Physicists Dismiss Disaster Scenarios
When the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider begins operating in May, it will recreate conditions that have not existed since the dawn of the universe.

Could that mean the end of the world? Last year a British newspaper charged that the new physics experiment on Long Island might somehow generate a black hole that would swallow the planet, or perhaps turn all of creation into some kind of deadly "strange matter." Given that the collider will hurl particles into one another almost at the speed of light, generating temperatures of a trillion degrees and creating a substance that has not existed for 13 billion years, it is easy to imagine that it might cause some kind of catastrophe.



. . .to build up an even more powerful force, like how soldiers marching over a bridge in cadence can knock out the bridge, in this case the Einstein-Rosen bridge in physics terminology.

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Hi Kent, the pulse is generated by the accelerator itself. The particles are injected into a series on magnetig fields that cause the particles to zig-zag backand forth similar to the phasing that would occur with mirrors. Since the frqs they are after will not work with mirrors the fields are their only way to control the process. As the particles are "bounced around the fields they gain the needed energy and are then focused by furtherfields, some electromagnetic, and others permanent magnets. The "lasing is detected as an increase in the energy output, and the wavelength of the output as well. Check out http// Dr. Atomic

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Within the last year it seems something new has happened at DESY

"The TTF-FEL has shown first lasing."

"It is a pleasure to inform you that last night the shift crew succeeded to observe first lasing of the TTF FEL. The observed wave length is 109 nm. The increase in intensity compared to the spontaneous radiation is more than 2 orders of magnitude. The width of the radiation cone is 300 microradian as compared to 3 milliradian for the spontaneous radiation. The intensity of the radiation shows a strong dependency on the bunch charge. All observations are in agreement with what is expected for SASE."

Unfortunately the more detailed info is "privileged", not that I'd understand it.
I once made a wee sound wave based on the Golden Ratio and the output seems to produce a pulsation that is picked up by things around it. For instance my wife's back massager in the other room went harmonically into cadence. Oddly the wave seems to transmit, to figuratively "set the strings to vibrate", independent of the volume-level.

Hope we haven't totally abandoned the notion of the aethers.


John Nelson, a professor of nuclear physics who is leading Britain's team of scientists at RHIC. "The big question is whether the planet will disappear in the twinkling of an eye," Nelson told the Sunday Times. "It is astonishingly unlikely there is any risk, but I could not prove it."


"Things haven't gone exactly as we had hoped," said Thomas Ludlam, a physicist and deputy project director of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, N.Y.  The delay may offer some relief to those who fear the machine could create an unusually stable form of strange matter that could ultimately destroy the universe. Even renowned physicists have admitted the "speculative" possibility cannot be ruled out.


Many physicists found the CERN achievement promising for the next stage of similar research, slated to begin this summer at Brookhaven National Laboratory's new Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) on Long Island.

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type in, "Brookhaven."


What intrigued me most was the 3 mile underground tunnel which is now being used to make a mini quasar!!!....( I remember reading a Asimov (spelling?) Sci-fi novel about colliding atoms and time and space being disrupted....truth stranger than fiction eh?).....also there was a Full Medical staff on site...(I know cuz I had blood work done weekly for a manic condition blood level check..,Lithium!!)...also they gave me a peculiar X-ray when I left...last minute stating...oh we have to have this...and it actually burned my left shoulder..... not to mention that the "Lab" is/was involved in bio-chemical stuff with animals......(and they worried about Plum Island...LOL).....AND before the Shoreham Nuclear Plant was decommissioned...(pheeeew)...Brookhaven Nat'l Labs, Upton, LI, NY, has had 3 Nuclear Plants running since 1948!!!! Didn't learn that til 1988!!!.....after working there for 3 years....resigned.....too many foul ups and safety concerns for this person.....they actually developed a evacuation plan and 2 days later the sirens activated...

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I work at Brookhaven National Lab run by the Dept.of Energy on Long Island, NY. I don't know if this is related, but on April 17, lab employees were put on a heightened security alert. see Brookhaven

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In 1994 Long Island started to learn exactly what went on at Brookhaven National Lab. What we learned was scary and what continues is even scarier. Brookhaven National Lab is a nuclear landfill. They discharge 2.7 million  gallons of radioactive waste into the drinking water supply each day and 700,000 gallons of radioactive waste are discharged into the Peconic River a day. more

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I'm more interested if "some time in May" is May 5th. This thing firing up plus the planetary alignment could cause a crustal is interesting to note that Rev. 12:1,2 was fulfilled on Rosh hashshana last year. Rev 12:3-5 might be fulfilled on 5/5/2000. The woman is the constellation Virgo and the 7 headed dragon is Hydra.The moon refers to Messiah and is caught up to the throne of God as part of the Menorah alignment. BUT for this to occur the planet must shift positions for the dragon to STAND before the woman. Presently the woman is leaning over the dragon. Also a shift would make about one third of the stars in the night sky to appear to be falling to the horizon. If Jerusalem is repositioned near the equator then this prophesy will come to pass. Brookhaven may well be what sets it off.......Think about it.........

SIGHTINGS: Begich Interview (track to second half)



Oh, geez, thanks for the piece TEVATRON and the stuff on Fermilab, Kent. I'm about seven miles away from there. In fact, right on the horizon in the photo showing the ring. Not sure if I necessarily buy into the concern about "what ifs," however. On the other hand.... There are some strange folks working there as I've had fairly close contact with some over the years in one of my previous vocational incarnations. I actually had one of their lady engineers chasing me for a while. That got to be a little weird. Truth be told, I almost went to work there when they were first building the facility. I got something of a strange feeling, however, when I was being interviewed by a naval intelligence officer for the position in question. Naval officer!? What do they have to do with this deal, I thought? Hmmm. One does wonder about things, sometimes. You should see the all the "juice" being pumped into this place!!! A few years back you could drive through the facility as I liked to do on my way to see my folks who lived in a town west of the Lab. Even then they had guardhouses at both main entrances but for some good while these weren't manned. It was free ingress and egress, a straight path through. No longer. You can't traverse the place as you once could. The guards are back. It's an odd mix of leading edge research and local cultural attractions. They do art films, concerts and theatrical stuff for the denizens of local communities. Under the dirt, more peculiar things are going on. People have grown accustomed to whatever it is that all represents. They go to see the deer roaming about and even the occasional coyote. Bike paths and running trails are very popular. It's all a nice cover, eh? Sort of like the stuff on Long Island where my ex-wife now lives.

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