Let's just suppose that 70% of the shuttle crafts cargo in the years 1984 - 1993 were US military. And for the story's sake, let's suppose that it was well known in some circles that humanoids had lived on Mars up to 10,000 years ago and may still exist in small pockets underground around the polar ice caps.

In 1979, the Mars photos taken by the surveyor were being carefully studied to identify at least 7 sites containing structures built from surface material of the planet. One of these photos somehow came into the possession of [Allegedly, Hoagland contact by SIPCAT 10], and then the race was on to discredit him. These 7 sites represent the 7 clans of the planet. These people were highly advanced. They also were very aware of their planet, and people's well being. It was more than a religion. There were no outward signs of their technology. The planet was unbelievably lush. Trees covered probably 70% of the planet. The environment was very hospitable to its human inhabitants. They had very little natural predators, and only took from the land what they needed. Each of the 7 clans lived outside the stone cities. The cities were for trade, meetings, etc. Each had a grouping of pyramids. These pyramids were the only place their technology existed.

The legend was that a warrior was born every 20 years to the clans of Mars. These people were the only warriors that existed on a planet of less than 200 million. As they neared their 20th birthdays, they would step down and the younger generation would take over. Although no one really knew why the warriors existed, they kept the legend alive. Approximately 10,000 years ago our time, the warriors were called upon to protect their planet. Each was called before what we would call the President of their clan, and told that they must journey to the gold pyramids that lay in the frontiers of their world. Seven young men were to be chosen to accompany the warrior to ensure his arrival. The warrior was also responsible to procreate prior to his leaving. Upon arriving at the golden pyramid, the warrior and his two best friends were allowed to enter. The priests explained to them that the warrior would be protecting the planet from incoming invaders, and that the two friends were to return to their clans with instructions on how to protect themselves, and that they would never see the warrior again. The warrior was cleaned, sterilized and placed into a bio-mechanical suit from head to toe and then was led into a great chamber. In the chamber was a ship they called Blue Star. These ships contained weaponry and DNA material from his clan. The warrior took his place in the seat of the ship. This seat joined with the warrior, through his suit. This is how he controlled the ship, there were no controls. Once in orbit, the 7 ships, circling at different orbits, began to lay down their first line of defense. These were 3 foot long, 4 inches wide, tube-like bombs. They were made of highly explosive clear gelatin--completely undetectable.

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