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1/29/03 5:16:16 AM Pacific Standard Time
bardo...i know you were on this distribution list but i wanted to make a comment...

remember when we were talking about the 2 inbound comets???  i asked you how we would know if one of them were not actually x...still a valid question i think...

please read attached with that in mind...

also, i think this also makes the huge fire that destroyed stromlo observatory  [notice article is adjacent to Comet V1] in canberra, australia more was the 2nd largest observatory in the southern hemi...



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Posted By: HeraldAp
Date: Monday, 27 January 2003, 1:33 p.m.

As time goes on it is becoming increasingly apparent that Zetatalk has been giving out false information on the direction of the sky from which Planet X will be inbound.

Mark Hazelwood has angered Nancy at Zetatalk, because he's "teamed up" with a physicist who says that Planet X will "sneak up on us" from behind the sun, coming into our solar system from a direction completely opposite to the coordinates given by Zetatalk.

James McCanney and Mark have been communicating about the recent strange, behavior of Planet X. This change in speed, according to Mark, has been verified by a man who was aboard a Hubble viewing of the object.

Here is an email from Mark that goes out to his online subscriber's group:

James McCanney confirms the information from the Triple Doctorate

There are some who would want me to give only newly discovered hard
data that can be confirmed from a variety of sources. Although that
is a role I'm occasionally given this is not my only mission. I
appreciate suggestions from others and yet understand my mission
better than those who would want to direct my efforts. Although many
have tried, I will not be dictated to by anyone. My connection to my
higher calling directs my efforts just fine thank you.

After 7 months of not speaking with the Triple Doctorate who called
me up after seeing a live Hubble link up of Planet X at a secret
meeting outside of Boston and telling me Planet X was 100% confirmed,
I decided to give him a call.

It took a couple of days to get a hold of him but he was receptive
and responsive as soon as I got him on the line. I told him I just
had one quick question about Planet X that I should have asked last
year, and this was all I needed to know. He gave me back more
information than I asked for and I was grateful.

My one question was 'What direction is Planet X coming in from?'
His answer was that Planet X will be following the same path as Hale-

I later called James McCanney about this. James said yes, that is
exactly what he was expecting, that both of these objects are
connected and Planet X will be coming up from the southern hemisphere
like Hale-Bopp.

James and I discussed some other indicators that led to the same
conclusion of which direction Planet X is coming in.

The late Dr. Richard Harrington of the Naval Observatory, right prior
to his death, was on his way down south to Australia to confirm for
the last time Planet X. He was so confident of what he was going to
find, and the ease in which he was going to confirm it yet again,
that he had taken with him a scope that was only eight inches in
diameter. Both he and his scope came back in a box. [See Shoemaker, below]

The New Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedia 1987-1989
edition, Volume 18 under 'space probes' contains a diagram that shows
the 10th planet and a dark star. Incidently I put this diagram
in 'Blindsided.' These objects were sighted by the Pioneers 10 and 11
space probes that were sent toward the 'southern hemisphere'
according to James McCanney.

James also mentioned that the planets Uranus and Neptune are both
being perturbed toward the southern hemisphere.

The IRAS satellite found something out toward the constellation of
Orion. James believes this was not Planet X, although admittedly he
believes that other objects usually arrive from different directions
at the same time Planet X comes through. The Orion constellation is
in the exact opposite direction as the sourthern hemisphere, and is
the direction that the NASA created website zetatalk would want you
to believe Planet X is coming in from.

One of the interesting tidbits of information I was given during this
latest phone call with the Triple Doctorate, that was un-asked-for
had to do with the timing of Planet X's arrival. Planet X is slowing
down and speeding up with no apparent reason.

The ptb do not understand cometary celestial mechanics like James
McCanney does, heres why. At one point there was a calculation
preformed to determine when Planet X would arrive based on how fast
it was speeding up using accepted celestial mechanics. This may be
the reason for many of the astronomical and gov't insiders stating
that Planet X would arrive in spring of 2003. They now don't know
when it is going to arrive but do expect it within a couple of years
at the outside.

Since Planet X is now speeding up and slowing down haphazardly, this
has lead to some wild speculation by some that the planet is being
driven around like some sort of star wars ship. This is not the
case. What the ptb didn't understand, when they were first trying to
determine Planet X's arrival date, is that when it enters into the
outskirts of the suns magnetic field or heliosphere it breaks into a
comet. In other words, once it's in the solar field, it then starts
traveling in an entirely different manner. It develops a cometary
tail. It is this tail that causes it to speed up and slow down like a
serpant in the grass. Yes, the head of a snake in the grass surging
forward and then pausing as the rest of its body/tail catches up and
surging forward again is a good analogy that I ran by James McCanney
with. In fact James said that these objects were known to the
ancients as 'cosmic serpants' and 'the lawless ones.' Serpants
because of the their tails and how the looked and how this effected
their celestial mechanics. 'Lawless ones' because they didn't follow
any of the traditionally known laws of how the other planets acted.

The ufo and Montak base investigator and lecturer Al Bielek actually
contacted me over 6 months ago and told me that he had good
information that Planet X was slowing down and then later he said it
had speeded up again. I admittedly discounted this information as
possible disinformation at the time. With my new understanding of
cometary celestial mechanics I'm afraid I made a mistake in
discounting his Planet X informational sources.

Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions in regards
to any of the matters discussed here. My understanding of the Planet
X situation is in a continuous state of evolution. I'm humbled to
understand that the more I discover I know, the greater my sense of
not knowing becomes.

Mark H



Shoemaker died in a 1997 car accident in the Australian outback [near Pine Gap] while on an annual study of asteroid impact craters. With his wife and research partner, Carolyn, Shoemaker was part of the leading comet discovery team of the past century, perhaps most famous for finding the comet (Shoemaker-Levy 9) that broke up and collided with Jupiter in 1994. More 1997 Casualties Carl Sagan, Senior Program Director at N.A.S.A. Headquarters, Dr. Gergen Ray, Program Manager for Mars Surveyor at N.A.S.A. Headquarters in Washingtom, Mary K. Olsen... Malachi Martin [rumors that he was pushed], Heaven's Gate [close tie to security sources  (also see note) ], Chuck Shamrek...


EMAIL, 7/12/99 1:47:07: The list of the killed astronomers and service men is on the homepage of the Plateau de Bure Observatory at Did you know, that they are famous for their research about Hale Bopp? Maybe they found something about comets, that does not fit in NASA's theory about their "dirty snowballs!" Especially they found complex molecules on Hale Bopp never seen before by NASA. Read it all on their homepage (almost last entry in the index). Images

EMAIL, 7/14/99 8:29:46 PM: Our local paper, San Diego Union, reported the accident and specifically said that it appeared that the cable had been 'cut'. I'll search the paper's online archives and see if I can locate it. I did not see that (cable cut) suggested in any of your Web's info.

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