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After having laid 7 tiers of mines, the ship and its contents began the second part of its mission. Which was to make a head on, full speed attack through the oncoming enemy. These ships were equipped with a ring of weaponry around the midsection, top to bottom. This weapons ring contained 36 full sweep double cannon platforms. This gave each ship the capability of hitting any target. These cannons were simple in design, they were a blue light laser plasma burst with an effective range of 23 seconds. It's targeting range was 182 seconds, they were powered with a natural mineral from their home planet that was used as a cold fusion generator. This was also used as the engine power source. It had unlimited power. As each ship turned to face the enemy, their weapons began to fire causing a great deal of damage to the oncoming ships. They didn't stay to fight, for their real mission was to escape into long term elliptical orbit of the solar system, scheduled to return to their planet in 40 years. With the DNA material and the gestation tubes aboard, the species continued existence was ensured.

As each ship passed through the enemy, they took on varying degree of damage themselves. However, each ship did clear. The warrior, having been programmed, commanded the ship to begin a maximum thrust of its engines. The engines thrust maintained 2/10ths light speed for 4.5 seconds, taking it to a path that would take it past the asteroid belts, past the eighth planet in our solar system (Neptune to us). The ship used the gravity generated by Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune to slow it down so it could execute it's orbit and start a slow return. Each ship had fired it's engines at different times, spacing them unequally guaranteeing their return would be spaced apart. This again was to ensure the opportunity for their survival.

The ship's logs lost contact with their home planet 3 years after their launch. Because of this, we are not sure why their return orbit did not return them to Mars. It is suspected the ship determined Mars to be inhospitable due to the invaders. Mars' green living planet had been turned into a dead husk. It's atmosphere, vegetation and people were missing. It was also evidence that large scale removal of mineral resources had occurred on the surface.

The first of the ships landed on our planet approximately 11,000 - 10,000 years ago, our time. The warrior began the process of bringing his clan back to life. With the use of the DNA material being injected into genetically engineered pre-fertilized egg. The gestation tubes took only 16 months to bring a full grown adult from the fertilized egg. The last 4 months of this process, the memories of the donator of that specific DNA were reinstalled into the individual. There were 14 tubes on board, and it took 137 years for the population to begin self sustaining re-population. The ones born from the ship had an elongated life span, typically 1,500 - 2,000 years. However those born on the planet experienced life spans that grew shorter every generation.

This first ship landed in a lush, fertile area we now call Egypt. The people began to bring back all the knowledge and life styles they had known from the past. The ship was taken and placed in a great vault, and a marker built over it, so that when the other clans arrived they would know where they were.

Over the course of the last 10,000 years, The Bluestars have landed in China, Mexico, England and most recently, America........