SEEKER:  yo bro...
SEEKER:  great interview with mike ruppert last night...
BARDSQUILL:  interesting report here:
SEEKER: SEEKER:  looking...
SEEKER:  gulp...the jinn...
BARDSQUILL:  One of them named Azazel (afterwards called Iblees or Eblis) was carried off as
a prisoner by the angels. He then grew up amongst them, and
eventually became their chief. But refusing, when commanded by God, to
prostrate himself before Adam, he was degraded to the condition of a
Sheytân or Shaitan, and becomes the father of the sheytâns, or devils. 
BARDSQUILL:  I tangled with that Beasty-Watcher.
SEEKER:  yes...i remember your story...intense
BARDSQUILL:  looked like the beasty in Alien, xcept more Medusa-like
SEEKER:  great
BARDSQUILL:  once they appear tho you have a chance. The Watchers usually work at you unseen
SEEKER:  yes
SEEKER:  they worked me under the radar for quite some time...
SEEKER:  but no more...
BARDSQUILL:  secret: give em what they want because what they want I don't want.
SEEKER:  or at least not to much ill effect...
SEEKER:  yep...give it up...
SEEKER:  sometimes hard to figure what it is they want though, eh???
BARDSQUILL:  they jealous of the human soul
SEEKER:  aha
BARDSQUILL:  but..they have no idea what a human soul is
BARDSQUILL:  So they go for the trappings, charisma, power, doohickies
BARDSQUILL:  so stuff em with it
BARDSQUILL:  and walk away.
BARDSQUILL:  "Resist not Evil"
SEEKER:  yup
BARDSQUILL:  You know, the Muslims really do matter of factly accept the Jinn.  They even have specific laws for them,
Jinn property rights,  most detailed
SEEKER:  yes i know...
SEEKER:  somewhat familiar with the history...
BARDSQUILL:  My Muslim students were actually quite surprised when we showed ignorance about the Jinn.
SEEKER:  maybe why the mujahadin are so tough...
SEEKER:  our guys fightin jinnis???
BARDSQUILL:  Been wondering about bombing the caves
SEEKER:  ahhhh
SEEKER:  yea
BARDSQUILL:  HAARP major function to find caves
SEEKER:  really???
SEEKER:  didn't know that
SEEKER:  hmmm
BARDSQUILL:  dunno how it works but the very first spin, re., HAARP was to map tunnels and caves
BARDSQUILL:  some kind of ground penetrating function
SEEKER:  makes sense
SEEKER:  so a weapon against the jinn...the beings that inhabit the inner earth???
SEEKER:  whatever they are...
SEEKER:  i need a jinn & tonic
BARDSQUILL:  Yea, trouble is not all the Jinn are bad, hell, my Muslim students even said the sometimes intermarry with humans, go figure.
SEEKER:  jinn like everything else...dual...
BARDSQUILL:  Merlin's Ma was DeDannan
SEEKER:  yes
BARDSQUILL:  Virgin Births, eh? Pythagoras, Merlin, Apollonius, Jesus?
SEEKER:  ties into arthurian tales...the grail...etc
BARDSQUILL:  Hmm, thinkin...
BARDSQUILL:  See the Celtic Creation stories declare we came in waves to this world
SEEKER:  light waves???
BARDSQUILL:  The Firstborn were more ethereal, could appear-disappear from 3D
SEEKER:  yes...have read that
BARDSQUILL:  Lived long time...
BARDSQUILL:  Then they went to protoplasm and became the Followers or man
SEEKER:  uh huhu
BARDSQUILL:  Some say it was an agreement with God
BARDSQUILL:  thinkin more
BARDSQUILL:  Maybe the agreement with God was to die
BARDSQUILL:  to Return
BARDSQUILL:  Now see that's where Azazael and his mob get lost, that is, where do humans go when they die.
BARDSQUILL:  thinkin...
SEEKER:  hmmmm
BARDSQUILL:  So maybe that's what the Jinn do, they become mortal so as to die.
BARDSQUILL:  Otherwise they hang out forever as immortals but miss the bigger quantum jump
SEEKER:  to end their 'eternal suffering'???
SEEKER:  so how do they become mortal???
BARDSQUILL:  Well as a kid I would debate in my mind about immortality, living forever, etc.
BARDSQUILL:  decided it was a bad idea.
BARDSQUILL:  although women like the idea more than us numbskull dudes.
BARDSQUILL:  sheesh we go out to war, try our best to die.
BARDSQUILL:  like the Afghanis
SEEKER:  yea...a long life would be great...long enuf to see the world, ya know...learn...but forever???  no way...
SEEKER:  i been thinkin about that lately too...out here in the west everybody so scared to die...
SEEKER:  not me...
SEEKER:  cause most don't understand spirit...
SEEKER:  i guess...
BARDSQUILL:  Afghan warriors ain't any more crazy than our average Marine, whose lifespan in war is figured to be about 8 minutes on the average.
SEEKER:  whoa
SEEKER:  see, our guys are brainwashed, though...afghanis do it on their own accord...
BARDSQUILL:  Marine that doesn't die must figure that he screwed up.
BARDSQUILL:  Ahh, same thing, the Warrior mentality.
BARDSQUILL:  Just that our Marines figure they will go to San Diego instead of Allah
SEEKER:  heh...
SEEKER:  yup
BARDSQUILL:  basic brainwash not mysterious, "GONNA DIE ANYWAY!"
BARDSQUILL:  so might as well be a hero.
SEEKER:  aha
BARDSQUILL:  especially within a warrior-merchant culture like ours
SEEKER:  no doubt...
BARDSQUILL:   lousy merchant?  Well don't get depressed because Uncle Sam Wants You!
BARDSQUILL:  I'm a lousy merchant, failed as a warrior, so trying philosophy, heh.
BARDSQUILL:  philosophy will proly get me wasted
BARDSQUILL:  no medals tho, drat.
SEEKER:  gonna die anyway...