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The climax of Hale-Bopp during March-April '97 coincided with Venus going 'behind the sun'. Also, Hale-Bopp's perihelion (closest to the sun and brightest) was April 1, which, besides being April Fool's Day, is the day of the 'Veneralia' - the festival of 'Venus'. Interestingly, Hale-Bopp came to be linked, in the public's mind, to the issue of 'ETs'/'UFO' through the big news of 'Heaven's Gate' cult mass suicide that occurred approximately at the time when Hale-Bopp came closest to Earth (late March). The members of the cult apparently believed that ETs were behind the comet

On March 25, perfectly coinciding with the 'Heaven's Gate' incident and Hale-Bopp's closest approach to Earth (March 22), former president George Bush jumped off a plane and fell to the earth - he did skydiving. It took place in Arizona - where the 'Phoenix Lights' occurred in the same month. At the time Bush was 72 years old (there it is again, # '72'). The 'ritual' aspect of the event is strengthened by the fact that Bush is identified as a member of a shadowy fraternity 'Skull and Bones'. The name, 'Skull and Bones', could easily relate to one of the symbols the legendary Knights Templar, to which various secret societies seem to have some kind of connection, used. Therefore, it doesn't seem to be just a happy coincidence that Bush's skydiving was accompanied by the members of the Army's precision parachuting team called the 'Golden Knights'.

The implication of the 'ritual' appears to concern the "fallen angels" (represented by Bush's fall from the sky) as in the aforementioned Annunaki/Nephilim who are in essence the bridge between the "gods" and humans. In a way, those 'fallen angels' opened the "Heaven's Gate" for humans and united the heaven and earth. Congruently, 'April' means 'to open' (remember that Hale-Bopp's perihelion was April 1). The philosophy of the members of Heaven's Gate cult that it was time to move on to the "Level Above Human" fits nicely into the symbology. The theme would be that there was an intervention of the 'fallen angels' that in a way liberated humans. This is the story of Prometheus stealing 'fire' from the gods and giving it to humans in Greek mythology. From the strong 'ET' associations in the apparent ritual of March '97, it can be derived that the story of the 'fallen angels' has indeed something to do with extraterrestrial intelligence.