12/27/2005 9:46:27 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

Happy Christmas.

Regarding the tunnels of light; the beings feeding and being fed through
that system have already begun feeding on each other. You'll see a breaking
of the ranks
amongst political organizations, monarchies and dictatorships.

UFOs are not angels.
Angels are not angels as is commonly understood.
Cherubim and seraphim were mechanical devices associated with flaming
. Angel meaning messenger, yes, from the House of David ben

A messenger of the king was a very important position. The king did not
personally visit to arrange marriages, sexual unions or attend births, and
yet, he did send messengers, angels of the lord King David. Lord as used
today in European titles, not meaning God, with a capitol G.

Marriage, sex, conception and birth were all strictly regulated in those
days. The Angels had offices, positions of prominence, great responsibility
and authority.

The top position within the various offices of these royal messengers were

The highest rank amongst these is the office of the MiKaEl, ArchAngel MiKaEl
being the top most rank.

The GaBriEl office operated directly under the MiKaEl office and did much
more field work as far as making actual trips to see people personally on
behalf of the king.

The Bible does not speak of angels having wings or supernatural abilities.
They often ate and slept with those they came to visit. Artists and poets
and politically motivated religious scholars added wings.

As the Davidic control was scattered and lost into myth the Roman rewrite of
history and the people that wrote and translated Bible books, over and over,
besides misinterpreting by accident made changes intentionally for the
benefit of their religious organization.

Before David's time the word Elohim came to mean angelic beings when the
word means, lofty ones.

Most skeptics would have to concede at least the possibility that at least
one non-indigenous race visited the earth and accepted the titles of gods
and angels since it made managing the locals so much easier.

Once the idea was instilled clever men have used it ever since to manage a
tribe, a village, a nation.

Space Travel
In the same breath people speak of the universe being a hologram and getting
in a spaceship to go explore it.

You speak of it as a projection and yet the spaceship to go explore is
somehow a concrete thing to explore this projected universe.

You cannot have it both ways and thus there is no resolution to the idea of
travel in this fashion.

The MerKaBa use as taught by Melchizedek is viable although he did not teach
the final step to many people. You'll know if you have successfully
activated your fields in about 15 minutes, as a helicopter will show up in
your neighborhood. Navigation by frequency is what you do all the time since
there is no place to go.

You have a set physical ritual you go through to get to the grocery store.
Perhaps you drive a car, walk or bike. As you change frequency it appears as
if you navigate traffic, buy petrol, avoid or make eye contact as you walk
the familiar route.

Soon, you are at the frequency you collectively call the grocery store.
You assume that all the people in the store are at the same store that you

Counselors are making money by sitting down a married couple and getting
them to repeat what the other person has said, are you familiar with this
type of therapy method?

If a married couple were having different experiences of their joint venture
then why would the employees and the patrons, the elderly and the children
be experiencing the same store?

You share a consensus reality.

The normal physiological electrical frequencies of the body are being
stressed at all times now. At some point millions of people will develop
brain tumors from cell phone use at the same time and millions more will

Intentional disruption, search GWEN Towers.


Print journalism and entertainment.
Video games.
The religions and mythologies that were the previous religions.
The race has an ongoing, self-perpetuating psychological disease including
taught fears, prejudices, limitations and an egocentricity that makes you
think you are the smartest person in the room while being a victim to events
that happen to you.
You are all your own psyops problem.

Happy to share a discourse with you while time allows. Please post this for
discussion if you feel it is appropriate.



12/29/2005 2:31:06 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

I have been sent some comments and would reply.

Cell phones and fear mongering in the same thought.

Those that do even simple online research may also check to see who has  funded the research presented and if the company providing the lab work is reputable.

Who would fund this type of research? The companies that sell these products? That was tried years ago but the initial test results did not match what the companies wanted to publish. Who will pay for honest research?

North Americans have inhaled the fallout from over two hundred nuclear tests and then convinced tobacco is the main cause of lung cancer and the sun is giving you skin cancer. Cell phones are bigger business than most imagine.

Search coltran sometime.

We have no interest in spreading fear, just information. Corrections are actually welcomed.

There are devices available to minimize the health effects of cell phones and other electro-magnetic radiation. That there are small wars being waged for coltran is obviously of no concern as long as you don't have any calls dropped.

Could anyone imagine that cell phones are tainted with the blood of 3.2 million deaths since 1998? Also, that the same thing happens with some children's video games? And that mega-technologies contribute to forest depredation and spoliation of the rich natural resources of paradoxically impoverished peoples?


Angels are NOT devils.

The concept of Satan, Lucifer, Baal, the goat symbology and the pentagram were all perversions invented by religious text authors with agendas. It stems from the methodical disenfranchisement of the lineage of the biblical Cain, the actual Davidic forebears. The idea of angels began with the Anunnaki from which much Christian mythology originated out of Sumer, now called Iraq.

Tunnels of Light

Gone, yes.

Anyone experiencing this is now hallucinating.

The mechanics lay below ground in Egypt. You may find information and speculation online. Elaborating in an electronic public medium would be foolish of me.

I can suggest those adept at methods of divination or muscle testing, test a statement about those tunnels.

Do you imagine that you go someplace after you are finished with your body? Another planet or just up in the clouds?

It is amazing how little we know compared to all we believe.

Thank you for your kind attention.