Who owns what? HAARP Build-Out To 3.6 Million Watt Capacity Complete

The illumianti Plans for the United States Of America 2001-2010 Chaos + Order = Control of the World and humanity Problem + Reaction = Solutions


Hurricane Katrina - Who Benefits?


"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."--Prince Philip


CROWN CONNING THE GREENIES: But to persuade the public that BP is no rapacious multinational, that it is instead an organization thinking first and foremost of the public good, may not come so easily as long as BP remains an oil company, deriving the vast majority of its profits from the black stuff that -- from drilling rig to oil tanker to refinery to gas station -- scars the earth, pollutes the air and eventually warms the planet.

........Kent's choice


BP oil rigs back in business after hurricane [THAT WAS FAST!]

The Atlantis oil field is the third largest oil field in the Gulf of Mexico, estimated at about 600 million barrels. The British oil company BP owns the field, which is expected to produce about 200,000 barrels a day beginning in late 2006. The oil field was discovered in 1998 by the Ocean America semi-submersible, mobile drilling rig operating in a water depth of 1870 meters. 20 oil rigs missing in Gulf of Mexico  No Gas in the SouthEast US  Forum

9/3/2005 8:30:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

second battle of new orleans

#1 contributer to evacuating NO=BP

#1 advertiser pro global warming=BP

NO to be mega LNG terminal>>britannia to rule waves once again

north sea oil is about shot to hell

9/3/2005 5:56:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

British Petroleum Confirmed Largest Ever Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Field: BP announced that offshore areas leased by MMS had confirmed the largest oil and gas discovery ever in the Gulf of Mexico. Virtually all of Interior's work on these leases occurred in the Reagan-Bush Administration. The one-billion barrel field is located 125 miles southwest of New Orleans in 6,000 feet of water. Initial production from the field is expected by 2005 with production of 250,000 barrels of oil per day at peak rate. BP also announced another major discovery nearby that could rank in the top five discoveries ever in the Gulf of Mexico.

China Awards LNG Project to British Petroleum Company British Petroleum in Indonesia: The Tangguh Project British Petroleum and Oil Politics in Colombia

New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize-why the city Must Return http://www.houseoffusion.com/cf_lists/messages.cfm/forumid:5/threadid:18556

9/3/2005 2:26:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

geopolitics awaits its einstein. you have a squint on it that nobody else does. hastert is the official mouthpiece for TPTB. thats ALL he is. NO public utterance by him is spontaneous. known him well since 1966- ultimate loyal party member. the plan is to off NO. bourban st will be a mini disneyland. this was originally the idea of klaus barbie/william casey/beurt ser vass

YANKEE PAWNS A Failure of Leadership "Bush to New Orleans: Drop Dead"  DICK CHENEY Has Been On Vacation! Meanwhile, Condi Rice is in the midst of a THREE DAY vacation that began AFTER the hurricane struck New Orleans. Bush is relaxing in Crawford, Condi is going to a Broadway show and Dick Cheney is probably fly fishing -- all AFTER the hurricane struck.


INTEL FEMA vs NOLA- Brits dont get it


9/4/2005 6:55:54 AM Pacific Standard Time

No Brit can understand , at first, what a macro-NO of murder and
corruption the USG is.

CIA is whipping boy for FEMAs engorgement on 1980s protected cocaine
biz. originated by william casey, beurt servass and klaus barbie in 1976
and using the US Army protected secure waterways (mississippi and
tributaries ESPECIALLY including illinois river) to ship cocaine UP and
"non-sporting firearms" and anhydrous ether DOWN.

FEMA was originated by pres carter with best of intentions.

it was quickly taken over by NSC which is a wholly owned subsidiary of

FEMA sees its function as eliminating "trash populations"

Condi doesnt realize shes black.

Most loyal (to US) CIA officers resigned in disgust in 1980s, including
the highest ranking african-american who was and is a close personal
friend of mine.

PS both hyde and hastert got to where they are by being super-reliable
protectors of cocaine import agency {formerly CIA} i have known hyde
since he was a democrat.  hes scum.  i have known hastert since 1966.
hes less than scum. hes a wind-up monster that jim schirott and pat
durante built in their basement monster factory.
consider this and every other statement i have ever made as being sworn
under penalty of perjury- it is. they are.

the whole purpose of the mississippi river casinoes is to make huge sums
of money untraceable ; read "financial laundromat"  thats the WHOLE,
ENTIRE purpose.

busses were corralled as prelude to evac west. causeway was not ordeed converted to one way traffic.

this is per page one of NO emergency plan

NO has LOTS of busses- white ones are RTA

order stopped after step one= smoking gun

mayor and gov have unlimited authority to order mandatory evac. either separaely or together.

who prevented?

John Browne, group chief executive, The British Petroleum Co. As head of one of the world's largest corporations, John Browne, group chief executive of the British Petroleum Company, has become a pioneer in defining the social responsibilities of private industry and championing the need for corporations to protect the environment.

Browne joined BP in 1966 as a university apprentice. He holds a degree in physics from Cambridge University and a master of science degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and an honorary fellow of St. John's College Cambridge.

Between 1969 and 1983, Browne held a variety of exploration and production posts in Anchorage, New York, San Francisco, London and in Canada. In 1984, he became group treasurer and chief executive of BP Finance International and, in 1986, executive vice president and chief financial officer of the Standard Oil Company. Following the BP/Standard merger in 1987, Brown was appointed chief executive officer of Standard Oil Production Company, in addition to his position as executive vice president and chief financial officer of BP America.

In 1989, Browne was made managing director and chief executive officer of BP Exploration based in London. In 1991 he was appointed to the board of the British Petroleum Company as managing director. Browne became group chief executive of the company on July 1, 1995. Brown is a non-executive director of SmithKline Beecham and the Intel Corporation and a member of the supervisory board of Daimler-Benz, a trustee of the British Museum and a member of the governing body of the London Business School. He is also emeritus chairman of the advisory board of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a trustee of the Conference Board, a vice president and member of the board of the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum and a board member of SAIS.

nothing in there not already provenin case 94CH0664 (star chamber)

star chamber courts supposedly dont exist in US (hahahaha)

they have a big blue star that they stamp on their papers

chicago tribune legal dept on case 0664 to judge: "we dont trust star chamber courts"

the name comes from the secret court that sentenced william wallace to be hanged, castrated, drawn and quartered.....the ceiling was painted as night sky with stars.


kenneth b thomas

House Speaker Says 'Safety First' in Rebuilding New Orleans



9/4/2005 4:02:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

in the last 500 years, only one (small) hurricane has been reported south of the equator in the atlantic. reason: little chance of dust from the sahara to seed it

sahara is marching south and that means more and bigger hurricanes in US gulf coast as opposed to n carolina virginia etc

heres a picture of it

http://mikesjournal.com/S America Hurricane.gif


9/4/2005 4:29:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

on the rare occasions when SS want to tell the truth , they swear on
their soldiers book, which is a diary they were required to keep.  that
also proves they are authentic SS and SD

about a dozen swore the following and much more to me in 1979:

Bormann was not liked by other supernazis and was kept fairly isolated
after he developed alzheimers-like disease in about 1975.  The banana
farm in paraguay (on brazil border) , HQ of all present cocaine
retailing is the HQ of nazis-  to the present day.  (1979)
klaus barbie took over some of bormanns duties.  Skorzeny or a double
took over some of Bormanns duties (SS were convinced it was real
skorzeny- similar to Mueller situation)

the next generation is like the originals -only worse.

they told me in advance of the spike in gold price jan 15 1980 and gave
details of how they engineered it and left the saudis holding the
(empty) bag. (still 1979)

By april, 1980, most were in bolivia preparing the cocaine coup and
working for "election" of reagan, setting up Casey/Servass inland
waterway cocaine import org

they knew i hated them.  no matter.  they wanted somebody to know.  i
did everything i could to slow them down.  the problem was -AND IS- they
are the Republican party - as i quickly discovered.

http://mentalhealth.faithweb.com/behindhitler/index.html [ADDED]


9/5/2005 7:27:32 AM Pacific Standard Time

the original Kingfish VS standard oil/british petroleum VS......Godzilla?


FEMA is regrouping at offutt (sp) afb in nebraska right now. redeploy either gulf cost or carolinas {read hurricane}


standard merged wth BP 1987?

aug 30, 1893= hatch date of kingfish

aug 30,2005= the universe is now in balance :)



9/5/2005 7:51:23 AM Pacific Standard Time

"...In 1966, AT&T located a branch of Bell Laboratories in Naperville, beginning a period of growth that continues today. The Amoco Research Center, now the bp Amoco Research Center, was developed in Naperville in 1969. Naperville's East-West Corporate Corridor is now home to such corporate giants as Lucent Technologies, bp Amoco, Ondeo Nalco Company, Nicor Gas Company, and the new Tellabs

naperville=amoco/bp HQ


amoco/bp, now just BP= NOLA



9/5/2005 2:39:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

"Hell no, we won't die for Amoco."

hastert's association w amoc/bp and nursing homes/casinos is well known around here. also his fellow Raccoons , Dallas Ingemunson and Tom Cross



9/5/2005 2:43:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

"...London-based BP, formed by the 1998 merger of British Petroleum and Amoco, is the world's leading integrated oil company and the second-biggest supplier of oil to the Pentagon (after Exxon Mobil)..."



9/5/2005 2:55:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

"..The EPA report was reviewed by a seven-person panel: a senior technical advisor at Halliburton, a manager from an industry-funded research institute who previously worked for Halliburton, a senior engineer with BP Amoco and two academics who had worked for the energy industry. A sixth member, a state regulator with an engineering background, also had worked for Amoco. The final member was an expert on hydraulic fracturing from Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico. "EPA selected panel members who we believed would be unbiased and fair in reviewing this study, and selected a representative group," the EPA's Bergman said.

Halliburton, Halliburton, BP Amoco, Energy Industry, Energy Industry, Amoco, Gov't Funded Scientist. Real unbiased. They are a regretable bunch of greedy, undemocratic, lying, unprincipled, amoral, unconscionable bastards incapable of shame. Hypocrits who claim Christian values, yet who seem fixated only on the bad parts of the ..."



9/5/2005 4:44:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

if you wrote this yourself, you have really got the picture.

methane ice is next big thing because the exorbitantly intricate technology required for vertical integration makes it monopolizable.

BP developed the tech in north sea 1970-2000 and has kept key secrets. eventually LNG will be replaced by hydrogen-- but the "gas" stations will still be BP

the elites of US, Germany(includes swiss, luxembourg,etc) and England/UK/canada/oz/nz- are all cousins NOW as ALWAYS.

Britain will never quit trying to reclaim its wobbly "colony"


9/6/2005 3:53:35 AM Pacific Standard Time


most illuminating! hadnt had time to keep up.

whas 840 stepping on wwl


rapid change of weight in air mass over louisville with resulting small quake


watch out for new form of flesh eating strep . any small cut on face can be fatal in days. coming from NO (as is the stench) to kentucky tennessee and indiana ohio illinois.

victims conceivably could spread elsewhere

constant baths of hydrogen peroxide stop the advance . its like leprosy but speeded up from years to hours. towels bandages etc cannot be sterilized. must be burned or treated as hazmed


9/6/2005 7:47:45 AM Pacific Standard Time

The US began as a fascistic theocracy which was easily as horrific as the present regime in iran.

the mayflower nazis are still in control

the revolutionary war, which began in 1763, and the SECOND revolutionary war which was ended by the utter humiliation of the army that had just defeated the antichrist (napoleon) BEFORE the treaty of ghent could take effect, were fought and won by a tiny, tiny minority who routinely endured conditions a million times worse than anything even contemplated by US or Britain at the present time......no, a billion times worse.

it aint over yet either. the treaty -of-ghent set still thinks they have divinely guaranteed perogatives.

all the fake history about courtly deliberations and gentlemanly livestock improvements by jeffersonian spermatozoa are utter nonsense designed to hypnotize the herd.

the founding fornicators were just the guys who jumped in front of the victory parade AFTER the decision was won.

george washington started the french and indian war to force the british to protect his land holdings . likewise his early support of the revolution. his leadership of the continental army began as a hissy fit at being promoted more slowly in british army because he wasnt a born and bred brit and only LATER matured - to the extent it ever did.

washington was an inert, easily fooled icon who fancied himself a proper english gentleman till the day he died.

he was an inspiring general because he was flat-out too dumb to be scared.

the only true and factual account of british in north america. 1630-1850



9/6/2005 5:18:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

i found out that the ion streaks you mentioned are in fact a u.s. anti hurricane gizmo manufactured by raytheon. they aim to decohere self sustaining eyewall reducing cat- 5 to cat- 4 for a few minutes.

they dont think it worked but aren't sure.

thats all i will ever be able to find out for sure other than a couple details i decided on my own to shut up about

i thought they were windshield streaks


FEMA Deliberately Sabotaging Hurricane Relief Efforts


9/7/2005 3:24:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

scalar weapons cannot affect your thinking if you stay just slightly dehydrated. that increases the capacitance of the membranes and arachnoid net surrounding the brain and moves you out of critical resonance.

this is the only counter measure that has ever been found to work in real-world situations.

encryptions are put on scalar to induce compulsive water drinking but a little will power overcomes these- watchbehavior of those you know well. you will be amazed.





the faster the oil and gas comes out, the faster the silty ,unconsolidated land subsides. the choice is between having adequate gas and oil so that involuntary financing of islamic terrorism will cease and maintaining a cesspool of depravity and organized crime that has a sprinkling of questionable culture and history.

non-petroleum shipping uses of the port of NO are unrelated to the fundamental issue and are invariably introduced to cloud the truth.

the enormous deep-methane reserves of gulf of mexico can be exploited only if NO is buldozed; increasingly expensive efforts to preserve NO will outbalance benefits of energy production.

thats the issue. thats the decision. thats how it should be presented to the citizenry. the fate of a major city is too deep ad consequential to be decided by a bunch of lazy amoral frat-twerps.

it requires a vote on an honestly framed question



plenty of ready oil in the gulf of mexico



SAILORS who used to dump barrels of oil to calm stormy waters may have been onto something. The practice reduces wind speeds in tropical hurricanes by damping ocean spray, according to a mathematical model.

As hurricanes kick up ocean waves, large water droplets become suspended in the air. Mathematically speaking, this cloud of spray acts as a third fluid sandwiched between air and sea. "Drops in the spray decrease turbulence and reduce friction, allowing for far greater wind speeds - sometimes eight times as fast," explains researcher Alexandre Chorin, who developed the model at the University of California at Berkeley. He thinks the findings shed light on an age-old ritual at sea. "Mariners traditionally poured oil on troubled waters - hence the expression - but it was never clear what this accomplished," says Chorin. Since oil inhibits water drops from forming, he thinks that the strategy would have increased the drag in the air and decreased the intensity of the squalls (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0505209102).

The researchers suggest that aircraft could spray the ocean surface during tropical storms with harmless surfactants to lower the water's surface tension and prevent droplets from forming. This could help defuse the force of hurricanes.

From issue 2510 of New Scientist magazine, 30 July 2005, page 15




The Yakuza Skolnik It's like an Octopus: the Royals, the Gangsters, the Politicians. Whole cultures are installed with complex laws that the Elites have no intention at all of observing.



Subject: Scientific American: Controlling Hurricanes

Date: 9/13/2005 7:05:58 AM Pacific Standard Time


"... To even consider controlling hurricanes, researchers will need to be able to predict a storm's course extremely accurately, to identify the physical changes (such as alterations in air temperature) that would influence its behavior, and to find ways to effect those changes. This work is in its infancy, but successful computer simulations of hurricanes carried out during the past few years suggest that modification could one day be feasible. What is more, it turns out the very thing that makes forecasting any weather difficult--the atmosphere's extreme sensitivity to small stimuli--may well be the key to achieving the control we seek. Our first attempt at influencing the course of a simulated hurricane by making minor changes to the storm's initial state, for example, proved remarkably successful, and the subsequent results have continued to look favorable, too.. ..."


Subject: Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - BP and partner prove Alaska GTL technologies

Date: 9/15/2005 10:53:06 AM Pacific Standard Time

"...The goal of the demonstration plant was to test two propriety technologies: a compact reformer and a converter catalyst. BP has said its GTL technology-used to convert methane gas into synthetic crude oil (syncrude) at the Nikiski site-could play an important role in commercialising stranded natural gas resources worldwide, especially where reserves were too small to economically employ LNG technology...."




FEMA allocates $5 billion for trailers yet to be built



UK  1:  also that BP thing , do you know that 80% of people don't even know it's British
UK  1: 
they think it's American
UK  1: 
and stands for Beyond Petroleum
UK  1: 
it's the same symbol back in the UK as well
UK  1: 
ask anyone [in UK] what BP really stands for
UK  1: 
and ask them what country owns it
BARDSQUILL:  British Petroleum [or Beyond Petroleum] is owned if not controlled by the Crown
UK  1: 
UK  1: 
oh and don't forget the real Illuminati
BARDSQUILL:  This all ties into UN Agenda 21 and Prince Charlie´s snaky shenanigans disguised under the catchword, Ecology

Is BP Beyond Petroleum? Hardly  CorpWatch: BP: Beyond Petroleum or Beyond Preposterous?  'Beyond Petroleum,' Beyond The Truth


U.S./British Media & Big Oil British Petroleum, owned if not controlled by the Crown

[This all ties into UN Agenda 21 and Prince Charlie´s Green shenanigans--catchword, "ecology, which is complete manipulation. The New Orleans disaster is all about "relocation, depopulation... or control by the REAL Illuminati, the Royal Queen-lizzies.]

Displacement Of Historic Proportions



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