Date: 3/24/02 8:52:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi:  We filmed these objects  just a little while ago. We used a high end sony digital camera with tripod of course. The moon was straight up in the sky over our heads a little bit to the left. This object and objects are just to the right of it changing, pulsing, moving around. All images  ©Copyright February 2002

Date: 3/23/02 9:47:01 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent, I have uploaded a .9 hz signal file taken from a six hour data  recording on the 21st of March. As you can see, instead of a steady carrier, there is now what appears to be some type of modulation. Sound File

Take care, Charlie, ELFRAD


RE: Lunar UFOs

The Lunascan Project: Website SEE: 'Orbiter',  Enhanced/solarized orbiter, Top 30 regions of Lunar 'activity'