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Kento: I promised someone very special that I would write what I know to get it off my chest and out into "cyberspace" for my own protection. So here goes.

Director, Bioterrorism Unit, Genii Solutions International Inc.

The Raping of America-ATCC Stealing Human Tissue

I started my "adventure" sometime after September 11th researching Bioport, the sole maker of the Anthrax Vaccine at the University of Michigan Labs.  I was curious why the United States had no safe Anthrax vaccine to protect our brave soldiers.  Many of Kento's "CyberSpaceOrbit"  readers already know that the Labs were bought by Faud El Hibri and Ret. Admiral Crowe formerly of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Bioport is connected via a subsidiary to The Carlyle Group on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC.  One of The Carlyle Group's leaders is former President Bush's cabinet member Frank Carlucci.  Pappa Bush is an advisor for the  Group.  Most people by now understand the motivations of the current Bush administration in continuing the "War on Terrorism".  United Defense Inc., a Carlyle Equity Group subsidiary is making money hand over fist with this "different kind of war".  Not to mention "The Danaher Corporation" also headquartered on Pennsylvania Avenue and controlled by the Carlyle Group.  Oil and War seem to be very profitable for the Bushes and the bin Ladens.

What I have learned in the past week is even more sinister than profiting from war.  What would you think if I told you there are groups of people profiting from the sale of human tissue.  "The Body Bazaar: The Market for Human Tissue in the Biotechnology Age" by Lori Andrews and Dorothy Nelkin is written by a law professor and a scientist that tell the story of the highly profitable commercial network of human body tissue. I would not recommend reading this book on a full stomach nor just before bedtime.  Even I, a seasoned Registered Nurse had difficulty stomaching what I was reading.
Now Joshua Lederberg and American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) a non profit organization were familiar to me.  In the 1980's while Lederberg was the Trustee of ATCC (then based in Rockville) some 70 shipments of biological material were sent to Iraq.  Roughly 17 of those shipments were cultures of the Anthrax "Ames" strain.   When I read in "The Body Bazaar" the following words the veil covering my eyes began to lift.   ["The catalog from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) lists thousands of people's cell lines that are for sale." (p. 25)   "John Moore is now one of a growing number of individuals whose cell lines you can order up by perusing the American Type Culture Collection or one of its foreign counterparts.  The entries describe, in telegraphic style, the people whose tissue is for sale.  CRL 5867 is a forty-nine-year old black female with cancer of the lymph node.  JCR B0068 is a fourteen-week-old Japanese fetus who died of cytomegalovirus.  SK-HEP-1 is a fifty-two-year old German man with liver cancer.  Thousands of individuals are listed, but it is doubtful that more than a handful of them or their families realize that they are a part of this elite market.  Commercial interests influence not only the acquisition but also the distribution of products that are derived from the body." (p. 31)] 

QUICK-Clone cDNA  


Are you aware that ATCC is doing business as (dba) The Centers for Disease Control in Lawrenceville GA and that it is headquartered in Manassas, VA?

Hoover's Online


Is it possible the "Mysterious Rash" contracted by children across the United States is for the purposes of drawing blood from our children in order to grow their cell lines for further use and profit by others?

In Birmingham, England at the Diana Princess of Wales Children's Hospital someone had been removing the hearts of thousands of expired infants and using them for research without consent of the parents as reported by the BBC on September of 1999.

Were the shipments to Iraq related to cloning?? Saddam's claims to be the reincarnation of Nebekanezer?

Atta and Al Shahii used to get their hair cut at "The Peoples Barber" in Manassas City, Virginia.  After 911, one of the barbers that befriended Al Shahi and his friends is now on the Witness Protection Plan or dead.

ATCC is located just next to Manassas Airport...Do a Google search on Manassas Airport and Brittania Aviation (a CIA front company).  There is also a connection with the Florida Airport where the terrorists trained and Brittania Aviation. 

Let me leave you with a few sites to peruse and for you to make your own  connections.

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Rahm Emanuel of Dresdner Kleinwort and Wasserstein in Chicago

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NIGHTHAWK: In Nov. 2001 I met with a confidential White House Source that confirmed officers and senior staff of the W.H. had been offered and administered smallpox vaccinations/boosters....also confirmed by this W.H. source that Pres. started course of Cipro on 9/11/01--Prophylactic protection against previous Anthrax exposure to the White House Communications Agency and the White House itself. More

Med examiner's office has secret body-parts deal