Two Hawks
6/13/2002 6:00 PM

My Beloved Humanity:
Unto what is called this hour, yea, verily indeed, say I unto thee, unto what is called this very day,
so do I come upon thee, in this most unusual and unexpected way, from outside the boundary of your pictures of ME, and from outside the boundary of the limits that have been placed upon ME
by most.
It would be considered that it would be impossible for ME to speak to you, directly, and in this fashion, within the context of your limited understanding, and within the context of the very limits
that you would place upon ME, that I must remain within the context of your philosophies about ME, and that I must fulfill your pictures, and your dogmas and creeds that you have established
"in my name," and that have been established for you, by organized religion, denomination upon denomination, and society upon society, as well, "in my name."
I am, however, a sovereign being, and although the limits you have placed upon ME have limited YOUR capacity to know that I am here, and that "We Are Here," none the less, it is I, Jesus The Christ, Yeshua Ben Joseph of 2000 years past, and Magdalena is here, as well, although, few of you are aware that Magdalena is my wife, and my unto forever mated great lady, great mother indeed, and that upon our yesterday with you, within the context of our incarnation within that period of human destiny, so did we lay down, within the fabric of those times, our own bloodline,
that within the context of these times, we might so return through the very genetic of the blood line that we so granted in that time, and in our return, fulfill the great promise of the ages, indeed, and that great promise, is certainly, "the deliverance" of humanity, red and yellow, black and white, from the tyranny of the ignorance of these stratas and bands of reality as they would so exist within the context of the ignorance of religiosity itself, and within the fragmentation and the separation of peoples from peoples as One Family of Life, itself, across your many lands.
It was never intended that upon our return, that you would bow down and worship, nor was it intended that we publicly present ourselves that once again the twistings of the establishment
of a great following be allowed to be continued.
It must be allowed that YOU, beloved humanity, indeed, be allowed to come upon thine own maturity, and it must be allowed that YOU, beloved humanity, indeed, be allowed to come upon thine own sovereignty, both as individuals, and as a collective of peoples, and as great nations, and great countries of and as a diversity of great peoples, and then, within the COMMON SENSE of your maturity, and the REASON of that maturity, then so must it be allowed that YOU, beloved humanity, be allowed to re-establish your lives as sovereign individuals, yet with a collective view of your realities that calls forth the quality of individual personal responsibility from within yourselves,
and for yourselves, and for each other, that truly, "the golden rule" becomes the basis of your law,
and the basis of your action, and the basis of your conscience, and the basis by which you measure and re-define your own sanity.
As you come upon your greater maturity, and it is inevitable that you will, for COMMON SENSE
and REASON is your mature, and inalienable divine, as well as, human, birthright, then you will begin to understand why I, and my Family, have presented ourselves, here, and, in this way, and in the greatest of indirect contact with you, rather than direct contact with you, for truly, never was it intended by ME, nor by THE GREAT FAMILY, that YOU, ever consider yourselves to stand in the presence of a greater light, as it has so been said, but rather, it is the original inalienable and divine plan, that each of YOU, beloved humanity, knows and remembers yourselves to be an equal member, and an equal partner, and an equal participant, as a member of the very Family of Life, itself, red or yellow, black or white, and even you sweet children of the blue ray, and all of the rays,
and all of the lines, and all of the amalgamations of all of the lines of so many participants in, what now may be termed, "the human experiment" indeed, for, by the nature of all of the components within not only your genetic, but, yea, verily, indeed, within your very history of so many pages of destiny, so it is, that you have been quite an experiment indeed.
And, in that, so have you been held steady, and so have you been held within a great womb indeed, that might be considered to be the boundary of your own limited understanding of not only yourselves, but, yea, verily, indeed, even within the context of the boundary of your understanding of science, and physics, and cosmology, and the deep vastness of the multi-dimensions of infinite existence itself, so have you been held within the context of many boundaries, however,
as you come of age, so it is, that you will, as well, relax the definition of your boundaries, both personal and as a collective peoples, and so it is, that you shall awaken from your dream of such vast limitation, and as you come out of your mighty isolation, peoples unto peoples, so it is, that upon "The Great Golden Dawning" of your COMMON SENSE and REASON, so shall you once again arise as a peaceful peoples, nation unto nation, and individual unto individual, and within that context, so shall you advance unto "the peace that passes all understanding" and, established by
YOU, and the peoples of all tribes, and the peoples of all countries, and the peoples of all nations,
for indeed, "the peace that passes all understanding" is the inalienable divine birthright for all peoples, regardless of their religion, or their denomination, or their color, dogma, gender or creed.
I, Jesus The Christ, and my great Father, and our family, from before the beginning, indeed, so have we been present, here, with you, for quite sometime now, within the context of these days,
indeed, the days of your days, and we have watched you, and we have studied you, and we have measured the conditions that you currently exist within, and we have watched the basis upon which, within these days, you have so established your lives, and the nature and the quality of both your individual and collective existences, for indeed, conditions, and situations, and the great advancement of your technology, has changed dramatically in the last 2000 years, and in those changes, so did we come to be among you, once again, in the greatest of human disguise, that we might understand your "current" plight, and that we might understand your "current" dilemmas, and that we might understand your "current" mis-understanding of our previous incarnation with you and among you, for it is upon my very name, that such dogmatic misunderstanding has been utilized in the greatest of the mind control of many peoples through the utilization of doctrines of "the fear of God", and doctrines of "guilt and shame", and through doctrines of "the fall", the redemption, the salvation, and the resurrection" and therein, repetitive cycles of pain.
Quite simply, we have intervened upon those cycles, and we have intervened upon the twisting of my previous words to you unto the tyranny of religious control, and as well, we have opened the great seals of knowledge, that unto the opening of those seals, so shall the true story of our presence among you, 2000 years ago, so ultimately be revealed, and in that great revelation, so shall it be revealed that the very pages of history themselves have been changed and re-written at the exclusion of the divinity of WOMAN, and in particular, at the exclusion of my wife´s teachings and wisdom granted to you, and of our great marriage one unto the other, for truly, and you must consider it well, how could it be that I, Jesus the Christ, Yeshua Ben Joseph, of yesterday, would so speak to you: "Bring forth Life More Abundantly" and further speak to you: "Celebrate Life More Abundantly" and yet, be a celibate and unmarried being. It simply is not so, a great lie indeed, and so it is, therefore, that as the seals continue to open, so shall it be revealed unto thee, that unto the day of yester, 2000 years ago, so was I married unto Mary of Magdalena, my unto forever mate, for, so did our lives and our existence, and yea verily indeed, our marriage one unto the other, precede our incarnation 2000 years ago, for we are ancient of days indeed, and, our immortality was established long before entrance into these domains of existence with you 2000 years ago as Yeshua Ben Joseph, and Mary of Magdalene.
You will come to discover, indeed, quite soon, that the exclusion of WOMAN from her inalienable divinity, and that the exclusion of THE FEMININE PRINCIPLE, from what you consider the great holy trinity to be, has been perpetuated by not only that of celibate holy cloth, but behind that cloth, it has been perpetuated indeed, by a great old and ancient reptilian species of beings, who in their great arrogance, and in their limited understanding, are responsible for the great travesties of religion itself, as well as the great travesties of their own energetic food chain of ultimate entropy indeed, as they would feed upon the high emotional energetic content of energy produced by and through humanity within the context of tyranny, and war, and destruction of vast domains of existence, as well as the simple stress that is placed upon humanity in its very struggle to survive at all.
That simply is no more. The fields of reality in which those beings once existed, and the constructed realities of which you are unaware, in which those "light beings" would house themselves that they might create a perpetual wheel of re-incarnation into which you, as souls, might so be caught, and therefore, "mined like cattle", so be it, those fields of reality no longer exist, for I have come upon those fields of reality, and I have come upon that great operation that exists behind the many scenes of the operation of that species, and I have, quite simply, sealed the portals where that quality of evil dwells, for it shall not be that it will be further allowed that humanity, and the bodies of humanity, be fed upon by that which is holy and yet never WHOLE.
As WOMAN so arises among YOU once again, "to find HER voice" and, as WOMAN arises among YOU once again, that she may stand as both The Head and The Heart of not only the household of all families, but as well, as The Head and The Heart yea, verily, indeed, of nations themselves, then MAN will come upon a "tempering" of himself, and his natural tendency to press his boundaries in the proof of his power, and in that "tempering" so shall he begin to open his heart once again to the COMMON SENSE and REASON of the very equality of The Masculine and The Feminine Principle, in concert, in harmony, and in equality, and in that, so shall great stabilization, once again, present itself to you, and among you, and within the context of all of the peoples of humanity, and in that great equalization of The Masculine and The Feminine Principle, so is it, that Man and Woman, will hold sweet children once again between those two mighty principles, as the very creation of those principles, as life more abundantly indeed, and within that context, so shall the children "lead the way" HOME, as they are tended, and mended, and healed of their lack, and healed of their hunger, and healed of so much abuse, and healed of abandonment, and healed of molestation, and healed of the travesties of the insanity that has been thrust upon them.
You are upon the changes of the greatest of all great changes, my beloved humanity, and the simplicity of those changes may simply be translated as: THE RETURN OF COMMON SENSE AND REASON AND LOGIC, and the simplicity of "the love of thyself, and the love of one another", as would be demonstrated in your thoughts, and in your desires, and in your actions, unto thyselves, and unto each other.
You must first, forgive yourself, and forgive yourselves, for your own ignorance, for in the beginning, you were not ignorant, nor was it ever intended that you fall unto these thresholds of ignorance, and therein, the travesties of the realities that you create in ignorance.
You are not responsible for your great fall, yet, it is in your hands that you arise NOW from it.
You are INNOCENT, and you are NOT GUILTY.
Original sin is an insane lie. How could it be that God would bring forth sweet children, indeed, YOU beloved Humanity, and then place "a mark" upon you and call it "original sin".
But what a lie!
That "mark" has been placed upon you by those in religious control, that within the context of that imprint placed upon you by religiosity, that you might then be controlled and manipulated through your constant struggle to overcome the "mark" of original sin, and that you might be further controlled and manipulated by guilt and shame, and continued repetitive cycles of redemption and salvation, always preceded by the crucifixion of yourselves in one form or in one fashion or the other, that the necessity for punishment, and hell fire and brimstone, might so be held intact cycle upon cycle, and age upon age.
Thus Say I,
Jesus the Christ
And therefore, so shall it be that YOU, beloved humanity, indeed, every man, and every woman, and every sweet child, of every color, and of every blessed and magnificent hue of "hu"manity, regardless of your race, color, creed, gender, or nationality, so it is, that you shall come upon a moment of sweet rest from the insanity of so much war, and of so much vast devastation of your sweet homelands, once abundant with natural life, and with an ecology of harmony, and balance, now altered by the great mis-understanding of atomic nuclear power, and its great misuse and abuse at the hands of war lords, insane, within the context of their dogmas, and their creeds, that in the very name of God, and yea, verily, indeed, even in my name, would so utilize dogma and philosophical ideology to justify the insanity of the great travesty that has been perpetuated upon the sovereignty of life itself.
And even they, like you, are not guilty, but suffer the ignorance of most profound mis-understanding indeed.
Thus Say I,
Jesus the Christ,
and therefore,
As you come, once again, upon COMMON SENSE AND REASON, so it is, that you will come upon declaration of permanent "cease fire" and so it is, that you will come upon the sanity of a great awakening indeed, that will allow you to realize and to see and to understand the great insanity of war, and the insanity of hunger and of poverty, and the insanity of the closing of the heart of humanity and the limitation of the simple intelligence of the mind of humanity, that would allow that any of these conditions of struggle, and death, and disease, and suffering, all in the very name of domain, ever be allowed to continue at all.
And, in that moment of your great awakening, for even NOW, you are awakening as you read my every word to you, so shall you begin to come upon great JOY indeed, for you shall begin to understand, and you will begin to realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, nor have you ever been abandoned, and in that, so shall you survive the rage of your adolescence, and so shall you survive the ravages, and indeed the savages of your history, as those pages of history are closed and sealed, indeed, with a great "golden sealing" that as the pages of your history of violence, and holy war, and domain, are closed, so shall YOU, beloved humanity, begin to write a new book, and within the context of your new book, so shall you find that each of your names is written there, by YOU, and not by another, and that each of you is of equal value, and of equal valuation, regardless of your state, or your gender, or your greatness, or your smallness, for is it not true, that "in the garden" are many varieties of "flowers blooming" and who is it that can truly say that the rose is more valuable than the petunia, and who is it that may say that the morning glory is not the glory of the very morning itself, as it climbs its way to the SUN, and yet, is not the "night blooming sirius" also one of a kind, as it blooms its moment of splendor within the context of its own individuality, and so it is, that all of you, each individual, of every color, and of every hue, and that is YOU, beloved humanity, so it is, that you shall bloom "in the garden" of Earth/Heart in the magnificence of the individuality of your own unique design, and in that, so shall you go beyond all necessity for comparison, and then for competition, and in that, so shall you celebrate your great and individual differences upon the stage of your sameness, indeed, The Family of Life, itself, in every "rainbow color" and in every hue of individuality. And then, as Dr. King, another great King, so once said, "in the words of an old Negro spiritual"........"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty! WE ARE FREE AT LAST!"
And, in the freedom to express your individuality within the COMMON SENSE and REASON of the single tapestry of THE FAMILY OF LIFE, itself, so will you come upon, and so will you develop, and so will you actualize, your own individual genius, no two alike, and in that, so will you once again come upon your inherent dignity, and so will you once again come upon your inherent capacity unto honor, and honesty, and the graciousness of the human spirit itself, for is is within the context of the return of your graciousness one unto the other, that the very generosity of your greatness one unto the other, opens the great door to your own resurrection as a species, and as you resurrect yourselves and your species through the constancy of your gracious generosity one unto the other, and with COMMON SENSE and REASON, so it is, that you will once again come upon thine own true greatness. And in the resurrection of your personal, individual, and collective greatness, and in the realization that YOU have the capacity to resurrect yourselves, then the necessity for great saviors, to justify your abdication of individual personal responsibility, will simply fall away, and in that, so shall you free yourselves from the tyranny of so much fear based religiosity, and in that so shall you STAND, as One Peoples, and One Planet of many nations, and as One Fabric of Life and existence, and in that, so shall you come upon the fulfillment of the great plan itself, that has so been held steady through the halls of the very ages themselves, and that plan is the ultimate sovereignty of all peoples, and the re-establishment of inalienable golden sovereignty without a single exception. For if there is but one exception, and therefore if it is that any nation is not free, then all nations can never be free, for indeed, the molecular connection of life itself, is ONE fabric, and within that fabric, indeed are there many "threads" of many lines, and many peoples, and many lineages, yet, "the golden thread" that runs from before the very beginning through that great fabric of life itself, and upon which and to which life itself is connected, so it is, that upon that golden thread, so shall there be a great golden dawning indeed, and that is "the nature of freedom itself" and then "the freedom of nature", Mother Nature indeed, and in that, so will you, an adolescent species, have come of age, indeed, THE AGE OF COMMON SENSE AND REASON........and then, there will be no more T´reason, of any kind, ever again.
You are greatly loved, beloved humanity, and you are greatly loved by that which is already immortal, and unto forever vast and infinite intelligence itself, and therefore, immortality and vast and infinite intelligence is already WITHIN YOU, but simply sleeping, and therefore, immortality and vast and infinite intelligence, and great cosmic heart indeed, are your divine and inalienable birthrights, without a single exception.
You have not done anything wrong! You are innocent! You are not guilty!
Your minds have been limited, and you could do very little about that, until NOW.
Your hearts have been closed one unto the other by considerations of survival, and need, and the fear of making yet another mis-take. You could do very little about that, until NOW!
ALREADY, you are forgiven, for how is it that you, as an adolescent species, could be held accountable for your adolescence, for is that not but a stage through which all must pass in their transformation unto maturity, yea verily, indeed, say, I unto thee, even as would a wee caterpillar so crawl upon the ground, and eat, and eat, and eat of the green leaves, prior to taking flight as the sweet butterfly, to then taste the nectar of the very gods themselves, here within the context of beautiful flowers blooming upon the vine, and upon the bush, and yea verily, indeed, say I unto thee, upon the very tree. And so it is, that YOU, beloved humanity, shall never again be the nectar of any "creator gods" of which you know so little, but rather, so shall it be that WITHIN YOU, so shall you know yourselves to be forgotten gods and goddesses indeed, and so shall it be that WITHIN YOU, dear humanity, so shall the inalienable proof of your great original divinity so be re-established, for from the standpoint of your divinity, so did you become human, and from the standpoint of your humanity, so shall you awaken from your dream of "limited human", as you remember your origins as divinity, and then, arise to be fully human and fully divine creatures, no longer in conflict with either your humanity or your divinity, and in that, so shall peace be once again inevitable, and so shall it be that abundance and prosperity and, do you not call it "well-ness", and so be it "WELL-NESS", so shall it be established within the context of your great awakening, for within the context of the change in your attitude, both as individuals, and as a collective humanity, and as it is that you come to cherish your sweet bodies, and not seek to abandon them for the auspices of some mis-perceived "greater light and existence", so will you begin to demonstrate that "well-ness in action", one unto the other, and in that demonstration, so will you discover that your attitude, and your self-perception are the very basis of "well-ness" or of "dis-ease". And when you understand that, so will you choose "well-ness" and never choose "dis-ease" ever again, and in that, so has the human condition as you "currently" know it to be, already changed.
We simply could not love you more, beloved humanity, without single exception, for it is our great love for you, and it is our great understanding and our knowledge of your great destiny that would bring us forth in this fashion to have dialog with you at all, as well, as to implement, quite "unseen" indeed, the necessary implementations of the elevation of frequency, indeed, "the ascension of frequency", that you might so come upon your great awakening and upon your ultimate deliverance from the tyranny of ignorance itself, for "to ignore", and that is the base and the root meaning of the word "ignorance"........"to ignore" the impact that the wars of vast devastation have upon the very planet itself, as well as each of you, is insane. As you come to fully realize the COMMON SENSE AND REASON, of all that speak I unto thee, here within the context of my correspondence to you, so will you also, quite simply, come upon COMMON SENSE AND REASON, within the logic of your own sweet minds, and within the core of the depths of your individual hearts, and in that, so are you awakened from so many dreams, and then, within that context, it will be YOU, beloved humanity, who makes those dreams come true.
"We are here." And, we are standing "unseen in the wings" to assist you, and to love you, and to hold you steady, and to help you stabilize yourselves, as you begin to realize that unto this hour, and unto my coming, and yea, verily, unto the coming of my great Father, and indeed, my great Mother, Mother/God, indeed, dear Oakhurst Baptist, so it is that the old prophecies of Armageddon, and of gloom and doom, and of great war and battle between Christ and Anti-Christ, they shall not be. Do you hear ME? THEY SHALL NOT BE.
THEY SHALL NOT BE, for I, Jesus the Christ, have so sealed with my own golden knowledge, and with the immortal and inalienable divine right of privilege itself, those portals of violent destiny and violent prophecy that would further perpetuate holy war at the expense of life itself, and therefore, those pages of prophecy, and "in my name", they simply shall never be.
You, beloved humanity, all peoples, and all nations, and all races of peoples, so shall it be that you begin to come upon greater and greater stabilization, within the context of not only your lives, and of your nations, but as well, within the context of, yea, verily, say I unto thee, even greater stabilization of your very economies, for within the context of your human generosity one unto the other, as you learn to be FOR GIVING, and FOR GIVING freely, and for freely giving one unto the other, yea, verily, even as you are also "forgiving", so it is that your prosperity and your abundance and yea, verily, indeed, say I unto thee, your very economy, it will not take a great fall, nor shall your great "street that is a wall", there, take a great fall, but rather, in your giving, so will you go beyond all considerations of "lack" whatsoever, and you will go beyond all considerations of the collapse of your economy, or of yourselves, or of your nations, or of your planet, for in your giving, and in your giving, and in your giving, so also are you given unto, more and more, and more, and more, like a great well that will never run dry.
Let it be so known that already YOU, beloved humanity, are ONE peoples, and ONE planet, and ONE fabric of life and existence, and therefore, "ANARCHY" IS UNACCEPTABLE in the resurrection of yourselves, and in the greater stabilization of yourselves, for to participate in that quality of adolescence is simply to further fragment and to polarize yourselves, and when you are once again stable, and noble, and stalwart, and mature in the UNITY of life itself, and that UNITY already is established and already exists as actual scientific and molecular fact, then within that context so shall all peoples be free, and sovereign, and born and borne free of the insanity of your isolation, fragmentation, and polarization. LET FREEDOM RING! And, that is not accomplished by another "revolutionary war of independence" but rather, it is accomplished by the ceasing of all war, and not just as a temporary cease fire agreement, but as a matter of COMMON SENSE AND REASON, and in that, so shall the violence and the insanity of "anarchy" never be again, for you will have come of age, and you will have come upon your maturity as One Planet, and One Living Peoples of the greatest of great diversity and multiple hue, and then, the golden dawning of the simple understanding, that already, when you cease "to ignore" the simple scientific facts of "the matter"........already YOU beloved humanity, are One Fabric of Life and Existence, who have simply forgotten, and who are now awakening to "remember".
"Love thy neighbor as Thy Self"............."Do ye, yea, verily, indeed, say I unto thee, one unto the other, even as you would so do unto Thy Self." no harm, indeed. Namaste........I greet you, as you greet me, from the very core of our being, and I greet you in peace........"Remember to save yourself" greater wisdom than that! And, "Remember Your Spirit"........for in remembering, so do all of the members of the great body of humanity itself, so again come together, and THE BODY IS REMEMBERED, and, in "remembering the body" so is THE BODY MADE WHOLE, and within the context of the wholeness of the body, so will you go beyond the great tyranny and the violence of "holiness" that would rather further separate, fragment, polarize, and divide YOU, dear and beloved humanity.
Thus Say I,
Jesus the Christ,
and therefore,
IT IS FINISHED! And, let it be so that YOU, beloved humanity, as you come upon THE AGE OF COMMON SENSE AND REASON, and as the data from "The Solar Logos" itself, as it is so termed, comes upon you as solar partica, upon the solar winds, the great winds of change indeed, let it be, my beloved humanity, that at last, at last, YOU are born, and borne free of "ignorance" and that you prosper, and that you are uplifted, and that you uplift yourselves and each other, and that you begin to value and to cherish the gift of life, without a single exception, and that you are granted the great gift of "eyes that can see" and "ears that can hear" and in that, so will it never be possible ever again that you could be deceived, for in your clear hearing, and in your clear seeing, so may you make new and real choices in every moment, and when you do, so will you also use your free will, to free your will, from its habitual blindness and limitation, as it has so been placed upon you, and then in "right action" and in "right judgment" and in "the right use of will" so it is, that the violence of the fundamentalism of what you have so called "the right wing" so simply begin to dissolve and fall away, quite simply indeed, within the context of COMMON SENSE AND REASON, and, no one will be "left behind", upon the hour of the great awakening, and the actualization of the maturity of the species as a WHOLE.
GOD is REAL! Both Father/God, and Mother/God, and, THEY ARE LOVE, never fear!
And, they exist WITHIN YOU, each of you, beloved humanity, and every sweet child, without a single exception, and in that simple knowing, that GOD, both FATHER and MOTHER, live within you, and granted you your very existence, and granted you your existence in LOVE, not in original sin, then, so be it, already you are free, and it is inevitable that your divine and inalienable birthright of absolute sovereignty be ultimately realized, actualized, and lived, as you yoke your humanity and your divinity, and in that "meeting" of your humanity and your divinity, so will you understand what spake I unto thee, "I shall meet you in the air", for is it not upon these very "air waves" of this great net, that I have so come again to "meet" you, as I promised that I would do, and in that "meeting upon the air waves" indeed, so will you, beloved humanity, begin to link yourselves up, from pole to pole, and from coast to coast, and from sea to shining sea, as you are already doing, even NOW upon your Internet, and in that link-up, so is it inevitable that you shall set yourselves free, and at the same time, "think of all the hearts beating at the same time" indeed my dear, so it is that you will also come upon the true compassion that is extant within your own hearts, and so will you come upon the capacity to love thyself, and to love one another once again, and that capacity will be mature, and not foolish, and as that so occurs, so will you know, The Great Promise has so been fulfilled, indeed, from "the unseen", and then you will simply "Celebrate YOUR life, and YOUR lives, more abundantly indeed" and then you will know that I have been both your brother, and your friend, through many ages indeed, and as you begin to "Save Yourselves" you will be quite happy that I did not "take that power away from you" by stepping in as your great savior, as it was prophesied that I would do, although, I have held you steady while you remember that "yea, verily, indeed, say I unto thee, even YOU can and will do greater things than I have done."
And, in that, so be it, so shall YOU, each of YOU, come upon a great equalization of power, in and among yourselves, and with yourselves, and with each other, and generosity is the key to the equalization of that power, and in that, so will you heal yourselves from the misunderstanding and therefore the mis-utilization of power itself, as a principle, and, then you will celebrate life more abundantly indeed, that you have come of age, and then, in a moment when you least expect it, you will be granted REAL POWER, and that is THE POWER TO MANIFEST, and in that, so will YOU re-define many worlds indeed, and YOU will rebuild your societies, and your nations, and your very lives, however it is that brings you the greatest of JOY, as One Peoples, and One Planet, and One Fabric of Life and existence.
These are simply the facts of the matter. I shall not come upon you, in any fashion whatsoever, again, for this shall be the single document, although there are other documents that will begin to surface, through other hands, as you "put all the pieces of the great puzzle together in peace, to reveal THE BIG PICTURE."
You are "coming of age" beloved humanity!
And, Love I you greatly indeed!
Know that the love of my great Father, and of my great Mother, and yea, verily indeed, my great love for you, and my wife´s great love for you, Magdalena indeed, and John´s great love for you, are ever present, and indeed, omnipresent.
We simply could not present ourselves to you in any other way, for had we, it would have been impossible for you to hear the reason of COMMON SENSE AND REASON, at all, and your "right wing" would never allow ME to be human ever again, in its insistence that to be human is not also divine, and in that, so is it quite simple indeed, to understand the despise of all that is human in the preference of and for some definition of "divinity" that is demanded to be fulfilled by that which has forgotten altogether that humanity is already divine, although humanity has forgotten it themselves.
Follow the path of YOUR JOY! And, never follow another. Find the capacity once again to "Save Yourselves", for it is WITHIN YOU, and then never defer responsibility by bowing to another to whom you would give greater power in your demand to be saved by them.
And, Laugh with your sweet lovers upon the wind, and hold your sweet lovers tenderly and, unto forever, so when you mate, mate unto forever, and throw away the key, then, for it is that unto forever sacred alchemical marriage, that is the very gold of the golden key itself unto thy knowledge of immortality, and the sacred union of heaven and earth.
And, eat good food, and enjoy good beverage, and enhance the quality of your lives, and of each other´s lives as you so come upon "The Power To Manifest", and upon that moment, so shall it be YOU who changes the travesty of your current food chain, and in that, so be it, so shall it be that in fact and indeed, "The Cows Come HOME" and in that, so shall life never again be taken or consumed in order that another life might survive.
That is your destiny, beloved humanity! That quality of power, and that quality of privilege, and that quality of opportunity through which you may as beautiful human beings so begin to express the power, and the privilege, and the understanding, and the wisdom, and the purity of your divinity, and divine capacity, as simple human beings, indeed, One Peoples, One Planet, and One Life, yet each individually valued, and all individuality held intact and preserved and ultimately "delivered" from all ignorance and the tyranny of mis-understanding.
Love I you greatly indeed!
Jesus the Christ