Subj: (GDR) Brookhaven National Lab
Date: 5/16/00 9:23:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time

In 1994 Long Island started to learn exactly what went on at Brookhaven

National Lab. What we learned was scary and what continues is even scarier.

Brookhaven National Lab is a nuclear landfill. They discharge 2.7 million

gallons of radioactive waste into the drinking water supply each day and

700,000 gallons of radioactive waste are discharged into the Peconic River a

day. Radioactive waste causes cancer and can not be cleaned up or swept

away. Radioactive materials can only be moved from one place to another

while Long Island struggles to figure out why we have such a high cancer

rate. There is no mystery but there is a cover up.

The millions of tax dollars used to move waste around in the name of

environmental clean up and the half a billion tax dollars a year the lab

receives only encourages the management of the lab to continue to supply us

with cancer and sell us a false cure. With all the money Brookhaven National

Lab receives the lab could be closed tomorrow and every employee could

walk away with one million dollars each and there would still be enough in

the budget to give each tax payer a refund.

Scientist from China, Japan and other foreign countries come to

experiment at the lab. They take their findings home and leave their cancer

causing waste behind. The fact that the lab is located in a New York State

Water Shed Protection Area and the Long Island Pine Barren Preserve is of

little concern. Closing the lab would give each American employee one

million dollars and would immediately start to lower the high cancer rates on

Long Island. Call our local and federal elected officials. If they dont listen

and act on these concerns do the same by not voting for them on election day.

Senator Charles Schumer: (212) 486-4430

Congressman Michael P. Forbes: (631) 451- 2200

Please check the blue pages of the phone book for your local political phone numbers.

Sarah Nuccio
(631) 874-8210

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