SEER: Did you see the bill that was presented to the House on Dec. 20 regard-ing required military service for all males aged 18-22?

BARDSQUILL: Those assholes, we got to get them out of there.
BARDSQUILL: man, I've been working on a SAD report
SEER: It is necessary to identify their power base and remove it.  With a few exceptions most in politics are mere leeches.
BARDSQUILL: Need a new Constitutional Congress
BARDSQUILL: It's roll up our sleeves time.
SEER: Yes.  But what to do is the question.   
SEER: Strategy time.
SEER: <reading>
BARDSQUILL: Well what do we do when the mainstream sheep are all bleating and the best of the informed are chanting newage mantas at the wall?
BARDSQUILL: And EVERYBODY insists on anonymity.
BARDSQUILL: gotta put our butts on the line
SEER: I've stayed alive in numerous nefarious situations by following simple guidelines.  They are common sense, but it helps to remember them.  It is also a good starting point for strategy.  Do you want to hear them?
BARDSQUILL: yea, even though I might argue
SEER: On a side note I'm getting worried about a friend of mine.  Seems quite a few SAS guys have been developing rather bad cases of death.   
SEER: Step 1:  Insure your own biological safety.  You can't do jack if you're dead or sick.
SEER: Step 2:  Assess and guarantee the safety of your immediate surroundings.  If they are a problem, change locations.   
SEER: Step 3:  Maintain your own psychological and emotional health.  This includes those who are close to you.   
SEER: Step 4:  Assess your immediate situation.  Review your list of allies and enemies.  Remember, if someone is neutral, they aren't your friend.   
SEER: Step 5:  Decide on a course of action, while realizing the actual risk to yourself and others.  Be okay with it.   
SEER: Step 6.  Act to change the situation to your advantage.
SEER: Like I said, common sense, but sometimes it helps to remember.
BARDSQUILL: Step 7: pick up a sign and wave it in their faces Gandhi-style

                    Step 8: If that doesn't work, open revolution, Jeffersonian-style.

BARDSQUILL: It has all gone too far
SEER: I'm more partial to strategic changes.  Small items that provide extreme pressure, resulting in change.   
SEER: Unfortunately passive resistance no longer works.   
BARDSQUILL: well, the only strategy I can think of is to screw up their financial system
SEER: It is interesting to note that today is Martin Luther King Jr.'s day.   It is also interesting to note the amount of influence that white power assholes have on the patriot, enviromental, and general govt. movements.  I wonder if anything is going to become more apparent today.
BARDSQUILL: oil-based economy
SEER: The people of this country have been conditioned to think of themselves as children in need of a parent.   
BARDSQUILL: best strategy I can think of is foul up this oil-slicker crap. What does this mean? Why, alternative energy NOW!
BARDSQUILL: It's here but the engineers are all sittin on their butts waiting for patents and ways to get rich.
SEER: We are all responsible for that woman's death.  You, me, everyone.  We all feed the system surrounding us.  Some more than others. :-)  The first step to true power is accepting responsibility and moving through the grief and the guilt.  It allows a place from which to create true action.
SEER: Money confuses me.  That is a remarkable thing since I'm a double capricorn :-).  It means nothing, it stands for nothing, and no one owns it.  I don't understand it.
SEER: I'm about to make some coffee.  Other than the obvious, how are you doing?
BARDSQUILL: just edited a report, feel shocked and sad
SEER: amen.
BARDSQUILL:  The Killing of a Wonderful Lady: Chemtrails and the Elderly  
SEER: When I was living in Los Angeles we kept a stock of green tea, V8, vitamins, and various heavy duty herbs just in case we needed a quick detox.  I've noticed the instances of illness increasing.   
BARDSQUILL: now I'm going to get a raft of talking heads yakking about whether this guy's Mom was wasted by chemtrails or whether chemtrails exist at all.
SEER: The arrogance of those Dummies who are messing with the atmosphere of this planet offends me.  What is with the complete inability to see general patterns?  Didn't they get a big enough warning with the whole nuclear thing?  Obviously not since we now have genetic manipulation of our food source (genetic drift? nah, never heard of it), weather modification etc..   
SEER: Anyone who thinks that chemtrails can't fuck up someone's health is an idiot.  They should go live in Mexico City for a year and see what particulate matter does close up.
BARDSQUILL: Speaking of strategy, here's a situation where if we had any brains at all we'd get behind immediately. Personal, sad, and bringing it home, a specific case at last. Now this dude, the son, is real hero, open about it, name, address and evidence.
SEER: It is amazing that he is able to do so.
BARDSQUILL: He has balls!
BARDSQUILL: everybody else trying like mad to blend into the shrubbery.
SEER: Yes.  He has suffered a huge loss and is directing his anger.  It is a good thing.   
BARDSQUILL: I'm getting tired and ashamed; am seriously thinking of my alternatives.
SEER: I'd come out of the dark except for two things.  The first is that I'm not certain I have an identity anymore, the second is that my sources of information would dry up and go to ground if there was a way for me to be traced to them.  I've been considering Jordan for an ex-patriot home.
BARDSQUILL: Examine what your sources are advising, besides the info that is, if they discourage action I'd them them to bug off.
BARDSQUILL: tell them
SEER: We got jacked in the last election.  The wrong man is in office.  This isn't America anymore.  She died.  Perhaps someday to rise again, but for now in the ground.
SEER: I think the response will be unanimous agreement.   
BARDSQUILL: This secrety chiporee-chipmunk mystical tree-house boy's club we have going in the West is a pile of worthless goo---in my opinion.
SEER: I love/d this country.  Even with her faults.  She was good to my family when we came here.  I'm sad.   This is no longer the country that my family fought for, this is no longer the same place that I remember.
BARDSQUILL: It's the same trap as the Wondervogel got into in Germany in the 20s.  They sought self-realization, but weren't watching their backsides, and Adolph, himself a dark-mystic, rounded up the bikers and took over downtown Berlin.
SEER: Yeah.  I know. I just had this realization earlier today and now I think I'm knowing why my mind picked this time to realize some things.   
SEER: "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing".   
BARDSQUILL: the bad wizards know how to eat good casual wicca-wizards for lunch, the battle is raging on with no guarantee that the good will win, even though we have wall placards that say it will.  Also no Savior, in my mind, is going to save our sorry hides. It is up to us.
SEER: Yup.  Thankfully there are a few variables that the idiot nasty wizards aren't aware of.
BARDSQUILL: the trump cards need to be played, like a hundred years ago.
SEER: As ugly as all of this is, there is the possibility of far greater nastiness.
BARDSQUILL: Sorry, but I'm jaded, you have no idea how many stupid emails I get, ranting off something like, "if you will just be positive, everything will turn out just peachy."
SEER: Jaded is good.  It means you've been aware of the world around you :-)
BARDSQUILL: Not saying that this is your take, but it's the take of the Newagey cult, and it is making me ill.
BARDSQUILL: I've been in that mind myself in my past years...sigh.
BARDSQUILL: 60 now and grouchy as as a badger.
SEER: A little honesty here - I generally despise the "new age" movement.  I can't stand the 'love light and laughter' and the 'and harm none do what you will'.  It reminds me too much of thorazine.  It would be nice if the world was such that those ideas were applicable, but it is not, and so they are not.
BARDSQUILL: Think I'm a gray-wizzy now.
BARDSQUILL: I've fought the darkness, Azazael, hisself, in open combat.  I saved my skin by using alchemy, but it left it's mark forever.
SEER: It is odd.  Only thirty years ago the idea of various entities working together would have been insane, and now it is the norm.  There is a greater threat to this place than just what is going on now.  It is why there has been so much interest here over the past 100 years.
BARDSQUILL: Resist not Evil was the formula I used then. That is, give the foul Watcher what he wants, charisma, power and hope He'll choke on it, then get the hell outta there.
SEER: Kind of a zen lesson in that. :-)  How did you know what to do if you don't mind my asking?
BARDSQUILL: but I was busted down to that place where the only wee voice left was I am still nevertheless me. I am.
BARDSQUILL: I'm a genetic Wizzy, if I do say so myself, not to mention, I have wandered through many mystic-yeehaw tents, gleaning what I could without being dum enough to join.
BARDSQUILL: Having said this I will add, it is dum to declare oneself something they are not; it is far dummer to not admit what one actually is.
SEER: :-)  The words "I am" are the basis of all strength and existence.   The sorrows of Isis begin for example with "Nuk Ast"  ... "I am Isis"
SEER: It is the statement of being.
SEER: Sorry for the rambling.  Still haven't made the coffee yet.  I think it might just be time for that.
BARDSQUILL: yup, and for me it was not a note in a Majickal scroll it happened because I was busted to the basics
SEER: :-)
BARDSQUILL: Of course I'd rather just go fishin', but noooOOooo, a born Halfling, marked as such and a belly full in my life
SEER: I know what you mean.   My knowledge is based only on memory and experience.  I've never been part of any official group officially. Never saw the point.
BARDSQUILL: experience, yup

BARDSQUILL: My training has been to do shit first, think later
SEER: I've walked enough people through the realizations of it, figure I might as well write a book.  Those who need it will get it, and those who don't will think it is humor.
SEER: Instinct rocks. :-)
BARDSQUILL: Besides doing before thinking creates many cool jams I've had to extract meself from.
SEER: :-)  I've realized I'm going to have to come out of my self induced retirement/hermitage.   I'm not sure if I'm ready.  It has been nice.
BARDSQUILL: Well, I'm a hermit too physically, not always been that way, but it seems I mess up the apple pie, and my discrimination says, don't hurt anyone if I possibly can [not] but at the same time this discrimination-bit is a pain in the ass.  Best way I know how to be discriminate is to keep screwing up at some level.
BARDSQUILL: at the ORBIT-level for the moment.
BARDSQUILL: could sit around with a wise-ass smirk on my face, that might work, rambling now too.
BARDSQUILL: Turning Elder another pain in th butt, what is the realization?  Treat the environment and the world like it is all my fault, nice way of ranting it, to take responsibility--so much for fishin.
SEER: It's funny.  I spent ten years doing what I do here each night, but out in the world running about.   For the first time in my life these past two years have been peaceful and free of a fear of being killed or hurt etc..  But the craving inside of me to use my abilities is beginning to outweigh the craving inside me for peace.   A friend of mine once asked me why I practiced majik, namely the war arts, and I responded that I did it because I wanted to one day walk in a field in the sunlight, barefoot, with my two children at my side.  These things right now are impossible.  Perhaps someday they will be mine.  The greatest risk that my people run into is the craving for the white picket fence.  I just got a call from Texas three days ago warning about that.  I love synchronicity.
SEER: Sorry for the delay.  I was busy spilling espresso beans all over the kitchen. :-)
SEER: Anyway, to use an analogy, the realization was that I've been in retirement and sort of enjoying it (nevermind the mindnumbing boredom), and that since I've realized that that is what has been going on, it is soon going to end so I had best be ready.  
BARDSQUILL: Ahh, good a warrior-Magician, go for it, that way I can watch and rest, heh.
SEER: roflmao.  No way man.  You're in on it. :-)
BARDSQUILL: I'm also inconsistent