriters. The writer of Close Encounters (and probably the writers of Stargate, et al) are all involved in this largely unconscious process. Above all, Jung was a scientist, so please understand that the following recitation of my intuition is not meant to detract in any way from a relatively scientific approach to our much-beloved anomalies.

My Intuition: The Egyptians were a fascinating bunch of people, with a zest for life, love, and knowledge. Contrary to the popular image, they were not morbid, animal-god worshipping weirdo's. They liked their beer and games, and wrote some of the best love stories ever. How can I put it.they were a lot like you and me. Most of all, they were bean-counters. For one thing, they invented paper (and we have all suffered since). I have read dozens and dozens of books by egyptologists, and continue to be amazed by their utter and startling failure to mention something so obvious that it defies explanation: Places like the Oriental Institute in Chicago probably have ten tons of Egyptian records of harvests, books of accounts, histories, etc. When it came to any attempt at "paperwork reduction" the Egyptians were as bad as our Federal government. But, even since the days before Watergate, you and I have been expected to believe that these people built the most awesome and perfect physical structures ever constructed by man WITHOUT BLUEPRINTS. This is absolute hogwash. Of course they used blueprints, written calculations, schematics, etc., and it would be foolish indeed to assume that these written materials were destroyed. My guess, and I believe it to be a good guess, is that these written materials have most certainly survived. To believe that good engineers like the Romans would allow such invaluable material to be burned at Alexandria stretches credulity beyond the breaking point.

The trouble with any such surviving technical material is that (as the Stargate screenwriter could point out) Egyptian writing is, in many ways, much more sophisticated than ours. This was the thesis of Schwaller de Lubicz' great work, and there is no easy way around it. I would not be surprised to discover that many of history's great technological "leaps-forward" were actually the result of the application of long-existing concepts.

Call the current holders (if any) of such material "The Masons", "The Government", or whoever. It really doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is whether you and I have, indeed, been "invited". If we are but unwelcome party-crashers, the "powers-that-be" certainly have the means to make that fact readily evident. Pardon the paranoia, but anytime I see illogical tripe (as opposed to logical tripe, like mine) I suspect another Gulf on Tonkin incident. But all evidence points to the contrary. As you have undoubtedly noticed, it appears that AT LAST, some good information is finally being "dribbled-out" to us hoi polloi, data which seems to show that some kind of "barrier" has been reached, which barrier probably requires a good infusion of intuition and "direct experience" to surmount. If I am correct, we should know relatively soon.

Now, back to the "hard" science.for that is where, as they say on TV, the answer lies. Please, somebody, look at the Giza complex, but with the eye of an empiricist. I mean to rain on no one's parade, but if the Egyptians wanted to symbolize something in stone, they built a Luxor. If the complex is a device, it was probably built for a very important reason, and it is probable that this reason is equally important today. If the purpose was to forestall harm, it was probably in connection with geophysics, and the anomalies we see are related to the nature of the complex's workings. In this case, we can be only one of two things: idle bystanders (in which case we should wrap things up and go golfing, with a tinfoil hat), or necessary participants, required by an entertaining fate to assert our presence, and contribute our small share to the effort. I think that the world may be divided into those who have information, and those who have knowledge. If I am right, we should know relatively soon.

Again, thanks for letting me rant-on one more time. Please understand that the essence of what I have had to say is to recognize the courage and stamina of people like you who (pardon me for belaboring the metaphor) didn't believe that it was a nerve-gas spill.

Your Friend;


Thanks again for a great site!


Have the chambers beneath the Plateau been breached before?