Started with McCain quote in forum:
 "We better understand the vulnerabilities that our economy, and our very lives, have when we're dependent on Iranian mullahs and wackos in Venezuela," said McCain, who challenged President George W. Bush for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000.
Old Kenton jumps in:
We need to quit selling off our resources to the Crown.
The Alaskan fields for instance were to remain USA.
Kick BP out of the Gulf too.
More Kenton:
Looking at BP in the Gulf.
Thunder Horse is only one item from BP's mouth-watering menu in the US Gulf over the next 5 to 10 years, as a series of deep projects are due to come online.
Operator: BP   Ownership: BP 75%,
ExxonMobil 25%
Daewoo's Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering division built the semisubmersible hull and drilling rig for a floating production, drilling and quarters (PDQ) platform. The 120,000-deadweight-ton hull was designed by GVA Consultants of Sweden, which Halliburton bought from British Maritime Technology.
 BP plans storage facility in Houma
The Second Battle of New Orleans
Bully Brit Boy sputters and fumes:
 we've supported every war you've started in the last 20 years and you want to kick one of our biggest companies out of the USA. Thanks for that you ungrateful twats, next time you start a war, kindly leave us out of it and take them Israeli bastards with you.
Kenton Kicks back:
Supported every war? You mean those non-winnable messes where our guys fought as hirelings for Crown interests and to keep the gun-running, tally-ho influence and to keep the opium-highways and oil-pipelines intact...
...the London Laundry...,1361,566665,00.html
By the way we don't buy the Royal green thing either, "Beyond Petroleum", Agenda 21, Sustainability, Corridors and Green Belts--all cheap-ass ways to control land and resources by propaganda.
"How Green Is BP?"
The Crown has been playing these shenanigans for a long time, they are good at it, "crafty"...
...but now we get the more "Colony" blinkety-blink here. The man-on-the-street Brits are our friends but not the Malthusian madmen that pretend to privilege.
Dump them!